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  1. First Made many poor decisions in Canada especially in the West. And not asking for input from people who were around many moons before First came into the picture didnt help either. Alot of runs could of done much better if they had reacted to the market better and had a sustainable model, they should of applied back years ago to drop all bc runs to 1 trip per week giving them the flexibility they needed too and getting rid of some agency buildings should of happened years ago and downsized to 3rd party agency locations.
  2. I def will follow this...Ive been following MMM since they were apprvoed on their first route
  3. Cold Shot is expanding its services as of July,2. for both passengers and Parcels. *Calgary-Canmore and Banff and in partnership with J&L Shuttle to; *Calgary-Okotoks-Fort Macleod-Lethbridge *Calgary-Brooks-Medicine Hat * Freight only to Sylvan Lake,Rocky Mtn House and Stettler *Also will be changing the schedule to Cold Lake Lv at 1230am on Tue and Thur .
  4. wow I thought all the via stuff went to Toronto, And wouldn't it make sense to have it run Edmonton-Jasper-Prince Rupert on a modified schedule.
  5. roeco

    e-bus BC

    ah yep ebus is also resuming Alberta service as of June 11. Limited schedules 2x daily Edmonton to Calgary and 1x Edmonton to Ft McMurray plus Red Arrow is resuming their service between Calgary and Lethbridge ONLY!
  6. Yep and the way they have the schedule set up right now it could be done no problem with a transfer in Campbell River from full size coach to smaller vehicle. And operate 3 days a week. I believe they even have a driver that is based in Port Hardy runs to CR turns around goes back. Wilsons did express that their was an interested party that may want to operate the service out of Port Hardy and that they could use the CR depot so either way its gonna be a transfer. yep I could see Silver City opposing it but MMM is looking to connect people all the way from Kelowna via Penticton to Osoyoos to Calgary and Vancouver which Silver City cant do.
  7. roeco

    e-bus BC

    Their reduced service will run only Thur/Fri/Sun/Mon on all their routes in BC
  8. I wonder why they choose the timing they did should be interesting for anyone wanting to do a west schedule which way they will route.
  9. Kinda odd how their schedule is worked out. Wonder where their drivers are stationed for this new run.
  10. I believe these are the same type Ontario Northland is operating on their newly created service between Winnipeg and Thunder Bay.
  11. I believe ONT is making an attempt to try and line the schedules up so u can go Winnipeg to Sudbury and continue to Toronto or Ottawa from their. And whoever intelines in Winnipeg would be wise to do it going west too, but hey as long as theirs some kinda connection im sure itll work. They run that trip daily...and I think they use a mid size coach? But pretty sure that run could of made out with a sprinter type vehicle running 3 days a week or so. No one has ever operated that service less than daily.
  12. I wonder if we'll see Air Canada getting more into full cargo flights? And I would assume with the drop in demand that could come maybe well see frequencies reduced
  13. Im thinkin you could be right...not only on the passenger side but Id think ONTC might be interested in building an interline parcel network too not only in Ontario but now they will have a foothold in Manitoba with Maple partnership, could they be interested in forming partnerships to go further west with parcels? who knows.
  14. Yeah it seems they were still running a lot of service after mid Mar when a lot of others across Canada scaled back.
  15. Im thinking if Greyhound is done in Canada...Then maybe we will see Ontario Northland taking the lead in Ontario forming partnerships with others. Should be interesting to c how it plays out. What are some of Greyhounds best Ontario runs?? Also if Greyhound shuts totally anyone will be able to get the Greyhounds existing runs without paying a cent for the actual run and just set their own stuff up.
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