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  1. It’s probably temporary, once ridership and funding is more predictable then schedules can be stabilized
  2. Gandhi’s name is also misspelled on the downtown inset.
  3. WT didn’t even take the time to proofread it...look at 47
  4. TransLink doesn’t mark the 99 extension from Commercial Stn to Boundary on the system map (where there are quite a few trips daily) but they marked the 112 and 321 early morning single trips.
  5. TransLink included the 0 prefix in the title. Also refers to Metrotown Stn as simply ‘Metrotown’. Let’s see what the bus destination signs will look like 😳
  6. Not only that, but for one-way riders requiring a transfer of vehicles (say you get a ride to work in the morning) it will cost two fares
  7. There was a Dart (0228) on 26 as well this past Thursday!
  8. Because 6 pm departures from Tsawwassen are seasonal. But yes, BC Transit should anticipate more passengers for a Friday evening on summer schedule.
  9. I suppose it is possible to travel from Tsawwassen or Horseshoe Bay to Hope by transit now!
  10. It is a typo. They have posted a new version of the "Rider's Guide". Unfortunately, they still don't know the actual routing of #46 since the corrected map in the new version has the route running along Hwy 1 (and then on Helmcken? Who knows) instead of Island Hwy.
  11. Spotted 4060 on the #3 in Victoria this afternoon.
  12. 9845 spotted this afternoon at Belleville/Government. RDN info removed from bus, VRTC added. Still has a rear ad for Smokin' George's BBQ from Nanaimo though.
  13. Saw 975 on a Route 20 run to Polo Park starting from Academy at Stafford W/B this afternoon. An extra for Kelvin students.
  14. Not sure about that, they re-used #18 pretty quickly, from the Queen's "Student Circuit" (downtown to main campus) to the route it is today. It should still work.
  15. Collision this morning between two buses in the Northwest. Minor injuries. http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/local/Bus-collision-injures-10-285823811.html
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