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  1. GOA transit news, info etc

    Question? Can OC Drivers shut off the automatic announcement(exterior) of announcing the route number & destination? The reason I ask is in the last little while I notice several buses arriving and when the door opens there is no annoucement of route number or destination?
  2. STO and OC Transpo Routes

    I\m not sure how bus routes on run on Sunday, but is just me or does it seem that you'll have to wait longer for bus on Sunday's after the LRT opens up?
  3. Double decker bus order

    So are all the new DD Buses in now?
  4. STO and OC Transpo Routes

    I feel sorry for those that work in Gatneau? If you live in tthe Orleams or Barrheaven/Kanta you going to have to transfer twice Now someone tell me how this is "suppose" to be faster and better service, when you presently have to take one bus(from Orleans) to Gatneau?
  5. The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    And here's a vid of the light show at Lyon Station: Vid courtesy of Condocounter
  6. You asked what was different in the two photo's? the fleet numbers are in different locations.
  7. Photos? 1)The bus fleet number. 2) As for the photo's if you doo a google image search sometimes it doesn't say who they belong to?and other times it maybe from one site that, that site copied from a different site si you don't know who the actual owner is?
  8. STO 7901 Charter?

    I don't see it can you link it to the thread?
  9. Ex OC Transpo GM Classic spotted in Mississauga

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Eastway a bus rebuilder that makes new again and not a tour operator? /
  10. Ex OC Transpo GM Classic spotted in Mississauga

    8776 was originally red striped went it first entered service in 1987?
  11. Ex OC Transpo GM Classic spotted in Mississauga

    It looked better with the Black on the rear below the small rear window when OC had it.
  12. Ex OC Transpo GM Classic spotted in Mississauga

    Here's the vid
  13. GO Transit

    On the QEW Toronto/Hamilton<--->Hamilton/Toronto Express, what type of coaches are they using? MCI or DD Decker's?
  14. Double decker bus order

    If so to bad,it would of been a perfect ad campain saying how good their internet service is? Good way of getting customers?
  15. Double decker bus order

    and what of the WI-FI are these equipped with WI-FI if so when is OC going to release WI FI on certain buses?