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  1. what's the fleet number for this bus?? I saw it inside VTC few days ago while I was driving along Arthur Laing~~
  2. 19401 on training yesterday around Ironwood area~~
  3. Do you know the license plate at this moment for 19401??
  4. 19401 still in Dynamic, as well as 19404~~
  5. Glad for me got the pic before unwrapped~~
  6. Do you guys think Translink / CMBC should modified the head sign for the 320, 501 & 502 as this~~ 320 Langley Centre / via : Cloverdale 320 Surrey Central Station / via : Cloverdale 501 Langley Centre / via : Port Kells & Carvolth 501 Surrey Central Station / via : Carvolth & Port Kells 502 Langley Centre / Fraser Hwy Local 502 Surrey Central Station / Fraser Hwy Local
  7. I tried to spot 19302 again yesterday, but the worst traffic congestions in Marine Drive and made over an hour delay, I gave up~~ Finally, I got both side today in 22nd Street~~
  8. Beside CX888/865 YVR-JFK sector, Cathay will get rid of CX856/855 3x per week with the Airbus A350 operations at the same time, that means Cathay will scale down to 14 weekly flight with all Boeing 777-300ER operation~~ Also, First Class will be no longer available for HKG-YVR flight~~
  9. The new shuttle just arrived at Dynamic in Port Kells, they're with the same livery with the new XN40, Novabus LFS Suburban and Double Decker, but no fleet number yet~~
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