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  1. Can they fine them? I would sit there waiting for them to arrive then have BY-LAW with the police there put a "boot" on their tire, each bus that arrives and then tow them away. Flex keeps on thinking with a German/European attitude that they think Canada/US think the same way Europeans do. Hey Flex this isn't Europe or Germany, this is North America which thinks differently then you do?
  2. Thanks it appears that Mega & Rider are sharing the same stop at ST Laurent BRT Station.
  3. OC got a new ad theme going pretty catchy song. 164808911_Wereheretotakeyouthere3.mp4
  4. I can't see where the stops are in Ottawa or Toronto?
  5. It's sad to hear that Robert Clary passed away. That means the main cast of Hogan's Hero's are now gone. Hogan Newkurt Labo Cartier Kinich Swalts Klinic Halstater Bowlkasier Some of the re-accurring stars are still alive though.
  6. For me, it's great, more of choice. Price for isn't a factor for me. Times & pickup/drop off are. If I can get a trip from Ottawa between 6 AM- 8 AM to Toronto, and a return trip from Toronto from 2 PM -4 PM I'd be happy. Flix I don't like the pick up point in Ottawa. Megabus is OK. Rider Express not sure of pick up point in Ottawa or drop off in Toronto? Book A Ride same as Rider Express Red Arrow is OK. I though Ontario Northland had a Ottawa-Toronto reun as well? Not sure of pickup/drop off in Ottawa & Toronto are? I wish which ever company it may be, I'd like to see a schedule like Greyhound had pre-covide? That was greast many choice going to Toronto & many choice returning. Now if only we could have something simular between Ottawa & Montreal? or Orleans Express having 1 hour service like Greyhound/Voyageur had pre-covide. For me if I can get a coach(any company)from Via Station/ST Laurent BRT/LRT Station to Montreal(Downtown Terminal) or same pick up location to Toronto to the GO Downtown{new one}I'd be in 7th Heaven riding cloud #9!!!
  7. And what about Lees? That stupid loop takes about 10-20 mins. Why not run a shuttle to Hurdman.
  8. MASKS On OC Buses? How long do you think it will be before OC re-induces masks mandate on OC Buses? I suspect by the end of DEC or early JAN Doug Ford will re-induce a mask mandate. With rates sky rocking with Flu & Covid in Hospitals especially CHEO, I can't seeing a mask mandate not going into effect. I don't see shut downs or other restrictions, but I do see mask mandate coming back? Any thoughts?
  9. They haven't printed any since Summer 2020. I don't see them printing any more. Though some customers may not have a "Smart Phone" I would say the mass majority do, and with all the ways of getting scheduled bus times-info at stop, 560-1000, 560-560Text, several bus apps and online, I honestly don't see them coming back. Though I would like them too, I dought it.
  10. Question? If a trip is cancelled for what ever reasons, and the next trip is 1/2 latter but that trip is also cancelled so customers would basically be waiting for 1 hour till the next trip, but that route usually has an average to large load, would OC try to fill that 2nd run? or would they just let the 3rd trip(after the two cancelled runs) and let the bus be packed that you can hardly move? My guess would be let the two trips be cancelled and let everyone wait for the 3rd trip not carrying if they piss off the passengers and letting the driver get bitched at by passengers?
  11. Question? What's the max rtrain lehght(cars)that Go can run, that fit the GO Station Platforms?
  12. On the issue of Artics on GO Buses. I don't see that happening. I see either more Highway coaches or DD Buses. Whether they are e-Buses or Diesel buses, I can't say, but I don't see Artics or at least not Highway coaches. I know Neoplan makes Highway Artics, not sure about Van Hool or Setra, but I guess they could use either NFI or Nova artics in Surban versions with Highway Coach style seats, but I can't see it happening. Simply put they would have retrofit they garages Hoists for Artic buses, and the artics have issues in snow, just look at Ottawa's artics in the winter? I see mainly DD Buses & MCI series Coachs be it E-Buses or D-buses. I dought they'll go with Prevost? As for the arbitration, I can't comment on other unions or places, but for me I work for the City Of Ottawa(PWS-building operations) and the department I work for can't strike, for us or union CUPE 503 tries to work out a deal. For the things the city & union can't agree on those issues go before a arbitrator.
  13. I'm not sure of what make the destination signs where, but if I recall the Orion V's had this Lime-Green colour signs, the Novs LFS had the same. I'm not sure but I believe NFI D40's the same, but for some reason I think 1 NFI D40 had an Orange sign. As for the OrionVI's I think they where either Orange or Green can't remember which?
  14. I could be mistaken, but I think the overhead rear lights above the rear doors started in either 1989 or 1990? Which later on they where added to all of OC buses. GM New Looks, Classics & Orion's V's & Orion III. The 1990 & 1992 NFI D40H had them from the factory?
  15. The only reason school(high school, Colleges & University)pass are up is because of in-school learning as compared to on-line schooling has dropped off. I see it every time I get on the LRT head home, the train gets packed at UOttawa. I can't comment on Carleton U but Ottawa U most definitely has seen a increase in in school learning.
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