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  1. Yes, that's correct, but the other correction should be stuck on taxiway M5 while turn right to taxiway M and slip to the mud~~ Apparently, her competitor China Airlines have the same incident in 5 years ago while they still using the Boeing 747, the only differences it was BR was on heavy snow condition, but CI was on ultimate wet conditions~~
  2. More "Ultra-Super King" style ads on the trolleys and Novas~~
  3. 2158 with the 3rd version as well~~
  4. Confirmed, I saw 9563 unwrapped and looks shinny~~
  5. 21407 @ 351 at the beautiful weekend~~ 21408 turning left from Alderbridge to Garden City while heading back to Brighouse~~
  6. 2184 is version 1, same as 2148~~ 2125 is version 2 2282 with CICA~~
  7. JetBlue again, but this time was A321 and A321NEO appeared last weekend~~ JetBlue_N957JB JetBlue_N2043J
  8. Recent "Ultra Super-King" style ads at the trolley buses
  9. If PoCo get 555 back with the DDs, I think most likely there will be the 2nd route with the DD as possible, I hope that would be 701~~ However, they still have to test the underpass on Golden Ears Bridge (Hammond & Maple Meadows Way roundabout)
  10. Thanks, I saw the unit inside VTC while I was driving on Arthur-Laing
  11. The other new "Ultra Super-King" ads - 102.7 now Radio~~
  12. It's Dil Mil, chasing her was quite difficult due to this bus came out on peak hour only, seldom to see her in the full day ops~~ 7451 @ 501 yesterday afternoon~~
  13. Finally, I found the 316 with the stacked message~~
  14. 16018 with "Capital One" Super King-Size ads, also with some trolleys as well~~
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