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  1. roeco

    Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    So the newer prevosts that Greyhound got from first are not all leaving Alberta!!! Their are apparently 6 still in Edmonton, and supposedly staying their. We had 623 in today on our Express service. I know they have been scattered all over as 6 went to Vancouver and whats not in Edmonton has gone to Toronto.
  2. Effective May 31 ALL STC Routes will Cease Operations Entirely!!! This is going to be a massive blow to the Province of Saskatchewan, However Im wondering If Greyhound could pick up some routes?? Maybe Regina to Saskatoon which I believe was one of only 2 routes that were profitable, I think the other was Saskatoon-Prince Albert. It going to affect Greyhound in Both Regina and Saskatoon as Well as Swift Current and Yorkton which are depots operated by STC. Would Province of Saskatchewan give Greyhound or ? a subsidy for some service? Maybe!! It will also affect Alsask bus lines between Calgary and Saskatoon. STC is Greyhounds biggest interline Partner so it will hurt Greyhound. Def opportunity for someone for Parcel movement.