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      We are saddened by the loss of Winnipeg Transit driver Irvine (Jubal) Fraser who was attacked while on the job and unfortunately passed away.
      A GoFundMe page has been set up by Winnipeg Transit colleagues to help Fraser's widow and family. We wish to extend our condolences to family and friends affected by this tragic event. View CBC News Article: Man charged with murder in attack on Winnipeg Transit driver
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  1. Cold Shot does a lot of work for Greyhound out of Edmonton,Ab they operate the Sherwood Park and downtown Gcx agencies. They do Gcx on the Edmonton to Drayton Valley and Barrhead/Westlock runs. They also just recently got the GCX contracts and are operating passenger service on the following; Edmonton-Cold Lake (6 days a week), Edmonton to Wetaskiwin and Camrose ( 5 days a week) and just as of late Feb. Edmonton to Peace River (daily). Which brings back passenger service to all major Alberta Cities that Greyhound cut in 2011.All but the Peace River run are using Sprinter vans pulling trailers. The Peace River run is using a 23 passenger mini coach pulling a trailer.
  2. with Ontario considering de regulation I don't think u will c anyone competing against Greyhound where they don't currently have competition cause I believe u would already see it if they thought their was the demand.
  3. No actually that's not the reason why they cut Cold Lake, its one of two runs that no one is sure why they cut it...as it consistently had 15-20 passengers on a daily basis which is more than several other runs ever had and are still operating. And the Trailer was 90-100% full all the time. Since they cut that run they lost over 60% of their freight business..!
  4. Wow...I thought PCL downsized their fleet when they gave up the crosswater service? I know they do YVR-Vancouver to Whistler service but is that their only scheduled service now.
  5. Tofino Bus is already an Interline partner on the Island, they carry Greyhound freight, accept Greyhound tickets, stop at Greyhound agencies and are on Greyhound extranet schedule site, They also operate the Vancouver Bus Depot to Horseshoe Bay shuttle 4 times a day. So for TBS to take over all the rest of the Island they dont have would be a no brainer. Greyhound has only 3 coaches on the Island all serviced at Tofino Bus maintenance facility in Nanaimo. Also TBS has moved the Campbell RIver and Port Hardy agencies. The only difference on VIctoria to Nanaimo corridor is TBS does Express runs only and has limited service to Duncan. Between Greyhound's 3 daily trips and TBS 2 daily and an extra Fri/Sun trip their is 5-6 trips a day on that corridor. Plus TBS does not run coaches exclusively.
  6. A company called Cold Shot Courier has just recently taken over the GCX contract for Edmonton-Camrose service and they bought a sprinter passenger van with a trailer as Greyhound pays them to do the freight the passengers are just gravy they carry 1-2 whatever. They do the same on Edmonton-Cold Lake. They also do the Edmonton City P&D It can maybe not 2 schedules a day year round all the way, but it can def 3-4 days a week in off season. They could easily run only as far as Sudbury and connect with Ontario Northland for servce the rest of the way on 1 schedule to Toronto.
  7. You got a better chance of a Tornado hitting the west coast than u do of de regulation in BC as the Gov't isnt stupid...they know 80% of BC will loose ALL BUS SERVICE!! Alberta de regulated and that was the biggest flop ever, very few runs were picked up by so called other carriers and rural Alberta is suffering with NO service at all...Just in the last few weeks Camrose,Ab pop 18,000 just got back intercity bus service Mon to Fri once a week with a sprinter van . Greyhound only added a 2nd Trip Vancouver to Calgary daily at Christmas and Summer basically following the 6pm Vancouver departure and 645pm Calgary departures. These were Express trips with few stops, and they still overloaded regular schedules on some trips. Only 1 trip per day from Calgary to Sudbury/Toronto and Ottawa along the TCH. Its funny cause the year before they were running 2 full schedules all summer along that corridor, one ran only 4 days a week. I am quite surprsied they dont at least run a 2nd Calgary to Regina Schedule as Medicine Hat suffered last summer and Christmas with almost 0 tickets being available most times.
  8. Greyhound in Canada doesn't carry the amount of Package Express they used to for the most part, as they have lost a lot of business to other competitiors, Greyhound used to have sales people who secured freight accounts now they don't have any! Greyhound has lost I'd say 20-30% of their freight business if not more in the last 5 years.
  9. I wonder if eventually we will c Tofino Bus takeover all of Greyhound's service on the Island too...? I just cant see it feasible for Greyhound to run the 3 trips a day it does between Nanaimo and Victoria.
  10. when I went to bonnyville before it was an older MCI-9 original Brewster.
  11. I can pretty much guarantee B.C. will not de regulate if they do, 40% of the service as we know it today would be wiped out with No Alternatives! It happened in Alberta and their are still dozens of communities with No Service at All, It didn't work the way it was supposed to, Just recently Camrose,Ab a city of 17,000 just got back passenger service. After over 5 years. With No other alternatives.
  12. Oh I assumed all the G's we're scrapped?? Didn't know they had some for sale? Were those the only two that were for sale?
  13. they may use something different now, but last time I saw it was a older motor coach. NEX does not carry freight to my knowledge on any scheduled run'