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  1. I wasn't aware of this: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/school-bus-driver-shortage-ottawa-1.4352539
  2. The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    It was in the Ottawa Citizen and also CFRA Radio. You'd be surprised what goes on in the city that a lot of what's not heard in the general public. I work for the city and can tel you some of the BS that goes on just crazy.
  3. Not sure why, but that was the only one #8501 that had the snall windows at the bottom of the middle and rear doors compared to rest of the 85XX,86XX, & 87XX series Orion Ikaruses wihich didn't have them? And the 88XX seies had the double doors.
  4. It alsostates that #8501 would be kept as as Historical Bus!! True in one way, although it was later scraped along with #8529(spare parts for #8501),8390(Orion I),8701?(Flyer D???), and two more I believe. They had them stored at OC for the longest time,later moved to Seansee and then lat3er scraped. OK? I understand it cost money to restore them, and you do it when you have the "funds" available.But what the issue with just storing trhem? If they can keep 8222 stored(which spent less time in Ottawa then they Orion-Ikarusses did) they could of easily keep those in storage as well.
  5. The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    It was scheduled for May 2018 and according to the cities contract with RTG every day after May they get fined. Yeah Right the city won't honor that part of the deal, they'll let RTG off. They did it with the Queensway Bridge replacement(cost was near $1,000,000) because the contractor was late by several hours. The same thing with that foot bridge over the Airport Parkway, they let the contractor off the hook and the samething will happen with RTG as the city doesn't want to piss them off as they get the contract to maintain the LRT for 30 years!!!
  6. Didn't you know, OC Buses are magical , they can transform into different buses LOL
  7. STO and OC Transpo Routes

    I think OC should have bus service to the Rideau Carlton Raceway & Casino or to be know as the Hard Rock Casino with expansion coming. I think they should renumber the present 21 Canateck/Blair to route #20 and use route #21 for the casino rum Greenboro to the Casino. Yes I know there a free shuttle, but I've sen the bus and it's small. The only way to get there is either by car or by the free shuttle because of the distance the casino is located at. Anythoughts?
  8. The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    Instead of building out and finding different locations, build up. If you go to the US there are lots of P& R facilities that have garages? Yes it might cost more, but you can get more individuals onto public transit if they don't have to transfer twice just to get their car?
  9. On some what different topic, The antennas on OC buses I'm just curious about one of them? I'm not sure if all have the same but,I know: The cone one is the GPS tracker The one that's' thin and looks like a handle is the Radio antenna (not sure if they still have these)on the flat roof there's senor, I'm assuming these are for monitors on certain parts of the city on poles to read where the bus is I'm guessing?. This one I'm not sure if the Artics,DD buses or Orion VII's have it, but on the Invero close to the radio antenna there's a small round cylinder type object sticking out about 2 inches or so, what is that for?
  10. It been sometime, but since it was intended for the Classics,NFI(D40's) & Orion V's its basically mute now as since 2000 all new buses have the Maple Leaf paint scheme, Heck even Para Transpo using the Maple Leaf paint scheme.
  11. If you go to the OC TRANSPO BUS FAN CLUB https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/octransposbusfanclub/info join if your not a member and under "more" select Database you'll find the Maple Leaf Paint scheme bus FLT # for Clasics,NFI & Orion buses.
  12. There may be a way of getting some. My friend who sent me the link sells Die Cast Collectible Buses mainly corgi and I know he order some of the OC & TTC ones. Not sure exactly when there going to come in though. You can bet if these sell well they'll most like have a second order made. Faresplease http://www.faresplease.ca/
  13. For those that are into bus modeling, tain layouts or just like collect bus models here a link a friend sent me. The bus aren't cheap but at least the prices are in Canadian.There about $60 each and minimum order is about $100 Here's the link: Rapido New Look Buses - https://rapidotrains.com/ho-new-look-bus/#rapido
  14. Here's a theory? Stainless steel cost a lot of money. So I'm assuming part of the change was to save money(just a guess not sure if thats the reason or not) where as regular steel code in either black paint or coded yellow plastic is way cheaper. As for the "Yellow Bars" the issues with helping those with visual disabilities started as the pull cords where switched to Yellow cords instead of the standard pull cords. The thing is the issues with individuals with disabilities be it visual, hearing or mobility issues started to effect regular transit usage in Canada as the issue with individuals with mobility issues started using regular transit(in the US) Ie RTS,Flexible to name a few with wheel chair lifts and later with low floor buses, the transit industry(Public)had to change to meet those with disabilities. As to why OC had variations of diffewrent Hand railings & Bars from 93 on wards I''m not sure as to why they did this? But in the end it all worked out as now we have: Low Floor Buses Grab rails that are Yellow Pull cordsthat are Yellow Push Button(Stop request) in various spots on bus,especially in two wheelchair postions Visual stop display screens Audio anoucements of stops Audio Announcements of bus route and derstnation Security cameras on some buses as well as future LRT trains TV monitors on DD Buses allowing the driver & passengers to see whats happening on the second level or if it full A/C on buses for passenger comfort As for OC Drivers driving compartment or handling of different type buses, that part I can't comment on as I;m not a OC Driver and don't of changes in this area. I don't know the future of comfort or other changes to buses for drivers & passengers or what the future of the LRT or the present O-Train(diesel) holds that remains to be seen. All I know things have changed quite a bit from the early days of buses in Ottawa to today.
  15. The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    I'm not sure about this, but if you go to Ottawa U Station(formerly Campus)just before the station(coming up from Lees Station) where there building that new building just beside that there another building and in front of it, it appears to be some covered walk way crossing the tracks. I'm not sure if its part of Ottawa U station or not, if not and that's going to be where individuals can cross the tracks I see accidents waiting to happen. Regardless if they put drop gate, you still going to have a person thinking they can beat the train and try crossing the tracks, and next thing you know the person gets killed by the train? Like I said I'm not sure if part of Ottawa Station or a cross-over for people to cross the tracks or not it just seems odd for that covered cross over for the tracks? or not