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  1. Looks like maybe, I think I will visit there once then I can figure it out~~
  2. Cathay 888

    Air Canada

    Former Singapore & TAP A330-300 just arrived in YVR for delivery~~ AirCanada_939_C-GEFA_b
  3. Cathay 888

    Ad-wrap reports

    Finally, I got 18039 with 103.5 QMFM~~
  4. Cathay 888

    Ad-wrap reports

    Too bad for today, it's only 18042 was out~~
  5. Cathay 888

    2019 Double-Decker bus Procurement

    I just checked the Transit Network Review just posted recently, I think 502/503 is the very good idea to use double decker instead of the articulate buses, even though these 2 routes are not running on Freeway, but I think it's more practical with the double decker~
  6. I don't like the idea of spilt 351 to 350 & 351, because there are a lot of senior citizens onboard along 152nd Street before White Rock Centre heading back to Ocean Park and Crescent Beach, it's not convenient for them to have transfer in White Rock Centre~~ And of course, 351 needs double decker for the capacity to South Surrey and White Rock~~ For 502/503, I think Translink should consider the next batch of double decker to trial running these routes, they should make a trial of the clearance along Surrey Central Station and King George Station, and STC will have excuse to keep 301 with double decker operation (Along with 502, 503, if necessary, CMBC can move 555 to STC)~~ I think 404 should extend back to the Airport to allow less transfer with the Canada Line, plus I'm agree to use Community Shuttle (Low Floor) for this route either~~ For 405, I'm agree and more necessary with the shuttle~~
  7. Cathay 888

    Ad-wrap reports

    Some old & new ads on the newest XDE60~~ 18015 with G & F 18023 with SPUD 18031 & 18032 with Onni Group - Tsawwassen Landing 18052 with Onni Group - Gilmore Place
  8. Cathay 888

    2018 60' Articulated Bus Order

    18031 & 18032 with Onni Group - Tsawwassen Landing 18052 with Onni Group - Gilmore Place
  9. Cathay 888

    2019 Double-Decker bus Procurement

    The rumour I heard it won't be the Aries seats, somewhat I heard that would be Lazzerini~~ To be honest, I think those Novabus LFS Suburban should re-seating to Lazzerini reclining seats and move those Aries Seats with headrests to the XDE60 for the B-Line or 257 to enhanced the comfort, because I think those Aries seats with headrest is more suitable for the B-Line buses instead of the suburban~~
  10. Cathay 888

    YVR spotting

    Couple days ago for this Carbon Fibre Livery Airbus A350 for China Airlines~~ ChinaAirlines_B-18918_a
  11. Cathay 888

    2019 Double-Decker bus Procurement

    Looks like from American Seating~~ To be honest, I prefer USSC GT Transit as well for the seat provider for the double decker, apparently I don't like those USSC Aries seats on the Novas, no reclining to compare with the old Orions~~
  12. Cathay 888

    2019 Double-Decker bus Procurement

    I hope the deckers will be delivered within this year, I'm looking forward to see them on Highway 99~~
  13. Cathay 888

    Los Angeles MTA

    Any update for those Eldorado Axcess BRT buses so far?? Are they already in service??
  14. Cathay 888

    Transit videos

    The powertrain is so familiar for this bus, video taken at Beijing, China~~
  15. Cathay 888

    Future of Flickr

    I have a pro since 2013 for my aviation photographs, so far I don't have to be worry and hopefully can transition to smugmug as well~~