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  1. Well c how it plays out...2020 will be interesting not only in Northern Ontario but across Canada for the intercity bus industry
  2. Its possible if Kasper had decided to do a seemless connection to match up in White River you may not see ONT expanding as it is.But maybe going forward we will see Kasper feed into ONT vs the service it currently provides. Like I assume ONT will drop the Hearst to White River portion of their service and maybe kasper could expand from Longlac to hearst??
  3. From Thunder Bay to White River I assume will be a night run in order to connect at 7 am in White River heading East. It will be interesting to see if ONT does go all the way to Winnipeg I assume they will use the TCH!
  4. I wonder exactly how much equipment they ended up using from the West Fleet
  5. yes indeed. Maybe they could even have a stop at Winnipeg train station and cross market with Via to Thunder Bay and that whole area. And if were lucky enough maybe we will see Rider Express and Ontario Northland and Maple Bus Lines co operating together as Maple already has a established depot And Since ONT carries freight maybe we can see some cooperation in that area also. Also all companies except Maple use the Betterez ticketing system which we use in Alberta with Cold Shot also.
  6. I just read that Ontario Northland is working on starting a Thunder Bay to Winnipeg schedule also. That would be an interesting turn of events indeed. Especially with ONT interlining their freight services with Greyhound in most of Ontario.
  7. Rider Express Hwy 1 Service starts early March. Lv at 11pm(Fri) from Calgary Arr Regina at 8 am(Sat). Also returning Lv Regina 9Pm(sun) arr Calg 630am (Mon). One day a week each way is better than nothing at all I guess. Im sure they will increase frequency in summer.
  8. Effective early March Rider Express has said they will start service from Calgary to Regina via Hwy 1. Their schedule is posted on their website however its not a surprise that they are doing overnight schedules both ways...but it was to be expected as to line up with their existing schedules. I would think to start with they could just do 2-3 days a week which is better than nothing. They also said they will do Edmonoton to Calgary however that corridor already has enough service on it.
  9. Its going to be interesting to see what type of schedule they do...and to operate Thunder Bay to White River and connect their which It looks like they will do then they would need to do an overnight schedule out of Thunder Bay possibly.
  10. Mahikan Moved to the Airport at end Oct I believe it was. And Rider Express you will soon see them announcing a Calgary to Regina route. And last I heard Maple was looking at doing a Winnipeg to Brandon service also.
  11. Kasper has announced effective Feb 1 they will operate all their Winnipeg schedules from 936 Sherbrooke St and share it with Maple Bus Lines. It would be good if we could see this as a Winnipeg Hub for future buses going West also.
  12. Service will continue to be operated by Diversified Transportation. It sure would be good if they could work together with others, which currently they do not!
  13. I believe they have at least 2 of the newer Prevost they use exclusively for Vancouver to Calgary. I believe they just park overnight in Vancouver as pretty sure drivers are based in Vancouver and Calgary then stay in Kamloops. I did hear they may add a night schedule each way in summer.
  14. Is that a picture of Rider at PCS?? or??
  15. They have plans to add a second schedule operating overnight between Calgary and Vancouver and Vancouver to Calgary come Spring. Which by then they should have enough ridership to sustain the two schedules. I wonder if they will try and get a bay in PCS or at least a more permanent parking spot even out front!
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