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  1. Interesting?So I wonder if they'll drop CT Transpo logo's since the city will no longer fund it and will service be changed?
  2. There not handi-cap accessible? Look at the front seating? Seats ovrer the two front wheels and small foot ledge no room for a wheelchair to pass. Interpreting? I wonder why there selling them? Did they loose any contracts?
  3. Found it. After almost 2 hours of searching thru google photos found the other site on FOTKI.com MackBuses Esbdave
  4. I remember it was FOKTI was the web site. I've tried a search there but no luck. I got Mackbuses from there but there was onee more I just can't recall the name of the Album or name of the site obn that web site?
  5. I had an issue with my computer yesterday where I lost a lot of info. I remeber I had a link to a site which had different photos of Buses/Coaches from various companies. If recall one was from site Flicpic (not flicker)something like that. The other was from a site where this individual had models he did and grouped them in different cats. I got both links from someone who posted these links some where on this forum, but I can find it anywhere I've tried a searcg but nothing comes up. Any help would be helpful. EDIT found one of them . Edit 2 The second one was on GO Transit the different paint scheme versions, some one posted a liknk which had photos of GO Transit different paint schemes?
  6. Question? Assuming this charter goes thru? 1) Where would the puck up point be 2)Ex $$ (for charter)a)who would we pay b) pay option c)how would we receive ticket for charter?
  7. They look nice except for the rear, should of gone with a all red rear.
  8. Pinecrest garage. I think it's on Queensview Drive.
  9. I agree. Perhaps it appeared to you(where you where sitting/standing)that it appeared he drove into the snow bank where as the driver's bus might slide into the snow bank that the driver could not control?
  10. I could be mistaken, but I don't think the DD Buses can fit in the Bantree Garage?
  11. It appears the mayor is against a free month of transit. Fine but extend the transit freeze. If you raise fairs after March 31 and the O-Train is still having major issues : 1(your going to piss passengers off 2)you will loose tons of riders who won't come back even if the problems are fixed.
  12. Have the new 17? or 19? not sure which, have they started to arrive or knowledge of arrival date?
  13. Or is that RTM is cash strapped because the city is not paying them, hence there trying to cheap out on maintenance. There owed millions by the city and I think RTG/RTM is pissed off that there not getting paid not to mention multi law suits against them from various sub contractors. They would be paid if they where doing the job there being contracted to for-fill but are not. If this was a private operation run by private investors RTG/RTM contract would of been terminated , but its government so they think they can get away with shoddy work ethics. In all honesty I wonder how many people(not just from Ottawa)think this whole RTG LRT issue(or real joke/p ethic) has become? Yes the LRT has issues but this is ridicules.
  14. Should of been more clear. Putting your coat away. On the D60's they have that nice compartment toput your coat. I would of left that seat behind the driver and had the drivers compartment their, big enough for cosats and other storage for the driver.
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