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  1. septa105R5/seClip9

    Krapf's Bus Company

    Yep, and I've heard some of the recent New Flyer Xcelsior XD40's that Krapf's has in its fleet have rooftop fairing. As of now, all Navy Yard Fleet buses have transitioned from dark blue paint scheme to new paint scheme (like an artist drawing). Also from 4-21-2018: Krapf's Transit/Rover Transit 2010 Van Hool A300L #2915 on Route A at Exton Square Mall
  2. septa105R5/seClip9

    SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    SEPTA's current push pull locomotives: 7 AEM-7 and 1 ALP-44 are due to be replaced soon by ACS-64. Here is the video of them from recent railfanning at Devon Station while I'm trying to see them in action ASAP.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WheNsZaAr2M Forgot to show it here from 4-21-2018: SEPTA New Flyer MiDi MD30 #4625 at Exton Square Mall
  3. septa105R5/seClip9

    Krapf's Bus Company

    Krapf's is a bus company from West Goshen Township, Pennsylvania near the town of West Chester. Krapf's provides charter bus service for both short, medium, and long distance destination. Buses used their ranged from a small cutaway coaches, heavy duty small buses (10 year), and motor coaches. Buses includes BlueBird All American RE with coach style seatings, mix of MCI and Prevost buses in their motorcoach fleet. Krapf's has a transit service known as Krapf's Transit (Rover Transit) which Route A, their only route that they provide since 1992. Route A serves Coatesville, Downington, Exton, and West Chester. Routes A also have stops in some out of listed towns that it travels on like Whitford and Thorndale, as well others stops like on Route 30, and Pottstown Pike roadways which are among them it travels there as well. Buses they used are used transit buses primarily Gillig Phantom that formally owned by Denver RTD and FootHill Transit, and they have their only brand new VanHool A300L bus in their fleet. For some reason on 8-14-2010 when I was at West Chester, an MCI 102 D3 was used in regular service which makes it odd to see a motorcoach in it. Krapf's is also the major operator for some nearby transit agencies with SEPTA being the their major client where Krapf's 4 of SEPTA's route including 204, 205, 306, and 314. Also, other transit system like Chester County's SCOOT bus service have Krapf's provide the bus service on behalf of that bus transit service. For SEPTA, they lease their buses to Krapf's for the bus operation of it. Buses includes 9 2004 Freightliner/Champion Defenders and 2 Chevy/Champion Challengers which opeated on SEPTA's Route 204 and 314. Krapf's also has its own buses for SEPTA's contracted route which are painted with two transit names Krapf's Transit/SEPTA. Those buses which are 4 2007 International/General Coach Low Floors are operated on SEPTA's Route 205 and 306. Other transits that it operate for Chester County's SCOTT bus service, they operated Chevy/Goshen for that route. Below pictures are among the buses that Krapf's operate VanHool A300L is seen leaving Exton Square Mall on Route A to Coatesville. This bus is very intersting since it is so far the only VanHool A300L operating in service in the Pennslyvania in the suburbs. Krapf's owned International/General Coach Low Floor Cutaway is seen at parked Krapf's bus yard. This bus is operated on contract for SEPTA on Route 306. This bus also operates on SEPTA's route 205 as well. One of few Gillig Phantom (This one is an Ex. Denver RTD) is seen parked at the Krapf's bus yard. This bus also known as Rover Transit operates on Krapf's Route A transit service. Krapf's Blue Bird All American RE equipped with Coach Seats used on medium distance destination travel is seen parked at Krapf's bus yard. Krapf's Buses consisting of medium duty small buses used for medium distance travel, long distance travel motorcoaches, and transit buses all parked at the yard. From my West Chester Trip on 8-14-2010 on Main Street, photo and videos of them. Gillig Phantom (Ex Denver RTD) leaves West Chester Bus Terminal on Route A to Coatesville MCI 102 D3 on Route A to Coatesville on Main Street. It is very odd to see this bus in transit service. Chevy/Gaval Coach operating for Chester County's SCOOT Bus departs West Chester Bus Terminal Videos Please visit my youtube channel for more videos.
  4. septa105R5/seClip9

    SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    I'm proud to present videos of Bus Action in the Center City of Philadelphia, PA at 6th and Market Street in which that area has lot of buses running there in a large street from SEPTA to New Jersey Transit Bus there. In addition, I also film buses in the suburban neighborhood in mall and stuff like the King of Prussia Mall 20 miles just off of I-76 and Exton Square Mall off of Route 30. In the following videos, they show bus action at 6th and Market Street where many transit buses travel there on crowded Market Street. SEPTA has 4 of its city routes that they travel through market street from the west of Market Street. SEPTA buses Route 38, 44 uses regular 40 ft buses including Primarily New Flyer DE40LF 2nd Generation for those routes there while other buses including New Flyer D40LF are used on those routes as well. SEPTA Route 17 uses primarily New Flyer D40LF for that route while New Flyer DE40LF 1st Generation are used on those routes as well. SEPTA's Route 33 which has most the passengers onboard that route uses primarily Neoplan AN460 to handle high passenger number. However with the arrival of New Flyer DE40LF 2nd generation in 2009, this allows for more increased service to further handle high passenger numbers on that route. SEPTA's Neoplan AN460 are approaching 12 years old and SEPTA planned to replace them with new low floor hybric artic buses in the future. For New Jersey Transit, they travel into Philadelphia from Camden New Jersey as they crosses through the Ben Franklin Bridge. For service through the city, they made a trip around Philadelphia throught the travel at Market Street before making a turn in Board Street and start heading east back to New Jersey. Buses that they used for service includes NABI 416 Suburbans and Transit, Nova RTS 40 ft, and MCI D4000. The NABI 416 transits are currently delivering to New Jersey Transit's Newtown Ave Garage since Newtown has some Extra Suburbans to be transfer to other Garages where they want their Flxible Metro D replaced as soon as possible. Back in 2009, Netown has received a large number of NABI 416 suburbans to replaced all of its veteran Flxible Metro B and most of Flxible Metro D to ensure enough they have a good # of buses in service. Some Flxible Metro D in good conditions can hold on for a little longer, so some of them remained in service till summer of 2010 when Netown Ave Garage recieved more buses through the bus assignments of the buses they are receiving and sending out some of their NABI Suburbans to other garages as they need those so that they can replace their Flxible Metro D suburban with the bus fleet assignment in task. With the delivery of new buses meeting Newtown's Bus fleet requirement, this will be the end for Flxible Metro D. In addtion to bus action videos, train and bus ride videos are included as well. Please feel free to comment.