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  1. Hello all, I've updated cw.daytontrolleys.net with photos from the most recent fan trip from August, the Hoosier Traction Meet. I've also sorted more recent photos of the new fleet on their respective pages, so be sure to check them out. Lastly, I've uploaded two new videos recently to YouTube of the fan trips this year. Enjoy!
  2. That's good to hear that 31 Kiepe trolleybuses are on property! Thanks for keeping us up to date on what Skodas are left. I heard 9845 is in the building across the street. If I have this down correctly 9813, 9814, 9839, & 9844 should still be around. Unless they were sent off.
  3. Thanks for the update. I've seen 1964 in revenue service. What are the fleet numbers of the Skodas still left in the barn? What happened to the others?
  4. Yes, actually all 12 remaining ETI-Skodas are officially retired. I was there to hear the news and I have a list of all the remaining ETIs. ETI-Skoda 9835 will be the only one kept and added to the historical fleet. The bad Fall construction schedule in downtown and the recent revenue service of the new Kiepe trolleybuses have finally parked the ETIs for good. GDRTA is planning an event in the Spring for a last ride on ETI-Skoda 9835. I leave you all tonight with my last video of the ETI-Skodas and the very last known video of the ETI-Skoda trolleybuses in revenue service. Date taken October 4th, 2019 - Dayton RTA ETI-Skodas 9803, 9809 & 9835 Eastown Hub 10-4-19
  5. Today history was made. Kiepe 1951-56 saw revenue service at some point in the day. I got video of 1952 operating off wire to get around lane closures on Third St. Stay tuned for photos on my site. Video here - Dayton RTA Kiepe Trolleybus 1952 on Third St. November 25th, 2019
  6. Today marks a milestone, Kiepe 1954 entered revenue service today on Rt. 4 - Dayton RTA Kiepe Trolleybus 1954 - First Day in Revenue Service Next week we should see more running on Rt. 4. Stay tuned for more photos and video.
  7. One of the ETI-Skodas has been donated to a group in the Czech Republic. They have the trolleybus but need funds to transport it back home. Here is the story with a video - LET'S GET BACK THE CZECH TROLLEYBUS FROM THE USA! This also includes a link to their crowdfunding site in the article.
  8. I misreported the above new paint scheme was going back to the drawing board because I heard reports that board members didn't like the paint scheme. I was originally under the impression that the whole board didn't like it. I was wrong. With that said here is an article from Dayton Business Journal - https://www.bizjournals.com/dayton/news/2018/04/24/greater-dayton-rta-unveils-design-for-electric.html
  9. Dayton RTA revealed a new paint scheme for the new NexGen dual-mode battery electric trolleybuses today. This scheme will be used on the production units that we should start seeing next year. Attached is a photo of Vossloh-Keipe 1404 in the new scheme. More photos from today at cw.daytontrolleys.net
  10. Hi its Jake how you been ?

  11. For those following what's going on in Dayton. Here are a few updates from etbetb's website: http://www.daytontrolleys.net/pictures/dtnet_sub_misc_trolleystatus.htm & here are some pictures and information from my portion of the site: http://cw.daytontrolleys.net/ Lots of good news coming from Dayton! I think we need another "tour of trolley operations", since most of the wire is live! (except Rt. 2 westbound) Enjoy!
  12. No problem. I'm just glad that things are getting done around here. I've also just got a report that RTA had worked all morning to hang wire at Woodman and Patterson for Rt. 7. They still need to finish the turning brackets for the wire, but progress was made today. I'm not sure if when this is all complete if they'll run trolleys out there or if they will wait until the next driver pick three months from today. I do expect a test run once finished. More updates and pictures will be posted on etbetb's website and mine too.
  13. Just wanted to give a brief update on things. Starting tomorrow Rt. 8 will be back as a trolley. It will be using the new one mile of wire that was installed as seen in etbetb's post on his page. The only catch that we've heard is that they only plan to run trolleys on 8 for an hour. They just don't have enough drivers trained yet to run the full day. I plan to be out and about tomorrow afternoon/early evening to see what I can spot. As for other operations 1/2 franchise run is back to diesel due to bridge construction on Rt. 2. To my knowledge 3 is still ran as a trolley during it's three runs and 4 has been off and on depending on which driver is running the route. As of recent Rt 5 has returned as trolley since Brown St. construction is completed. So the next trolley to come back is 7 but we've haven't heard much on that story. RTA still needs to install wire around Woodman and Patterson turn around. You'll find more updates and pictures here: http://daytontrolleys.net/pictures/dtnet_sub_misc_trolleystatus.htm http://cw.daytontrolleys.net/
  14. Sign-in sheet can be found here: http://proc.greaterdaytonrta.org/
  15. Article from the local newspaper about new dual-mode trolleys: http://www.daytondai...al-funds/nP2Yw/
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