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  1. The Calgary to kelowna dont count on them getting that Rider Express will def oppose (they just got approval to operate that same route). Both ebus and Rider will oppose it as def not the demand (ebus operates Kelowna to SA). One route they will get is Cranbook to Golden(no operator currently exists their). Be better off working with Rider to connect services. They already operate Vancouver-Osoyoos to Kelowna or did.
  2. Coldshot has about 12 that look like this exterior wise just some are different inside seating configurations. They also have 3 Ford like this too all 20 seat configuration (plus 1 freight only)
  3. Well kinda. Same with Greyhound, seperate the two one carries the other so why not ask for money then they both do well. Only Edmonton-Peace River/Cold Lake and Fort McMurray plus Gp-Ft St John use 13 seater and carry freight in back. Edmonton to Calgary and Grande Prairie are usually 20 seat (Gp sometimes is 13 on one schedule). Red Arrow started Doing Ed-Gp did 1 run for 6 months then 2 then back down to 1 then when covid hit they were 3 days/week then they bailed. Ridership was not as good as they had expected.
  4. I see Rider has cut their day service between Vancouver and Calgary to 3 days/week in each direction. And a single overnight schedule too.
  5. Oh yes they run alot of alt equipment for packages. They have many dedicated freight only runs actually more than passenger runs. They also run a 3 ton between Edmonton and Calgary a 5 ton between Edmonton and Gp and a 5 ton between Edmonton and Saskatoon. Theirs several parcel only runs out of Edmonton/Calgary/Gp and Red Deer. Also lots they operate with smaller vehicles too. They have just expanded their parcel network to include most of Saskatchewan. Theirs very few places in NE BC Ab and Sask u cant ship too. And they also have many large contracts.
  6. You notice the article only mentions passengers! Cold shot has a very large Parcel Express division which is flourishing and even just recently expanded into Saskatchewan.
  7. Its possible Flix may operate Greyhound as a seperate company just owned by Flix Bus. that website is pretty sleek. But it makes u wonder why spend the kind of money on a website for canada part when they barely have a Canadian presence?? Makes u wonder!
  8. I see effective Nov 4 Rider will operate London to Toronto instead of from Windsor.
  9. I wonder if BOLT was included in the sale?
  10. No wonder why Betterez is so popular...! Cold Shot was the first one to start using it in the West and then Rider followed and seems more are switching to it. Id say PWT/Red Arrow showed up a little more than too late.
  11. I see Red Arrow and ebus have now switched to the betterez ticketing platform..thats a pretty major change for them since i think they've had their own booking system since they started doing online tickets.
  12. Rider Express finally got approval to Operate between Kelowna-Vernon-Calgary. But they have a few restrictions. From Kelowna to Salmon Arm they can only pickup passengers No drop offs. And from Salmon Arm to Kelowna they can only drop off passengers no pickups. It should be interesting to see how they work the service.
  13. Yeah not sure how long their gonna last...was another co that tried a service last summer(Snow Travels) seems to have not made much headway. Calgary to Edmonton corridor has plenty of choices and competition too 4 seperate companies operate on the corridor, so def no need for another co. Biggest thing is u need deep pockets, brand recognition and convenient timing.
  14. obviously the news station has forgot to mention Rider also operates London to Toronto.
  15. Any word yet on when Greyhound will resume cross border service?
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