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  1. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    wow...thats quite a downgrade is it not...If Im not correct the location on Thornton is much smaller.
  2. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    wow...why are they moving?? I assume where they are now they are leasing it and own the old one
  3. VIA Rail Canada

    Greyhound is pretty heavily travelled between Calgary and Banff so their def would be a demand for an RDC type operation at minimum...and the amount of people that go to Banff during any holiday is phenomenal..!
  4. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    A Company based out of Edmonton called COLD SHOT Courier has revived several routes Greyhound dropped in 2011. They haul passengers and Greyhound pays them to haul their GCX...The Routes are -Edmonton to Cold Lake, Edmonton to Camrose, Edmonton to Peace River and now Peace River to Grande Prairie. All But the Edmonton to Peace River service use Sprinters with trailer. They also do Gcx only on Edmonton to Drayton Valley and Westlock/Barrhead. Plus they operate the Edmonton P&D for Greyhound. Companies like this are ideal for connecting to Greyhounds mainline services!! All services operate Mon to Fri and in addition Cold Lake operates Saturdays too. These are all passenger runs abandoned by Greyhound ...Also of note Alsask Bus services is doing the same kinda thing on the Calgary to Saskatoon run.
  5. Cold Shot Courier/Bus Service-Edmonton

    A New Interline Greyhound parcel and passenger service starts Nov.6 Lv Peace River 9 am Arr Gp 11:30am and Leave Gp 530pm Arr Peace River 8pm Mon-Fri.
  6. Old Greyhound timetables

    Nope...No Bus Service of Any kind between High Level and Hay River!!
  7. Old Greyhound timetables

    Yes Frontier Still operates a passenger and freight service between Hay River and Yellowknife and Hay River and Fort Smith, their Greyhound Courier agent and operate Charters
  8. Old Greyhound timetables

    their was Mayo Bus lines that ran a little van up to Mayo from Stewart crossing back in the Norline days.. And their have been quite a few companies running Dawson City to Whitehorse over the years, But Husky Bus which has been operating Summer service for the last 3 or so years seems to have the market their to themselves. Norline still exists I believe they run school buses under contract for the Yukon Govt. Oh and Norhwest Stages ran all over the yukon just small vans they didnt last long though. Atlin Express still operates once a week service to Atlin.
  9. Old Greyhound timetables

    They always ran 3x week in the winter and up and until 2005, they ran 6 days a week from usually late May/early June until early-mid Sept! They did indeed used to run all the way to Fairbanks from Whitehorse back until sometime in the mid-late 80's? They used to switch drivers in Beaver Creek. And I think it was twice a week year round. Greyhound never ran to Dawson City as Norline Coaches had that service right up until late 90's early 2000's. Which they ran twice a week and I believe 3 in the summers. they used to do a round trip in one day. Also Greyhound's Terminal where it is now has only existed since late 90's. And Actually service from Fort St John to Fort Nelson was 3 x week right up until early-mid 80's when they switched it to 6 days a week year round. The bus for many years left Whitehorse at 12 Noon(Tues/Thur/Sat) and returned at around 5 am.(Wed/Fri/Sun) , later on it switched to 2 pm and finally since 2011 it's been a 6pm departure(Mon/Wed/Fri from Whitehorse)
  10. Saskatoon moved to the Husky Truck Stop on Marquis Drive near the Sasktel centre for both courier and passenger. In Regina Passenger service is at the Regina Airport and Gcx for now is at Tiger Courier(Open 8-430 Mon-Fri). The Depot in Merritt is currently still at Husky Truck Stop running limited hours 8-345 Mon to Fri.
  11. Old Greyhound timetables

    I dont have a copy but I can tell you pretty much anything u need to know. from about 1980 to present
  12. Cold Shot Courier/Bus Service-Edmonton

    Cold Shot will soon start an interline service between Peace River and Grande Prairie in the near future.1
  13. Their is No Service Planned between Terrace and Prince Rupert at all for BC Transit , So basically Prince Rupert would be stranded.
  14. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    Their are still several former Glc refurbs from the older fleet 1100 series that are still operating to this day.
  15. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    northwesterner i totally agree with you on the sprinter idea...its starting to be used more now days especially with smaller routes....Its totally possible for a 3rd party operator to pick up several of the routes Greyhound wants to abandon, use sprinter type vehicles hook into Greyhound's network and haul Greyhound freight and use the agency network along that corridor much like Tofino bus is doing on the Island. Most routes they want to abandon only would require a sprinter type vehicle for passengers and not have to run 7 days a week either. Mind u Greyhound could use First Canada to do the exact same thing....as First has a more diversified fleet..! And I dont believe using a sprinter type vehicle with a trailer would cost any more than hauling just straight GCX with a truck and no passengers. The operating costs I dont think would be any more plus u have passengers to supplement.