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  1. Oh I assumed all the G's we're scrapped?? Didn't know they had some for sale? Were those the only two that were for sale?
  2. they may use something different now, but last time I saw it was a older motor coach. NEX does not carry freight to my knowledge on any scheduled run'
  3. Red Arrow does use a 13 passenger sprinter equipped with leather seats and wifi. As far as I know Northern Express uses an older coach..! If their was a demand for passenger service which Im sure its minimal...Frontier would have done it Im sure. Without a subsidy no point running it with under 10 passengers. I think that was Greyhound's average out of High Level north when they ran it. If a subsidy were available Im sure Frontier would do that corridor.
  4. I wonder which ex Greyhound TBS has?? Im thinkin maybe some of Greyhound's ex Island coaches??
  5. Tofino Bus bought a ex im surprised. Especially a G....mind u that's the best place for them is on the Island. I thought they scrapped them all.
  6. 1139 was the Northern Wheelchair coach and ran lots on Edmonton-Dawson Creek-Whitehorse. However I did hear that she was in Winnipeg when the Canadian units were going to get refurbished and was not given such treatment as apparently she was too bad bodywise to undergo a refurb, I would assume she was scrapped as would other units that were ;listed as "stored" in Winnipeg as I think the same thing happened they were inspected and not deemed refurbishable.
  7. Edmonton to Cold Lake along with Edmonton-Wetaskiwin Camrose is operated by Cold Shot Courier the operators of the Edmonton P&D and is being run with a sprinter van pulling trailer. Just a Note too Northern Express and Red Arrow also operate Edmonton to Cold Lake corridor. Only GCX is operated Edmonton-Peace River and contracted out to the High Level agent between Peace and High Level. Buffalo Courier(division of Buffalo Air) operates High Level to Hay River Gcx only. Grande Prairie agent operates Peace RIver to Gp Gcx. And a company Not affiliated with Greyhound called Northern Express operates passenger service High Level to Edmonton via Peace River and Peace River to Grande Prairie. THey operate Independent of Greyhound leaving from the Continental Inn on Kingsway in Edmonton.
  8. 5161 operates Calgary to Kelowna via Lethbridge and Cranbrook to Kelowna, passengers to Vancouver transfer to 5029 at Kelowna which leaves 330pm to Vancouver...that's the schedule passengers transfer to at West Kelowna..! I mistakenly mentioned 5029 schedule was from Kootenays...its connecting schedule from! Greyhound hasn't ran Edmonton to Cold Lake itself since Oct.24.2011...initially they did have a truck but they lost a ton of freight business on that corridor when they discontinued bus service,freight service has been contracted out since about mid 2012. Initially Northern Express interlined with Greyhound to operate the service(they still run it independent of Greyhound) But Now Edmonton to Cold Lake has 3 bus lines...Northern Express(lv 945am),Red Arrow(Lv 5 pm) and now Cold Shot(interlining with Greyhound)Lv 630am. both NEX and red arrow don't operate tues and sat..cold shot doesn't operate Sundays.
  9. 5006 Lv Vancouver 0030 Arr Pent 555am. Mon to Thurs transfer to schedule 5111 ,Lv 745 am Penticton arr Osoyoos 845am. Fri to Sun you are correct about taking 630am from Vancouver and transferring at West Kelowna. On the Return Lv Osoyoos 945 Am, Fri-Sun. via Penticton transfer to schedule 5029 from kootenays at west Kelowna at 410pm. Mon to Thurs Lv Osoyoos 215pm via Penticton transfer West Kelowna at 1220 pm to 5031.
  10. Effective Jan.9 Cold Shot Courier from Edmonton is Now also doing a Edmonton-Leduc-Wetaskiwin-Camrose passenger and Gcx service one trip a day Monday to Friday.the same way they are doing the one for Cold Lake.. This should be a good move for the City of Camrose as it hasn't had a passenger service since 2011.
  11. RED DEER Agency will Move effective in the New Year to 41 Petrolia Drive (former UFA convenience Store) attatched to McDonalds on Gasoline Alley. Apparently the current depot on Gaetz Ave will be Sold. This doesn't come as much of a surprise as the Red Deer depot was much too large for what they actually needed. I would think u may see other depot relocations soon too...Kamloops is in the works for 2017 and Calgary wont be far behind too.
  12. I wonder why they don't try and make improvements in the west...! Theirs a lot of opportunity to do so!
  13. ahh white stuff except the 4505's and most of them are Edmonton based.
  14. Greyhound fares on that route are actually pretty decent have u looked online...its way cheaper to book online now for Any routes, some as much as 30-40% off the reg fare. The main revenue generator on that route is Freight,thats why it runs westbound from Prince George at night ..!