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  1. lol did u go onto and check out the price? Im not really sure if Greyhound has even applied for Regina-Saskatoon-P.A. I would think it would be the only one they may want,as it would fit into Greyhounds network like a glove and it was stc only profitable corridor, I know Tiger started doing shipping May 23 using many former Stc agents. Go onto Tiger courier website and you will see the places they are doing.
  2. you could always go the long way around . You know something else thats kinda curious is I wonder if STC has even applied to drop any of their routes through HTB
  3. I wonder how we find out who applied to Saskatchewan Highway board for which passenger routes and when their applications are going to be dealt with. ??
  4. STC outbound Express shipping ends today...That means Greyhound may get alot busier with freight shipping from places like Yorkton and Saskatoon. Im not sure what is planned for the GCX Service in affected cities, however I would assume something will have to be worked out especially in Regina and Saskatoon.
  5. does RMR just use random coaches in Vancouver or do they contract with one company??
  6. Calgary to Saskatoon prior to Oct 24/11 had one daily overnight run plus one run Wed/Fri/Sun during the day(basically what Alsask does now) except they run daily. When STC and Greyhound we're sharing the run I know the schedules met in Alsask with a STC driver leaving from Saskatoon and a Greyhound driver from Calgary and in Alsask they switched drivers only...So u would see STC bus in Calgary on a daily basis. Im not really sure why Alsask is giving up passenger service and doing only GCX, I would assume something to do with Saskatchewan insurance regulations. All I know is they are going to Run Calgary to Saskatoon via Alsask with Gcx freight., which would bring all current STC agencies along that route into the Greyhound Courier network. I would have thought you would see Greyhound do another Calgary to Regina schedule plus at least 2 schedules a day between Regina and Saskatoon and Prince Albert..which were STC's most profitable routes. And very critical to Greyhounds network, I know TIger Courier also has announced a partnership with Greyhound canada to move freight in Saskatchewan and Interline with the GReyhound network. Im thinking you may see Greyhound setting up their own P&D in Saskatoon, Regina and possibly Prince Albert and Moose Jaw. Im not really sure what Greyhound will use for terminals in Saskatoon, Regina or Moose Jaw which are all owned by STC come June 1.
  7. Alsask Bus Lines that operates a Calgary to Alsask service connecting in Alsask with STC to Saskatoon seems to be discontinuing their passenger services effective end of May. However it looks like they may be doing Gcx courier services Only between Calgary and Saskatoon via Alsask as of June 1.
  8. yes i was wondering that too kinda odd..
  9. I know they have the ones they were gonna use on Vancouver Island that are in storage or are those the ones they were testing on the Chatham sub?
  10. Tiger Courier of Saskatoon has announced that they will be Interlining rural locations with Greyhound Courier to assume 155 of the 210 locations STC currently serves. Its not a surprise that someone is partnering with Greyhound Courier to interline was just a matter of time who...Now we know!! It should be an interesting partnership as I know Greyhound and Tiger have had relations in the past. I would think Greyhound would want to set up their own in town courier in places where STC currently interlines with them and that STC does the GCX courier currently.
  11. JUst read that Tiger Courier based out of Saskatoon is going to partner with Greyhound Courier to offer parcel shipping service to 155 locations in Saskatchewan, most STC agencies will be maintained as much as possible. So they expect the courier service to transition on May 19 from STC to a Tiger/ Greyhound interline partnership in Saskatchewan rural areas,So that should mean that Greyhound will assume in city courier in Regina,Saskatoon,Swift Current, Yorkton and Moose Jaw in place of STC.
  12. Why does Via have a RMR double deck car on it?
  13. yeah i guess when u get the to the line past Ashcroft ,but is it not bad be4 cause i took it twice and both times we lost time between Jasper and Kamloops.
  14. I wonder if it would make a difference for Ontime performance if they changed the Canadian to operate beyond Edmonton to Jasper,Prince George then Vancouver on the Old BC Rail line! Then Just operate the Skeena from Prince George to Prince Rupert. It seems that the Jasper to Vancouver portion is one of the worst legs on that corridor.