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  1. Thanks. Well that says it more or less, that Greyhound is gone from most f Canada, if I read the letter correctly. It's to bad, Greyhound was great. Well it was fun while it lasted. I fell sorry foe those employees that lost their jobs, hopefully the can get a jobi n the industry or some other type of employment in another field. For those that into collect Greyhound memorabiliarbila I try and get as much Greyhound stuff before its all gone or thrown away. MAN how i would love to be at the Greyhound garage in Ottawa or Toronto, I try and get as
  2. The thing is it would be nice of Greyhound to at least let everyone know if there going to restart service one way or the other.
  3. That'll be great, but I believe Greyhound now owns the brand name "Voyageur/Voyageur Colonial. I still say Greyhound won't be running any services in Ontario/Quebec after July 1.
  4. I won't be surprised if they take over the Greyhound Ottawa routes IE OTT-MONT,OTT--TOR, OTT-King, and maybe Kin-TOR & Tor-MONT from Coach Canada.
  5. And I'll bet those 3 companies wiill lose and Greyhound will win and we'll still have no service by Greyhound after July 1.
  6. Thanks. The reason I asked is OC is scheduled to try I think its either 2 or 4 NFI electric buses this summer.
  7. Have they said which electric bus model there going with?
  8. This is only speculation on my part, but perhaps the new owner was only interested in the US operations. Assuming that's the case, I see First Bus shifting all there Lift equipped coaches to the US, sell their other coaches. If they sell their garage in Toronto most likely they'll be leaving Canada, though they could lease space from some else but that would be throwing money away. It'll be interesting to see who bought them and how they'll run Greyhound(presuming that's what will be said on June 1, the sale of Greyhound)
  9. Hopefully it'll be god news come June 1 from Greyhound. As for the "curb side pick-up" There's good points and bad points about that. It may be ok in the Southern US where it's warm year round, but when winter rolls around I wouldn't want to be waiting by the curb to get a ride. It can get quite cold in Canada during winter and I'm not keen waiting for a Coach when it's -30C. I don't know what the announcement will be on JUNE 1 by Greyhound is be it good or bad. But if it's bad, and they leave I'll miss them, but hey that's life things go on and hopefully the
  10. I don't know what the out come will be whether it's Greyhound, ONT, or anyone else is on or after July 1/21, but with only 4 months to go, the only one that really has made itself known is ONT(at least for the Ottawa area). They have established routes, and at least in Ottawa you know where you can catch their Coach-Via Station(base), CHEO, General Campus(Ottawa Hospital). I don't know whether Greyhound will return or not, that's any ones guess, be it themselves or new owner, who's to say? I don't know what will happen after July 1 if Greyhound hasn't start up aga
  11. We all have an opion. Perhaps my view of Greyhound is different from yours. Don't get me wrong I respect your views and comments on Greyhound and comments in this thread, I guess I just see it in a different light?
  12. There always hope. Whether that's enough I don't now? i might agree with you partly, for Greyhound Canada, more then likely it's gone, hopefully not, but as days lead into months, I see the greem ripper approaching and the sound of the Drudes of Death growing louder and louder. I fell sorry for workers that may become unemployed because of it and hope they can find work in the industry considering the times where in. Well if Greyhound Canada does disappear(at least in Canada), riders, fans & employees will have at least memories of a Company that once considered GREAT!!
  13. I don't know what the out come will be after the Central Bus Terminal closes as to where everyone will go, but if there one thing I wish(and I don't see it happening not for some time) is: I wish Greyhound would stop "monkeying around" and come out and say: A1-When, we will re-sart service in Canada?(a firm date, not suggested date?) A2-Where we will be going for pick up and drop off in each of destinations? A3-No but sorry Canada, Greyhound Canada has decided we will be leaving Canada. We thank You for partridge you have shown us over the 50+years for of service?
  14. I don't know what the out come of Greyhounds situation is, but assuming they do decide to stay, here's what I see "might" happen. Depending on how they do the 'Coach boarding/exiting' there maybe different ways they might have it set up. Assuming they go toa LRT/BRT Station and have a similar set up as they did at the Central Station, there only a few OC Stations that can be set up and be close to the 417(for easy access to Montreal & Toronto), the perfect station would be Hurdman(and here's why?) 1)it's close to the 417(less then 10mins) 2)There i
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