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  1. Wouldn't the better solution be to move those routes to a different garage?
  2. Stuff like this almost makes it sound like Rob Ford was right and we should have just sold off all of our streetcars for articulated buses. Being on rails, streetcars are supposed to be faster, transport larger volumes of people, and ultimately be more reliable since it's steel wheels on rails. Not only are buses not limited by speed/intersection restrictions, but they are currently more accessible by picking up people directly at the curb. Buses running replacement service are not supposed to be a blessing but it sure starting to sound like it is. I'm hoping things are figured out soon since I do think streetcars, when optimized properly are better, but at the rate it's going it sounds like it will get worse before it gets better.
  3. Were BYD's buses that problematic? I don't think there's been a time where more than 5 were active service at any given time. And since winter, there's only around 1-3 active at any given time - usually 3752, 57 and 58.
  4. "I was thinking the 927 would be better suited at Queensway since hybrids do better at inter city travel then highway travel and I was mainly arguing quality over quantity and not necessarily newer = better. E.x all of the electric buses doing worse than the lfs hybrids or as you mentioned the ng hybrids doing worse than the og's or that Jane is in some desperate need of some artics or in my opinion some of the lfs's doing worse than the 7's or not as good as they should be for the time. (it would be more obvious once they get as old as the 7's are atm & they have almost 10+ year advantage over them.) " Who are you and why should we believe anything you say?
  5. While the 7900s, and to a bit lesser extent the 8000s, are quite loud, I don't think they're nearly as bad as the 1991 Orion Vs
  6. Wouldn't it make more sense to install the luggage racks on 8400-8420 instead???
  7. Question: Does the electric bus support 1 or 2 bikes on the rack?
  8. Isn't "Doors opening on the left" kind of ambiguous?
  9. Why can't they just leave it up to "driver's discretion". I assume that all drivers are properly trained and can make a good judgement call whether or not a bike or two will impair their vision and ability to operate the vehicle. The same Nova RTS models are used in GRT and drivers don't seem to have a problem with this there. I'm also assuming that racks on Orion VII will be unaffected and that they will allow 2 bikes on those buses. I do recall the Ministry of Transportation placing some restrictions on those racks too... Oh well. Any solution is better than no solution.
  10. Looks like engineers did nothing to solve the bike rack problem on Novabus. Why did they even bother installing it then?
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