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  1. I'm not in the bus biz just a fan, and only comment from a Fan/customers point of view. I'm not sure what the future holds for intercity bus travel in Ontario. I know regardless of what the opisthion(government) says this will be passed. The PC's are inten on passing this. As for the consumer, I'm guessing it depends on where you live. Places like Ottawa, Toronto, Kingston, London, Niagara Falls, etc are more or less safe as they already have established routes and are more likely money makers. Its those in the smaller communities that might be out of luck. Be it Greyhound, Coach Canada, existing companies in Ontario or new ones like Flix the there going for the ones that make money. I can't comment on all routes in Ontario, but the Ottawa-Toronto is a gold mine for Greyhound. I can see Greyhound(assuming the stay in Canada)Coach Canada, Flix and maybe 1 or 2 more trying for the Ottawa- Toronto run. Does this mean its better for the consumer? Maybe Yes? Maybe No? It all depends on scheduling? Price? Pick up/drop off point(if its hard to get to or on the street it may not be the best option), how relyable and history of the bus operator? Yes at present we've got Covide-19, but that can't last for ever. Hopefully things will be back to or least close to normal pre-covide in about a year or two, after that we will see how well Deregulation is doing.
  2. I thought Coach Canada/USA was owned by some investment group or something like that? I know they where own by Stage Coach, but I think they sold Coach Canada/USA to a investment or Finacle group?
  3. I could be mistaken, but I think the new owners of Coach Canada has something to with this? None the less the Ford Government is set on do this, so not much can really be done on the matter. I guess we will have to wait and see if deregulation is actually is good for the industry & public.
  4. You would think they'd design it for all their models. I'm not building designer, but you'd think they'd add a meter to the ceiling to fit?
  5. This is going way back I think either late 1970's or early 1980's, I still can remember the Toronto Coach Terminal on Bay Street and next door was the Go Transit Elizabeth Terminal, and right in front of the Coach Terminal Voyageur had their small maintance garage(I guess to do light duties Cleaning and minor stuff, and also in front of Coach Terminal and left side of the Voyageur garage GO Transit had a building which washed their buses and I guess minor mechanical issues. It'll be interesting to see what happens at the new Go Terminal and what fee's are arrange with Inter-city carriers and if those at the Coach Terminal decide to move to the new location. I'll be interesting to see if Greyhound decide to move back downtown? If all the Inter-city carriers do decide to move to the new GO Terminal, the City Of Toronto need not worrier about the old Terminal, the land it sits on is worth BIG$$$$ at least a few million(not sure how much)but they could easily sell of the land to some developer who either make condo's or office tower in it's spot.
  6. Thanks. From the pics(at least the ones you can see) looks impressive compared to the old ones at Union Station & Elizabeth Terminals. At least your inside waithing for your bus compared to the one on Bay Street where your out side in the cold in Winter. The new terminal reminds me of the New(or least a few years old)the one in Montreal(the old Voyageur? Central Terminal of the rebuild) I feel a bit jealous now. Your Terminal looks WAY WAY BETTER then or Bus Terminal here in Ottawa.
  7. Go Transit Union Bus Terminal? I know GO Transit made or is making a New Bus Terminal. Is this new terminal located at Union Train Station? I know there was a Go Terminal there before which the Go Toronto-Hamilton express ran out of. I'm guess inter-city coaches might run out there instead of the terminal located on Bay Street. But where is the new Terminal located and does anyone have pics of what it looks like?
  8. Ontario Northland might possibility pick up the Ottawa<--->Prembrook(and further north on that route) & may be just may be Ottawa<-->Toronto run. In any case I see the Ottawa<-->Toronto run being a friece compaction for that route main between Greyhound/Megabus(Coach Canada)/ and maybe one or two others. That route is always packed during regular days(especially during holidays).Grant you that was pre-covide 19. True things have changed but once Covide 19 finally gone, I see it returning to normal to way thye loads where pre-covide 19. As to what that run might look like then, is any ones guess. Who be serving it? Greyhound? Megabus? Ontario Northland? or some other carrier remains to be seen, but my bet is either Greyhound or Mega?
  9. I don't see anything happen till some time in 2021. As for the routes I can't see operators picking up routes that don't make money or have enough passengers to justify a coach on that route. The ones that are profitable, how many carriers can serve that route? Example Ottawa<-->Toronto is a very profitable route, but when you have more the 2 companies compete/ IE Greyhound vs Coach Canada vs Ontario Northland(lets say) each will try to under cut the other in prices to get customers? Also with Greyhound pulling out the Bus Terminals in Ottawa(no location has ben chosen yet as replacement) & Toronto(Pearson which some distance & time consuming to downtown), will Coach Canada & possibly Ontario Northland stay at the terminals making it easier to get downtown? The terminal in TO is basically downtown & the one in Ottawa is more or less close enough to downtown making it easier to get to hotels or other transfer points. It'll be interesting to see what's going to happen, but like I said I don't see anything happen till some time in 2021 and that's assuming Greyhound doesn't decide to just leave Canada?
  10. Aero Caramel Chocolate Bar and MAN IS IT TASTY!!
  11. Me thinks this is the last nail in Greyhounds coffin? I could be wrong but I suspect Greyhound will likely pull out of Canada, rather competing with carriers and possibly loosing even more money by lowering prices.
  12. Boomer? Have you seen Boomer? Boomer no here, you go now, before I slap you so hard you turn into a clown?
  13. Banned for I don't know, I guess just for being here.
  14. So does mean(once the act is changed & implemented)that Megabus can run between Ottawa & Toronto competing against Greyhound?
  15. But will they leave the Central Bus terminal in Montreal? They left the one in OTTAWA, they left the Toronto Bus Terminal? and several other terminals? Will they leave the Central Bus Terminal in Montreal for another location? Perhaps Dorval Airport?
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