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  1. Sightings at the Nova Bus factory

    They ordered more HEV for expansion, suppose to be arrive at June, unless those vehicle build in Plattsberg~~
  2. Sightings at the Nova Bus factory

    Any update of the units for Translink??
  3. Vancouver Special Sightings

    I saw it last night on Marine Drive close by Arthur Laing Bridge around 3am~~
  4. YVR spotting

    Boeing 717 in the house, Delta Air Lines flying their Boeing 717 for the Salt Lake City flight~~ Delta_9506_N946AT
  5. Thanks~~ Nice to see route 42 & 215 will be back this summer, but too bad for 42 cannot totally back to the original 42 before cancellation, just only the portion from Alma to Spanish Banks, if they reverted back for the routing at UBC area that would be great, and more connection for UBC Loop to Spanish Banks~~ Also, we will see when will they renumber for the remain Community Shuttle routes, I hope Translink can revert back to their original route number~~
  6. Where is the URL for the service change??
  7. YVR spotting

    EVA Airways "Star Alliance" livery 777-300ER arrived at this evening~~ EVAAir_B-16715_a EVAAir_B-16715_b
  8. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    It's still unnecessary, too far for the people wants to go to the shop on West of Robson and Denman, also Davie Street (Where can you find the closer land to build this multi-level parking lots?? I know there are some parking lot on Davie Street but always full, still not work at all for the weekends)~~ For your first suggestion of the double decker would be a little bit make sense at all, my suggestion of the 3-doorways double decker have 2-staircases, they can speed up the ascent and descent the staircases, I hope Translink should educating the passenger use the front staircase for ascending the upper deck and the rear staircase to descending to lower deck to alight (Same as Vegas)~~
  9. My updated list till 2018~~ A300 : Thai Airways A318 : Mexicana A319 : Air Canada, China Eastern, China Southern, Delta (Northwest), US Airways A320 : Air Asia, Air Canada, China Eastern, Delta, Dragonair, Tigerair (Scoot), US Airways, Valuair A321 : Air Canada, Dragonair, MAI A330 : Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, Delta (-200), Dragonair, EVA Air (-200), Korean Air, KLM (-200), Malaysia Airlines, Thai Airways A340 : Air Canada, Air China, Cathay Pacific, China Eastern (-600), Gulf Air, Iberia (-600), Philippine Airlines A350 : Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways (Domestic) A380 : Singapore Airlines B717 : Delta B732 : CAAC, Zip B734 : Alaska Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Thai Airways B735 : United B736 : Westjet B737 : Alaska Airlines, China Southern, Continental, Westjet B738 : Alaska Airlines, China Airlines, Continental, Delta, Korean Air, Westjet, Xiamen Airlines B739 : Alaska Airlines, Delta (-900ER both non-ETOPS and ETOPS) B742 : Japan Airlines B743 : Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, Swissair B744 : All Nippon Airways, British Airways, Canadian, Cathay Pacific, EVA Air, Korean Air, Japan Airlines, Qantas (-400ER), Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways B752 : American, Delta, Harmony Airways, Skyservice B753 : Delta (Northwest) B762 : Air Canada B763 : Air Canada, All Nippon Airways, Canadian, Delta B772 : Air Canada (LR), All Nippon Airways (ER), Cathay Pacific, China Southern (ER), Korean Air (ER), Malaysia Airlines (ER), Singapore Airlines (ER), Thai Airways B773 : Air Canada (ER), Cathay Pacific (Both regular and ER), China Airlines, Singapore Airlines (Both regular and ER) B789 : All Nippon Airways (Domestic) , Scoot CRJ Series : ExpressJet & SkyWest (Delta Connection) E-Jets : Compass & Skywest (Delta Connection) DC10 : Canadian, Northwest MD11 : Finnair, KLM MD80 : American MD90 : China Eastern
  10. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    I hope so for this idea, but I think 5/6 have to use 3 doors double decker for more convenient of the passenger boarding and alighting, Alexander Dennis should consider bring the 3 doors version from Switzerland to North America for demo~~ alde6 by Gordon Scott
  11. So sad for Victoria only got 4400, that means we still have to suffer for those junks (Dart) until the next batch of Vicinity to replace them~~
  12. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    Last day of trial on route 601 to Tsawwassen or Boundary Bay~~
  13. 2019 Double-Decker bus Procurement

    Just a bit disappointed for Translink didn't put the details to that site for this RFP, I think Alexander-Dennis must get it all, just figure it out the spec for Translink wants~~
  14. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    1009 @ 351~~
  15. Air Canada

    The newest Boeing 737-8 MAX for Air Canada~~ AirCanada_507_C-FSES