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  1. CBC Calgary, just anounced that CT has requested 26 million dollars to buy 15 electric conventional transit buses. It would be added to next years budget cycle. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/calgary-transit-electric-bus-1.4709700
  2. Spotted a white vincity heading EB between Banff and Canmore on the 19th of April. Would this be an Airdrie delivery???
  3. It is true, Victoria Park Garage is not very old and has recently been renovated. However, it will be a residentual neighborhood in the not to distant future. I would imagine though that it will have to be cleaned up due to industrial use by CPR over the last 100+ years. http://www.victoriapark.org/history
  4. Ya, your right. The fancy brochure that I have shows it to be a 20 year plan. I wonder if the moving of 24 hour service to SG from VP is CT starting to get ready for it.
  5. The River Front District, development is coming and it will lead to the eventual closing and demolition of Victoria Park Garage. http://www.calgary.ca/CS/CPB/Pages/Projects-and-initiatives/The-Rivers-development/The-Rivers-District-Community-Revitalization-Plan.aspx
  6. Did anyone else notice the ad on the back of the bus is for Crime Stoppers, auto theft. I think the operator should get the reward money for stopping it.
  7. If they don't use def fluid then what is going on when they go into a regen?
  8. 8161 spent most of the week working out of Anderson Garage. Here it is at Southland Stn.
  9. I wonder what the Calgary Transit bus in this picture of the 50 vehicle pile up on Stoney Trail, was there for? Perhaps it was being used to transport driver whos vehicles were involved.
  10. So if I have my facts straight, U2's were purchaced for $954.000 each and the S200s are $3,200,000 each? So after, roughly 38 years, LRV's cost $2,246,000 more.
  11. Does anyone know how much the City of Calgary paid for a U2 when they were first introduced?
  12. It would seem 7854 and 7855 are calling Anderson home now.
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