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  1. I din't know if the Talents are operational or not, if so it would be nice to sdee them justrun on the airport link instead of the other trains they want to run on that part.
  2. The one thing about the 90XX D40's & the 92XX D40's where the window frames On the 92XX D40's where all black and had 2 flip down windows at the top, while the 90XX D40's where silver and had both a 1 & 2 Flip down windows as you can see in this pic. I'm not sure of why the change.
  3. About time!! When your short it's hard to reach the bar
  4. The LRT will eventually be running without "major issues" in time. I'm not sure how long that will be, but in all honesty yes the LRT is having issues, but come on you can't tell me that other transit systems in the entire world do have major issues with there systems? The point is because we live in Canada we simple don't here about what's happening on foreign transit systems. Unless you have some terrorist attack or major issue like a shooting or fire that kills many people, you don't hear rickety boo on it.
  5. I need some help, helping out a friend. Would anyone have any pics of any Colonial Coach Lines? Preferably a PD 4109? Or a site that may contain Col;onial Coach pics? Any help would do. I tried Googling it but nothing really comes up that's useful. Thanks
  6. They'll never solve the issue with bed bugs. You can spray all the bus interiors all you want and within a month if some individuals have bags or other sources that are infected with bed bugs, there going to leave some behind. We have that issue at the main library with bed bugs, individuals bring books back with bed bugs, you'll never solve the issue, unless your willing to spray your entire fleet on a weekly bases(every bus) Cold doesn't kill them it just makes them go dormant, extreme heat or spray kills them. The issue with bed bugs is a big problem with the city. The city's City Living, Shelters and other city/community owned buildings all have issues with bed bugs and its costing $$$$$ for the city to spray and try and control the issue.
  7. In all honesty the only ones to blame is the city? If they originally never had stated and where't going to lay off those drivers,there where going to lay off close to 200 hundred or so drivers I dought there be a shortage today. Simply put who would want a job where you know you would be layed off with in a year or those already there and knew they only had a short time left and found other jobs.I'll bet most of the drivers would still be there. Grant you I know some retired but I still believe a lot of those drivers now gone would still be there.
  8. Does anyone have pic of this so called "R1 Sticker"?
  9. Oh sorry I thought it was you that made the mistake driving the wrong way, No Biggie the main thing is no one got hurt and everything worked out for the better.
  10. That was you!! OH well mistakes happen, at least you weren't charged.
  11. At present it takes the LRT(Confederation Line) about 25 mins from Tunney's Pasture to Blair? I'm just curious as when the 95 was running, how long did it take the 95 to run from Trim Road to Baseline Station(non-rush hour/rush hour)? I'm just wondering how long it will take the LRT to travel(running time)from Baseline to Trim? I know it will take at least 25 mins+? I'm guessing probably some where between 50 to 60 mins(Baseline to Trim rush hour)?
  12. I'm not sure, but someone correct me if I'm wrong here, but I do believe all the switching and signal lights for the Trim Line are controlled from the I think its either CN or CP not sure which control center in Montreal as, the switches & signal lights for the Confederation line are controlled out of the Belfast Maintaine building?
  13. I suspect one of the other Rural may pick it up. But what they can't find another driver to do the work?
  14. On the issue of posting photo's and copyright of those photo;s, what happens when you don't know who the original owner is? I've bought over 100+ over the years of slides from Ted Wickson, as well through E Bay auctions? The E Bay auction slides doesn't credit who took the slide just the individual selling the slide,who may not be the original copyright holder? what do you do in that case? Grant you I need to buy a new slide scanner for the computer, but have tons of slides of OC, TTC, Gray Coach, Voyageur, GO Transit., Greyhound and various other Bus Manufactures.
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