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  1. I woke up late, so I just got the departure this morning~~
  2. Hong Kong & Kowloon Ferry Holding Limited formed in 1998 with multiple shipping firms and Cheoy-Lee Shipyard, they took over Lamma Island Ferry services in 1999 from Yaumati Ferry and took over Peng Chau ferry service in 2008 from New World First Ferry (Now Sun Ferry), they're currently have 18 vessels and all of them built by Cheoy-Lee Shipyard~~
  3. Just find out first flight for Westjet MAX will be back in Thursday on WS115/122~~
  4. However, the other point is A220 is the best aircraft to replace the A319 just starting to retire recently~~ Boeing 737MAX for Air Canada, in long them they might use them to get rid of those oldest A320~~
  5. Boeing 737 MAX Test flight from Calgary, it was on taxiway M heading to the hangar~~ AirCanada_516_C-FSNU
  6. Back to 2006, the first batch of Novabus LFS in Kelowna with the original headlights~~
  7. Back to the spotting again recently due to my outport works~~ Japan Air 787 on climbing to Tokyo-NRT~~ JAL_JA845J China Southern A380 on taxiing after landing~~ ChinaSouthern_B-6136_d ChinaSouthern_B-6136_e ChinaSouthern_B-6136_f Air India 77W on arrival at the evening~~ AirIndia_VT-ALQ_b AirIndia_VT-ALQ_d
  8. 16039 as well, I saw it was on 119 yesterday~~
  9. I think KCM might get more Proterra as possible at this moment, I guess New Flyer might take some delay as possible
  10. Good morning, Vancouver~~ I'm heading back to Toronto after 2 days layover~~ Westjet_903_C-GUDO_a Westjet_903_C-GUDO_b Westjet_903_C-GUDO_c
  11. Today is a bad news for Cathay Pacific Group today, they're permanent layoff near 6000 employees around the world and dissolved Cathay Dragon brand~~
  12. Please add 9622, I saw it on Boundary Road while I was driving~~
  13. The newest Boeing 787-9 arriving in Vancouver~~ Westjet_907_C-GMKS Westjet_907_C-GMKS_b Westjet_907_C-GMKS_c Westjet_907_C-GMKS_d Westjet_907_C-GMKS_e
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