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    The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    I'm putting my money on a tunnel from Baseline all the way to Fallowfield. As Baseline LRT Station is already built under that Technology build from Algonquin.

    STO and OC Transpo Routes

    Intersting? But assuming they run the system like the TTC subway they can always run shuttles between stations? During the time Line 1 is operating. Example There an issuee at Rideau Station> Trains Blair(or Trim Stage 2) To Hurdman Hurdman to Blair Shuttle Buses Hurdman To Rideau Centre(as it now)To Lebreton(or what ever the name is for the LRT)and vice versa. Trains Lebreton to Tunneys Pasture(or further after Stage 2) I can see what dev 161 is saying, but when Line 1 is operating after it shuts down remember it'll be after midnight and there will be little traffic to delay the buses. In that vid from Ottawastart, I'm not sure why OC didn't opt for the 59 meter train instead of the 48 meter train? By having all the trains(each one)59meters each train could hol;d more per train and even more when coupled.

    The Trillium Line

    Are you sure about the washrooms at those station? As far as I know only two stations in the rail system that will have washrooms Tunny's Pasture & Blair. I'm not aware of any othe stations having washrooms?

    The Trillium Line

    I can't seeing OC ordering them with bathrooms? To many issues with that, People causing over flowing toilets? People shooting up? Needles left in the washrooms? So I dought you'll see washrooms on the Flints? Unless there for operators only?
  5. That Orin was I believe either the 35' or 40' OC got from Orion during the Worlds Fair in Vancouver sometime in the Mid 80's Orion compensated OC for the loan of a Orion III Ikarus for the bus in Vancouver. The bus was on Route 5 and the location is just passed the Queensway right to the Elgin & Queen Elisabeth drive interesction. If I recall OC had a 35' Orion & a 40' Orion for the time period the Orion-Ikarus was in Vancouver. I don't recall the fleet number of the Orion -Ikarus that went to Vancouver. I believe 1783 was thec 40' Orion while either 1782 or 1784 was thec 35' Orion or something like that.

    The Trillium Line

    It would of been nice if they had the old Bombardier Cut of of the old trains as well as the Flints yet to arrive? Oh well maybe in a few years well have cut outs of the Flints. I know in this Formum there's a discussion on paper cut outs with pics of OC buses. Problem is I don;t know how to print them out to be the same size as the DD & Hybrid bus cut outs? Anyone know how its done? OPPS wrong thread. Can the mods move it to GOA Question thread?

    GOA transit news, info etc

    Nice to ad to my collection. Now only if they had and NFI Artic cut out?

    GOA transit news, info etc

    Went to the Open Doors Walkley Yards. A lot of people there. Iteresting set up. And yes there wil be 7 New Flimt Trains. According to one of the info people there the "New Train" plateforms will be 90 Meters long. The Alistons trains will run on the Airport link, the Flints won't. They have Paper cut outs of the LRT train & Aliston Trains. Picked up a few of each. Also had the DD Bus paper cut outs. Had some of related stuff to Stage 2 info as well. Wasn't aware that they actually wash the trains everynight by hand in the wash bay.No automated wash bay. I also inquired about the move of the O-Train facility? It is indeed move to the other side of the Yard so you need to enter by Johnston Road instead of Albion Road. Hopefully the new facility will be much larger and have a proper wash bay and storage for the 13 trains-7 Flints,6 Alistons. Its too bad the Bombardier trains are out of service, it would of been nice to use those on the Airport link and use the Flints & Aliston on the main line?

    GOA transit news, info etc

    Like what at the Walkley Yards? What kind of Booths? I'm wondering will they have "paper cardboard fold models of the LRT & O-Train this year, like they have of the DD Buses & Orion VII's buses? It sure would be nice.
  10. MCIBUS

    The Trillium Line

    Well from Baseline to Trim would be route 2 or as it was like the 95 & kanata to Trim would be route 3 just like the 96(old)/97 is/was.
  11. MCIBUS

    The Trillium Line

    Since there will be two different types of trains running, I can't see them running the Flirts during the weekends, since ridership is way lower then during the week. I can see them running all 6 LINTS on weekends at a reduced schedule.
  12. MCIBUS

    The Trillium Line

    I was just looking t the route numbers OC uses. Route 2 is Bayview to Greenboro(Stage 2 extended to what ever its suppose to go to) Route 1 is for The Confederation Line Blair To Tunneys(then Stage 2-Trim To Baseline) I see the extension to Kanata being called Route 3-Kanata to Trim I could be mistaken though. @OCCheetos Did they say exactly how many FLIRT trains we will be getting? Also who's the manufacture of these trains?
  13. MCIBUS

    The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    Instead trying to figure out how many lay offs or bus reduction, why doesn't OC/City wait till stage two is completed and up and running for a while to see what's needed and what's not needed? How hard is that? Its not rocket science?
  14. What a joke? It shut down yet again because of delays which probably means switches yet again!! Ever since they've added those extra passing lanes, the line has been shut down or delayed anywhere from 2-6 times a week.Sorry but thats just pathetic. They've spent millions upgrading the service & tracks to improve wait times and overcrowding, yet there constantly replacing the service with Route 107. If this was in Toronto with the GO Transit Trains this issue would be fixed pretty dam fast so it wouldn't be an issue. They should of double track it from Greenboro to Bayview. If that meant rebuilding bridges an extra tunnel under Dow;s Lake so be it at least you wouldn't constantly be replacing it with Route 107. Yes you would of spent many more millions in the upgrades, but at least you woiuldn't have all these issues. As well when the 2nd Phase gets started(assuming they can exactly get funding from the province & Feds in real dollars with t6e check and not "Promises they'll get the funding), I'll bet you there will be even more issues and shut downs. The entire line needs to be double track from start to finsh to avoid these "Switch" issues.