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  1. The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    I agree. There's not a chance in hell, it'll be ready for Spring/Summer 2018. Maybe just maybe Fall 2018, but more realistically I see Winter 2018lEarly winter 2019(Jan/Feb)but more likely Spring 2019. They only have half the trains actually built. I 'm not sure if all trains(one's presently built)have been tested fully yet or not? Most of the stations are still not half built, I'm not sure if all staff involed have been fully train or not yet? The fare gates still need to be tested on the line. The only way this going to open on time is if they rush(and most likely more accidents will occur and this time someone might get killed instead of just being injured).There been to many delays so far that will prevent this open on time.
  2. STO 89xx-95xx Classic Spottings/Retirement Watch

    Yeah, and OC /city spent more on OC to provide more service, hired more staff. As bus space they just got a second garage and just like OC can store buses outside. Gatneau city councol needs to step up and spend more. If that means raising taxes to pay for, you raise taxes just like Ottawa does to pay for services.
  3. STO 89xx-95xx Classic Spottings/Retirement Watch

    I don't get it? Why retire buses. If there's an issue with over crowding on STO buses during rush hour why retire the classics. With these new 27 Nova Hybrids coming, I would keep the classic for rush hour service. If the STO wants more residents to take public transit then, they got to dtarty offering more service, and by that they caan't retire buses. Either you keep older buses for more service or you buy more buses, IE retire 27 buses, you buy 27 buses to replace those 27 retired plus you buy more as expansion, other wise you won't improve your service,
  4. Thanks guys I'll either take the 95 or 98 which ever shows up first. Thanks again
  5. Which rout can you take from Hurdman to downtown via King Edward? I need to get off on King Edward near Sandy Hill Arean by OttawaU on Saturday and not sure which route to take from Hurdman? Thanks
  6. The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    At least there being stored inside instead of outside like the buses at Industrial & St Laurent!!
  7. Also for what ever reason that trip is canceled and there's no spares to cover the route at that ,oment you have to wait another 15 mins and if you just missed the bus that's 30 min wait.
  8. The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    I'm not sure of where the article is but if I recall there was an issue with the Moodie Station. I'm not sure of the exact details but I think it had to do with environment issues(a park or wild life thing) or being to far from the DND headquarters?(bus transfer issue?), or which side of the Queensway or was it Moodie Drive? not sure which or the Station was only A' Temp Station' and there where going to re-locate it afterwards?
  9. I'm not sure what make they where but on D40's I recall they where Green?
  10. I'm not sure when the 89 classic where retired, but the one thing the could of done was since both the 89 & 93 classic both had the same window size excepet how the windows opened 89 where sliders and had a solid window at the top compared to 93 classics had tilt in windows at the top, by 2000 most of the 89 classics where getting retired, since they where I could se why they didn't take 8 buses remove the windows and replace the entire right side window franme with one of the 89 classics so you would have the bar interferring with trhe destinaation sign?
  11. OK here's some OC "past" info some might find interesting. Info coutresy of the Canadain Transit Heritage Foundation "Bulletin" Plus this
  12. Retirement of buses from before 1989

    OK got rest of pics scanned. All info is courtesy of the Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation "The Street Guide To Urban Transit Fleet's In Canada" copy right holders. Taken from 1993,1995,1998,2000,2002/04,2009,2011,2013,2015 & 2017 Edtions.
  13. Doesn't Van Hool sell 40 footers in Canada?
  14. Retirement of buses from before 1989

    When I get a chance(most likely this weekend) I'll scan The fleet roasters(From CTHF Street Fleet Roasters) which goes back I think to the 1990's. It contains which bus where active and we can see which buses where retired and not on the list.
  15. GOA transit news, info etc

    Name The O-Trains Contest Here a letter sent to city employees from the Mayor about name the O-Train cars Dear colleagues, As we continue to get for Ready for Rail in 2018, I am pleased to officially launch a special contest that engages children and youth aged 16 and under to celebrate the future of transit in Ottawa. It’s the Name the Trains Contest. This contest provides the next generation of transit users with a unique opportunity to see their suggested names continue down the rail lines – the O-Train Confederation Line and O-Train Trillium Line – for many years to come. I encourage you to get your children, nieces, nephews or grandchildren involved in playing a part in naming the train cars that will be a part of the biggest infrastructure project in Ottawa’s history, since the days of Colonel By and the building of the Rideau Canal. The entry form, along with more contest details – including rules, regulations and guidelines – are available at octranspo.com/ready4rail. Each participant can submit as many name suggestions as they wish, but he or she can only win once. However, before submitting, they must first get permission from a parent or guardian. Here are some helpful guidelines when choosing a name: It should be short (maximum of 16 characters, spaces included) It should be related to trains (or train service) or have a Canadian or Ottawa-related significance It must fit into one or more of the following five categories: 1. People 2. Animals 3. Natural world 4. Culture 5. History Names should be bilingual or easily translatable (English & French) Names should be friendly, have a pleasant sound and be easy to remember Must not be negative, vulgar, offensive, racist, exclusionary or threatening in any nature A total of 40 train cars will be named as part of the Name the Trains Contest – consisting of 34 O-Train Confederation Line train cars and six O-Train Trillium Line train cars. The contest deadline is December 8, 2017, and a selection panel will review the name submissions. Winners will be announced in 2018. Please visit octranspo.com/ready4rail for more information. I am looking forward to seeing the successful names from our creative children and youth as we get Ready for Rail in 2018. Jim Watson Mayor City of Ottawa And here's the OC lonk http://www.octranspo.com/ready4rail/contest And You Tube Vid