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  1. The newest Boeing 787-9 arriving in Vancouver~~ Westjet_907_C-GMKS Westjet_907_C-GMKS_b Westjet_907_C-GMKS_c Westjet_907_C-GMKS_d Westjet_907_C-GMKS_e
  2. Not too sure, I knew that some of the Novas put back to the taxi waiting areas few weeks ago~~
  3. Not related with Translink, but related with YVRAA, Novabus LFS HEV - 176 was appearing on the South Terminal Shuttle this afternoon~~
  4. I prefer this one on 503, at least it's better with the bigger font~~ Without the word "to" would be more practical for my opinion, at least we know the final destination and then via the major roadway~~ Talking back to 352, they should retain 352 Bridgeport Station would be better, just change the one on 352 Ocean Park / White Rock Centre would be perfect~~
  5. This is the news for the YVR spotters, Westjet will send the Boeing 787-9 for one of the YYZ flight (WS706/711) from 05Oct20~~ WS706 YVR0900 – 1610YYZ 789 D WS711 YYZ1715 – 1855YVR 789 D
  6. Last week at Lougheed Station~~ Shared some photo of 351 with the double decker~~
  7. 18131 taken at South Surrey P & R~~
  8. I believe that no one was noticed for it, Steveston terminal in Chatham Street was already renamed to Steveston Exchange~~ Bay 1 - Drop off point at Eastbound of Chatham Street Bay 2 - Eastbound of Chatham Street to serve 401, 402 & 413 Bay 3 - Westbound of Chatham Street to serve 406, 407
  9. Boeing 737 MAX - 7 testbed visited YVR twice today for re-certified flights~~ Boeing737MAX_N7201S_a Boeing737MAX_N7201S_d Boeing737MAX_N7201S_f Boeing737MAX_N7201S_h
  10. 555 will reduce to 30mins in the midday and Saturday, at lease get extra 2-3 buses, 620 back to regular schedule instead of summer schedule~~
  11. Please add 16103 as well~~ 18051 have the same ad as well~~
  12. Early morning for Air India again, but this time with the newest member of the Boeing 777-300ER in their fleet - VT-ALX (Named : Sikkim), one of the sibling VT-ALW was already became India "Air Force One"~~ AirIndia_VT-ALX_a AirIndia_VT-ALX_b The sibling of VT-ALX - VT-ALW now became India "Air Force One", taken by Andy Egloff~~ VT-ALW_AFW by Andy Egloff
  13. Vietnam Airlines repatriation flight was back, but this time with Boeing 787-10, and YVR have not certified with the B78X at gate, so therefore this aircraft have to do fit test with this aircraft this morning~~ VietnamAirlines_VN-A872_c VietnamAirlines_VN-A872_e VietnamAirlines_VN-A872_h VietnamAirlines_VN-A872_j VietnamAirlines_VN-A872_k
  14. A321NEO-LR will most likely happen as possible, especially some flight would be more suitable for A321NEO-LR, but someone said they want A221 would be make more sense while AC want to get rid of their A319~~
  15. But I heard the other rumour for AC might get rid of the order of A220 and B737-MAX, but nothing confirmed~~ I think if AC wants the A220-100, that might be most likely A319 will be gone after A221 get in~~
  16. Air India repatriation flight back to YVR again, this time they send the "Celebrating India" special stickers (VT-ALN)~~ AirIndia_VT-ALN_b AirIndia_VT-ALN_c AirIndia_VT-ALN_e
  17. Double special A350 today in YVR, but one of them is the usual guest in YYZ~~ 1 - Sichuan Airlines Panda A350 - B-301D SichuanAirlines_B-301D_a SichuanAirlines_B-301D_b SichuanAirlines_B-301D_c 2 - Philippine Airlines "The Love Bus" A350 - RP-C3508 PhilippineAirlines_RP-C3508_a PhilippineAirlines_RP-C3508_b
  18. Air Tahiti Nui still in temporary fuel stop until LAX reopen~~
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