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  1. One simple answer $$$$$!! Everything comes down to $$$? Plain and simple.
  2. Interesting. Service seems to be in the GTA colleges/Universities? What about Ottawa & Kingston?
  3. Although not a death, would it be possible to post a pic of the celebrity who unfortunately passing away. Not all these individuals might not be known by their name but a photo might revise individuals on who they where.
  4. Well I received my copy of A Century Of Moving Toronto: 1921-2021. Although I've only briefly gone thru the book, all i can say is: WOW & BEAUTIFUL!!! One of the best books On The TTC!!! The book is large and has both color & Black White photo's. It's broken down by 10 year segements. From what I briefly saw it tells the story of Street Cars, Trolley buses/buses, subway and few other things. Now grant you I can't say where the pitures where taken as I breifly skimmed the book but says where they where taken at bottom of picture. Not being from the GTA so don't know where the places are. For a book that's $50 + shipping it's well worth the cost.The book itself appears to be well published & Layed out. I highly recommend this book to all transit fans especially to those in the GTA. A beautiful land scape of the TTC?
  5. So the PM states that to travel on A cruise ship leaving Canada, Traveling on VIA Rail or on any Air line within Canada to board you will need to be full vaccinated with some medical emptions by thend of OCT. So what about coach travel? PM didn't state anything about inter-city coach travel? Now grant you I'm not sure what inter-city coach companies policies are on the Covide-19 are, but I find it it interesting that the PM would not mention inter-city coach companies travel in his media statement. This is not the first the PM failed to mentioned coach travel as it didn't matter.
  6. If building a bus(regardless of manufactures)if they are having the same issues as car manufactures and other companies, then they'll be a delay in keeping a scheduled.
  7. I'm surprised they don't offer monthly passes? You would think a service like what they offer would offer different passes/month for different $$ based on where you want to travel? If I where GO/Prestro/Metrolinx I would offer a special Prestro Pass $500/month that would be Valid on all transit systems in the GTA,Hamilton,London. So basicaly from Ajax to London and far west as Barrie. Not from the GTA so don't know if that's all the transit systems in Southern Ontario or not?
  8. Is there not a monthly pass between Toronto & London?
  9. Here's some interesting facts on Greyhound & the Motor Coach Industry? Some intertesting facts I never new about Greyhound & the Industry? In the video it states about how Greyhound & the Industry could improve pasenger comfort. I'm not sure about all providers & routes, but I recall back in the 1990's at least on the Ottawa-Toronto Express runs they used to show movies and give out juicwa & either cookies or some type of snack before boarding. Not sure if Greyhound still does this in the US or any other provider in Canada or the US still does this or not. If the coach industry wants to truely compete with the private car, trains & Airlines they needto step up their on board experiences for customers. Some ideas, although this might cost them financially it step that it's possible to attract more business. Things like(all free to the passenger): 2+1 seating(wider seats IE either Train or airline seating style) more leg room return of movies on long trips 3+hours on board hostess with drinks(non-acholic to avoid drunk issues)like bottle water, coffee or soft drinks and other snacks. provide snacks, refreshments(non-alcohol to avoid drunk issues) juices, soft drinks before boarding free-WI FI(although this may be available presently all trips be provided by handi-cap coaches[made by law in both Canada & US](wheel-chair lifts)on all trips by all providers in the inter-city business, this way all those passengers with wheel chairs or other mobiliy needs know their scheduled coach and conacting trip will be accessible. In major cities(those that no longer have bus terminals)that providers & city officials provide one central pick up & drop off point where costs are shared between providers & city so customers not need to travekl accross town rto make a conection with another carrier. I know some may not be possible, but if they want to improve Inter-city coach service, providers & city/towns need to come together and help the industry against growing competion which is more popular. As for some of the items I've mentioned all you need to do see Inter-city services(Coach types used & amities on board) in South America, Australia, South Africa, Westerns Asia(Japan) & some European Countries are just unbelieve, making North America inter-city coach travel look something like you see on some comedy movies where your on school bus with chickens, and other farm animals luggage on the roof.
  10. Mark Can you send me the link for the book? I did receive that e-mail from CTHF for some reason?
  11. I'm no lawyer or claim to know the law? But!! If these social media sights have evidence of some one breaking the law are these social media agencies/internet sights not required to hand over evidence to police or inform them that crime was committed?
  12. I'm not a person to tell some one that he or she should get the shot? That's up to each individual to decide. Lets face realty here, the only way Covide will go away or least 99% of it, if everyone gets the shot and that includes babies. Yes I know that won't happen, but if people want to avoid further out breaks & lock downs that's the only way you will see Covide go away. I know a lot don't want that but that's the only way like it or not.
  13. Does the TTC still have that GM New Look Info-Bus ? do they still have it?
  14. I don't live in the GTA so I don't know how GO Transit have their bus & train network is set up. But I'm guessing there's not that many by bus/coach routes that are 2+hours. I'm guessing if they do a London-Toronto(express)I'm guessing they'd contract that out to a coach company with washrooms on board. though slightly off topic the routes here in Ottawa that are done by Commuter Lines are done mainly by LeDuc & 417 and a few others but they mainly use Inter-city coacjres with washrooms. Like I said I don't live in the GTA so I don't know how GO is really set up?
  15. Thanks. The reason I asked is if read the posts about GO possibly extending service to London. I know the GO Trains have washrooms, while their bus fleet doesn't. And what I've read in the last two post it appears traveling by bus looks at anywhere between 2-4 hour trip, depending on how many stops,route as well as traffic. WAY WAY to long to be on coach without a washroom on board.
  16. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but doesn't tendering has something to do with Metrolinx? Was there something(not sure what)that Metrolinx was involved with bus tendering?
  17. How long does it take from London to Toronto? 1)Bus? 2)Train?
  18. I'm only guesing here but could it be that the owner doesn't want to do anything a his insurance may sky rocket?
  19. For the individual who witness and has evidence of the person committing these crimes & has evidence, although you may not of help him in his crime spree, you where still there when the crime was committed and it still possible you may be charged(if this goes to court) as a accomplices for just being there. If I where I'd seek a laywer and see what yourrights are before your arrest and get a crimial record.
  20. I'm not a lawyer, nor a judge, nor do I know the law, nor am I doctor or physiatrists here. But a few observations: this individual appears to have issues(social and mental issues(may need medical help either thru medical or social intervention) this individual has yet to be charged in several thefts/vandalism, yet from posts here in this forum either from postings or personal knowledge of so set issue being discussed here? Why has the poice not acted on these issues seems vary odd the police have not taken any actions in this matter. a certain individual on this forum has personally witness and evidence that the person in question who "elegally"(has not been charged or found guilty in a court of law as of yet, so is still incent in a court of law). I'm not aware if this individual with evidence of the crime committed has given the police this evedwnce as yet or not. The individual who has witness, the other individual committing these crimes, although he may of not help this individual in question, he better be careful that he doesn't find himself getting into trouble 1) not trying to stop this individual in so set committing a crime & 2) not informing the police and giving evidence of the crime committed. I'm not sure what the result will be, if or when the individual is finally charged in these offences, will be, only that anything that's posted in this forum regard the issue at hand, may be considered evidence if this case goes to court.
  21. How do you know which bus is out which garage from the TTC? I work for the City Of Ottawa and have access thru our city internal network that I can access certain parts(not all) of OC internal web site which I can see which buses are packed there(only bus fleet #'s, not which routes our out of that garage), just wondering how you know which bus out which garage.
  22. It's not my place to tell some one to get vaccinated or not, that's up to each individuals own decision to do so. I'm not sure about what other cities or work places policies is on vaccinations for there employee's. But here in Ottawa if you work for the city, city works, volunteers, and contractors will need to be fully vacinated by Nov1. I myself are fully vacinated. One of my co-works is not(not even first shot) According to our City council you need to get your first shot by Sept 15. Now my co-worker isn't a anti-vac, he just doesn't want to get it because he says you don't know what thw long term effects are? This whole issue is just dividing the city's work force. Our Union Cupe 503, in there last statement said there having their lawyers looking into it and seeing what can be done. They've also stated anyone refusing to take the jab will need to put in a grievance and will be delt seperatly for each case which might take up to 2 years and most likely be on leave without pay. Now I've seen several intereviews on themedia from Labourr lawyers stating a employeer CAN NOT force a employee to take the jab. At the same time I've seen reports by Labour Lawyers stating depending on Human Rights & Privaxcy issues may or may not apply. The issue with these vaccine passports that are coming out by the end of OCT, the issue there will if a establishment refuses you enter that establishment might face a law suit for invasion's of privacy and discriminations as well as Human rights violations. Now I'm not a lawyer nor do I know the laws on this subject, but since there no president as of yet on these new requirements it'll be interesting as to what happens.
  23. To bad. I'm guessing if it was only open to the media, either there was nothing or just items meant for the media(Promotional stuff).
  24. At this event did they have any pamphlets, other TTC items up for grabs to the public?
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