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  1. The livery is slightly different. The back is plain white. The lower skirt panels on the sides of the body are gray and the blue stripe does not extend to the bottom of the bus but rather the top of the side skirts. The destination sign did not appear to be working today.
  2. I have. If I was to hit someone or something my policy covers their damages. Anything above and beyond limits is on me. I would be labelled an at risk driver or denied any subsequent coverage. There's a reason insurance companies don't like dealing with people who have dangerous drivering records (DUI, reckless etc), and that's because they're a high risk where the insurance company is likely to have to pay out, again. As smallspy pointed out, there are other parties involved, namely a pedestrian that was hit, which is where the insurance will be focusing their attention - Not a bus shelter.
  3. It indeed does vary policy to policy and province to province. Seriously, get real, everyone would be doing it? The fines and tenfold insurance increases are already a deterrent, but some people still feel the need to endanger themselves and others. That said, Under the vast majority of policies in Canada, the drunk drivers insurance policy will cover property damage and injuries up to the drivers maximum policies. Obviously insurance companies are out to protect themselves when it comes to settlements, but a DUI does not void an insurance policy that is in effect at the time of a collision, regardless the cause. If you're found guilty of an infraction then you're labelled an at risk driver.
  4. What? Insurance will pay out damages to the other party to the maximum of his policy. That's what insurance is for.
  5. Also notable is that Hamilton-Orlando/Melbourne has too been shelved.
  6. No pictures on my end, I was turning right and noticed 164 heading straight in front of me. It looks very similar to the livery on the 16 Nova's, that said I didn't get a great view of the sides so much as the back.
  7. DRT 8050 has been numbered 164 and was active today.
  8. While that's what AirlineRoute has reported, that's not the story AC's schedules are showing. Express has the sole daily flight year round.
  9. So with Ontario's new bill banning expiry dates on loyalty programs, I'm curious to see how WJ will proceed with WJ rewards.
  10. I'm curious, are these new "basic economy" fares newly created fare groups that are lower than the regular economy fare? Meaning it's creating a new low cost category, and the existing economy prices haven't risen? If that's the case I have no issue with it. On that note, I travel with SWA wherever and whenever possible.
  11. WJ is really trying to defend their territory as a LCC, they're adding flights from Calgary/Edmonton to Phoenix-Mesa around the same time as newleaf is adding service, in addition to their significant expansion at Hamilton.
  12. Unless plans have changed, they are going to be placed back into that set to form a 6 car train again. They've likely sat in storage at one of the yards.
  13. Sarnias 2017 budget proposal will be discussed November 7. This potentially includes: "Sarnia Transit upgrades – $3.4 million to purchase 12 new buses, on-board cameras and other upgrades"
  14. That's incredibly out of date. In 2012 they reported 62.1 LF. They ceased reporting in 2013 due to declining load factors, so at this point it's anyone's guess what their load factor is.
  15. If they decide to buy new, there is a much shorter lead on the T7 than on the 787. Boeing is hurting to fill the existing production line before the T7X launch.