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  1. Yeah not sure how long their gonna last...was another co that tried a service last summer(Snow Travels) seems to have not made much headway. Calgary to Edmonton corridor has plenty of choices and competition too 4 seperate companies operate on the corridor, so def no need for another co. Biggest thing is u need deep pockets, brand recognition and convenient timing.
  2. obviously the news station has forgot to mention Rider also operates London to Toronto.
  3. Any word yet on when Greyhound will resume cross border service?
  4. Cold Shot in Alberta and VI Connector in Vancouver Island also use betterez. I believe Orleans also uses betterez too. Rider Express announced on their FB page effective Aug 16 their gonna run a service from London to Toronto in AM and back in PM!
  5. IEven if they left them on wouldnt be an issue
  6. Yeah I would of thought VIA would of been an ideal location for them. Vs a shopping mall.
  7. roeco

    Flair Air

    Flair has announced Non Stop service twice weekly on two routes from Grande Prairie Ab. To both Toronto and Vancouver, Both should prove popular as right now u need to switch planes iN Calgary or Ed to reach either place. Lots of oilfield workers live in southern Bc and a shorter way to the East too.
  8. who is onex
  9. Well Cold Shot has been making major inroads into the Parcel Express Industry they now have expanded into more of Alberta and the BC peace country and now also service Chetwynd and Tumbler Ridge BC. And as of July 15th will be Expanding their reach into the Province of Saskatchewan with over 100 service locations through partnerships.
  10. Maybe Rider Express is onto something by doing a run to Windsor
  11. Also pretty sure Rider and Ontario Northland will be working together that may help with ridership.
  12. I would think they would be getting more.
  13. Rider Express has announced on fb they r starting service to Windsor in mid July.
  14. why would they. one is more than enough. They only have one for their west runs too.
  15. I believe they are using Kingston as driver switch point as the schedules line up perfectly for that to happen. Also you will notice one schedule each way you can connect to Ontario Northland. Providing essentially one trip each way out of Ottawa to connect with ONT at Toronto.
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