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  1. A lot of buses this morning seemed to be "stuck". As drum said earlier, the AAs were stuck on the last display (ie: showing Dr, Blvd, Crt, Bus terminal etc).
  2. Rode 1108 coming home from work on the 57 this evening.
  3. Saw an ElDorado on the 57 and an 05xx on the 109 this evening
  4. Saw an XD40 on the 61 for two mornings straight this week. Also, I'm always riding a 97 on the 57 coming home from work.
  5. If you know where the previous stops for the buses were before the change, you can do an association with the old stops / new stops listed on the website. 9 - old route 10/89/109 stop 10 - old route 13 stop 13 - old route 48 stop 27 - old route 45 stop 44 - old route 27/57 stop 45 - old route 44 stop 48 - couldn't find it among other routes at Meadowvale 89 - old route 13 stop 90 - old route 9 stop
  6. 26 and 19 with artics on Saturday will be nice to see. 66 on the opposite direction? Are they planning on looping through the terminal? EDIT: On a side note, they changed the AAs again. This time, they completely omit the word Stop, ie: First Stop South of [...] becomes 1st South of [...]
  7. The AAs have changed, I was riding 0541 on route 10. The announcements now omit the wording Next Stop, and only shows the stop's name, as well as on the LED display.
  8. Rode 9731 today, that happened to not have AAs installed on it yet.
  9. I rode 0901 this morning, and it had two cameras installed. One was located just above the middle of the windshield, while the other close to the Stop Requested sign.
  10. I saw 9701 that had AAs, as well as 9801 with a MiWay sticker this afternoon
  11. Saw one of the new Orion Hybrids, 1042, that had AAs now.
  12. I was on 0524 on route 61A and noticed the same thing. Quite an improvement over the computer voice.
  13. I was on 0823 this morning and it had the stickers, and I saw an 03xx that had them as well.
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