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  1. Wilson's Transportation

    Well I guess they wont be on Pemberton very long as Im sure Greyhound will be reducing that service too in the near future!!
  2. Greyhound in the news

    You talk about a long rugged route?? Which one are u refering too..? Def couldnt run a sprinter on Dawson Creek to Whitehorse ..too long, however on Dawson Creek to Prince George you could without an issue...only 5 hrs. Also if you look at a company like say Alsask Bus they operate all the way from Calgary to Saskatoon with I believe a 20 pass unit pulling a trailer..and Kasper which is a new co out of Thunder Bay have just started operating larger heavy duty sprinters on Thunder Bay to Winnipeg and now to Hearst
  3. Greyhound in the news

    Greyhound wont operate the service unless possibly the BC Govt comes up with $$ for subsidizing them on some routes. The Only routes that are a great concern are Northern ones...Prince George to Prince Rupert. Dawson Creek to Prince George and Fort St John/Fort Nelson. Those are the 3 main ones. Now with this decision the Govt can decide were only subsidizing the above mentioned routes instead of before where Greyhound wanted a hand out for the entire province! Every company in BC/Ab that operates service on former Greyhound runs has done ok...Ive never seen any shut down, Greyhounds mis fortune is someone elses opportunity...Haul Greyhounds Freight and passengers and hook up with Greyhounds interline network and operate the service on a better schedule and cut out all the redundant costs, and operate smaller vehicles with 15-20 pass capacity Any smaller co can operate at a lower cost and make $$!
  4. Greyhound in the news

    Well it depends on if they cut the service down to the 2 trips in each direction before then which they can do if they want, however I wouldnt count my chickens just yet...we may see the BC Govt come up with some kinda solution...as they couldnt really do anything until after PTB had ruled on their decision!
  5. Greyhound in the news

    at least most of that corridor have train service.
  6. Greyhound in the news

    Well its now been released....Greyhound pretty much got what they wanted....On the Northern Routes they can reduce min frequency to 2 trips in each direction until May,31. And all routes they applied to eliminate in the North can be done on June 1. The Island runs they can eliminate within 7 days if they so choose. All retained routes will have min frequency of 2 trips in each direction/4 trips weekly. Prince George and Dawson Creek will be affected most out of all cities with eliminated runs, It is totally beyond me why they would cut Dawson Creek to Fort St John, their is more passengers like double the amount that go to/from Fort St John then Dawson Creek. Their is demand on every corridor Greyhound plans to eliminate it may not be enough for Greyhound but for a smaller operator it sure will be!
  7. Wilson's Transportation

    top one looks like Pacific Central Vancouver notice train cars..
  8. Wilson's on the Island

    maybe Wilsons will get smart and just buy out Tofino...lol
  9. Wilson's Transportation

    must be one of the coaches doing Greyhound run to Pemberton
  10. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    could of been would have been quite a number of years ago ..1008 i know was
  11. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    I believe their was some 996-999, could of been all of them but not sure, that were Yukon plated at one time. Pretty sure their was just the 8 for the DL's. 1139 was the Only wheelchair bus Yukon plated. Now we have 1263-64 and 66-74/76 plus 1289-91 and i believe 92 is also.
  12. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    1139,1151,,52,53,55,61,63,64 I think that covers them.
  13. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    You're right Greyhound doesnt run Alsask to Calgary any more But Alsask Bus Lines which is a Greyhound interline partner runs all the way from Calgary to Saskatoon via Hwy 9. Alsask also does a Saskatoon to Regina run .
  14. Kasper Mini Bus

    Kasper is expected to operate a Thunder Bay to White River schedule in the next few weeks and connect with Ontario Northland at White River.
  15. Wilson Transportation was denied a pass transportation license to operate Victoria to Nanaimo....Its not a surprise as Tofino already has the corridor sewn up and getting ready to stitch some more as soon as Greyhound gets the ok to abandon it. Tofino will do much better without competition and cater to the needs of the market better!