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  1. First my condolences to the victims family. Second the driver he or she will be in a lot of trouble both from the bus company, the law and the victims family if the intend to sue?
  2. Question? If Ontario Northland is own by the Ontario Government like GO Transit is, I would think all their coaches would be Handi-cap accessible to comply with the Disabilities Act?
  3. Question? How many "subs" & who/what companies did Greyhound Canada/USA have? I know: Voyageur PMCL Vermont Transit TM&O Not sure if there anymore?
  4. I don't know whether Greyhound Canada will "DIE" "Be Sold" or "Just Leave" same with the US version. I hope not. But if does "DIE" for those that are collector of bus memorabilia I'd get as many Greyhound items/Souvenirs/collectables as you can be there thrown away or gone for good.
  5. That's only a guess, not saying wil happen, but since they are both big coach companies and have many many years of experience running a coach company I only guess that it's possible they may be purchasers. Like I said I'm not in the bus biz just a fan.
  6. In response to a possible buyer for Greyhound, these might be possible buyers Peter Pan Trailways Group(all Trailways affiliated companies)
  7. I suspect it will be extended. I honestly don't see anything getting any better until majority of Ontarions are inoculated. How hard is it to follow what the government is asking people to do?
  8. Unless they had Wheel Chair Lifts, they where either sold or maybe moved to Toronto.
  9. If anyones been inside that garage it pretty hugh. They have an area where they do mechincal work If I recall I think there's something like 10 bays to do mechanical work, an area near the rear on the right side near the back where the can store buses in side(nt sure of the exact amount), near the front right they have the wash bays, outside on the right they have a larh=ge lot to store buses as well outside in the back. Who ever bought it got lucky the garge itself is hugh as well as the proprety. Like Rapidbus state its doesn't look good for Greyhound Canada.
  10. I second that. If I recall when Greyhound(this was several years ago)Greyhound had the option of renewing the lease or moving. There was talk about building a new terminal(at the time) near the Train Station making it a Transit Hub with VIA,Bus & LRT, but Greyhound renewed their lease. Second why would Greyhound move out of the Ottawa terminal if they owned it? I might be mistaken but I do believe the terminal is privately owned andif I recall the owner stated if Greyhound didn't renew their lease he was going to close the Terminal and mke condo'ss out of the prperty?
  11. Still no word on when Greyhound Canada will resume service? My thoughts are assuming Greyhound does start up again in Canada, I don't se them starting at least late Spring Summer. Reason? With Ontario & the GTA setting high Covide-19 records, I'm guessing ridership would be extremely low. With vaccinations set for the general public sometime time in March-August, hopefully by that time Covide-19 counts wil have dropped off enough warrant enough for Greyhound to resume service once again, that's assuming: 1) there stilll in Canada 2)Covide-19 counts ar
  12. Does VIA Rail require you to show prove you don't have Covide-19 via a test showing you don't have it to travel or booking on Via Rail?
  13. It's been a week now that the new GO Terminal has been opened? Has there been any issues with the new Terminal?
  14. If that's the case, I can't comment on the GTA, but here in Ottawa there are basically 3 major operation(not including Greyhound) LeDuc, 417 Bus Lines, one more but can't recall the name at the moment. All of them either have Prevosts(various models) & MCI's(various models).
  15. FLIXBUS is from Europe, Germany I think but not sure? I wonder what type of coach they'll run in North America? I do believe they run VAN HOOLS,Setra's and I think Neoplans in Europe> I wonder if they'll run Setra's or Van Hools in Canada? or go with either Prevosts or MCI.s? My bet is Prevosts.
  16. Like I said it's still remains to be seen what happens, but if Coach Canada and Ontario Northland do move there, and Greyhound goes to Pearson the Toronto Terminal is basically dead. The point I was trying to make Toronto city council could easily sell the property to a developer for ten's of million dollars. The land is worth more then the building.
  17. More then likely this will pass. That being said, I just thought of something? If this pass, which probably will, this isn't good news for Greyhound & Coach Canada compared to the other present operators in Ontario. The thing is it more so bad news for Greyhound then Coach Canada.By that I mean Coach Canada is presently owned by some investment/financial group, where as Greyhound is still own by First Bus. That point here is if this pases it'll be harder fort First Bus to sell Greyhound. Greyhound presently has routes which they own and run exclusiv
  18. Well it's official the new GO Transit Terminal is now open. I'm not sure how well it went as I wasn't there. I'm not sure what the future holds for the new terminal and how it wil function in the coming days/months/years, but I'm guess it be operating for a long time. Now there are rumors that other inter-city operators might possibly move from the Toronto Coach Terminal to the new GO Terminal whether that's true or not or might happen remains to be seen. BUT!! Assuming it's true & does happen, Toronto city council need not worry the property t
  19. So Sat Dec 5 the new GO Terminal opens. I wish I could be there, but can't be there have other things that need to be done and besides I'm about a 5 hour drive away. I wonder what they'll have out for customers to pick up? Pamphlets? Souvenirs? Other GO trinkets? DAM I love to get anything from there opening? Anyone Going?
  20. For me personably whether its Greyhound, Coach Canada, or some other company, I look at price, convince, pick up/drop off location & schedule. I refuse to take a inter-city coach if I have to be picked up on the street. I'm not going to wait for a coach in -30 in the snow. I rather pay a higher price and either take the train or fly where I can wait in a warm train station or airport for my ride. Yes most likely this will pass. It still remain to be seen what will happen in Ontario whether present carries will or not cut runs. It's anyone guess who will come into Onta
  21. I can't real comment about Toronto whether they'll stay at Downtown terminal or not, but for Ottawa unlike Toronto there very few option for Greyhound to go to. Unlike Toronto where there several GO Stations, even though there are several BRT/LRT stations through out the city(Ottawa) majority of them are not near the 417. The 4 closest spots near the 417 are: 1) Via Rail Station(best location overall, quicker to Montreal) 2) Hurdman BRT/LRT Station(2nd best location quicker to Montreal} 3) ST Laurent BRT/LRT Station(3rd best location best to Montreal) 4) Terry Fox
  22. A few things in that vid. 1) who's to say that if the next government be it PC's or one of the others will cut service? There's no prove of that. 2) cost? The CEO even though he stated Ontario Northland loosing money because the tickets are cheap, he fails to say if they where more expensive how would those living in those isolated communities would pay for higher priced tickets if they could not afford them? Yes its hard to run services way up north, but sometimes things need to be subsidized in order to provide services. Look at health care its subsidized by the tax payer yet
  23. For Ottawa there is no new terminal being built that I'm aware of. I suspect either they will have 4 options 1)Drop Off/Pick up at the Via Rail Station which located right next to the 417 easy access to Montreal/Toronto/and other locations. 2) Hurdman BRT/LRT Station located 10 mins away from the VIA rail Station and 417. 3)Ottawa Airport like they are in Toronto 4) Street Pick Up/Drop Off. The thing with the airport there few options getting ther 1)Taxi 2)private car 3)OC Transpo The airport isn't that far from Downtown. Presently via
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