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    GO Transit

    Go Transit Fishbowls? I know Go Transit had use to use GM Fishbowls back in the earlier days. I know they had suburban models(no rear door), but did they have any with rear doors? Thanks
  2. If I not mistaken I do believe those two Orion-Ikarus are ex-TTC buses. You can tell by the windows in the front section, both tilt-in windows at top & sliding windows at the bottom, Also the fleet numbers, as well as the turn signs? OC had signal turn signals, the TTC had dual turn signals? As to why the difference I'm not sure.
  3. Why are they hiring? They will be laying off drivers in a few months why hire. In all honesty who's going to apply for a job when you know you'll be layed off with in 6 months?
  4. I think I know what your saying. Why are the decals coming of the bus so easily?Is it do to bad batch of decals and the "glue" that holds then onto the bus was bad?I not sure why there coming off so easily, but hey that happens.

    OC Transpo Rural Partners

    But where do the buses stay? Are they located at Casleman Yard or are they still in Cornwall? If there at Cornwall, it not bad, but if there at Casleman, then they got to travel from c Casleman to Cornwall to start there run, then to Ottawa, then back to Casleman, then in the afternoon, back to Ottawa to start the afternoon run, Ottawa to Cornwall, then back to Casleman? A lot of travel time for the driver & coach?

    STO and OC Transpo Routes

    That's nothing!! Wait til the end of fall/winter changes you'll see even more "Bitching". I understand the changes are need for the LRT. Myself will be effected come the end of November Beginning of Dec(assuming the LRT opens then) going from a single seat ride to a two seat ride/transfer ride. The ones I really feel sorry for are those working in Gatneau. In some cases they'll go from a single ride to either transfer twice(bus<>LRT<>bus), or those working at DND. Most now get off at Mackenzie Station and either cross the street or get right next to the building. Once the LRT opens they'll have to get off at Rideau Station and walk thru thr Rideau Center to work and extra 10 mins or so?
  7. Thanks Oc4526. I think its 45 degrees as well but not certain. I haven't been there in a good 8+ years. So don't recall what it looks like?
  8. But do you know the angle the line up to the terminal?
  9. Ottawa Central Station(Greyhound/Voyageur Bus Station) This may sound like a strange and weird question but does anyone know what angle(degrees to the building) the Greyhound Coach line up on the boarding platforms? I'm building a inter-city bus terminal(model) and need to know what angle the buses line up to the building? I need to so I can put the extended boarding platforms(ones next to the bus going the length of the bus), so I can try and make it as accurate as possible? Thanks for any info. PS I think it's 45 degrees to the building but not sure?
  10. Well by this time next year OC will have 175 fareboxes from the Orion VII's and 81 from the 81 retired Invero's. Grant you 81 will be going to the Nova LFS from the 81 Invero's they retire and 19 will be going to the DD buses in 2019 from the retired Orion VII's which leaves about 156 fareboxes left for spares.
  11. MCIBUS

    2019 Nova LFS Order

    To me it really doesn't matter what type of rear door they have, as long as the A/C works properly in the rear unlike the Invero's, that the interior light is good unlike the Invero's, that seating is comfortable and that the destination sign is readable in the sun, nice and big like the Orion VII's unlike the Invero's.
  12. MCIBUS

    GOA transit news, info etc

    When they say "Heated" waiting areas, do them mean those crappy heaters in other transitway stations that barely keep you warm in the winter or proper heating as in forced air heat through duck work? Looking at the stations, it appears only 4 will have public washrooms? Tunney's Bayview Hurdman Blair all the others are not.I'm surprised Lyon,Parilment & Rideau won't, then again I can see why. You'll have all the YAHOO's(drunks & druggies use them for drinking and shooting up),but why not Primse , Ottawa U,Lees Trembley, ST >Laurent(then again you have the mall washrooms),Cyrville these are far enough away for the drunks,maybe not the druggies) Stations?.
  13. I'm not exactly sure how the GPS works on OC buses along with certain apps you use but there not always right? Like today on the route 44 this morning it stated the bus was a DD Bus(using the OC Transpo Tracker App), not only was that wrong it was a 40' bus while I usually get a 60' foot bus. On the Bus Buddy app it stated the bus was L which stands for either a DD bus or a 60' foot bus it was wrong as well. I've had other issues where the bus says it would be at the stop in 1 mins come 1 mins no bus and when you look at the app again it said the bus went by when it didn't because no bus went by in the last 5 mins. So the GPS is not always right or works properly. I see no difference in this new feature(GO) in this app. There was a story about the new GO feature in todays Ottawa Sun.
  14. Here are the two links to the Yahoo OC groups: Fan Club: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/octransposbusfanclub/info Polls Group: https://ca.groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/octransposbusfanclubpolls/info To join yI still think you need approval by JCL as he's the groups owners.
  15. MCIBUS

    Commuter train? Groups Names ?

    1,000% AGREED!! It'll never happen at least in my life time, maybe my kids or grand kids time, but certainly not my life time.