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  1. From last Saturday 3/18/2017 trip to State College. Three pictures of CATA Bus's New Flyer C35LF and New Flyer Xcelsior XN40 in action.
  2. Last Saturday 3/18/2017 while I was in transit to State College for a conference, manage to have extra time for a little transitfanning of CATA Bus's Buses in action. As usual because it was Saturday at the time, the New Flyer Xcelsior XN40 handled most of the routes; the other bus I saw at the time was the New Flyer C35LF used on lower ridership routes. This time with great weather (no wind), I manage capture great sound of their buses without using the wind noise reduction feature. As a result, recording of their Cummins Westport ISL-G on the Xcelsior was successful compare to previous videos I've recorded before.
  3. Yep, for the multilevelcar following bid. Interestingly because of the low bid contract even though Hyundai Rotem in Philly (no suprise if the Silverliner V problem contribute to Rotem's loss of the order) which result in CRRC (from China) winning the next order.
  4. 3-11-2017: Ride on SEPTA 2014 Nova LFS HEV #8629 on Route 32 3-11-2017 Ride aboard 2009 New Flyer DE40LF #8281 on Route 32. Sound alike the 2010-2011 New Flyer DE40LFR
  5. Krapf's Coach 2007 Van HooL C2045 at JFK Blvd City Hall Philadelphia. According to sources from PMATS, this bus will be replaced and traded in for new 2017 MCI J4500. Seems like the Krapf's Coach motorcoach fleet will be transition into 100% all MCI J4500 fleet. We'll see about it once this happens. 3-11-2017
  6. And here is the video of SEPTA operated by Krapf's 2016 New Flyer MiDi MD30 #4622 on Route 204 at Paoli Station. Though I've got a better recording of the video, sorry about the audio as it is so windy outside.
  7. According to PMATS, members reported that the 1st of more than 500 + New Flyer XDE40 #9000 has been delivered and on display at SEPTA Headquarters in Philadelphia. They have pictures of it. #9000 was reported built in December 2016 according to its builder plate.
  8. SEPTA Market Frankford Line Subway Train derailment at 69th Street
  9. Sources from PMATS mentioned #4621-4628 are the MiDis they will get for their fleet (total of 8 buses.) 2/19/2017 Today's busfanning: Of course the main course is my 1st sight of SEPTA's brand new New Flyer MiDi MD30 #4624 on Route 204 at Paoli Station operated by Krapf's. The new era of transit style low floor small buses after the previous era of truck style buses (Freightliner and Chevy/Champion Cutaways) Also bonus picture of SEPTA's 2003 New Flyer D40LF #5623 on Route 104 at West Chester University 1. SEPTA 2016 New Flyer MiDi MD30 2. SEPTA 2003 New Flyer D40LF #5623
  10. Yep, and one of the member from PMATS group reported today that Freightliner FL-60/Champion Defender has made its final revenue run, I believe it was Route 204 operated by Krapf's. And further mentioned that bus will sent out to Germantown to be officially retired from rooster while in turn Krapf's will pick up another New Flyer MiDi MD30
  11. While the Phlash is done for the season until Spring, 2014 New Flyer MiDi MD35 #1414 find itself on special duty on operating the Philadelphia Home Show Shuttle between Event and Pennsylvania Convention Center in Center City Philadelphia
  12. NJ Transit 2002 MCI D4000 #8003 seen on 1/14/2017 operating on Route 551
  13. SEPTA Bus and Regional Rail Train Action from 1/14/2017
  14. Suffolk County Transit is ordering new New Flyer Xcelsior XDE40 and XDE35.®-buses
  15. During the SEPTA Strike on November 2016, Phlash continued regular and at the duration of strike, Phlash was one of many service able to cover most of the Center City Area at tourist locations 2011 MCI J4500 seen at Center City Phlash 2014 New Flyer MiDi MD35