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  1. Oh, are you wonderful! That may be the "policy" in your mind, but it is still up to the driver, as well. Chronic "scammers" get caught all the time. Heck, just today I had a kid get on my bus, with the old story, "I forgot my wallet" ......... (LMFAO) ........... well, the Supervisor was sitting not too far away, in the van, and I told this kid, "Hey, I need a fare, $3.00 cash, or a ticket. If not, you can go speak to the Supervisor, or Security" ............ You know what he did? Opened up his hand, which was full of coins, and dropped $3.15 into the farebox! Did I say anything when the fare box "beeped", indicating the full fare had been paid? Nope. I just let him keep dumping coins in. I get tired of being jerked around by everyone who thinks that all they have to say is, "I don't have any money", and they can ride for free. (Start walking! It's a nice sunny day!) What do I say to everyone else who either bought a Monthly pass, has tickets, or paid cash? "It's OK, we'll just raise the fare again to cover off guys like this? Get a grip. (OK, I know, now, that almost everyone on here is going to chastise me for that comment, but hey, I really don't give a damn. You drive your bus, or ride the bus, and I'll do what's really, and truly the right thing to do. Pay the GD fare!) Yes, comments like GRTMOFO said p!ss me off, but that's not going to change how I traet the scammers. Sorry, that just the way it is. OK, fire away ...........................................
  2. Hmmm, so for .50 cents I can take the Rt. 18 to the "soup kitchen" at Weber & Victoria (or "Pepi's Pizza). Great deal!
  3. I'm assuming that they supposedly fixed all the deficiencies with these buses? Or, is it just typical GRT, and they're putting them in service for next week, and there are still issues with them? (buckled floors? brake lines rubbing?) Seems like they want to save face and just get them on the road>
  4. I agree with you totally, however, GRT has some serious issued dealing with fare fraud, and they turn a blind eye to it all, effectively fuelling the situation! If they even attempted to support the drivers in enforcing this, on each and every occasion, then maybe, just maybe they might get a handle on some of it! Ever think this is why GRT's (or the Regions) effective revenue is significantly lower than it should be? (Hence the upcoming proposal to increase cash fares to $3.00; let's penalize the honest passengers, and continue to let the "fraudsters" run rampant!) As for making the LRT profitable ...................... When "privatized" I can almost assure you with certainty, it will be "sold" for far, far less than what the taxpayers have put into it! (They'll just "write off" the cost overruns to make the sale profitable to any potential suitor) "How do we say; Hwy. 407???"
  5. I think we all knew that the LRT was going to be privatized. Come on! They can't even run a proper bus service, let alone even try a light rail system. (They can't even figure the costs out. They'll build an excessively expensive system that will never be profitable at all, and then sell it to a private consortium for .50 cents on the Dollar!) It's not BS .............. and how will "you" "not stand for it"? This is a done deal! It was right from the beginning.
  6. OK, I'm missing the point here. Is this "transit related"? So what?
  7. That doesn't suprise me. There's probably also head lice.
  8. ^5's to you for that! The general public has NO IDEA at the fare fraud going on with the University passes, and the lack of GRT management to enforce the Fare policy with regard to all of the other fare issues. (Expired transfers, Expired Monthly passes, Expired University passes, the list goes on, and on, and on) Personally, GRT has won the battle because I don't care anymore and therefore I don't even check the passes anymore! Is that right? NO! But after years, and years for frustration dealing with this, and never seeing any forward movement (Card Swipe???) what can you do? The customer rides for "free", the "FREE" button on the Farebox is punched and everyone is happy! The Regional taxpayer ................. that's another story. Do thay have any idea? NO! (It's almost criminal the way management just turns a blind eye to this) I could go on but nothing is going to happen anyway. Jack the taxes up some more to cover the huge fare revenue losses, and pass it on to the taxpayer. (Just wait for Light Rail, and "all door boarding!")
  9. Yes, that's what I meant; "FOREST GLEN" (Sorry) Lets just hope people read the "full" sign, and in particular the Route number (200 or 201) and get on the right bus. Not just see "IXPRESS" and assume it's the "original" going to Ainslie, or Conestoga. Should be fun this week!
  10. and will the "201" say: 201 IXPRESS FAIRVIEW MALL or ???
  11. The camera's won't fit in that little space (between the numbers)!
  12. They have arrived! Pretty sure I saw them sitting out front of the garage on the tarmac this morning. 4 more added to the livery.
  13. Look at the tickets in the bottom row ...................... http://kitchener.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-...QAdIdZ294295377 What "garbage can" did they get picked out of? Corners torn off, wrinkled up, crumbled, faded ............... numbers aren't consecutive, like the ones in the top of the picture ....................
  14. Just wondered WTF this was all about? A "July" bus pass for sale on Kijiji? Hmmm, what about the "Pass" number NOT matching the "Photo ID"??? I wonder if management knows that this is being done? http://kitchener.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-...QAdIdZ297244509 Actually, there's even more!!!! ............................... http://kitchener.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-...QAdIdZ295214910 http://kitchener.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-...QAdIdZ294295377 http://kitchener.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-...QAdIdZ260960644 Hmmmm???
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