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  1. GOA transit news, info etc

    For the Trillium Line I say within 3 months(need to get decals made first) For the Confederation Line same time Line except only time you'll see them when testing or when service goes into effect. But there's one catch? The contest will need to be run again in late 2023 when Phase 2 is opened and the next order of trains are built and assemble for Phase 2 not sure of the number mentioned for Phase 2 for both Line & Line 2. For Line 2 if there going to maintain a 8 min service, there no way 6 trains can go from Bayview to Letruim or where ever its so pose to end.
  2. GOA transit news, info etc

    But that's all mute know. With the Prestro card and with the Loonie & Toonie and no longer having the penny. Although there still might be an issue with Prestro. For what ever reason(not sure why) sometimes it says tou either don't have a monthly pass or money on the card even though you do have one of the two, you get into an agruement with the driver over fare dispute. At least when you had the paper pass and you had the right month no problem(usually, but rare odd time not)you showed your pass and that was it. Now its pay up or get off the bus,even though your in the right and OC is in the wrong, since you have valid fare on your Prestro card.
  3. STO 7901 Spottings (2018)

    I highly dought it. If they did. it would of been better to preserver a 1984 classic. The first year they got them. I douht it, there a better chance of them saving a Novabus LFS then a classic.
  4. D60LF (6351-6403) Refurbishment

    I would think OC would start them in the late Spring or summer where demand for buses is less?
  5. I have that book. I'll see if I can find the info and post the info.
  6. GOA transit news, info etc

    Sure it does. With phase two the line will be extended asnd a separate train is going to be used on the Airport link. They should of kept the Bombardier traind for the airport link?
  7. GOA transit news, info etc

    I wonder if they'll be using DD buses this year?
  8. GOA transit news, info etc

    Question?> Did the "New Transit corridor - Heron/Bronson/Data Road to Baseline Station get approved. And if so when is it suppose to start to be built?
  9. OC Bus Spottings

    6551 be towed spotted on Slater & Metcalf 2:20 PM
  10. Actually OC bought 3 from Hamilton. 8222(when I get a chance I'll look the other two I have on file). One was for Historical 8202 and the other two spare parts.One the front end was cut off and used at the old location where OC was in the Rideau Center near Mc Kenzie Bridge. Here are some pics of the 3 HSR GM Artics in Ottawa. Also I do believe there is an ex-Missusaga Transit GM Artic in California, owned by some movie prp company or something like yjat.
  11. STO 7901 Spottings (2018)

    I wouldn't mind that, but the pick up location is some what out of the way. Not all of us drive and I know when the CTHF had there STO charter majority of the individuals attending the charter arrived by bus(mainly OC) @ Terrass Du Chadier-SP. I think that would e a better location to be picked up at for non Ottawa res wanting to go on the Charter?
  12. I don't have any pics of this "Shelter" but does anyone remember the "Shelter/Waiting room building" that was located on Bank & ?(not sure of the Nam,e)but one block south of Sunnyside? It was torn done I think late 1970.s or early 1980's It was pretty big Shelter heated and had washrooms in it. It was a loop for the old street cars I think?
  13. Double decker bus order

    Question? As far as I know the DD buses are mainly out of Industrial garage. Just curious which bus routes are based out of Industrial garage?
  14. D60LF (6351-6403) Refurbishment

    Or do they appear darker because there new and the ones on the Invero's yet to be rebuilt appear lighter because of age,usage & sun fade?
  15. D60LF (6351-6403) Refurbishment

    I wish they'd swap out the seats for the same style as the D60LFRs? But I doubt it?