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  1. Greyhound's application to the BCPTB includes some interesting points besides what they have been reported. First of all by the looks of what they want to eliminate for route points it would pretty much eliminate All Service through the Canyon on Hwy 1 from Cache Creek to Hope. All Service on Hwy 3 from Hope to Keremeos which means All schedules to or from Vancouver will Route via HWY 5,. And on the Whistler-Pemberton route Mount Currie would be eliminated. Also an intersting observation is it looks like they want to eliminate Beaverdell on the Hwy 3 schedule East from Kelowna now it will mean that schedule will then route via Penticon/Osoyoos,Rock Creek and Hwy 3 continuing East!
  2. Greyhound in the news

    dont think that would happen...Greyhound plans to maintain freight on all corridors.
  3. Greyhound in the news

    We'll see how it all pans out...Cant count your eggs before they hatch!! Prince George to Prince Rupert only corridor with scheduled pass rail service
  4. Greyhound in the news

    yep lots of media coverage for sure..!
  5. Moose Jaw depot has moved to the Husky/Smittys truck stop.
  6. If STC would have chopped about half their service and frequency they may still be around... They had way too much service to some places...and little places too.!! Some of their service was just their, and really 3/4 of their fleet could have been smaller buses...and they would have been more than sufficent.
  7. Greyhound Canada roster

    I think CPTDB has a good start on one....not sure how update it is....
  8. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    Good. Except I currently have some first hand knowledge of Greyhound currently., as I work in the Agency network and I live in Canada and see first hand how much freight volumes have decreased in the last 3 years. Would love to chat more at a different time and place.
  9. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    this discussion is really what Greyhounds issues are...and Are Not! Are you from Canada? Do u work directly or indirectly for Greyhound? Do u know Greyhound before and after First took it over? Reports are just that .I def wont be posting any more of this on here!!! No Blue buses are Yukon plated...that looks like a BC plate and a City of Vancouver for hire plate! about 85% of the white ones are yukon plated. If their BC plated their Yukon plated Except 1265.
  10. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    Their actually are still quite a few stand alone agencies more than u may think. Even smaller centres quite a few are Still stand alone and still making $$.and it sure isnt from passeners..! Greyhound carries more freight in Canada by far....Do u think they pull trailers or have freight trucks in the USA....Nope! ..they cap their schedules even at Christmas time...the Demand is their always has been .! Even in the summer....they used to make a killing on several routes...not any more cause they cap the schedules. Diversification also is Crucial or u die a slow and painful death! Also when was the last time post office gave u boxes and tape for free?? Greyhound's profitability is limited as to what they want it to be. But if u want to talk more northwesterner we can continue eslewhere
  11. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    When passenger service disappeared so did alot of freight business partially due to the fact it went from 7 day a week to 5 day a week service and didnt run holidays...so it makes Gcx on those routes no more different than anyone else...And weekend shipping was something Greyhound had on everyone else...! Of course freight is profitable if it wasnt most agencies wouldnt be in business as its their Bread and Butter!! Greyhound had a very high volume freight business so high their were running several tractor trailers in Western Canada...Now I think the only one remaining is the Trans Canada Hwy one from Calgary to Coquitlam. Their used to be a Prince George-Coquitlam, Edmonton-Calgary-Fort McMurray and Edmonton-Fort St John all run by semi trucks. Now of all those only the Calgary to Edmonton portion remains run by a 5 ton, 4 days a week. Pretty much every major agency used to be Open 7 days a week for Freight....Now Most are Closed on Sundays including both Vancouver and Coquitlam. That should answer ur question!
  12. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    Prime Examples. Back in 2011 when Greyhound eliminated passenger service on several routes in Alberta their freight business was maintained on all routes, But several routes had freight drop as much as 50%...and still have not recovered to this day!
  13. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    The Island is an exception....Greyhound freight goes over to the Island by truck...and I doubt theirs the kinda volume u will see on other routes. A good chunk of Island freight is handled by TBS...except Victoria to Nanaimo corridor, I predicted a while ago Greyhound would apply to abandon their Island routes and let TBS have it all and thats exactly what it looks like will be happening,also FYI Tofino has applied to service Duncan and places in between that Greyhound currently serves. They also applied to up their frequency to 3 daily trips Victoria to Nanaimo.
  14. Greyhound in the news

    Ive been following the BC Ptb for over 15 years and not once has one company ever been able to totally abandon a service without someone else taking it over. By default if your a carrier on a route then you are that until you shut down or pawn it off to someone else...! Greyhound should get their approval on Vancouver Island without an issue as Tofino bus will def take it over as they already compete with GReyhound on that corridor..! Hwy 16 is another story....Their is demand for an intercity bus company maybe not on a daily basis, but 3-4 days a week is quite sufficent!