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  1. I love the smell of new novas in the afternoon , Smells like cleanliness!! LOL
  2. Is it possible this feature is meant for those individuals that are visually impaired, so they know when to push the door to open it?
  3. Would they be the first generation airport Buses blue line taxi had before the Blue Bird buses, back in the 1970's?
  4. I'm not sure if this is a issue in every Transit system in Ontario or just a few, that I don't know or have statics on that issue? So I'm not sure if it would be a Provencal funded ad campaign(commercials on TV/Radio/News Papers) or municipal funded campaign?
  5. Except some drivers don't even know about the law. What needs to be done is a ad campaign explaining the law either that or do blitz from the police. I think the ad campaign is better?
  6. I agree. The one issue DD buses have(at least in the suburbs is trees? A lot of the trees in the suburbs that line streets tend to hang over the road. I've been on the Route 1 or now route 6 up in Rockcliff where the trees where scrapping(branches) the top of the bus. Now grant you this isn't the same everywhere, but I'm almost sure there are certain routes)streets) that have trees branch low enough that'll hit/scrap the top of the DD Bus roof.
  7. If you truly want to test these electric buses and batteries test them in the far north like in the Innuit White Horse, Yellowknifew where its very cold in the winter. If they can live in those conditions then buy them.
  8. They say now Sept we'll be on the trains. I believe it when I see it.
  9. Good more Invero's will be gone by the some time in 2019. Hope in 2020 they order another 80-100 Nova's, the sooner the Invero's are disposed of the better off we will be(good ridence to them!! I hope they destroy them with out any mercy!!) 👿 ). The Invero is just horrible, crappy A/C,crappy Destination signs, crappy interior lighting.
  10. @ dev 161 Working for the city(me) be careful what you post regarding "internal happenings" . Speaking from experience not from the mods here, but city management, I've had a talking to(with in the last couple of days) thats why I will no longer post anything from OC internal web site, so just be careful.
  11. I don't know what the plans or future holds for OC'S high capacity buses are. I yes I know most likely the lasst batch of artics will eventually get refurbished at some point as wil the DD and other buses. With the LRT eventually coming on libe(at some point)along with Phase 2 and later extension in the future, I'm not sure what the future holds for OC 's High Capacity buses?
  12. Please Please not this again. Can we just have respectful conversation about the subject at hand without having arguments? I'm not a moderator nor do I want to be one, that's up to those that are to decide on what should be allowed on where threads shoul be or what have you. Thank You
  13. Assuming OC decides to get more artics again which do you think they'll op for Nova or the one of NFI model? Since they now have the Novabus LFS would they go that route? Not saying they would, or stick with the proven D60RLFS or perhaps there done with the artics and will op for DD buses for their High capacity bus model? Only time will tell?
  14. Wel lCity council decides to freeze fares instead of reducing them.Although I would of liked to see a fre reduction, at least we got a freeze. The vote was 24 to ?(not sure who voted against it? I can just imagine if council voted for a fare increase 😲 I can see all hell breaking loos from the public. You want us to pay more yet service is getting worse , the LRT isn't open buses are either late or don't show up, yet you want us to pay more. I think council knew if they voted voted for a fare increase the transit public would of revolted.
  15. And so where a few others Orion I 8390(I think), Flyer D70? 8704(I think). It's to bad, but I understand it costs money to preserve the fleet. But what don't get is, is it that hard to just store them? In all honesty OC doesn't really seem to care anymore about the Historical fleet, just look at the ones they've kept?
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