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  1. Greyhound "Gold" vs Greyhound "silver/Grey" Dog? Is there a reason Greyhound used a "Gold" Greyhound on its coaches?
  2. Well I don't know what the future holds for inter-city travel from Ottawa to other locations using a Coach? Whether that's at the Train Station or not remains to be seen. It's not like there are 100's of departures/day from Ottawa? As far as I can recall Montreal & Toronto had the most departures daily, not sure about ONT. As for the ticket issue, I'm sure either ONT or Greyhound(assuming they go there or who ever buys Greyhound or takes over there routes might set up a Kiast or make arrangements for Via agents to sell the tickets. In any case I don't see a ne
  3. Interesting. This leaves Ottawa without a "Coach Terminal" I suspect Ontario North Land and not sure of the other coach company sill there find a new location. I suspect both ONL & the other coach company will move to the VIA rail Station. Now whether Greyhound goes there as well or some other coach company(from the deregulation) moves there as well remains to be seen, but I saw this coming. The owner can't operating costs & Taxes with only two coach companies with limited service.
  4. How much would it cost to retro fit them with lifts?
  5. I'm still wondering who will compete with Greyhound on the bus runs: Ottawa-Toronto Ottawa-Montreal Ottawa-Kingston Ottawa-Pembrook
  6. First my condolences to the victims family. Second the driver he or she will be in a lot of trouble both from the bus company, the law and the victims family if the intend to sue?
  7. Question? If Ontario Northland is own by the Ontario Government like GO Transit is, I would think all their coaches would be Handi-cap accessible to comply with the Disabilities Act?
  8. Question? How many "subs" & who/what companies did Greyhound Canada/USA have? I know: Voyageur PMCL Vermont Transit TM&O Not sure if there anymore?
  9. I don't know whether Greyhound Canada will "DIE" "Be Sold" or "Just Leave" same with the US version. I hope not. But if does "DIE" for those that are collector of bus memorabilia I'd get as many Greyhound items/Souvenirs/collectables as you can be there thrown away or gone for good.
  10. That's only a guess, not saying wil happen, but since they are both big coach companies and have many many years of experience running a coach company I only guess that it's possible they may be purchasers. Like I said I'm not in the bus biz just a fan.
  11. In response to a possible buyer for Greyhound, these might be possible buyers Peter Pan Trailways Group(all Trailways affiliated companies)
  12. I suspect it will be extended. I honestly don't see anything getting any better until majority of Ontarions are inoculated. How hard is it to follow what the government is asking people to do?
  13. Unless they had Wheel Chair Lifts, they where either sold or maybe moved to Toronto.
  14. If anyones been inside that garage it pretty hugh. They have an area where they do mechincal work If I recall I think there's something like 10 bays to do mechanical work, an area near the rear on the right side near the back where the can store buses in side(nt sure of the exact amount), near the front right they have the wash bays, outside on the right they have a larh=ge lot to store buses as well outside in the back. Who ever bought it got lucky the garge itself is hugh as well as the proprety. Like Rapidbus state its doesn't look good for Greyhound Canada.
  15. I second that. If I recall when Greyhound(this was several years ago)Greyhound had the option of renewing the lease or moving. There was talk about building a new terminal(at the time) near the Train Station making it a Transit Hub with VIA,Bus & LRT, but Greyhound renewed their lease. Second why would Greyhound move out of the Ottawa terminal if they owned it? I might be mistaken but I do believe the terminal is privately owned andif I recall the owner stated if Greyhound didn't renew their lease he was going to close the Terminal and mke condo'ss out of the prperty?
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