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  1. Cathay 888

    Flair Air

    Tail 902 on arrival in Vancouver from Prince George~~ FlairAir_902_C-FLEJ_a FlairAir_902_C-FLEJ_b FlairAir_902_C-FLEJ_c
  2. Couple shots of Boeing 737 MAX 8 arrived in YVR this afternoon~~ Westjet_310_C-GEHF_a Westjet_310_C-GEHF_b Westjet_310_C-GEHF_c
  3. Mary Hill By-pass have a lot traffic lights is the other problem, otherwise 791 can become full express service~~
  4. I just hope 791 can run all the way in Highway 1 to Mary Hill Bypass, and peak hour trips via United Blvd will be great~~
  5. I think they should put 640 back to Tsawwassen Ferry with options for the pax heading to the east without transfer, also 640 can give some help for 620 as well~~
  6. 257 has a problem on the Lion's Gate Bridge underpass in West Van side~~ I'm agree for 701 can use the double decker, at least 555 can go back to PoCo, however I think they have to do the test at the roundabout on Golden Ears Bridge underpass at between Hammond & Maple Meadows, as well as 791 switch the west side terminal to Lougheed instead of Braid to accommodate the deckers~~ For 601, it's no longer necessary with the double decker, 601 & 620 are overlapping at between Bridgeport and Ladner, the busier portion is Ladner to Tsawwassen~~ But unfortunately 354 was banned
  7. I know the first run from Scottsdale & the last run from Bridgeport would be 90% chance with deckers~~ I wish 410 will do the same thing, should put some deckers to Hamilton make it easier for both 340 & 410, as well as 555~~
  8. I'm shock for that~~ I hope 410 will have double decker too with operation back to RTC~~
  9. Day 2 for Turkish Airlines - TC-LLH TurkishAirlines_TC-LLH_a TurkishAirlines_TC-LLH_b TurkishAirlines_TC-LLH_c
  10. However, there are 2 different opinions for this inaugural flight yesterday, first one same as your comment, the other one is TK chosen the in-appropriate timing for inaugural flight, because of Turkey is on lockdown due to the big surge of the COVID cases~~
  11. Also, some photos on arrival this afternoon~~ TurkishAirlines_TC-LLN_a TurkishAirlines_TC-LLN_b TurkishAirlines_TC-LLN_c TurkishAirlines_TC-LLN_d
  12. That's confirmed coming next year, the rumour I heard JFK will be year round and BOS will be seasonal~~
  13. Nordwind Airlines Boeing 777-367(ER) - VP-BJP arrived in YVR this morning, this bird was former Cathay Pacific B-KPB~~ NordwindAirlines_VP-BJP_a NordwindAirlines_VP-BJP_b NordwindAirlines_VP-BJP_c
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