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  1. Cathay 888

    2019 Double-Decker bus Procurement

    I just have a short question, according from our WiKi page, just wondering when did Translink ordered the additional 25 more double deckers for expansion??
  2. I have 4061, but I missed 4060 on 81 while I was waiting a ferry with my car~~
  3. 4400 in service at Victoria, BC, taken during on route 3 back to James Bay~~
  4. Cathay 888

    Random photos

    Delta Air Line Airbus A350-900 - N507DN (Tail Number 3507), guess the location~~ Delta_3507_N507DN
  5. Cathay 888

    YVR spotting

    Hainan Airlines SZX-TSN-YVR Inaugural flight today, aircraft for the first flight B-2750~~ HainanAirlines_B-2750_a HainanAirlines_B-2750_c HainanAirlines_B-2750_d
  6. Cathay 888

    SMART (Detroit)

    I know that there are some former DDOT D40LF running around in SMART, where are they usually running on?? Thanks
  7. Cathay 888

    Detroit DOT

    I will visit Detroit, MI next week, any suggestion for the bus spotting for DOT or SMART?? Thanks
  8. Cathay 888

    YVR spotting

    Lufthansa new livery Boeing 747-400~~ Lufthansa_D-ABVM_newlivery_a Lufthansa_D-ABVM_newlivery_b Lufthansa_D-ABVM_newlivery_c
  9. Cathay 888

    Air Canada

    New livery on the high-density Boeing 777-300ER~~ AirCanada_744_C-FIVX
  10. Cathay 888

    Feature Photo Submissions

    Vancouver Translink 2018 New Flyer XN40 - 18102 serving on route 324 toward Newton Exchange from Surrey Central Station~~
  11. Cathay 888

    2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    My turn for the shots of the brand new XN40, but unfortunely 18101 was already getting dirty during the first day in operation~~
  12. Cathay 888

    2018 60' Articulated Bus Order

    I doubt it, unless they want to send some units to West Van for 257~~
  13. Cathay 888

    Random photos

    Welcome everyone to post some photos related with the aviation, you may post some shots of airliners, helicopters, landscape of the airport, GSE (Ground Support Equipment) etc.