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  1. There was another incident this week between a passenger and a driver. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/oc-transpo-passenger-says-bus-driver-berated-him-for-boarding-bus-too-slowly-1.3091254 Interested in seeing how this one plays out.
  2. Rebecca Black - Saturday At least she's shown some improvement.
  3. Shocking and tragic. How could this have possibly happened!? My condolences go out to everyone affected.
  4. Rode my first new DD today: 8017 on 93 Lebreton this afternoon.
  5. 6650 was on the 164 on Tuesday evening, and probably some other Kanata local routes as well.
  6. 6397 was on the 161 on Tuesday. Rare artic on a Kanata local route.
  7. The transitway has been reduced to one lane east of Cyrville Stn to repair a sinkhole.
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