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  1. Log Books I'm jurious. Do OC drivers need/have to keep a log book of how many hours they drivenin a day and also how many KMS they drive a day like Truck drivers & highway coach drivers do?
  2. Well at least those living in "Hull sector" downtown close enough to walk to get a OC Bus are the lucky ones.
  3. From my understanding OC present contract with Drivers & mechanics is scheduled to end sometime I believe in 2019 or 2020.
  4. But this is for the Trillium Line not Confederation line. Ones Electric the other Diesel.The thing is they have 6 trains presently and asuming Stage 2 gets its funding from the Feds and still gets it from the province, who many will thewy need. Airprt Link 1 or 2)Thats where they should of run the Bombardier Talents. Main line? at present 4? How many more? I have a feeling OC will run full service during rush hour 6-9/3-6 the whole lenght but between 9-3 &6-midnigh I only see 15-30 min service between South Keys & Bowmanville or what ever the name is for the farest new station. I think they should sray with the Alstons Diesel trains.And when stage 2 opens up for the Confederation Line buy a few more Alstons(not sure how many)for the Confederation Line. This way tour system stays the same. If there only going to use 1 train for the Airport link(from my understanding it'll be a seperate operation from the main link) why get rid of the Talents use them there 1 train for service the other as spare.
  5. It doesn't say how many though? I do know in the last round of Gas Money" the provnce gave OC money to buy two extra trains. The catch here is who wil bid and who wil win? If Alston wins they'll simply supply the sa,e trains presently. If Bombardier wins not sure what type of trains tey give. Using two types of trains on the system is that good?
  6. True Stage 2 is different and if not mistaken there wil only be two short tunnels. One near Dominion Station & the other (I believe between Queensway Station & Either Pinecrest or Bayshore, the rest I believe is surface.Now grant you it'll be a different company biddy on the project and I'm not sure how they do the tunnels/(Cut and cover? or boring-same as stage 1 or boring machine like the one TTC used for their subway?)_
  7. Two groups to blame here. Group 1 City Of Ottawa setting an unrealistic timeline to have it open. Group 2 RTG for excepting that timeline and now rushing the job at workers safty(RTG has been cited several times now by MOL invesigatords) and not wantting to pay late fees plus getting a bad rap for not complete a job on time?
  8. Looking thru that web site and section "New Vehicles"Showing the LRT seats? I didn't get a chance to see the mock up when it was at Lansdown, but the look uncomfortable? I'm just wondering why they didn't decide yo put seats like they have on the DD/D60LFRs or like they have on the O0-Train?
  9. STO Management just doesn't get it. The drives & mechanics are fed up with being "screwed over" This will go to full strike and it'll be a long one as I dought it that feds will order them back anytime soon.
  10. The thing is you can't have Transit security everywhere at the same time.You can't expect transit security to travel along the O-Train line 24/7/365. Just like you can't expect Transit Security to be at every single Transitway station. Once both Stage 1 & 2 of the LRT are open and other Transitway Stations are operational you still going to get incidents happen be it swarming or something else. Even with CCTV you still will get incidents at Stations. Putting Transit Security 24/7/365 at every station is just cost prohibited.
  11. GreenPower? Didn't even know they existed? Nice line of buses? The issue of bus purchases Bulk vs small quantity is debatable and depends on how one views it. True you get a better price if you buy in bulk. The only one draw back about buying in bulk is if a Transport Canada recall/defect in which that bus model are ordered off the road. (Vary rare )but if it happens. You SOL if you have 200+ of that model?
  12. LRT Ottawa<--->Gatnaue With the mayor wanting a possible link with the LRT between OIttawa & Gatnaue, using the Prince Of Wales Bridge I see a way that OC & STO could no longer "Classified" as inter-provincial service and ther for would fall under Ontario instead of Federal rules. I've seen a pic Now where that Island is between the two bridges I do believe that the provincial board runs down the middle of the Island, Now OC only needs to stop the train before it hits the Quebec side, put the LRT station on the Ontario side, while on the Quebec side you out a STO Rapid Bus station and convert the outher bridge to Bus, and you remve all STO Bus service from Ottawa and you remove all bus service from Gatnaue.
  13. Here's the thing, outside this board the majority of bus riders(probably 98%)could care less what type of bus shows up as long as one shows up. Once LRT opens those that presently have one bus trip(Point A to Point B), in most case will need to transfer at least once or (twice if going to Gatneau)are going to be pissed, but there's not much you can do. As for Hybrid buses true the Orion VII was crap, but what other manifactures> There are plenty of therm out there besides Novabus & NFI? there are Setra Scania Volvo Van Hool Man Mercedes NABI just to name a few. Why does it only need to be Novabus or NFI. If these European manifacturs have Eletric/Desiel or just Electric versions of buses and are have presumablying having success, then lok towards them? Yes it maybe more expensive, but if you want quality over quantity then prehaps thats the way to go. Not saying we should, but just look at it. As for service I agree with Centralsmt, service is not reliable presently and I'm guessing it doing to get worst with Phase 1 opens, even more worst when Phase 2 opens.
  14. The thing I find interesting is "bus acquisitions"? If there going to need "more" buses, why then get rid of the Hybrids? The catch here is how many buses will be 'needed or bought' the cost factor vs the cost factor of converting the Hybrids to diesel? I still think getting rid of the Hybrids and lay off so many drivers is going to bite OC in the ASS, when they find out the problems after Stage 1 opens, because I don't believe what OC is saying that they'll have enough drivers and buses to do transfers bewtween LRT & bus?