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  1. I'll reserve judgement until the trial is over and final verdict is presented. I'll only say it doesn't look good for the city, OC and the driver.
  2. I'll believe it when I see it? I believe it when I see customers actually on it and transferring to buses.
  3. They showed it on CBC last night. It was pretty loud, as the trains went by you could barely hear the interview because of the noise from the trains.
  4. Well "technically" we do. Though not OC Transpo, it's still part of OC as in Para Transpo 5667 is a Para Transpo bus.
  5. For those interested in gettinfg 8222 in 1/43 scale there's one avaiable on E Bay. It's from the same individual I bought 8201 from. Its NOT CHEAP!!! 😲 I can tell you that, but if any one's interested here's the link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-GM-New-Look-Articulated-Coach-Bus-New-Paint-Ottawa-Canada-Hand-Made-1-43/293186133380?hash=item4443415d84:g:vAcAAOSw8EhdUdFe It's nice but expensive.
  6. Listen Up Greyhound North America Look at this Greyhound North America, maybe you should be like this and maybe just maybe you'll get tones of passengers!!! Be like this as the saying goes OFFER IT AND THEY WILL COME!!
  7. What? A sign missing from the door, I've seen this on many buses.
  8. Though more visible to the eye, it's more expensive. They actually put a colour die(what ever colour you want) mixed in I believe at the ash fault plant.Also the die tends to fade after sometime. Weather also has an effect on it. Since we get snow during winter and the city uses salt on the roads the salt tends to cause the paint colour to fade quicker. Though it would be nice to have all Bus Lanes done up like this to make them stand out, it wouldn't be very practical. The better solution would to go 3D like there doing we some cross walks. Have the bus diamond symbol in 3D with 3D Strips across the bus lanes spaced out between the bus diamonds. One it would last longer and be more visible. The only draw back is cost. It cost way more for the 3D effect then it does for just regular painted symbols. I've sen the pic before, if not mistaken I think I've seen that on OC "Historical section" of their web site or one of the books on the Ottawa Electric Street Car Company?
  9. Ok I hope this works. Here some pics. Sorry for the quality or how there taken, not that good at this. If they come out I'll post more. More pics More pics
  10. You can always change the numbers on the bus to 80XX-82XX. Like I said one of my sellers out of Seattle(the other GM ARTIC is out of Israel) does custom bus jobs using Vector & Corgi models, he's not cheap but the company he represents(also out of the Ukraine) does excellent work. Got some GO Transit buses 1:43 scale bus some Corgi GM New looks & MC 7,8 & 9 done up in Go Transit & Grey Coach. Where' not cheap $300+US/bus. I'd take pics but don't have Digital camera and don't know how to transfer pics from smart phone to computer? EDIT: Figured out how to post pics from cell phone see next post for photos
  11. Bus Models I'm not sure how many here are into or collect bus models but here's some interesting news. According to one of my bus sellers that I buy bus models from Vector Models(out of the Ukraine is producing a North American Orion-Ikarus model. From his sources it should be available in 4-5 months if everything goes as planed. It should be noted that Vector Models are not cheap, they can be quite expensive since each model is hand made. Depending on the model your looking anywhere from $40 t0 $500 US. The Vector Models tend to be in the 1:43 scale I just recently bought this from one sellers: I also bough this a few months ago: And here are two more that are available $557 US $215 US
  12. Thanks for the translation webfil. Even though I didn't understand what they where saying,, it was still pretty funny,by the riders re-actions.
  13. Poor French Bus driver. Not sure what there saying but why do I get the feeling this is what some OC drivers go thru in a typical day? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3vjFjS63CQ
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