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  1. Yes, AC will return. IIRC the MAX's will be used for a majority of the western Canada/Hawaii runs.
  2. It's a chartered Omni Air 767-200. They're subbing in for the MAX's while they're grounded.
  3. Who knows what the demand will be in 5-6 years. Though, the four A330's being leased are specifically are replacing the mainline 767's. Refurbing the existing A330's is cheaper than converting options.
  4. Omni 767's have been flying AC2411 (both YVR-HNL and YVR-OGG) for at least the last week.
  5. All 4 planned A320's are ex-Interjet, and all 4 seem to be leased. Its also expected that Rouge will add 6 ex-WOW A321's to their roster. Not sure if deliveries have started yet or not.
  6. DL1892

    Boeing 737 MAX

    Right, except the 737-800 and the Max-8 share the same type certification; and the training session Boeing did offer made no mention of the MCAS. Sure sounds like Boeing misled the airlines.
  7. IIRC at least Georgian's had a single lavatory at the back. Nothing spectacular, actually quite cramped, but still a toilet. Switching the B1900's to larger planes on lower frequencies frees up slots for AC.
  8. There's a pair of GO locomotives sitting in the CN Sarnia yard, presumably on delivery. Didn't catch the numbers.
  9. Because an investigation is required to figure out what went wrong. Not to mention there's another (longer) operable runway they're able to use without affecting operations.
  10. The dash 8's are more reliable than the 1900's when the weather turns to shit. Flying bigger planes at lower frequencies also frees up slots at Pearson for AC somewhere else, which is the main reason I see this being done. Unless I'm missing something, all of Georgians routes to the states have been removed. Sarnia and Kingston will move to all dash 8's. Am I missing anymore 1900 routes out of Pearson?
  11. I was wondering if they're phasing them out as well. YZR-YYZ flights are moving from 5 daily B1900's to 2-3 daily Jazz DH-8. The 1900's were never painted in the new scheme and left plain white.
  12. As predicted, YHM-DUB as well as Montreal to some of the French Caribbean will be operated by Norwegian - YHM will be on the 737 MAX and the Montreal routes on the 737-800. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/norwegian-air-to-fly-from-hamilton-to-dublin-next-march-1.4715487
  13. Given the orientation and length of 10/28, will there really be that much of a noise increase on 06/24L/R once 10/28 is closed?
  14. Getting off topic but I'm well aware of how CANDU's work, and the radiological side of hydrogen, but what I was talking about was on the conventional side of things. To give a high level overview, the heat from the reaction is transferred to heavy water (under high pressure), which is then transferred to light water turning it into steam which spins the turbines and ultimately the generator. Now what most people don't realize is the generator is hydrogen cooled, for many reasons including its heat capacity and density (its lighter than air requiring less energy for it to circulate) and many more. It is used at such a high purity level in a sealed system that ignition is not possible. So yes, on site there are large quantities of gaseous hydrogen stored and being transported. Page 17 of this document is the first one that comes to mind for a good read. https://canteach.candu.org/Content Library/20050712.pdf D2O, yes it is stored but in much lesser quantities.
  15. You'd be surprised to learn the CANDU generators (OPG and Bruce Power at least) are hydrogen cooled, large quantities of which are stored on site.
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