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  1. wow I thought ebus had gotten to pcs now. As well is Rider Express not boarding from PCS? Could they not renew permits for front of PCS??
  2. Cold Shot now has a New Schedule Servicing the Hwy 2/2A corridor between Edmonton and Calgary. Agents are being set up and full passenger and freight service will be available in most locations soon. Also it leaves Edmonton at 8 am and Calgary at 2:30pm so a day time schedule too. Its expected to run Mon-Fri once in full operation. Right now its operating limited service to start Mon and Fri only.
  3. An interesting note is that Rider Now has 2 New Prevosts that are to be operating on their Vancouver to Calgary service.
  4. Yes they should build their Hwy 1 service in BC before they take on anything else,as its a prime corridor that could do them fine without anything else, just time their schedules to connect with others, But I would think if they were not doing that well on tch service they would not operate 7 days a week. Cant be to hard to get a license to pu in city of Vancouver. But why use Pacific Central(would Burrard stn not work)… but really they could move to anywhere with skytrain access and a decent waiting area, Adventure drops at Scott Rd.
  5. Well Rider didn't get exactly what they wanted from PTB...they did get a frequency reduction of 2 x week Kamloops-Calgary (but that's for flexibility just in case) I would think.But did not get the Kamloops-Kelowna. Kelowna-Merritt(obvious reasons) and Kelowna to Penticton cause it wouldn't connect with anything. So I guess maybe Rider should concentrate on Vancouver-Kamloops-Calgary for now and expand East from their. They have a strong toe hold on one of the potentially best corridors(Hwy 1) in all of BC and they should take full advantage of that. They should look at whats not serviced in BC and devise a plan from that like Kamloops-Jasper-Edmonton, one corridor that could have a ton of potential.
  6. Cold Shot will be expanding their Edmonton to Calgary service by Sept. Also Some service efficiencies are being implemented out of Peace River to Grande Prairie which will discontinue passenger service as of Aug.30. Freight service will continue operating Mon to Fri. The corridor is already serviced by Northern Express 4 x weekly which Is more than enough service for that corridor.
  7. Im thinking they may not still have all the Setras, I believe they may have 3 possibly 4 as they are running Regina-Saskatoon to Edmonton with Prevost coaches.
  8. Interesting wondered when the ex STC buses would start re appearing. I know Mountain Man Mikes of Kaslo bc picked up a 24 seat bus ex STC to operate their new intercity scheduled service in the Kootenays to Vancouver from auction in Regina.
  9. Cold Shot Bus service only took 30-60 days to ramp up the ticketing system, and freight same for Nov 1 startup. Betterez (Which Cold Shot,Rider Express,Mahikan and Kasper use is one of the best), Zaui is used by several co too, Cold Shot uses the Connex courier system for freight...like night and day compared to grey dog.
  10. RIDER EXPRESS Now operates 7 Days a Week Calgary to Vancouver. They seem to have more expansion planned but we'll see if they start Calgary-Regina-Winnipeg at least 3 x week. Their should be the demand for at least that.
  11. Greyhounds computer system was archaic and is not worth anything. Their are other much better applications for both freight and tickets.
  12. Their are actually several options in Alberta. Rider Express operates 6 day a week service Calgary via Hwy 1 to Vancouver and also Edmonton-Saskatoon-P.A.-Regina, KCTI Operates Saskatoon to Edmonton.Northern Express is still operating for now on Edmonton to Peace River-High Level and Cold Lake.Also Peace River to Grande Prairie. And Cold Shot Bus Service operates 9 routes in Alberta hauling passengers and Freight including a cross border Grande Prairie-Ft St John route.And will be adding more soon.
  13. Seems that Mountain Man Mikes of Kaslo has been approved to operate a Hwy 3 service AB/BC Border via Hwy 3 Cranbrook,Nelson Kaslo,Osoyoos,Vancouver .
  14. Sky Shuttle now stops at Cold Shot's depot on request enroute to EIA. Also a New Calgary North Stop for passengers is now available at Holiday Inn Express on Hopewell Way near Calgary Airport. All Cold Shot buses now have usb ports and wifi. Stay tuned for some exciting news about how Cold Shot will soon be extending their service area.
  15. COLD SHOT started service between Grande Prairie,Ab and Fort St John BC via Dawson Creek on April 15th. Passengers were booked on the first day in both directions. Lv Gp at 7:30 am and Arr Fort St John 945 am Lv at 1230 pm Arr Dawson Creek 130 Lv 140 Arr Gp at 430pm. Operates Monday to Friday.Passengers and Freight. This service area is expected to be expanded in the near future.
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