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  1. True hopefully a American/Canada group will win if not the majority of the workers will be actually be Canadian. I'm curious at who bid on the Trillium Line? It will be the same companies or different? Will the RTG bid on it? I still think Alstom will win the bid for the trains for the Trillium Line, if not then it'll be interesting to see who wins and how the station will be if the trains exits don't match up with the platforms? The could easy just have storage facialty and do maintaince on them but not have to actually assembly them. The ones we have here the bodies are made in New York but assemble here in Ottawa. The same can be done for the GTAH bodies made in New York, assembled here in Ottawa and then shipped to Toronto/Hamilton?
  2. I'm wondering if the 61 trains for the GTAH will be assemble here in Ottawa or not? After all we do have the facility for it now? And I'll bet you anything Alstom will probably win the order for the Trillium line as well.
  3. I like the Orion VII's there number 2 on my list. At least the A/C works great in the rear unlike the Invero's where you need to open the windows even with the A/C on because its crap in the rear of the bus. Also you can read the Destination sign unlike the Invero. The only thing I hate about the Orion VII's is the rear seats, STUPID HIGH CHAIR SEATS!!! your feet can;t touch the ground
  4. I couid be mistaken but I believe some clasiccs where maple leafed?
  5. 1 Classics(all versions) 2 Orion VII's 3 Fishbowls 4 Orion VI's 5 NFI D40's 6 NFI D60LF/R's 7 GM Atrics 8 ORION I's 9 ORION V's 10 REKEVEE(SP?)
  6. 20 TRAINS!!! hOLLY FRACK!! that's a lot of trains!!!Hopefully Aliston will win the contract?
  7. How many are they getting? If saw correctly its only 2 trains? I know a while back the province gave them money for two trains?
  8. Is just me or do those seats look uncomfortable? Why couldn't the have the same seats as the DD Buses/Artics(DLFR)
  9. The city can't do it only, they need the Feds,Province & Via Rail to put money in as well or it won't be done.
  10. I don't seem to recall seeing that Bristolr here in Ottawa for some time? The only DD buses(besides OC)are the ones run by the Grayline which also are Alexanders buses?
  11. I think its a bad idea to open up the new Hurdman Station. I'm not to keen on having construction work done above my head while waiting for bus. A accident just waiting to happen.
  12. Here's the story: CBC CTV Comments?
  13. Charter STO 7901 Get your spot reserved now for the STO Charter of 7901 on July 8. 7901 Fan Trip Flyer and Waiver - 08JUL17.pdf?action=attachment&folder=default0%2FINBOX&id=101081&attachment=2&delivery=view I've already did so.I believe register by the CTHF is the only way of getting a spot. If ytour a memember(as I am) the easiest way is if you have PAY PAL is go to their web site and pay for it via Pay Pal. Click Below
  14. So is the oldgarage closing? or Is this new garage going to be a second garage additional to the old one?
  15. And yet "supposedly those drivers going to be hired will be layed-off once the LRT opens?