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  1. Is that a picture of Rider at PCS?? or??
  2. They have plans to add a second schedule operating overnight between Calgary and Vancouver and Vancouver to Calgary come Spring. Which by then they should have enough ridership to sustain the two schedules. I wonder if they will try and get a bay in PCS or at least a more permanent parking spot even out front!
  3. KCTI is also starting a Saskatoon to Regina service and ironically their stopping outside the Robins Donuts where the OLD STC depot was in Regina. This now makes 3 co on Saskatoon to Regina service. 2 on Saskatoon to Prince Albert also. One part that is very underserviced is Winnipeg to Regina and Saskatoon, but well see if anyone picks that up come 2020. The Depot in Port Alberni also Closed Nov 30. Passengers for now are being pu at 7-11 just around the corner.
  4. It appears since Wilsons bought out Tofino Bus and now operates it as Tofino Bus and VI Connector they have been changing their business model since Sept. First the Parksville depot end Sept was Closed then the Tofino depot in early Oct now the Courtenay depot on Oct 31 and just announced the Depot in Port Alberni closing also at the end of Nov. Bus Stops were established in each of the affected towns. Tickets are available from the driver or online.
  5. Cold Shot in partnership with Buffalo Air Courier has started interline freight partnership between Edmonton and Hay River/Yellowknife. Cold Shot is also an interline freight partner for KTL Express in many Alberta locations and BC Peace..this partnership is expected to expand more in the future!! Also watch for Cold Shot expanding to more Alberta locations.
  6. Do they load like right out front or where ebus was loading by party bazaar.
  7. Red Arrow will change their Edmonton to Grande Prairie schedule. Currently they operate 7 days a week leaving both cities at 9:30 am and 6:00pm. As of Nov.16 After operating a 2nd schedule for 9 months(Since Mar 16) they will go back to one Daily Scheule. lv Grande Prairie at 9:30 am and Edmonton at 6:00 pm. So is Rider still loading in front of PCS?
  8. I know they still have a few Setras still. That would of been their schedule that starts in Regina at 8 am and Lv Saskatoon 11:15 am and into Edmonton at 530pm.
  9. Another new development in the freight side. Door to Door service will also now be available to the following; Viking,Wainwright,Tofield,Hardisty,Okotoks,Morinville, McBride BC, also Almost all places in between Edmonton-Calgary. in Addition to Hay River and Yellowknife NWT also starting soon to North Battleford,Saskatoon and Regina,Sk.
  10. Cold Shot will expand their freight service to Prince George,BC via their Edmonton to Jasper bus, effective Oct.15th. An Agency for Parcels only has been set up in Prince George also as well as P&D which will transport freight between Prince George and Jasper. Service will operate Mon-Fri.
  11. Yes that location is where parcels being held for pickup go as well as Cold Shot's main offices. Ironically that location was opened as the Downtown parcel pickup for Greyhound when they moved their depot to Via Rail back in 2014 with Cold Shot operating it. Their passenger terminal on 119 street is where all scheduled services Arrive and depart as well as the Edmonton Freight Warehouse where all the rest of freight goes including all incoming and outgoing freight into and out of Edmonton this is also where all Cold Shots buses are kept as well as the base for all Intown P&D Freight. Freight can also be shipped to/from this location.
  12. Watch for More Edmonton-Calgary service coming in November. Also Starting approx. mid Oct Freight service only will be expanded to Prince George BC. Cold Shot has dropped their Edmonton-Lloyd passenger service to operate Sun.only. As well as Grande Prairie to Peace River on Mon only. All Freight service will continue Mon to Fri on both routes. Also watch for more expansion of the Freight network in late 2019/early 2020.
  13. Yeah well have to see how it works out, They are continuing Daily Service which must mean they must be doing okay for Ridership cause they now do have the ability to reduce it to as low as 2 days a week between Kamloops and Calgary if they choose.
  14. Tofino Bus was bought by Wilsons Transportation out of Victoria almost a year ago.They also operate BC Ferries connector and BC Connector bus. A lot of co are moving to online tickets..most operators that have replaced Greyhound have done just that. Cold Shot In Alberta is the only one with physical agents as they also handle freight too but they operate only their Edmonton terminals. All the rest are agency locations. VI Connector (Tofino Bus) also announced they are Closing the Parksville depot as of Sept 30 and Tofino depot as of Oct 4 relocating it for ticket sales to Tofino Resort later in Oct. Currently service is operating Mondays and Fridays only. Lv Edmonton 8am arr Calgary 130pm. Lv 230pm Arr Edmonton 750pm. Freight agencies are being set up and the freight service will operate Mon to Fri with passenger service expanding later on. Ridership has been decent too for the most part.
  15. It does look like Rider woke up and now have 2 brand new Prevost coaches operating Vancouver to Calgary with Setra as back up, It appears the schedule continues to operate 1 trip Daily. Leaving both Vancouver and Calgary at 8:AM. Looks like Calgary driver stays in Kamloops overnight and Vancouver driver does up and back with a 3 hr layover in Kamloops.Also their Kamloops stop will change to the Petro Pass A&W truck stop on Versatile Way as of Oct.1. They also seem to be planning a Calgary to Edmonton run and a Calgary to Regina service, 2 x week. Also they are operating Full size bus on Regina-Saskatoon-Edmonton. And as of Sept 27 have increased their Edmonton to Saskatoon service to 2 trips.
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