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  1. Is there any pics? Or pics of thiese {Promasters?
  2. I wasn't aware that Metrolinx had a on line store? https://themetrolinxshop.com/ I know of Metrolinx, GO, Presto, but what's UP Express? Anyways interesting stuff, might buy the GO Bus T-Shirt. I'm wondering will they add other Metrolinx agencies later on? Like TTC, OC Transpo, etc?
  3. According to the news segment on CJOH it steaded a full coach is 24 seats(for Montreal, not sure for Toronto), if that's the case, two things: either they will adding an extra bus or more trips, in any case by it Orleans Express, Rider, Onex, Mega, or whom ever I say by Christmas we'll have several trips(4+/each way to both Montreal & Toronto). I can't comment on other cities, but For Ottawa-Montreal/Toronto I see that happening.
  4. Except it's a bit of walk to the Transitway station? I get it why they want it there, less then 10 mins to the on ramp to Queensway, then right to 417 to Montreal. I'm wondering if there will switch there Toronto run there as well?
  5. Is Entrance # 3 right across from ST Laurent Station? Surprised they didn't use the ST Laurent Station? Grant you I don't know what OC charging Mega for using their stop or what the management of ST Laurent Shopping Center is charging Ridder perhaps it's cheaper?
  6. I'm surprised how they got a permit to go into Quebec? Not sure why they changed it from Train Station to St Laurent? Is this for Montreal or Toronto>? If Montreal I see it would be easier on 417 at St Laurent, then Train.
  7. I can't comment on all pick-up/drop-off locations by any provider, but for curb side it all depends on where you are. If your in the deep south(US)where it mainly warm(true you get the odd "cool day") but nothing like we get here in winter. Yes you may get that rainy day still beats waiting in -25C in snow. Even here in Canada it can vary. Depending on where you are in Canada IE BC in most case you need to deal with rain or snow depending on where in BC your being picked up at. For the rest of Canada yeah in late Spring, Summer, Early Fall it's not that bad, but come winter it can get pretty d

    Buses for sale

    Question? Do you need a Class C(or what ever is valid in your location) to buy a drive it without passengers? Lets say you want to convert a city bus or highway coach into a RV, do you need a certain class of licience to either drive that bus/coach/RV?
  9. I suspect the stop will change(if enough complaints keep coming forward). Not from London, I'm guess they'll relocate closer to a area where Public Transit & much easier to be picked p by car.
  10. OK so if I understand correctly Rider & Mega are running a OTTAWA-Toronto run an ONEX whom ever they got contracted to run one as well. And I'm assuming the contractor bus service is SKYWAY COACH? I'm not sure if Skyway Coach s the company or not, but as for scheduling Rider has a better dept from Ottawa then Mega way earlier then Mega. 7' ish instead of 10' ish
  11. So is ONEX(whom ever they are)are they running as service? or is just Rider Express & Megabus that's running a Ottawa-Toronto service just need to know which one is accurate?
  12. I can't comment those that don't have a visual disability on how they can see the interior when the lights are on(one side or both), but for those that have a visual disability like myself when only one set of lights are on drivers side(most of time on all Invero's) it's harder to see. It's better when both sides on on, but not by much. The LED lighting on the Nova's are way better. I understand why drivers in most cases leave the right side off(on all OC buses) especially at night to reduce glare on the window while driving(I don't fault them for that, only trying to drive safer)
  13. Only if your at the front. At the rear it's horrible. The only 3 things I hate about the Invero: Interior lighting Destination sign A/C The rest I is ok. For the A/C the reason people open the rear windows s because the A/C sucks back there.
  14. I wonder how there first day went yesterday(Thursday)? Not even sure what there schedule is(Days) I know the times?
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