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  1. You would be surprised how often those 43000-series XN40s show up on local routes, especially on weekends. That seemed to be the case when for a couple years before the 416s were retired.
  2. That might end up being moot, as there are reports (at least on some of the SEPTA-related FB pages) that SEPTA might be taking over the "A" bus from Krapf's as soon as July 1. From that I had been hearing, SEPTA's Route 135 would replace the "A" with a few minor modifications and be operated out of Frontier.
  3. Wow. I remember when those buses were entering service so many years ago.
  4. Saw pictures of 4629 being delivered to Germantown shops; I'm guessing (1) that it's going to Krapfs and (2) that's probably the last bus in the batch.
  5. The NovaBus plant in in Plattsburgh, New York, so it was probably stopping off in Buffalo on its way to Houston.
  6. So, will these Xcelsiors replace some of the older New Flyers?
  7. ctrabs74


    I actually saw a few 2100s running this afternoon on the Sunday/Holiday schedule. Also, Cold Spring and Babcock only run on weekdays; all weekend/holiday runs operate out of Frontier. So, you won't see any 2000s running on the weekends. I did notice a couple 2000s running as of Friday afternoon.
  8. It's not the easiest app to use; I would've thought that Centro would've used the Clever Devices-based bus tracker for the web app.
  9. It's Trapeze's real-time bus tracker that a lot of small- to mid-sized systems in the US have adopted. It's not exactly the most user-friendly tracker on the market (I'm used to using Clever's bus-tracker system in Pittsburgh, which is a heck of a lot more user friendly, IMHO).
  10. Those buses were originally built for Broward County, but were rejected. Miami-Dade, after a lot of foot dragging, bought the 15 NABIs which were supposed to go to Broward.
  11. When I was in Dallas this past March, DART was using the 30-ft NABIs on the 524. They were also using the ARBOCs on weekend routes which would see a NABI during the week. At least that was the case in North Dallas near the Collin/Denton county lines.
  12. It looks as though they've replaced the two Van Hools in Johnson County with MCIs.
  13. It looks as though RideKC bought new MCIs to replace the VanHools on the K10 Connector.
  14. Didn't some of the Phantoms end up with a private company? On my last trip to KC in early August, I spotted a 30-ft Phantom painted green, but without Johnson County markings (I wish I could remember the contractor's name off the top of my head).
  15. If Megabus has such an app, I've never heard of one.
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