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  1. so is this http://www.newswire.ca/en/story/1493145/tok-transit-accuses-regional-municipality-of-wood-buffalo-rmwb-of-mismanaging-and-wrongly-terminating-the-transit-contract
  2. believe it or not its a lot quicker to send it to the GTA for a full refurb than it would be to get it done locally. And its no more expensive due to the craze rates they charge in Alberta in particular Northern Alberta.
  3. busses will tranfer over to Tok and hopefully most of the existing drivers as well.
  4. this was a 1993 mci Can-Ar bought this new.
  5. This unit is owned by the local Elliot Lake hockey team. I forget the name at this time. And yes it was bought from Can-ar.
  6. interesting fleet list. Can-ar Coach bought out Travelways when it started up and a lot of the music man unit numbers were in the original Can-ar fleet.
  7. This White River story makes no sense. Too much missing info. Dispatch can be reached 24/7 and I don't believe no one could contact that office. The OPP would have been able to reach them if necessary. Give it time and the truth will come out.
  8. I understand that Can-Ar Coach has their 1995 MCI 47 pax buses for sale.
  9. Gave, paid for or traded I don't know, but there they are!
  10. the can-ar units / ex go units had the bike racks added recently. they're off the the 10 recently retired Go prevosts.
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