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  1. Hi there? I have been selected for an interview with cornwall transit to be a coach attendant. Is there anything I should expect or know for the interview
  2. This posting is for anyone who wants to share there experience and knowledge with the current oc hiring change and process.
  3. Hi there. What is the minimum age requirement for a bus operator position with the TTC?
  4. Sorry about that. I have adhd and ocd, I'm sorry but sometimes I can't help it. I hope you understand.
  5. I am wondering if this is true but i heard from a bus operator of oc transpo that you can get a job as a garage attendant at 18 years of age and drive the buses only on oc transpo property and I also heard that you have to be 21 to take the bus off the oc property for an example: a bus breaks down at hurdman you bring a non defective bus from the garage to hurdman and bring back the defective bus to the garage.
  6. alright and what will my hours be like when I start. Will I have to work 10 to 12 hours shifts when I start since the scheduling is bad right now
  7. hi there my name is Ibrahim I'm 18 years of age I'm really interested in getting into OC Transpo as a garage attendant then eventfully a bus operator I have a GZ license, do I need any other classifications to get in?
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