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  1. Here’s more photos of 716, taken at Pearl Harbor Nimitz Gate, courtesy of yours truly...
  2. Bus 710 is also in service (June 7, 2019). It was operating on Route 60.
  3. Now that 709-716 have arrived, the next question is how many 300s Phantoms will meet its maker. I’ve been seeing less and less of them.
  4. That was fast. Can’t wait to see them on the streets.
  5. Go to Gillig Transit Fans Photos and Discussions at Facebook.
  6. The Gillig HQ in California. Just came off the assembly line a few days ago along with the new orders from Kalamazoo, Seattle, Atlanta, Salem (Oregon) and Milwaukee. It was posted up on the Gillig bus fans page. Once they’re ready, expect them to catch a ride aboard Matson ahead of their debut this Summer, possibly to phase out several of the 300 series Phantoms.
  7. Just posted on Facebook (March 24, 2019)
  8. Just posted from Facebook (March 24, 2019)
  9. If it is the new diesel Gilligs, it’ll be 709-716.
  10. Sad to see 925 come to a end. Guess it’s off to Kapolei for its final stop after 13 years of service.
  11. Do you mind if I post this to the Gillig discussion group? That’s a great photo!
  12. If you’re wondering if they started service today (April 25, 2018)...
  13. The xxx are undetermined number of buses in the 700s series, so once its received the xxx will go away. BTW there were a few of these parked at Kalihi but couldn’t get a closer look though.
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