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  1. What they need to do is get over their "PHOBIA" of night/late night usage that problems will occur? If that case then take all artics of the road in the evenings andf late night service as well.
  2. Notice they have the new chime? Is that also now being heard inside as well?
  3. OPPS wrong thread. ADM can you move this postto the GOA one? Here some vids on the LRT: And here's a memo sent today to City employees: Today at the Transit Commission committee meeting, we launched a new communication, marketing, information and education campaign called “Ready for Rail”. This campaign creates awareness and excitement about the O-Train Confederation Line, and will equip customers with the information they need to be ready to take Light Rail Transit (LRT) when it launches in 2018. Starting today, across various campaign channels and platforms, you will begin to hear much more about the O-Train Confederation Line: how it will work, where it will go, and what transit users can expect during their daily commute. We will be talking about everything from bus routes, new stations and fare gates, to accessibility features and frequency of service. As a first step in getting the public Ready for Rail, OC Transpo has added a new web section at This site is your go-to resource for information about our new O-Train Confederation Line, including how customers will use it. The website will continue to grow and contain more detailed information in the lead-up to opening day in 2018. You will also begin to see posts and videos on OC Transpo’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube platforms, and the City of Ottawa’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube platforms, as well as posters and ads on buses, at transit stations, on billboards, in community centres, and in many other public spaces. We will also be sharing information internally, so keep an eye on Ozone and upcoming In The Loop articles. As a City of Ottawa employee, you can be an effective ambassador to help get our community excited about the O-Train Confederation Line. You can play a vital role in helping everyone get “Ready for Rail”. I encourage you to visit the website and help us spread the word about LRT with your networks. Talk to your family and friends about it, and share OC Transpo’s new Ready for Rail link with them – whether by email, on Twitter (using the hashtag #ready4rail), Facebook or any other social media platform that you use. Together, by adding your voice to that of your more than 17,000 City colleagues, you can help ensure our community is ready and excited for the new, city-transforming O-Train Confederation Line. While we continue to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday this year, I’m excited that we’re all on this journey together, adding to our rich history and helping to shape Ottawa’s future. Thank you, Jim Watson Mayor Councillor Stephen Blais Chair of the Transit Commission
  4. Quesyion? Regarding drivers work schedule? I'm just curious on how drivers schedules are made up of? I know you can only work so many hours per day(not sure of the exact hours), as well per week(not sure of the exact hours) and have to have so many hours(break) between shifts(not exactly sure of the hours). Any comments(that is, if your allowed to reveal that info)
  5. What just 5? I would figure something like L1-L34? at least the L would stand for LRT?
  6. When ever in dought call your Councillor and more then likely things will be handled more quickly.
  7. It might be because of Phase 2 of LRT thst the station is set up that way?
  8. I like the ones on the TTC subway better.
  9. I looked at the map for the O-Train Trillium Line. Either the map is not to scale or Walkey Station appeaars to be some distance from Walkey Road/Station
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but isn't Baseline Sation suppose to be underground under that New Trades Building at Algonquin College?
  11. They "say" the bridge is 'temporary' , but how nuch do you want to bet that it'll end up staying offering an exit to Scott Street after the LRT is built for regular traffic off the Parkway?
  12. Log Books I'm jurious. Do OC drivers need/have to keep a log book of how many hours they drivenin a day and also how many KMS they drive a day like Truck drivers & highway coach drivers do?
  13. Well at least those living in "Hull sector" downtown close enough to walk to get a OC Bus are the lucky ones.
  14. From my understanding OC present contract with Drivers & mechanics is scheduled to end sometime I believe in 2019 or 2020.
  15. But this is for the Trillium Line not Confederation line. Ones Electric the other Diesel.The thing is they have 6 trains presently and asuming Stage 2 gets its funding from the Feds and still gets it from the province, who many will thewy need. Airprt Link 1 or 2)Thats where they should of run the Bombardier Talents. Main line? at present 4? How many more? I have a feeling OC will run full service during rush hour 6-9/3-6 the whole lenght but between 9-3 &6-midnigh I only see 15-30 min service between South Keys & Bowmanville or what ever the name is for the farest new station. I think they should sray with the Alstons Diesel trains.And when stage 2 opens up for the Confederation Line buy a few more Alstons(not sure how many)for the Confederation Line. This way tour system stays the same. If there only going to use 1 train for the Airport link(from my understanding it'll be a seperate operation from the main link) why get rid of the Talents use them there 1 train for service the other as spare.