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  1. Well we now know ...Di Cal out of Melville is doing a Regina-Melville-Yorton service and have plans on expanding some service North of Yortkton also,Rider Express is doing Regina to Saskatoon along with planned services Regina to Estevan, Swift Current and Yorkton and I think P.A. Forward Coach is planning to do Regina-Saskatoon-P.A., Alsask just received approval to do Saskatoon to Alsask which means a Saskatoon to Calgary connection. Engleheim has said they will do several scheduled services in the future as they also received approval....I'd assume u will see other services pop up in the future too...Id imagine their should be enough ridership for a Prince Albert to Yortkon service through Tisdale and Melfort areas too, even if only 3 days a week, also I'd think u should see Daily Prince Albert to Saskatoon service.
  2. It appears Kasper Mini bus from Thunder Bay is expanding....into Manitoba...They will take over the Winnipeg to Selkirk route effective Sept.1 ..An interesting development for sure.
  3. Effective July 7 ...Hwy 97 in BC in 100 mile house, Lac La Hache and Cache Creek area is Closed due to several forest fires in area dsirupting all Greyhound service between Vancouver and Prince George via Hwy 97 and Cache Creek to Kamloops service until further notice.
  4. Camrose service was serviced initially on the Macklin route but it was cut in 2011 and was contracted then.
  5. Greyhound Canada has suspended all service from Golden to Sicamous due to Hwy 1 closure until at least Sunday. I would assume all passengers will be routed via Hwy 3 or Edmonton and Hwy 16/5.
  6. I wonder if Flair will be picking up some more planes now.
  7. Ive noticed quite a few major corridors should be ok. Regina to Saskatoon-Estevan-Moose Jaw-Swift Current and Saskatoon to P.A. should all be covered. Tiger is doing most of the Gcx for Greyhound to 155 locations in Sk. Which is good for shipping services. We'll have to c how things play out as the summer progresses. At the least some of these other companies should interline passengers somewhow into Greyhounds network, that would at least help. I thought at very least Greyhound would have done at min. 1 schedule a day Regina-Saskatoon-P.A.
  8. By the sounds of it Greyhound wants to do Nothing about Saskatchewan service...Which is disturbing....In Saskatoon and Regina you will probably see them stop at 7 Eleven as their main depots or maybe they will be Flag Stops.
  9. The applications dont specify where...however if u read carefully such as Rider Express it says buses must be maintained in Saskatoon,Estevan,Yorkton,Swift Current and PA...if u look on their fb that shows where they hope to provide service their hiring for each of the locations...its kinda easy to figure out. Crown Cab of N Battleford has said Saskatoon via to Ab Sk border. Vanbango is out of Kindersley so ?? Engleheim is in their too...Carpe Diem and Dical too. You can sorta figure it out that way somewhat. It said Alsask is applying too but ive seen no indication they are doing anything but Greyhound Courier express from Calgary to Saskatoon via Rosetown.
  10. Well from the looks of it their are several companies applied for scheduled service . It says several companies have, theirs like 11, but im betting alot of places wont see any service at all. Di Cal looks like they will run Regina-Melville-Yorkton. Carpe Diem i think may pick up a good bunch, Rider Express looks like may do Estevan,Regina,P.A., Yorkton-Swift Current. Engleheim...possibly close to what Rider Express has applied for, Im a little on the fence about Alsask Bus they said they will end pass service June 1 but apparently they have applied to HTB. As has a company out of Kindersley and a couple others Including SOUTHLAND which we all know is a division of Pacific Western(could be interesting) Will be interesting to see who buys what assets of STC!!
  11. I dont know about Calgary to Saskatoon...But I would think Greyhound should at least do a second TCH from Calgary to Regina ..And whoever does do Regina to Saskatoon and P.A. would be smart to interline with Greyhound as a feeder service. And by the way as far as I read Alsask Bus Lines will drop their passenger service effective June 1 and just haul freight only...I think i recall them looking for drivers in Saskatoon so i would assume their gonna haul freight between Cal and Sask.
  12. Is their not a place where u can see what companies applied for what routes with HTB in Saskatchewan?? Its really odd they would keep it a big secret! Plus i think only Carpe diem is only one besides Di Cal with approval?
  13. The existing schedules were a could have combined most of the area between Prince Albert and Yorkton into one maybe two schedule 6 days a week..and serviced the entire area, Their were alot of schedules to places with like under 1000 people and some of them places had 2-3 schedules a day...THey had way too much direct service and not enough connecting services. Anyway Its gonna be interesting to see who's gonna end up with Regina-Saskatoon-Prince Albert corridors, If Greyhound does apply for it I'm thinking they may get approved for that service before anyone just because it would be in the best interest of Saskatchewan for Greyhound to service as much as is feasible and to have other operators interline with Greyhound. That would make sense though lol. Im betting in terms of Equipment Greyhound would want first dibs on a fair bit of STC coaches and trailers as they are 100% compatible with Greyhound. NOt the smaller ones though. And Greyhound needs buses too. Also i see right now Greyhound is using STC ticket stock paper in Saskatoon for All Gcx shipments I would assume the same in other places too. I now know that Greyhound will remain status quo in Saskatoon at least til the end of September using the existing terminal and package express facilities.
  14. Im sure some of the routes will find operators and if their good and get the people they will survive if not they wont! Like most of the rural routes could probably survive on running 3 days a week or so...someplaces had way too much service with Stc.
  15. , So now we know STC is done now for good....lets continue on and make Saskatchewan bus passenger service and shipping Great I think the Courier side is covered enough...I knew Greyhound would do something to add to their freight network and it should work out ok...and other companies will def interline with the network. Passenger service could be a little tricky....and I think u will c companies eventually interlining with Greyhound in some way. Also I heard Greyhounds operations will stay as is til late Sept 2017 at which time i would think they may have to make some major decisions about terminals in Saskatoon and Regina.