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  1. Hi there? I have been selected for an interview with cornwall transit to be a coach attendant. Is there anything I should expect or know for the interview
  2. Bell horiozon is currently hiring coach drivers in hull if anyone is interested. Thanks
  3. 1. Orion Ikarus III 2. Orion V 3. GM Fishbowls 4. GM/MCI/NovaBus Classic 5. New Flyer D40HF 6. New Flyer D60LF 7. Orion VI
  4. Btw oc transpo is currently hiring 8 apprenticeship mechanics. And 4 relief training instructors.
  5. http://ottawa.ca/cgi-bin/jobs.pl?id=2016-EX-EN-51609402-01 OC Transpo/City of Ottawa is currently looking for mechanics!!!!
  6. Is driver training sessions still going on for bus operators and garage attendants
  7. I remember 6384 having blue interior lights!
  8. 8907 seen in the downtown core this morning. That 2 stroke Detroit was music to my ears this morning.
  9. This posting is for anyone who wants to share there experience and knowledge with the current oc hiring change and process.
  10. Eastway employees were on break after testing out the bus. So they parked it there. Lol
  11. 4426 at greyhound canada ottaway garage 10am yesterday
  12. 5018 on trim and portobello rd at 01:47. I believe it was a work bus.
  13. I noticed that i saw over 15 94s milleuamum this afternoon while i was driving from trim on innes rd to blackburn. Would it make sense to put half of those 94s out of service so they can dead head to their next runs so they're not late for it? And so the operator can have a break?
  14. Saw 8140 on a coffee break at timmes on Tenth Line rd.
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