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  1. looks like 76Xx or under. You can tell by the sliding window at right rear. I'm not sure when the right rear window switch from a slider to a solid window? I think some where between the 74xx to 76xx series buses?
  2. Storing it outside even though under a canapy your going to get issues. Storing it inside in a heated garage is way better.
  3. Food Drive Here are the results from John Manconi(via city network e-mail) Dear colleagues, This year’s 34th Annual OC Transpo/Loblaw Christmas Food Drive was another outstanding success. The results are in and we delivered a total of 121,038 non-perishable items and $38,400 in cash and food vouchers – an incredible testimony to your generosity for this year’s food drive to help those in need. I know that many were involved in making this year’s food drive a success, and many more donated non-perishable food items, made a monetary donation, and volunteered at a store location this past Saturday. To all of you, I thank you for your kind-heartedness and generosity. Please remember that the Ottawa Food Bank is always looking for donations. While the OC Transpo/Loblaw Christmas Food Drive has come to an end, the season of giving still continues. Please visit www.ottawafoodbank.ca/ for more information. Thank you again, and happy holidays! Sincerely, John Manconi

    Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    I'm just curious as to how many Greyhound Coaches from out west actually made it to the Eastern Canada Greyhound Division and how many where actually sold?

    GOA transit news, info etc

    That's uncalled for. No one should assault someone regardless if the individual has disability or not or can't speak the langue. Although what happen to this individual was bad & wrong, what was worst(not saying the assault wasn't)that the STO driver was intoxicated and was driving. Lucky the driver didn't smash into someone injuring them or even worst killing them. This drive should be fired.


    Thanks that helps a lot. The reason I asked is I want to get a: Twin Coach(old colours) PD4104(old & New colours) GMC 4905(new colours) TDM 4515(old & new colours) MC 5(new colours) MC7/8/9(new colours) GM New look(without top windows,new colours) I all ready have a MC 7(old colurs) & as GM New Look with top windows(new colours) that I bought off E Bay. It's going to cost me $$$$! to get them custom made but worth it.


    The reason I ask is because I want to get a series of Gray Coaches done up like I did on Go Transit buses I had done for me.


    Does anyone know what the difference on the paint scheme the had on all white coaches they d a Gray line running alonr the bus compared to the red ones running along the side of the bus? Red Line VS Gray Line? Does anyone know why the differences? I've sen them on coaches from the same year so I don't think it has anything o do with the year of the coach?

    STO and OC Transpo Routes

    Either I'm missing something but the only changes I see is route 275 & 278. What no other changes to any other routes? No cuts or additions to IE 44 95,96,61,etc.
  10. MCIBUS

    2019 Nova LFS Order

    They already have. With the 6000 series & 8000 series. The original 60001-6999 where the GM New Looks & the 8001-8999 where the GM New Looks, GM Artic, Orion I's,Orion II's, Orion-Ikaruses(Orion III's), GM Classics, Tel-Transpo(Twin Coach, Internationals, Mercedes & VreKEE's(SP)) So by the time they reach 4999 the earlier 4000 will probally be available again? Back in 2000 OC changed there numbering system to 3000 was to be 30' & 35' buses 4000 was to be 40' buses 6000 was to be 60' buses 7000 was to be 75' buses(double artivcs if they had gone with the original plan on purchasing them reanaue I believe) 5000 & 8000 series after 2000 wasn't consider at the time.
  11. MCIBUS

    GOA transit news, info etc

    Although we don't know exactly what happened before the argument, it was uncalled for the driver to call the woman "A slut" in french(according to the articular).Also the driver shouldn't of drove with the ladues foot hanging out the door.
  12. MCIBUS

    GO Transit

    Thanks a million, it just what I was looking for. Nice shots of different systems as well.
  13. MCIBUS

    GO Transit

    Go Bus Paint Scheme? Does anyone know what paint scheme Go Transit had from 1975-1978 & 1981? Basically I would like to know what type paint scheme Go Transit highway coaches MCI 8 & 9 had when they originally where put into service? Any pics woulds be helpful? Thanks.
  14. Question? Does anyone have what routes Greyhound runs in Ontario,Quebec & into the states from Ontario & Quebec? I know of Ottawa-Toronto & Ottawa-Montreal, but what are the others?
  15. MCIBUS

    OC Transpo 2019 40' bus order

    I spoke to my friend. According to him the source he got it from says that's what the Novabuses are suppose to look like. One easy way is to e-mail the individual at the bottom of the pics or call 613-580-2424 Ext 52724 and ask him for info on theNovabuses?