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  1. roeco

    e-bus BC

    As of Apr.5th ebus in BC is suspending All of its intercity services until further notice...This will give Kelowna/Vernon no intercity bus service from Vancouver for the time being.
  2. Coincidentally Rider has started a 2 trip per day Express service between Edmonton and Calgary as of Mar 30. Lv Edmonton 730am-330pm and Calgary 8am-330pm. Daily except Sat. As well they have changed timings on their Edmonton-Saskatoon-Regina service. Does anyone know what Rider has for a fleet now. I know they have at least 2-3 newer prevosts and not sure how many setras they still have or other ones ?? They have also changed their Vancouver to Calgary service to Mon/Wed/Thur/Fri only and will now be the only bus service between Vancouver and Kamloops after Apr 5
  3. Cold Shot has now suspended Cold Lake and Jasper passenger services til further notice. All other schedules above will operate as listed. So now with this temporary suspension it leaves Cold Lake with no bus service at all!
  4. good question I guess well find out soon enough
  5. Cold Shot will continue to operate as an essential transportation provider taking all precautions including limiting buses to half capacity for distancing...all buses are fully sanitized and cleaned after every trip.
  6. As of March,30,2020 Northern Express has Ceased operation on all scheduled routes Until Further Notice.
  7. it is temporary but until whenever this virus thing gets finished. Alot of people out of work right now..chances are anyone travelling will want to go as cheap as they can...cash is tight for many. And with them being only able to sell half their seats that didnt help much either. It doesnt look like it was planned much ahead as they released a new updated schedule then 4 days later said they were temp cancelling. Im surprised they cancelled ebus too.
  8. RED ARROW and EBUS in Alberta will Suspend All Motor Coach operations as of Mar.29 until further Notice!! I knew they were operating a reduced schedule but I guess no one has the kinda money u need to ride them now as Red Arrow is a premium brand! But I never thought they would suspend operations Entirely!! This is Def Huge!! They say they will still operate the Ebus BC division. Im expecting maybe u will see them reduce frequency or cut back to 1 trip a day out of Kamloops,Kelowna and Vancouver.
  9. Cold Shot has a temp schedule As of Mar 21. *Edmonton-Cold Lake-Mon and Thurs Only. *Edmonton-Jasper Mon and Fri only.*Edmonton-Peace River-Mon/Wed/Fri *Edmonton-Fort McMurray. 1255am Tues-Sat from Edmonton and 8:am from Ft McMurray. *Edmonton-Grande Prairie 11:40pm from Edmonton Tues-Sat and 7:am from Grande Prairie 11:30am Edmonton-Gp and 5:30pm Gp to Edmonton-Operates Mon/Tues/Thurs Only. Also Grande Prairie-Fort St John will operate Only Tues and Thurs. Edmonton-Calgary Lv at 1:30pm (Mon-Fri) *2:30pm Sun Calgary-Edmonton 6:20pm (Mon-Fri) 7:30pm (Sun)
  10. Cold Shot has temporarily curtailed some service. The following will be cancelled til further notice. -11:10am Edmonton-Ft McMurray and 5:30 pm Fort McMurray to Edmonton. 8:am Fri only Edm to Cal and 130 pm Cal to Edm. 11 am Sun only Edm to Cal and 5 pm Cal to Edm. Also Lloydminster Sun service. And Cold Lake and Jasper bus will run Mon/Wed/Fri Only. All other service remains the same for now.! Cold Shot hopes to be able to run at least some services for as long as is possible!
  11. Looks like Ontario Northland will change their service up a bit when they start running to Thunder bay. They will instead of going beyond White River to Hearst instead will go to Thunder Bay and will contract out the White River to Hearst Service.
  12. Cold Shot will also start service to Regina/Saskatoon also Okotoks,High River,Fort McLeod,Lethbridge and Strathmore,Brooks and Medicine Hat. This will close in a lot of gaps in the Southern part of the province Cold Shot doesn't already service!! Watch for more exciting updates.
  13. Cold Shot is expected to start service soon between Calgary-Canmore-Banff-Lake Louise....expected to start by summer sometime.
  14. Well c how it plays out...2020 will be interesting not only in Northern Ontario but across Canada for the intercity bus industry
  15. Its possible if Kasper had decided to do a seemless connection to match up in White River you may not see ONT expanding as it is.But maybe going forward we will see Kasper feed into ONT vs the service it currently provides. Like I assume ONT will drop the Hearst to White River portion of their service and maybe kasper could expand from Longlac to hearst??
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