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  1. Trans-Canada retro A220 in Vancouver this evening~~ AirCanada_119_C-GNBN_a AirCanada_119_C-GNBN_b AirCanada_119_C-GNBN_c AirCanada_119_C-GNBN_d
  2. All Nippon Airways Boeing 777-381ER - JA788A was diverted to Vancouver due to the mechanical problem last Sunday, it was towed to the hangar for engine change during the Easter long weekend~~ Finally, this bird was ferried back to Tokyo-HND this evening as All Nippon 9401 after grounded 12 days for maintanence~~ ANA_JA788A_b ANA_JA788A_c ANA_JA788A_d ANA_JA788A_e ANA_JA788A_f
  3. Also, Australia have the arrival cap to less than 2000 per week, but every state have different maximum numbers~~
  4. Qantas was back this evening for the repatriation flight from SYD, she will depart on Thursday night to Darwin~~ Qantas_VH-ZNI_a Qantas_VH-ZNI_b Qantas_VH-ZNI_d Qantas_VH-ZNI_e
  5. https://landtransportguru.net/enviro500-3-door-road-test-zhuhai/ Land Transport Authority of Singapore was awarded 100 3-door buses order to Alexander Dennis (50) and MAN (50) in 2019, MAN were already in service allocated to all 4 operators, and the one from Alexander Dennis just rolled out recently but not delivered yet~~
  6. French Air Force Airbus A330-200 visited YVR this afternoon for fuel stop~~ RepubliqueFrancaise_F-UJCT_c RepubliqueFrancaise_F-UJCT_d
  7. AC was putting their A220 for Vancouver to Edmonton from last Thursday, however this bird currently stick with the same destinations - Golf November Golf Victor (Tail 115) AirCanada_115_C-GNGV Meanwhile, AC will put the A220 for the Calgary flight as well~~
  8. Boeing was delivered 2 Boeing 737-8 MAX aircrafts to Sunwing Airlines, C-FTXE & C-FTXF were delivered at different airport, C-FTXE landed in YVR and C-FTXF landed in YYZ~~ This is the photo of C-FTXE on delivery flight landed in YVR this morning~~ Sunwing_C-FTXE
  9. Vicinity don't have Electric, we don't really want BYD (I don't really want to recall Jackie Chan)~~ Curiously, Proterra didn't join the bid~~
  10. I woke up late, so I just got the departure this morning~~
  11. Hong Kong & Kowloon Ferry Holding Limited formed in 1998 with multiple shipping firms and Cheoy-Lee Shipyard, they took over Lamma Island Ferry services in 1999 from Yaumati Ferry and took over Peng Chau ferry service in 2008 from New World First Ferry (Now Sun Ferry), they're currently have 18 vessels and all of them built by Cheoy-Lee Shipyard~~
  12. Just find out first flight for Westjet MAX will be back in Thursday on WS115/122~~
  13. However, the other point is A220 is the best aircraft to replace the A319 just starting to retire recently~~ Boeing 737MAX for Air Canada, in long them they might use them to get rid of those oldest A320~~
  14. Boeing 737 MAX Test flight from Calgary, it was on taxiway M heading to the hangar~~ AirCanada_516_C-FSNU
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