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  1. Continuing the #2/5 discussion, the #88 is essentially a short-turn version of the #87. Maybe BC Transit should have just extended the #88 to Saanichton instead of making their timetable messier
  2. The 26 used to be called Crosstown There’ll also be the future FTN 40 Dockyard/UVic via Admirals-McKenzie
  3. Plans for the 24 are to extend it to Tillicum, so the interline with the 12 might be broken at that time
  4. Before 2018, there was a 2 Oak Bay and a 2A Willows. Then BC Transit combined them into 2 Oak Bay/Willows when the routes were extended into James Bay (to reduce confusion?). Now there are again two routes to reduce confusion.
  5. 11 Uplands night route (to UVic) via Cadboro Bay Rd, Bowker Ave, Beach Dr, Estevan Ave, Thompson Ave
  6. Anyone able to make sense of this service advisory for today (or was it yesterday)? Due to construction, following route will be on detour, start of service on Monday September 21st between 8:15 to 1pm. 7 Downtown - from Fairfield, Left-Blanshard, Left-Courtney, Right-Quadra, Left-Fairfield to West bound Regular Rout. https://www.bctransit.com/victoria/schedules-and-maps/alert?id=1529713760163
  7. The #16, despite being an express route, wasn’t all that much faster than the #26 if riding between Uptown to UVic. With the negligible time difference, perhaps service would overall be better if the route instead added coverage, perhaps via Tattersall-Blenkinsop-Cedar Hill X
  8. I agree, I used to have to make that transfer and did not enjoy it. It was slightly nearer when the new bus lanes were being built and the relocated stop was placed near the Red Lion. Unfortunately that was temporary. Around that time I remember they also closed the Tillicum Rd stop (south) at Hwy 1 and advised #50 riders who needed to deboard there to get off instead at Cloverdale, cross Douglas St and take a bus in the Langford direction back to Tillicum. Great way to add 20 minutes and potentially another bus fare. Hopefully the Uptown Exchange will be built soon to facilitate transfers, but not sure if the #26 will detour there.
  9. Around 2000, the Richmond booklet had a huge TransLink logo to fill a blank page on the back. If they wanted to TL could probably expand some of the timetables as well.
  10. Another route with an inconsistent destination board is “15 Esquimalt”, which ends at the same spot as the 26 and 46.
  11. Proposed service changes to 53 Atkins in June 2021. I don’t really see any downsides to the change, apart from the removal of service along Goldstream Ave west of Leigh Rd, which gets you close to the Langford Lake boardwalk and trail (north side): - no backtracking to Colwood Exchange; can transfer to the frequent 50/future RapidBus if needed - year-round service to Thetis Lake - direct service to VGH and Eagle Creek, with some weekday trips to/from Victoria (a new VGH-Downtown express service!) Engage survey available for next couple of weeks. https://www.bctransit.com/victoria/news?nid=1529711621950
  12. Many neighbourhoods are without service today, especially those near the coastline or hilly areas.
  13. Is there another city in Canada (or elsewhere) that systematically overhauls its entire transit system every two decades or so?
  14. Was this route going to complete both loops on each trip? Even worse, through Sage Creek in each direction?
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