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  1. Good possibility, That corridor wont set idle for long as I can imagine their is quite a demand. I think u will see Regina-Saskatoon-Prince Albert service from Someone. And Im wondering if u wont see Alsask Bus LInes run all the way to Saskatoon, they currently only go to Alsask and connect with STC. But if they want to continue operating that corridor they may have no choice but to go all the way as a Greyhound interline partner or abandon the corridor as theirs no demand for just Calgary to Alsask! You've also got to remember now Greyhound will have No choice but to set up their own Express and P&D in both Saskatoon and Regina and I think they may even have to do the Same in Moose Jaw. Im not sure how it works in places like Yorkton,Swift Current or North Battleford? They will also have to figure out what their gonna do interm for passenger depots in the affected locations, maybe they can stay in their current locations for now..!
  2. Island Sky sure gets around, out of all the newer ferries she's been on more routes than any of them, even one that doesnt even exist lol.! But Im pretty sure this is her first time on Horseshoe Bay to Langdale.
  3. Could even be First or Pacific Western??
  4. If a company that is not union assumes any ex STC routes I dont believe they would have the same entitlement! And should be interesting to see how it plays out with Greyhound at the shared STC agencies and especially GCX as Stc was their onsite agent for everything incluidng the terminals. Sure their are a lot of ways they could have changed STC, but for some reason it never was changed. Some routes could have been made so u had to connect to go to certain places instead of just direct service. Also I dont see why STC would not have just been down sized to certain routes and the rest either contraced out or Abandoned. Like if they only made profits on 2-3 routes just keep those operating, they also could have kept their Package Express service operating on some of the better routes where they had good volume and made $$ and just used smaller freight vehicles.
  5. I didnt know they we're restricted on the 1 and 16 corridors?? Regina-stoon-PA would make sense for Greyhound, also some of STC assets since their buses and trailers are same configuration as Greyhound, and I think STC carried alot of passengers and freight between Regina and Saskatoon! Def gonna have to find new depots in Regina and possibly Saskatoon.
  6. Their really only is Two Large Companies in Canada Greyhound or Pacific Western...!!
  7. The loss of STC revenue will hurt Greyhounds revenues...and I checked out the Stc freight revenues in their annual report and their parcel services showed 1.4 million in net profit last year...!
  8. I can see Greyhound being interested in controlling the Gcx in Saskatchewan as it plays in important part in their revenues as STC is Greyhounds largest interline partner ...contracting out some of the freight runs would make the most sense especially on lower revenue but still viable services and themselves on the higher revenue current STC services that carry a good amount of freight but little in way of passengers. And Def at min 2 trips a day between Regina and Saskatoon would be a very important corridor for Greyhound to operate as maybe one trip a day to Prince Albert, their could be other services that may be viable to Greyhound but just not right for the current STC services. They can for sure tailor the runs to connect in both Saskatoon and Regina with existing Hwy 16 and 1 schedules. In some places you may see Greyhound just take over the existing current STC depots where they operate with STC such as Moose Jaw,Swift Current,Yorkton. In terms of Regina Greyhound maybe able to operate in the interm from their but would have to def find a new home as its much too big for what Greyhound would ever need in Regina,in long term same with possibly Saskatoon, It will all depend on what kind of a presence Greyhound wants to take in Saskatchewan. Some of STC's assets may be of interest to Greyhound esepcially since STC has refurbished coaches and the same type of trailer/bus combination as Greyhound does. I would think drivers would be quite easy to obtain in saskatoon or Regina where they already have a presence.
  9. Well Greyhound could stand to loose alot with this News...alot of Freight is shipped to/from both Regina and Saskatoon passenger service on several STC routes should have been cut or reduced years ago, STC problem was they had too much service...Greyhound will now have to establish Full Courier and Agency serivces in each city they share with STC. In Regina and Saskatoon alone that could be a major undertaking. As I think the current STC Regina depot is much too big for Greyhound Alone as is Saskatoon!
  10. Alsask Bus Lines has ran Calgary to Alsask connecting with STC to Saskatoon since Oct.24,2011 when the province of Alberta De regulated. However their may be an opportunity for them to run all the way to Saskatoon, either that or they will have to shut down as STC is their bread and butter on that corridor possibly, it could probably be run with 1 trip a day as long as it connected with Saskatoon to Regina. But who knows only time will tell if or what Greyhound may be intersted in.
  11. Only Regina to Saskatoon I would think they'd be interested in if Any. Getting subsidies I dont think u would see that who knows maybe some other smaller independent companies could take on some of the other services.
  12. Well Im thinking in Greyhound's best interest they may want to take over the Regina to Saskatoon service as it was profitable under STC and if Greyhound can get some if not all the former STC coaches for a steal it would make good business sense to do that, also the connections are crucial for Greyhound in both cities,STC just refurbished all their coaches as good or better than Greyhound's. Also it will put depot operations in limbo in Saskatoon,Regina,Swift Current,Yorkton,North Battleford,Moose Jaw where STC and Greyhound share depots and STC acts as Greyhounds agent in each of those cities. STC also services Greyhounds coaches in both Saskatoon and Regina. Greyhound will prevail in 10 years, sure their smaller now but they were much too big and bleeding red ink badly before First took it over, its right sized much better now but could still use some improvements,as for the Edmonton depot, they dont need a big depot their, all their schedules are staggered so they dont leave at same time, they could use a much bigger waiting area but it works. All GCX and administrative is now at Greyhounds maintenance centre across the Yellowhead and it seems to work fine their.
  13. Effective May 31 ALL STC Routes will Cease Operations Entirely!!! This is going to be a massive blow to the Province of Saskatchewan, However Im wondering If Greyhound could pick up some routes?? Maybe Regina to Saskatoon which I believe was one of only 2 routes that were profitable, I think the other was Saskatoon-Prince Albert. It going to affect Greyhound in Both Regina and Saskatoon as Well as Swift Current and Yorkton which are depots operated by STC. Would Province of Saskatchewan give Greyhound or ? a subsidy for some service? Maybe!! It will also affect Alsask bus lines between Calgary and Saskatoon. STC is Greyhounds biggest interline Partner so it will hurt Greyhound. Def opportunity for someone for Parcel movement.
  14. Cold Shot does a lot of work for Greyhound out of Edmonton,Ab they operate the Sherwood Park and downtown Gcx agencies. They do Gcx on the Edmonton to Drayton Valley and Barrhead/Westlock runs. They also just recently got the GCX contracts and are operating passenger service on the following; Edmonton-Cold Lake (6 days a week), Edmonton to Wetaskiwin and Camrose ( 5 days a week) and just as of late Feb. Edmonton to Peace River (daily). Which brings back passenger service to all major Alberta Cities that Greyhound cut in 2011.All but the Peace River run are using Sprinter vans pulling trailers. The Peace River run is using a 23 passenger mini coach pulling a trailer.
  15. with Ontario considering de regulation I don't think u will c anyone competing against Greyhound where they don't currently have competition cause I believe u would already see it if they thought their was the demand.