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  1. Ra'akone

    You know you're a transitfan when...

    You make a point of riding a train on each different subway line during its farewell tour.....the MR-63s are no longer running in the Montreal Metro. Yesterday was the FIRST and LAST day they ran on the Blue line.
  2. Ra'akone

    Transit Related Dreams

    I had a dream I rode the most messed up bus. It was double decker with an open top, but also had a "bird nest" in the middle of the upper floor, which was where the driver say (although there was also a "conventional" cab) I boarded thinking it was a transit bus, and passed through a neighborhood where the power was out, the driver refused to stop where there wasn't light. Pretty soon the sun rose, and I was told it was a tour bus, but he still accepted transit fare.
  3. Ra'akone

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    Nu'u-Sara has AOS police, who, besides policing the AOS (subway), are also contracted for all buses and streetcars in Nu'u-Sara, and certain routes that extend outside. Sometimes nicknamed the Boys in Red, for that is the color of their uniforms...except for the navy blue worn by the SWAT division, nicknamed "Ninjas." General AOS police wear uniforms inspired by traditional Samoan police.... and except red, and the "Bobby Helmet" is a lighter shade. "General" Nu'u-Sara Metropolitain Police wear purple, by contrast. The Aveolela Lines, the Medical Line, and the AFE, by contrast, have police who wear yellow (Sometimes nicknamed "Sunshine") In addition to standard equipment that cops would carry, the AOS and Aveolela police carry "railroad keys" for use of cabinets found at most stations, and their communication devices can be attached to Tunnel Telephone wires if need be, and are trained in the use of things such as the Short Circuiting Bar (used to de-energize a section of 4th rail or 3rd rail as a last resort), Additionally, the various railways who have a presence have their own "bulls", who are also considered full police. Uniforms and choice of weapons will vary by organization. Any crime committed against railroad/transit property, they have full authority, and any crime whatsoever committed ON railroad or transit property is also their jurisdiction. They also sometimes help fare inspectors. Ai'a'ivea Railway and some other railroads also have "Rail Marshals" for passenger service, most of them....could be dressed in any way, of any race, riding in any class, on any train.....but if something bad were to happen, they'd spring into action. Also, there are "Prison trams" that share trackage with LePasi Streetcars, generally running between courthouses, certain important police stations, and prisons/penitentiaries. They have barred windows, and are secure, they also have sections, so that prisoners may be taken securely, and in the event of members of rival gangs, there is no risk of them attacking each other. There's also the Public Transit Tribunal, a special court that has jurisdiction over transit related subjects, including fines for not having a proper ticket. They also do summary offences (misdemeanors, as they'd say in the US....and in Jefferson-Meamatasa south of Nu'u-Sara) related to transit property or on transit property, including petty vandalism, and transit scalping. This court has several facilities across the network. There are police buses in Nu'u-Sara as well, both a few converted ex-transit buses, as well as purpose built multi-door for allowing a rapid response.
  4. Ra'akone

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    Thank you for this, and your explanations! Cool. I'll have to do some stops for Nu'u-Sara, as well as for Pavonia. For streetcars of the era.....PCCs. And you said GMC New Look and Fishbowl? Aren't those one and the same?
  5. Ra'akone

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    This is cool. For the cases where lines from other agencies share a stop, do they have their symbols before or after the number, to ensure people know whose bus it is? Around Nu'u-Sara, there's a few types of service, and even, some different carriers. They use prefixes, but they also have some numbers in different colors to aid. Streetcars and a few funiculars even are treated "like buses" for this. If it's just a number....USUALLY means it's just a normal LePasi route. EXCEPTIONS....321 is the Starport route and 747 is the airport route, as well as the station linking routes (there are two, one that goes clockwise, the other, counterclockwise). If it's prefixed with an E, it's EXPRESS, and has fewer stops. The "Blue Arrows" are all E routes. R means it's a "Green Diamond" service, meaning it's mostly on reserved lanes or busways. P means it's night service (from Ai'a'ive/Samoan "Po" for night) Then.....all non-LePasi routes have a company prefix....K for Kiribas, M for Meadowlands Country, L for Lili Island, and there's also U for the Union Pacific Ai'a'ivea connecting buses (contracted out to LePasi). They can be stacked, one special exception.....a Meadowlands Country night route isn't "MP" anymore, it's "N" (the Meadowlands is mostly English speaking, so it make more sense) Some routes have variants, those are SUFFIXED (most common is for special services on behalf of schools, in Nu'u-Sara proper, they're commonly "a" for "aoga", but in the Meadowlands, it's "s" for "school", and sometimes there may be, say, an Express and a Local version of the same route, they'll have the same number, just one has an E before it. Also, are there any night routes in your network? Pets in carriers are nearly universally allowed in Nu'u-Sara's public transport. Only exception is if the carrier is too unwieldly, or the creature seems dangerous "despite the container." Sometimes some smaller pets are allowed outside a container provided it's "reasonably attached to the carer." The AOS (Aga O Sara) generally allows dogs on leashes, much like the TTC subway, EXCEPT on the Diana Bakersfield line and its Aquarium Branch (due to the smaller trains used), but generally NOT AT RUSH HOUR, although on some outer lines they are allowed for "contraflow" trains. The Cow Branch of the Fiddler line, and some Sara trains do have additional restrictions, due to them being "commuter trains" rather than "AOS trains" part of the route (interlining thing). Also, for unboxed animals, the owner may be randomly asked to show proof of having bags and/or a "scooper" before being allowed to the train platform.
  6. Ra'akone

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    On all the public transport in Nu'u-Sara there are "priority" seating areas, but even outside of these, passengers are reminded to please offer your seat for....a) the elderly, please respect them....b) anyone with any obvious disability (e.g. broken limb, carrying a cane)....c) anyone carrying a child, whether outside or inside them....and....d) those carrying heavy loads (e.g. grocery shopping) Additionally, some trains and buses have either "tip-up" or "perch" seats to allow those with wheelchairs or other similar mobility aids to travel, when you see someone like this, PLEASE MOVE! The Aveolela network (the automatic trains, on the Beach Line and Garden Route) is known for being the strictest enforcer of that. Some of the Train Captains (people who check tickets, provide assistant, and sometimes drive the trains, but the trains drive themselves, like the Docklands Light Railway) have been known to physically remove inconsiderate louts from the train, even if it's raining and cold at night at a station that doesn't have much shelter (most Aveolela network stations are elevated!) You have been warned!
  7. Ra'akone

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    Thank you for the explanation!
  8. Ra'akone

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    @busdrivahman In my network of networks I have something similar, Meadowlands Country, which mostly covers the "Borough" of the Northern Meadowlands (technically part of the "City" of Nu'u-Sara, but it's very rural in nature) and the County called the Southern Meadowlands in the neighboring state of Jefferson-Meamatasa. They also have routes going into Nu'u-Sara proper, and even some joint service with other operators. Within Nu'u-Sara proper, Meadowlands Country buses are to be treated as LePasi buses in respect to fares. So you'd either buy a pass, or buy tickets from either participating stores, or from vending machines, prior to stepping onboard? Meadowlands Country, due to the very large area it covers, uses a zonal fare system, but one can buy passes that cover multiple zones. There are a couple of routes where drivers don't handle fares, but they're an exception rather than the rule, they're basically extending the "Blue Arrow/Green Diamond" concept used by LePasi. A couple of AOS (subway) lines go into Meadowlands territory, especially the Cow Branch of the Fiddler line. With a couple of exceptions, the AOS is built to North American mainline railway standards, and there is some sharing of trackage with freight and commuter trains. There's also the subway-like "Grand Bend Electric" route run by FarmRail. Joint rail-bus passes are available, both "locally", and under the Octopus/Fe'e pass scheme (including pay as you go or "Octomatic") There's also Meadowlands Country owned streetcars on a handful of routes, and the West Meadowlands Interurban, which is fully integrated, farewise, into Meadowlands Country's fare structure. What's a "Co-operative Commonwealth District"? Hacen't hammered out all my fleet, but among the buses are Novabuses, New Flyers XA40s and XA60s and even a handful of XA80s, and some new buses, also a lot of hand-me-downs still among its roster, including Orions, and classics and even the odd Fishbowl. Some buses have two doors (or more in the case of articulateds), others, on longer distance routes, have a single door for boarding and alighting. Meadowlands Country has a few garages of its own, as well as sub-garages (in some cases may simply be a few gated off spots at a shopping center parking lot), but also in some cases share with LePasi. They have maintenance facilities in Grand Bend and Red Deer (places in the "Meadowlands" are MOSTLY named after those in Canada and the USA), but heavy repairs and overhauls are done in Nu'u-Sara. @neoartic7101 They're cool! @Shakey077 CNG, LNG, battery, electric....how do SMART buses run? (by the looks of things in a later post of yours, "better now, and improving") You sure have a 2020 vision! Sorry, couldn't resist. Could you say that transit is being made....SMARTer?
  9. Ra'akone

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    Well, now it can be fleshed out. Is there just that type of buses I see, or do they have several? Is it a flat fare (and do they have transfers?) Or is it a zonal system they use? Pay the driver, or POP cop? All kinds of questions. Does it connect to any other transit systems? Go to any train stations?