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  1. SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    (Saw this via local news station's livestream) So today was Philadelphia Eagle's Parade in Philly (from South Philly to Art Museum). And buses used are Big Bus Company's Gillig Advantage Converted Double Decker, Leyland Olympian, Alexander Dennis Enviro 500. Academy Bus's Van Hool CX35 was seen as well. I think according to transit fans from PMATS, they reported seeing few SEPTA buses participated in parade as well! All buses featured Eagle's Superbowl Champion Wrap. Congrats Philadelphia Eagles Superbowl Champions!
  2. SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    Yeah. After their lost to Eagles. Following Eagle's won, they will have Eagles Superbowl Champion Parade. As a result, there will service interuption at SEPTA with service resembling to what it is like when Pope Francis visited Philly. Example included limited service to Philly for Regional Rail (4 am to 9 am: Train only to Philly (no outbound trains from Philly) and 2pm to end of day: Trains departing Philly (not inbound trains int Philly).. http://www.septa.org/eagles/index.html https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/How-to-Get-to-the-Philadelphia-Eagles-Super-Bowl-LII-Victory-Parade-SEPTA--472955413.html
  3. NJ TRANSIT (New Jersey Transit)

    On 1-27-2018: I saw brand new 2018 MCI D4500CT #18027 at Philadelphia. Also, 2008 NABI 416 Suburban (1st restyled built and delivered to NJ Transit) was seen as well!
  4. SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    Forgot to upload this from 1-27-2018: Various SEPTA Bus and Train action at Philadelphia
  5. SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    In Media, PA (greater philly region), the official Eagles Bus stopped by there before participating Eagles Parade. Fans also got to sign the bus! Also SEPTA Trolley K Car #107 with Eagles Decoration also participated in parade too! Go Philadelphia Eagles! Good luck in Superbowl 52!
  6. MTA NYCT Subway/Bus discussion

    Youtube video courtesy of Caitsith810, 1st of the new 2017-2018 New Flyer Xcelsior XD40 has recently enter into revenue service. Difference between older models including new paint scheme, featured new Cummins L9 engine, and many more.
  7. SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    Final Video of 2017: SEPTA 2017 New Flyer Xcelsior XDE40 #3063 now seen in other Victory Depot Route like Route 106 after past few weeks of frequently serving on busier routes like 104. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7benkZ7Ws4
  8. NJ TRANSIT (New Jersey Transit)

    NJ Transit ALP-45DP seen at Secaucus Junction on Christmas Day 2017
  9. Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

    Various buses and trains seen at Boston from my recent trip there. Featuring MBTA Type 7 and 8 LRV on Green Line Routes. New Flyer D40LF, Xcelsior XDE40 and XDE60 on regular bus route as well as Silver Line. Also an NJ Transit Train ALP-45DP was seen at Secaucus Junction during a layover there. I never got to see any RTS at the time I was up there (since I was there only for weekend; would imagine all RTS were in weekday rush hour service back then). From the observation while I was there, pretty much the Xcelsior XDE40 dominated much of the routes although 2006-2008 New Flyer D40LF. And I loved seeing those 2017 New Flyer Xcelsior XDE60 for Silver Line 4 and 5 there, though most have been service since it debuted few months ago, they still looked great. All of MBTA articulated bus fleet is now all hybrid artic with Xcelsior XDE60 and DE60LFR (though I never see them). The recent Xcelsior XDE60 at Silver Line replaced the last of Neoplan AN460LF CNG that helped started the Silver Line back then in 2004 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jWP8nJ45O0
  10. SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    Now, those ACS-64 are replacing all 7 AEM-7 locomotive and the only ALP-44M locomotive in SEPTA's fleet. Also on Christmas Day 2017 the day I've returned to Philly, SEPTA 2017 New Flyer Xcelsior XDE40 #3037 seen at 30th Street Station
  11. SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    According to PMATS, members reported that SEPTA's 1st ACS-64 #901 has arrived at SEPTA.
  12. Krapf's Bus Company

    Krapf's Transit/Rover Transit 2010 Van Hool A300L #1210 and #2916 seen at West Chester on 12-2-2017
  13. SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    Various Buses seen in West Chester on 12-2-2017. Featuring SEPTA New Flyer D40LF and DE40LFR. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJdVfsPKKFc
  14. NJ TRANSIT (New Jersey Transit)

    Plus, Low Floors speeds up process especially for loading wheelchair passenger in the bus and securing them in designated spot. If ramp failed for any reason, I assume that ramp can be deployed by hand.
  15. SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    Various Buses and Trains seen from 11-25-2017 and 11-26-2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joJxjE69yH0