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  1. they are not as bad as the champions but give it a few yrs and they will be and yes special transit is using the champions for now just for the volume of people that use it i think they are using 2 or three not sure i don't do special
  2. all buses on regular transit in medicine hat have a/c ecept 1 770 and its a spare
  3. thanks everyone glad to be here. i was driving an eldorado tonight they are nice lookin a/c is awsome but they are so choppy and you feel every bump ur back kills u after an 8 hr shift we also have 2 new special transit buses and they are talkin about ordering more they have the same 2 tone orange design as the flyers
  4. actually 766 is currently being use for a school run in the morning and afternoon we do have new busses 748 749 750 also recieved end of april 751 752 and 753 all D40LFRs and 781 782 783 784 and 785 EZ Rider II
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