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  1. SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    SEPTA's new BRT bus service named as "Boulvard Direct" under the Direct Brand bus service for BRT will be in service 10-22-2017. 1st BRT bus service for SEPTA It'll use Nova LFS Artic HEV wrapped with that special paint scheme (in green) for the service. http://www.septa.org/directbus/index.html
  2. Krapf's Bus Company

    Krapf''s Transit 1994 Gillig Phantom #9411 is done. Retired and listed for sale. Farewell Gillig Phantom 2005-2017.
  3. Port Authority of Allegheny County buses

    Here's the video compilation of transit in Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh Port Authority, Mid Mon Valley, and Westmoreland Transit) from my visit to Pittsburgh recently Also seen here, please give an applause to the friendly driver of Port Authority #5553 who waved at me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlCEIsA_Vkc
  4. SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    Due to high ridership among several busy routes (like Route 17, 33, etc)
  5. WMATA Washington

    Interesting for Diesel Bus Orders, they are going to straight clean diesels after the past 10 years of Hybrid Bus orders. Based on this link, having a fleet of half CNG and half Hybrid is expensive in terms of operating cost. Looks like their goals is now focus on CNG and Clean Diesel this upcoming fleet plan. As seen here. https://www.wmata.com/about/business/procurement/solicitations/documents/2016 Metrobus Fleet Management Plan V2.1 - (05 Jul 17)1.pdf For CNG 60ft artic (unless others including Nova Artic join in CNG artic market), likely New Flyer may get the order.
  6. Port Authority of Allegheny County buses

    9-9-2017 Recently visited Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh Port Authority 2016 Gillig Advantage Low Floor at 5th avenue at University of Pittsburgh Oakland Cathedral of Learning, Video of Pittsburgh Transit will be coming in the future.
  7. Houston METRO

    Hope everyone is ok. The men and women of Houston Metro, fleet and service around Houston area. Hopefully everything is back to normal after Hurricane Harvey.
  8. Krapf's Bus Company

    Speaking of recent Krapf's Bus Sightings, Phlash operated by Krapf's Transit 2014-2015 New Flyer MiDi MD35 and MD30 #1416, 1417, 1314, and #1511 were seen at Philly on 8-19-2017. Also a ride abord #1417 Also brand new Krapf's Coach 2017 MCI J4500 #5075 seen at Philly at 8-19-2017. Powered by Detroit Diesel DD13 engine with Allison B500R transmission, it replaced 2007 Van Hool 2045 #4074 which was traded in.
  9. NJ TRANSIT (New Jersey Transit)

    NJ Transit 2001 MCI D4000 #7530 seen at Philly on 7-19-2017. A number of these buses have been retired as new 2017 MCI D4500CT are arriving NJ Transit 2009 NABI 416 Suburban #5351 also seen at Philly on 8-19-2017
  10. SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    One of SEPTA's oldest buses in the fleet (and last Detroit Diesel Series 50 engine powered buses) 2001 New Flyer D40LF #5431 seen on 8-19-2017. These buses along with 2002-2004 D40LF and 2002-2004 DE40LF have begun retirement as new New Flyer Xcelsior XDE40 are arriving Ride on SEPTA 2016 Nova LFS Artic HEV #7479 on Route 17
  11. NJ TRANSIT (New Jersey Transit)

    According to one comments posted on of my youtube video (in titled: Exculsive: Krapf's Coach 2016 MCI J4500 #5060 with Detroit Diesel DD13 Engine 4/21/16), and in both wikipedia and cptdb wiki (about nj transit's bus fleet), there were some sources reporting rumors (yet to be confirmed) that NJ Transit 2017 (2018?) MCI D4500CT batch from the 2015 order 17185 (test bus), 18036 and beyond may feature Detroit Diesel DD13 engine. We'll have to wait if there's official video and/or audio recording of those buses equipped with that king of engine. Currently, MCI only offers Cummins engine for its D Series Motorcoach (D4005 and D4505, D4000CT and D4500CT)
  12. Recent pictures from FB The Bus Lounge and PMATS showed that LANTA has recently acquired Gillig Advantage Low Floor CNG buses.
  13. SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    According to sources from PMATA FB page, rumors from members say the Xcelsior XDE40 order is coming soon and Victory Depot maybe 1st to get it. And also, the retirement of New Flyer D40LF has begun (pictures from there were shown). So far 2001 D40LF #5409 and #2002 D40LF #5599 has been retired with their fareboxes removed.
  14. PART

    Video of PART's one of the 2 2010 Gillig Advantage Low Floor BRT 35ft 57 seen in action at Philadelphia Premium Outlets. Listen to the ISL9 engine as it accelerates from this great recording!
  15. Krapf's Bus Company

    Krapf's Transit/Rover Transit 2010 and 2012 Van Hool A300L #2915 and #1210 seen at West Chester