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  1. 200 dd's are starting to drop. 6 seen at SA Salvage 4/28. Remaining 301-345 and 969-998 C40LF's running again after being parked for several months to replace them. 830-844 all running. Wright 012 did exist at one time, but was used to test battery technology when original batteries were found to be troublesome. It is no longer around, and was apparently never accepted by RTC.
  2. 994 in service on SX-B this evening (4/1). Only 949-998 series Nabi seen in service in two months. Only 838 and 841 of series 830-844 seen recently.
  3. Low 800's died around January 2019. Saw one in December 2018 on 109, never saw one again. 18700's replaced them. Oldest buses now are 300's on WAX and on various residential routes at random. Due to interlining, you can see almost anything anywhere, such as a 17700 on the 214 last Sunday evening.
  4. What got roasted? Mostly cutaways? Looks like one MCI coach. Did they have any more MCI's or any other "real" buses?
  5. CTA never had a cng. PACE has them only at south division (Markham). CTA has lots of hybrid artics (4000-4207, 4300-4332) but only had 20 DE40LF's (800-809, 900-909) and only one has been in service almost a year now - 804. They tried three fuel cell buses years ago - 5900-5902, but they have been rotting in the scrap line for nearly a decade now. Two battery electrics - 700-701 - both had fires and are back at NFIL for rebuild-upgrade.
  6. If chassis listed first then bodies, the community buses are reversed. Chevy Express chassis, Champion Crusader bodies.
  7. CityRide was run by the city directly. Originally used faux trolleys. There is apparently a successor service run by a contractor with cutaways that runs a loop between Stewart and Charleston. Also, there were 6, not 4 ElDorados for CityRide, though only 3 were used on any given day. Also, CAT had 20 similar EDN's 351-370 used on lighter routes out of Tompkins garage.
  8. Paratransit changes: 5130-5275 group retired except 5240 still active for some reason Additions - all Ford/El Dorado: 16001-16050 2016 17001-17120 2017 18001-18012,18014-18029 2018 Add an additional group of vehicles known as "community vans" - smaller vans used by towns and organizations for local shuttles: All are Champion Crusader bodies on Chevy Express chassis: 7021-7048 2007 7049-7073 2009 7074-7081 2012 14400-14419 2014 (above all retired) 16400-16434 2016 18400-18402 2018 Also, Woodfield trolleys 1-7 are actually 1941-1947 though only 1-7 are on exterior. These are gone, replaced by 8624-8630
  9. Add to roster: 6700-6712, 6714-6785 2017 EDN Axxess 40 6972-6979 2017 MCI D4000CT 8624-8630 2017 EDN Axxess Trolley 17500-17512,17514-17591 2017 EDN Axxess 40 CNG 18500-18510 2018 EDN Axxess 40 CNG
  10. These 25 are part of the same order as 7900-8324. Not sure why these came almost a year later. Probably money availability.
  11. Add 8325-8349 2018 Nova LFS delivered 12/18
  12. Last 25 Novas of 450 bus order (8325-8349) being delivered last week of 2018.
  13. Any idea if the vacant numbers in the 110-139 series will eventually be filled, or were these buses that were retired instead?
  14. So I will assume whoever id putting this stuff out on "Fandom" is full of it and can be ignored. Thank you for clearing this up.
  15. Maybe I am no making myself clear. I am asking about the two specific things listed above. Was this real or not? I understand about 6360-6364. I strongly suspect the two things mentioned above never actually happened, but I want to be sure as they don't really make sense.
  16. I was asking about the alleged hybrid r#s
  17. So are these two items real or no? I see 100-139 are good, but I am questioning the legitimacy of these!
  18. So this is all the figment of somebody's imagination?
  19. Two other strange things that I can"t fully explain: Hybrid RTS' s 6365-6369 r# 1400-1404? Are the 1400 numbers actually NJT? Did 6360-6369 actually ever exist as such? Also 9656 rb to hybrid, r# 9700? Never heard of this one before?? This is on the same site as the bogus artic r#
  20. Thanks - so the other stuff was just planning?
  21. Can anybody make sense of the renumberings of the remaining "old" 5500-5600 Artics? I see two lists out there that totally contradict each other. One has four of 5512-5530 series becoming 100-103, another has six of them becoming 1176-1181. From the 5543-5602 batch, one list has 30 becoming 110-139, the other has 35 becoming 150-184. Obviously one is a proposal, the other reality? But which one is which????
  22. DD 154 renumbered 191 presumably after major accident
  23. There is info out there that Wright Streetcar 012 was never delivered and 061 is its replacement. Possibly wrecked during delivery? Specifics unknown, but all references state 50 buses in order.
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