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  1. I'm surprised they sold their business? I know it was a family run bussiness for many many years. Started out as a school bus service, later expanded into a motor coach addition. I wonder if their going to keep the name? Not sure where Roxborough is out of, I know 417 was out of Casleman. Was the purchase for both the School Bus Division & the Highway Coach Division or just the School Bus Division?
  2. OC Transpo to hire 300 Drivers: CBC-https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/labour-code-ottawa-bus-driver-shortage-recruitment-1.6457681 City News-https://ottawa.citynews.ca/local-news/oc-transpo-launching-recruitment-drive-to-hire-280-more-bus-operators-5383544
  3. Why nor start on a Friday night till late Sunday instead of a Sunday till Tuesday?
  4. I don't know as of yet which Ottawa Facilities will be open to the public, but hope for at least one OC garage. It would be nice to see the Historical Fleet on display. Even if their not running, perhaps they could wash the interior & outside, even if they Tow them to the Garage that's open(most likely Industrial)because they'll have a bus tour of the garage like they've done in the past, it would be nice to see them again. It's been quite a while since the public has seen all of OC' Historical Buses? Any thoughts on this?
  5. I don't live in the GTA so don't know the TTC garages or Toronto buildings, but since Doors Open Toronto is coming up, and I don't know which facilities will be open in Toronto, but if one of the Garages is open(not sure if open or which one) they move 2252(Historical Bus)to that garage which ever one may be opened to the public so they could see it. I know in the past OC Transpo had their Historical fleet on display usually at ST Laurent for the public to see during Open Doors Ottawa?(or was it during the Bus Rodeo?), which ever it was it was nice to see them.
  6. Only 1 bus? I'm surprised I would of thought they'd have more then that? Like perhaps 3 or 4 different type of buses?
  7. Question? What buses are in the TTC Historical Fleet?(Bus make/model & Fleet #)?
  8. I'm just curious? Since Flix now owns Greyhound is it possible that the runs Greyhound is dropping and not replacing, is possible that their going to let Flix run these routes?
  9. So I guess on May 30 we'll know which buildings wil be open. I'm hopping for at least one of OC 's facilities will be open? LRT Facility? Garage? The O-Train(WalkleyYard)? any of their buildings would be interested in seeing? Even their Maintence Facility on Belfast would be interesting to see, don't think thats every been open to the public on Open Doors Ottawa?
  10. I'm just curious as to what will be available this year?(Assuming if goes thru). I wonder which OC buildings will be open to the public? I hope the LRT Yard will be open to the public? Hopefully one of the garages(if so probably either Industrial or St Laurent, but probably Industrial?) Any thoughts?
  11. DIE-CAST OC TRANSPO CLASSIC Just a heads up Awesome Die-cast is 'sceduled" to release a OC TRANSPO Die-cast of a classic bus. Here a pro-type what it may lok like: Note this is only a pro-type and the actual one maybe slightly different. It's schedule for a summer release(June-Aug) but knowing Awesome Die-Cast the bus may be out later then that A Fall-Winter release. If I recall from my source a TTC Clasic along with other transit agencies are scheduled for the same time frame(no pics of the other buses) Prices is about $70-$80 Can depending on exchange rate
  12. I wonder in all these break downs are the passengers offered anything/ Like free ride on the next Greyhound trip? Refunds? or anything else?
  13. That's really unfortunate. My condolences to her family.
  14. WOW pretty young. What did she pass aay from?
  15. By what I meant as a Motor Home was whom ever buys one and wants to convert it into a motor hme and has a camp site where you can park RV's/Motor homes if the site will allow it and there's room for it, it's great RV to have. Sleeping quarters up stairs, Kitchen & Living room downstairs and if possible slide outs on the bottom level. Yes it might cost some, but way cheaper then buying a new motor home with the same features. And by having it parked year round mileage won't be as bad as it won't be moving.
  16. If ou got the money, if no structural issues, what a nice motor home it would make?
  17. Interesting comments? For pick up and drop off locations, I can't really comment on other places then my home city, but where some what lucky here as Orleans Express, Rider Express, Northland Ontario & Megabus have pick up/drop off(terminal's)that either are right next to a LRT station(VIA Station) or better yet right at a BRT Station which have heated waiting areas(great winters are cold here in Ottawa)and both have lots of public traffic ones even located right next to a major shopping mall. Flex although has a pick up/drop off right in Downtown Market area it's curb side pick up and the location though right in downtown the area can be sketchy at times with homeless, gangs and other certain issues?
  18. Question for OC Drivers? With the drivers window tilted inwards on the Orion V's & VI's did the tilted drivers window really reduce "glare"? If so I wonder why the Orion VII's never had it as well as other bus models/manifacturs? The only other bus that I can think of that had that feature where Flexibles(the ones from the 1980's or was it 1990's ?
  19. In all reality is Batterpowered really enviormently more friendly? In making the batteries in the first place how much earth minerals are used? Second are these batteries easily recycle able?
  20. I can't really comment on Greyhounds stations closing as such don't know the US Cities that well. But in my opion if Greyhound wants to close stations that's there right, but at least if they choose a new location be it a gas station, mall or some other location, where possible have a sheltered waiting area. Not all places have warm temps year round, especially in northern states where it's cold a snow in the winter. Where possible choose a location injunction with a store, mall or gas station or some other location where a small in door waiting area can be arrange during scheduled trips(when pick up/drop off location is open to the public?)
  21. With the rise in cases, I suspect theprovince will extend the mask mandate for public transit, Long Term Care & Hospitals, if anything at least Long Term Care & Hospitals. I suspect OC will have a hard time with this. If the province drops the mandate for masks on public transit, a lot of users won't wear masks despite what the city/OC has. Some will still wear them, but I suspect the majority won't.
  22. The issue with Troylleys is there restricted to certain routes and if they break down it causes issues(not sure if they can detour around a stalled Troylley or not). I wish we never got rid of our troylley buses & Street Cars back in May 1959, not sure if we still had them how our transit network would be like? As for the pilot project I think we should of testing 4 buses I think we should of gotton 4 NFI's 4 Nova's(newest version of Electric bus) 4 BOYD(I think that's the name) 4 buses (which other the TTC used in their test) 4 buses(from other manifactures out there) If the city is going to totally green by the date that was given(can't recall the date) and spend millions(Electric buses our way more expensive then Diesel( not sure of the cost difference) lets choose the right one for Ottawa's purposes(they might be different then other Transit systems IE TTC/GTA Transit Systems, Montreal, New York. etc.). Yes the TTC tested various Electric buses, but Ottawa is way different then the TTC on how they do their routes as well Ottawa is way colder then Toronto, so how would the cold effect battery life? I still think they should wait at least two years before making the conversion the Electric buses. Wait till the test is done for at least two years with more then just NFI Electric buses. NFI might not be the best optoon? Nova might be better? Or some other Electric bus may be better then NFI?That's not to say NFI might be the best, may not be?
  23. See STO Spotting thread there.s pics
  24. Can't see what fleet number is on the Orion I behind the GM Artic 8217(actual # not 8216?) is? Anyone with better eye sight then me can make it out?
  25. Even better when the ex-Santa Monica's had there original blue seats, which where latter switch out for the 'samon' cloured OC seats after they got there repaint into OC' red stripe. Here's a pic of 1761 before being repainted into the red stripe and a STO . Don't know who took the pic?
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