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  1. Question? Not being from the GTA and rarely ride the TTC Subway, I'm just curious as to how well lit the tunnels are?Also if the subway stalls in the tunnel is there a small walk way in the tunnel so people can walk to the next station? I'm not sure how many here in the Toronto forum have been to Ottawa or have seen are LRT 's tunnel but it's very well lit and there's a small little "sidewalk" where passengers can get off the LRT if stalls in the tunnel so they can access the next station, if anyone's seen it, that's what I'm talking about?
  2. What about the Montreal Boston run? I know at some point Vermont Transit ran it, but that was some time ago. Not sure who runs it now, what type of licence do they have?
  3. Depends? Sometimes it's beyond your control, IE weather traffic as such. Then there other times when "technically" it is your fault. If you don't maintain your fleet, your going to have break downs. Now grant you you can maintain your fleet and still have break downs nothing's perfect but less of a chance of it happening. As for scheduling I can't comment on that as I don't know how Greyhound does their scheduling on their routes? In any case, if Greyhound does decide to leave, it'll be sad to see them go. The catch then is whom ever does take over be it new owners of Greyhound or other companies taking over their routes? What will it be like? Better? Worst? just the same? I'm not in the bus biz just a fan so I can't real comment on how other providers are like, I'll leave that to those that are in the Biz or who are more inverts in the industry then I am to comment. The thing that I want as bus fan and rider, be it Greyhound or some other provider that they at least provide some service to destinations Greyhound provides/or once provided with at least some trips. Not saying IE every hour to Montreal from Ottawa or several trips to Toronto from Ottawa, but at least a few a day. Just a thought/opion?
  4. No, but first Bus is still active in the US and outside of North America, while Stage Coach is active outside North America. What I was referring to is how both First Bus (Greyhound) & Stage Coach(Coach Canada/USA)handled their North American division compared to their holdings outside of North America? How is it their operations in Europe/Asia are doing fine(as far as I know) but yet their North American operations are not(prior Codvide-19?)I don't know whether they where trying to run Greyhound/Coach Canada/USA like they where in a European operation which is totally different atmosphere then North America? Whether Greyhound stays in Canada or not I can't answer that, that still remains to be seen, but something tells me by the end of the year Greyhound will only be a memory here in Canada. Sad to say, but that sometimes it hard to let something go, but sometimes you have no choice, but to let it go. I don't know what the future holds for inter-city bus travel, but things don't look good even things get back to normal or close to it. It's all in comfort. Lets face it bus travel isn't the greatest or most comfortable. Their's a difference riding a coach for 2 hours compared to 6+ hours compare to other forms of travel IE Train/Plane/car?
  5. I can't comment on the maintenance of coaches and all that stuff,although we never had Trailways here in Canada(that I'm aware of, could have but never saw ant based out of Canada). Anyways is just me or did Greyhound go down hill once First Bus bought them(more or less)? Also same story with Coach Canada/USA once Stage Coach bought them(more or less IE Gray Coach)? It just seems odd that two European based operators buy two North American operations and more or less run them down. I can't understand how two Companies like First Bus & Stage Coach had issues with the North American divisions yet the other bus holdings outside North America seem fine(as far as I know)?
  6. I would think Ontario Northland would take it since they are already out of Ottawa doing U think it's Ottawa Sudbury or North Bay not sure which?
  7. If so expect some "Biding wars" for certain licencees? IE Ottawa-Kingston/Toronto Ottawa-Montreal, not sure about Southern Ontario or North-East Ontario(Anprior-Pembrook-etc routing?)
  8. What's WCL? Also are any of those coaches lhadi-cap accessible with lifts?
  9. Surprise Surprise Surprise Why doesn't this surprise me one bit? I don't know whether the drivers will accept this or not, that's up to them to decide. It'll be shame if Greyhound left, but then again the drivers and others at Greyhound have to think of themselves and their family and not Greyhound's profits & share holders? Two interesting video clips: 100 Years Of Greyhound https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/video/bus-iness-model-100-years-of-greyhound~372326 Spliting up Greyhound groups. https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/video/greyhound-owners-being-broken-up~1694834
  10. Not sure if they'd make a good commuter bus or charter service with those KM's but at that price they'd make for a great RV Motor home.
  11. The Montreal & Toronto schedules have no time?
  12. I don't what the future for inter-city bus travel is going to be in the next few months /years. It won't be the same at for the feasible future. Whether it goes back to the way it was before Covide-19 remains to be seen Whether social distancing becomes then norm is anyone's guess. Whether more drivers and more coaches are added per trip(depend on the passenger load)? Maybe Yes? Maybe No? Who knows for sure? Whether they opt for DD Buses or artics is only speculation? Whether Greyhound leaves or not again is only speculation at this point. Nothing has been said officially by Greyhound/First Bus. Which ever the out come maybe it's going to be interest to see what happens at least for next few months or year? Hopefully all will turn out good for everyone especially the drivers as it's their job & carrier that's on line.
  13. It's ok with me 5'3 plenty of head room for me LOL
  14. Found this!! Imagine Greyhound with this or any other provider in North America> Not sure if reven theire "Legal"
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