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  1. I would think Rider may of chosen Regina to Winnipeg cause its much shorter and one driver can do it no problem. The timings are about right in order to make some kind of connection in Winnipeg with ONT even though theirs a bit of a wait. I believe they are going to restart their Calgary to Regina service in April-May. Good question I would think ridership might be better on Saskatoon-Yorkton-Brandon-Winnipeg corridor vs Regina-Brandon-Winnipeg. But its shorter distance via Hwy 1
  2. I have just saw Rider Express that they are Starting their Regina to Winnipeg Service on Mar.19 and they did tell me they are working with Ontario Northland to connect to the East, they will not be running it themselves. Im not sure exactly what kind of partnersip it is but well see in the next few weeks.
  3. I would def think that VIA Rail station would be the most ideal solution. As it has all the facilities that any coach company would need.
  4. Ebus will have an interline connection as of May or sooner between BC and Ab. Thompson Valley Charters was approved to Operate Kamloops to BC/Ab border and will operate to Edmonton. Service will be 2 x week all day trips. With TVC using ebus terminals in Kamloops and Edmonton.Service will be timed so it connects to/from Vancouver in Kamloops with ebus.
  5. I know their are some route changes coming up soon...just not sure when...i know they want to rejig some of the routes. The Electric buses that do operate now are on Route 5/possibly 6 too. one operator takes one out for am to 12-1 pm or so and the afternoon takes another one out for their shift. Otherwise they cant do a full run on the battery power. They were meant for peak hours but no peak hour service at the moment.
  6. Between Ontario Northland and Kasper No other service can survive East of Winnipeg. Their best chance for expansion is to partner with Ontario Northland and use Maple Bus Lines terminal in Winnipeg. For Rider to go alone it wont fly even under deregulation.
  7. Cold Shot in Alberta as well as Rider Express and VI Connector/Tofino Bus all use betterez ticketing system. Its a great system use it daily.
  8. Pretty sure its owned by a Vancouver,BC based co.
  9. since when did they own the Ottawa Terminal ?
  10. Yep their Saskatoon lv 1145 am and their one from Calgary gets in i think 1130am.
  11. they have one run that goes to Saskatoon/Regina (pretty sure they use the Tesma) and other one would of been Calgary
  12. In BC theirs quite a bit of service about 90% of Greyhounds former runs have been taken by others.And in Alberta its much higer.
  13. Wilsons now owns TBS not sure if they still have in their fleet??
  14. Ebus passenger counts i would think are because of covid. Ebus and Red Arrow are set to reduce service late Decin Ab , so i wouldnt be surprised if ebus in BC did the same.
  15. Their is alot of opportunity in Ontario as well as alot of the rest of Canada. Really intercity bus service should be similar to Airlines with central stops and code share/interline agreements to connect all. Small carriers feeding into large ones and let the market dictate the service and the carriers. Keep everyone on their toes. Wouldnt that be a good system to have. Benefits all.
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