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  1. 9756 is also in Chilliwack, can confirm a visual on Route 7. Destination signs are programmed too.
  2. 8099 is the lone wolf in the back of the yard, saw it this weekend back there. Temp plate on it for July 12
  3. Confirmed 3005 and 3006 are in Chilliwack. they launch on the agassiz harrison on Nov. 1 http://www.awesysnet...11111111111.jpg - 3005 http://www.awesysnet.ca/cptdb/uploads/222222222222222222.jpg - 3006 (Taken this morning at announcement)
  4. What's any word on the Vicinity's? Are they being rolled out or just sitting in a lot somewhere?
  5. Can anyone tell me out of curiosity if the Vicinity is Hydraulic brake or air operated?
  6. The Arboc doesn't look proper to greet passengers with. All jammed up against the dash (same issue with the old "micro" handy darts) I like new, so ill take the Vicinity. Though it does remind me an awful lot of a Dennis Dart
  7. Agassiz/Harrison has approved replacing it's Polar and Arboc Community buses with 2 new "Viconity" buses. They will be operating on the Agassiz/Harrison beginning in late August/Early Sept. Was formally approved by the Fraser Valley Regional District thi past tuesday. Oh and if you check out Bc Transit's site, you can take a virtual tour of the Vicinity bus. http://www.photoplan...ano-project.swf Though I scarily worry that this "New" bus, is nothing more than a hunk of crap bus similar to that of a Dennis Dart 30" ...That being said from a current driver (myself)
  8. "However 9930 is now in Vernon and had to be towed on her second day of service lol." Many days stuck on the side of the road in that girl. Glad to hear after she left Chilliwack that she still has her charm Have fun.
  9. Isn't that 9855 in the back rear side window of 9849? Parked right beside it?
  10. Thanks Chris, if you'\re ever up that way, I'd love to see pictures, I know you're the "travelin' man"
  11. Kinda looks like that bus just came back from Calgary nooowwwwwww why doesn't that surprise me;)
  12. No worries man... anybody out there know where 9849 and 9850 ended up after refurb?
  13. 9933 was never in Chilliwack... we used to have 9923 and 9930
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