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  1. This is the former 353, however this route have very low ridership due to the inconsistent traffic condition on Hwy 91A (340 have that problem too) in the peak hour, unless all day HOV along Hwy 91/91A~~
  2. The first couple units were arrived, currently parked at Dynamic shop in Port Kells, I saw the first unit 19401 in the shop right now....
  3. 18061 on 99 B-Line this evening~~
  4. Even though Hong Kong won't use Alcoa rims as well~~
  5. I still hope if that changes rejected, Translink will remain the deployment plan for the double deckers for 351 running all the way to Crescent Beach and Ocean Park areas~~
  6. I saw one of the West Van T-Drive Nova with the same ads~~
  7. https://www.translink.ca/-/media/Documents/plans_and_projects/area_transit_plans/southwest_area/final_plan/Southwest_Area_Transport_Plan-April_2018.pdf?la=en&hash=04319B97530D199F23910175E30999BD29091BA1 The new C for Scott Road to Tsawwassen Ferry, I think Translink could resume 640 back to Tsawwassen Ferry would be make more sense~~
  8. 16051 to STC, it was on 502 this evening~~
  9. My opinion is - it looks nicer than the Rapid Bus livery~~
  10. Finally, I had a chance to ride the Vicinity yesterday during my short visit, but I just wanna say they're sucks for the suspension~~
  11. Gemilang just start up to developing International market, but they're majority to build the bodywork for MAN and Scania buses, for their Volvo chassis just only a few I can count up, such as B9TL for SBS Transit (SBS7777Y) and KMB (AVG1-3) & B7RLE for Rapid KL~~
  12. Looks like maybe, I think I will visit there once then I can figure it out~~
  13. Former Singapore & TAP A330-300 just arrived in YVR for delivery~~ AirCanada_939_C-GEFA_b
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