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  1. Few shots for route 31 & 222 (These shots were taken while I went to the supermarket nearby yesterday)~~
  2. All of their A340 already retired, replace by the Boeing 787-9~~ Btw, these are my shots of the Boeing 787-9 from Air Tahiti Nui, however this is the only chance to get these photos~~ AirTahitiNui_F-OVAA_a AirTahitiNui_F-OVAA_d
  3. First day in service "Five Five Five"~~
  4. I believe so, 28 & 130 will be no longer to terminate at Cap U (Monashee) due to 245 will be terminated there~~ But I hope 28 stay in Cap U and 222 extend to Cap U during peak hour, 130 can totally stay in Phibbs or Kootenay Loop~~ I think 350 should be STC, most likely interline with 321 or 345~~
  5. Most likely this route will be interline with 146/147 in Metrotown~~
  6. I think 404 should operate with the Community Shuttle Bus and keep the original frequency~~ However, does 31 operate with the Community Shuttle or the Conventional Buses?? Also, which terminal in Cap U will 245 terminate?? Purcell or Monashee??
  7. Only few times have double decker on 620 in the weekdays~~
  8. However, any update for the bus service for the River District area??
  9. Cathay's A350-900 back YVR for the short period due to the Contra Virus in Asia~~ CathayPacific_B-LRM
  10. 19427 & 19429 @ 301 with the sunny day in Surrey~~
  11. Cathay 4th Oneworld Jet - Kilo Quebec November~~ CathayPacific_B-KQN
  12. Regarding for Qantas, will YVR got the 787 it's depends will MEL or BNE released some aircraft to SYD, because of MEL need the 787 due to they have one of the longest 787 flight - MEL-PER-LHR, almost a quarters of the 787 in their fleet for this route~~
  13. Some MAN ND323 (A95) double decker for the B-Line in Sydney~~
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