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  1. septa105R5/seClip9

    SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    Sorry I haven't been posting any transit videos for a while. Most of September 2018 as ACS-64 locomotives are delivered and in service, the sighting of AEM-7 and ALP-44 is getting harder. AEM-7 #2306 was featured on this video ALP-44 #2308 was featured on this video
  2. septa105R5/seClip9

    SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    The number of those buses are smaller. So it is hard find them nowadays.
  3. septa105R5/seClip9

    RTC of Southern Nevada (Las Vegas)

    Forgot share this. Last month in Late June, I was in Las Vegas, and got great video of RTC Transit Buses as well as the popular tourist bus route (Deuce and SDX (Strip and Downtown Express). As well as Las Vegas Monorail. Featured buses including Alexander Dennis Enviro 500, New Flyer Xcelsior XN40 and XN60 and many more. Las Vegas is a great place to visit with much of the attractions along the strip from south to north along Las Vegas Blvd. Including Freemont Street as well. I did get some video footage of these buses there though not a lot because of Las Vegas's hot weather. Of course a number of route including the popular tourist Route Deuce (serving destinations between Mandala Bay Casino and Freemont Street; during midnight hours, route extended south to South Strip Terminal) is 24 hours a day route. SDX (Strip and Downtown Express) is also another popular Route which runs daily from 9am to 11:59pm, serving popular tourist destinations between South Strip Terminal and North Las Vegas Premium Outlet. Interesting to see those Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 and Wright StreetCar RTV. Other buses seen on regular transit route as seen are mainly New Flyer Xcelsior XN40 and XN60. I did however saw a 2005 New Flyer D60LF on a regular route as well; that bus is still running even though it is 12 years old. Lastly on a separate transit system, I've rode on Las Vegas Monorail whose service runs parallel along the Strip and serving mainly on casino stops.
  4. septa105R5/seClip9

    SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    SEPTA's ACS-64 #901 debut on Paoli/Thorndale Line to Thorndale Great Valley Flyer Express Train #9561 7-11-2018. Also with the awesome engineer blowing the horn! SEPTA ordered 15 of the locomotive to expand their fleet while also replacing their 7 AEM-7 and 1 ALP-44. These locomotive will be powerful, reliable, and efficient as well as featuring other state of the art technologies.
  5. septa105R5/seClip9

    NJ TRANSIT (New Jersey Transit)

    From 6-9-2018 sighting: A number of MCI D4000 are still in service down at South Jersey/Philadelphia. Also in on of Transit Fan Group Facebook page, at least one 2002-2003 MCI D4500 was seen operating a Route into Philadelphia
  6. septa105R5/seClip9

    SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    From 6-9-2018
  7. septa105R5/seClip9

    Krapf's Bus Company

    Phlash New Flyer MiDis seen on 6-9-2018
  8. septa105R5/seClip9

    Transit in Hong Kong

    Forgot to share this video that uploaded few months ago. Here's the video of Hong Kong Transportation (MTR, Tram, NWFB, City Bus, and KMB) from my recent trip back in late February and early March. A lot has changes with new buses dominated the streets, as well as new MTR Trains!
  9. septa105R5/seClip9

    SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    6-9-2018: I was going to Philly and attempting to ride a Thorndale Line Shuttle Bus to Bryn Mawr because of AMTRAK Construction; meantime I saw a Keystone Train and an AMTRAK Work Train as well. For some unknown reason, the bus never showed up even after 50 minutes of waiting; all of us gave up and seek alternative transportation (ride share, etc) to get to Bryn Mawr Station. After arrival Bryn Mawr and awaiting transfer to train for Philadelphia, saw two buses on the shuttle: 2014 Nova LFS HEV #8605 and 2017 New Flyer Xcelsior XDE40 #3072 at Bryn Mawr Station. Bonus picture: While at Phillies Game (in between innings), the giant TV Screen display SEPTA Broad Street Subway Race from City Hall to AT&T Station (Between Red and Blue Car); Blue Car Won. Also after the Phillies Game and I was waiting for my Thorndale Line Train (bound for Bryn Mawr; trains were running hourly), I had a few moments for quick transit fan at 10th and Market. Saw 2017 New Flyer Xcelsior XDE40 #3058 there.
  10. septa105R5/seClip9

    Krapf's Bus Company

    Yep, and I've heard some of the recent New Flyer Xcelsior XD40's that Krapf's has in its fleet have rooftop fairing. As of now, all Navy Yard Fleet buses have transitioned from dark blue paint scheme to new paint scheme (like an artist drawing). Also from 4-21-2018: Krapf's Transit/Rover Transit 2010 Van Hool A300L #2915 on Route A at Exton Square Mall
  11. septa105R5/seClip9

    SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    SEPTA's current push pull locomotives: 7 AEM-7 and 1 ALP-44 are due to be replaced soon by ACS-64. Here is the video of them from recent railfanning at Devon Station while I'm trying to see them in action ASAP.... Forgot to show it here from 4-21-2018: SEPTA New Flyer MiDi MD30 #4625 at Exton Square Mall
  12. septa105R5/seClip9

    SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    (Saw this via local news station's livestream) So today was Philadelphia Eagle's Parade in Philly (from South Philly to Art Museum). And buses used are Big Bus Company's Gillig Advantage Converted Double Decker, Leyland Olympian, Alexander Dennis Enviro 500. Academy Bus's Van Hool CX35 was seen as well. I think according to transit fans from PMATS, they reported seeing few SEPTA buses participated in parade as well! All buses featured Eagle's Superbowl Champion Wrap. Congrats Philadelphia Eagles Superbowl Champions!
  13. septa105R5/seClip9

    SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    Yeah. After their lost to Eagles. Following Eagle's won, they will have Eagles Superbowl Champion Parade. As a result, there will service interuption at SEPTA with service resembling to what it is like when Pope Francis visited Philly. Example included limited service to Philly for Regional Rail (4 am to 9 am: Train only to Philly (no outbound trains from Philly) and 2pm to end of day: Trains departing Philly (not inbound trains int Philly).. http://www.septa.org/eagles/index.html https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/How-to-Get-to-the-Philadelphia-Eagles-Super-Bowl-LII-Victory-Parade-SEPTA--472955413.html
  14. septa105R5/seClip9

    NJ TRANSIT (New Jersey Transit)

    On 1-27-2018: I saw brand new 2018 MCI D4500CT #18027 at Philadelphia. Also, 2008 NABI 416 Suburban (1st restyled built and delivered to NJ Transit) was seen as well!
  15. septa105R5/seClip9

    SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    Forgot to upload this from 1-27-2018: Various SEPTA Bus and Train action at Philadelphia