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  1. I did hear that PWT is interested in expanding their ebus brand out to Ontario. But well c how that plays out.
  2. nope i know who owns Greyhound! However I thought their would be a real estate arm of PCS that leased out anything on PCS property. I always thought Gyrehound(First) just leased the respective bays and when they closed gave them up. Wasnt aware First had like a masterlease! Well they both have same stop now. Maple Bus Lines, I agree they should solidfy their western operations and interline with ONT. Theirs alot Rider can do out west.
  3. First has bays at PCS?
  4. It seems Now Rider Express is using Maple Bus Lines Terminal in Winnipeg at 936 Sherbrooke St where Ontario Northland has their terminal too ...this sure is good news especially since Rider has indicated they will be doing a partnership or Interline deal with Ontario Northland.
  5. wow..how does that happen. Dont u usually pay a monthly rent kinda to get a spot? I guess theirs nothing wrong with loading outside PCS. Not sure what the benefits are to load in PCS.
  6. Their Rider Express Winnipeg East stop is same as Ontario Northland. Shows between Canadian Tire and CT Gas bar which is both Southdale
  7. I know originally their were like 4. Wilsons,Pacific Western/Ebus,Kasper,Maritime Bus. Not sure what other 2 could be? Maybe Rider Express and Ontario Northland?? Possibly not sure.
  8. Cold Shot services Alberta and BC Peace Country and the Only one in the West to do parcels which are now a major revenue stream for the company.Also Cold Shot has many physical Agents in alot of cities it services. I think Rider is trying its best to do what it can, its not easy im sure. They have a decent location in Calgary now and have just recently got space in Pacific Central Station in Vancouver. Their Saskatoon and Regina locations are ok too. Edmonon is at a Hotel (seems to work).And just 3 blocks from Cold Shot. Dont forget their has always been two physical terminals in
  9. I know Rider was supposed to be stopping at Maple Bus Lines on Sherbrooke St who are the agent for ONT not sure what happened with that. Rider Express and ONT both show Southdale Mall as a shared stop.
  10. Greyhound did many things that left them so far behind in ticketing and their parcel service depts.
  11. In the West 90% of all former Greyhound routes have been filled by others! The dominant players are Rider Express(got a good portion of Greyhounds best runs),Ebus does Vancouver to Kamloops and Kelowna, Cold Shot does most of Alberta and the only company offering both passenger and parcel service much like Greyhound did(limited to Ab and BC Peace), Mountain Man Mikes operates in the Kootenays and Adventure Charters does PG to Kamloops/Van working with ebus. Thompson Valley is starting service next week working with ebus connecting Kamloops to Edmonton
  12. Theirs plenty of operators in the USA Im sure would be more than happy to not have Greyhound around...gives more opportunity for better established companies to provide a decent level of service vs what Greyhound has. In Canada they wont be missed they left West and their runs for the most part ...Others have already picked up their pieces for Passengers and youre seeing it evolve more as the months go by.
  13. Its a pretty good Chance ONT will use VIA. And as for the coalition, The only way a cross canada bus service will work is if you have all players cooperating together. The Coalition is kinda odd though. None of the companies have a presence between Ab and Winnipeg and def none on the former lucrative TCH run from Vancouver to Calgary which unless say Pacific Western/ebus took over Rider Express would be tough to get.
  14. Rider Express has made their intention to start a service Winnipeg East as of July 1 ( I assume thats when Ontario is de regulating. To my knowledge they were going to partner with ONT in Winnipeg, But it may appear they want to do it on their own now! Thats like a gold fish in a pond of Sharks. And the miles is huge unless they can establish an Eastern base. But Im not betting on it to work well with 2 established operators already on that corridor and competing against ONT yeah i wish them luck.
  15. VI Connector/Tofino Bus will restart their Victoria-Nanaimo-Port Alberni-Campbell River service as of Apr.1 Its much less than what they were running but at least its something. Also BC Ferries connector will re start at same time. Thanks to a grant from BC Gov. this service is possible.
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