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  1. I'm guessing artics will more or less be out as well on certain routes as well?
  2. I'm just curious as to how OC will run the trains on July 1?Will they add more trains being run? I'm not sure as to how much spacing(Time)between each train is allowed, that I don't know, but I'm just curious as how OC wil handle the crowds assuming there will ten's of thousands people attending, assuming the protesters don't keep crowds away?
  3. I'm curious as to why schedules 4001 & 4040 weren't moved to Plattsburgh instead of that travel Plaza? All the other trip rest stops were moved to Plattsburg from Albany?
  4. How many Street Garages does the TTC have and what are their names?
  5. Yes and I've bought one via my source. Also set to be released in late summer/early fall are Classics--OC Transpo,TTC, a white blank and few more US agencies. See pic below:
  6. Not being from the GTA, so not sure of the Toronto Police activities, but several years ago(pre-covide) Ottawa police used a ex OC Transpo bus(not for transport)but used it for some type of police exercise(I think they blew it up, but could be mistaken) for potentials bomb exercise? It's possible that Tornto Police may be using it for some type of police exercise? Like I said I'm not from the GTA, so not sure how the Toronto police do their Police training for their officers for specific situations/activities?
  7. From that vid of the inciddent she was standing pretty close to the edge of the platform.
  8. I wish companies of the past still existed today. Like I wish Voyageur Colonial was still around and operating and that Greyhound didn't buy them & that the owner of Orleans Express never bought Voyageur INC. I wish they still had there routes from the 1960's & 70's. Like wise with Gray Coach I wish they where still around and that the TTC never sold them to Stage Coach. Still had there routes. And that Greyhound was still in Canada was still owned by Laidlaw(that they didn't go bankrupt) And we still had the Toronto Old Termina; along with the Voyageur Terminal in Ottawa. I wonder how service would be today assuming deregulation never occurred and we never had Covic-19. I wonder how Inter-City Coach service would be in Ontario, Quebec & the rest of Canada? Consider Voyageur had most of Quebec and Northern & Eastern Ontario, while Gray Coach had most of Southern Ontario and a bit of Northern Ontario, while Greyhound had mainly Western Canada and a bit of Southern Ontario? Not sure of PMCL?
  9. If approved when would construction start and how many bus would it be built for? 450?
  10. Don't know the entire OC route network, but I'm only guessing once Stage 2, probably Stage 3(if and when completed) I don't see 200 series routes being around. I just see local routes and you probably need to transfer to the LRT(Confederation & Trillium Lines)to make your way downtown. I see local routes being perhaps every 5-10 mins during peak hours(6AM-9AMM & 3PM-6PM)to make up for the 200 route series being eliminated.
  11. Question? Many years I go I knew Cuba used to buy used buses from Canada(variuos agencies)? Do they not still do this?
  12. Not very exciting? I could go there myself and se the stations? Why no garages? Why no walkly Yards(old one)?
  13. So is anything open for OC this year?
  14. What an idiot!! What you couldn't wait couple of mins to let the train pass by? Your in such a hurry? YOUR A DUFUSES!! Plain and simple.
  15. I can't comment on the entire line but it seems when the train leaves UOttawa and heads down that hill towards Lees it seems to be going extremely fast(not sure of the speed)but it feels like your going ""like bat out hell"
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