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  1. roeco

    Life After Greyhound

    They have posted no info for the Grande Prairie service which is quite odd...no location info timing reservations..You would think they would give more info 3 weeks to starting.
  2. roeco

    Pacific Coach Lines

    Wow.. I thought Wilsons would have jumped all over it!! But PCL Still has their Vancouver to Whistler service. Will this effect the Tsawassen Ferry to YVR service PCL currently operates connecting with BC Ferry connector. Almost makes you think Pacific Coach should expand North!!
  3. roeco

    Grande Prairie

    I think their were just the 2 retired for low floors
  4. roeco

    Life After Greyhound

    e-bus is Also Expanding into BC....Diversified has applied to BC Pass trans board to operate under the E Bus brand the following routes; Vancouver-Abbotsford-Merritt-Kamloops, Vancouver-Chilliwack-Merritt-Kelowna and Kelowna-Vernon-Kamloops. All with 2 daily round trip min frequency..! Kinda figured e bus would take advantage of some of greyhounds routes.
  5. Effective Sept 16 the 1245 pm from Calgary only operates to Golden Thurs to Mon and returns at 725 pm. No more 0001 am schedule between Vancouver and Golden. Only Calgary-Vancouver schedules are now 730am-730pm And out of Vancouver 7:30 am and 6 pm. Schedules out of Edmonton are being cancelled randomly due to lack of drivers..!
  6. roeco

    Life After Greyhound

    Cold Shot Bus and Courier is also expanding on its experience as a major contractor in Edmonton with Greyhound to venture out on its own teaming up with many current Greyhound agents in to continue passenger and freight services throughout Alberta using most current Greyhound agency locations along with New locations in some cities, In addition to freight only to High Level/Rainbow Lake, and Northern BC to Dawson Creek and Fort St John. Check out www.coldshot.ca for details. All Services Start November 1, Cold Shot is expected to expand its network beyond Alberta and Northern BC in the future also. A New Terminal for passengers and freight will be established in Edmonton also.
  7. roeco

    Kasper Mini Bus

    They never did cease it ...still operating. And they have also announced that they will in the next week or so start operating Thunder Bay to White River connecting with Ontario Northland.So that will give connectivity all the way from Toronto/Ottawa and east to Winnipeg.
  8. roeco

    Life After Greyhound

    Their will be some pretty interesting competition on Edmonton to Grande Prairie,Calgary and Fort McMurray routes after Greyhound leaves.!
  9. roeco

    Life After Greyhound

    Rider Express Transportation of Regina has applied to BC Pasenger Transportation Board in Aug.29 bulletin to operate a Min 1 daily trip from Vancouver to Calgary via Kamloops and Salmon Arm. Their actual intentions I believe are to offer two daily trips, as well as one daily trip Calgary to Winnipeg via Regina.
  10. roeco

    Ontario Northland

    I thought Kasper was supposed to extend their Longlac route to Hearst months ago
  11. roeco

    Life After Greyhound

    sweet Cold Shot will start service soon for Lv Grande Prairie 7:30 AM Arr Edmonton 12:40 pm. Lv Edmonton 2:pm Arr Gp 7:10pm(Mon-Fri) COLD SHOT has Formally announced its intentions to Offer Passenger and Freight Service on the following routes; Edmonton to Grande Prairie, Calgary, Fort McMurray,Lloydminster and Jasper. Also the current routes they've operated for several years to Peace River,Cold Lake and Camrose. With freight service to several other communities in the North and throughout the rest of Alberta, plus Northern BC and more are being added all the time. All these locations plus most current Greyhound agencies(Soon to become Cold Shot agencies) in between will have service. As the network expands more locations will be added. Maybe we'll see them work out an agreement with Rider Express to Interline passengers and Freight. All Services will be fully operational by Nov.1.
  12. Well their have recently been a lot of activity in depots closing... TO name some- Hope, Bc* Merritt BC *Fort Nelson Bc*Grand Forks Bc *Jasper Ab Also its expected the Depot in Dawson Creek Bc will close at the end of August. Which will be a Major Hit to Northern BC as Dawson Creek is where all freight headed North to Whitehorse and Fort St John is sorted plus All freight bound for Prince George and East or South from Prince George goes to/from Northern Alberta.
  13. roeco

    Life After Greyhound

    Actually Rider Express is interested in Calgary-Regina-Winnipeg and Edmonton-Saskatoon-Winnipeg(Read Above) . And Thompson Bus Lines from my reading is also looking at Thompson to Flin Flon.
  14. roeco

    Life After Greyhound

    Rider Express has announced that they will be starting service between Calgary and Winnipeg via Hwy 1 and Edmonton and Saskatoon via Hwy 16. With possible plans to expand to Vancouver. They have said they will operate 1 daily trip and on Hwy 1 Cal to Van two daily trips. They are also looking at obtaining existing Greyhound agents as much as possible.
  15. roeco

    Life After Greyhound

    Yes and I would think Sun City would be smart to apply for a Cranbrook to Nelson service since they are related companies and to connect to each other would be pretty easy.