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  1. doglover44

    MUNI (San Francisco, CA)

    I been noticing almost all the Skodas are retired
  2. doglover44

    Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    Some Greyhound buses look pretty beat up
  3. doglover44

    Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    Is Greyhound getting any new buses ?
  4. doglover44

    ETS Photos

  5. doglover44

    Greater Dayton RTA

    Gillig is just building the shell the power train/trolley equipment will be installed in Atlanta All the shell is a BRT CNG model
  6. doglover44

    Greater Dayton RTA

    No the it wasn't set in stone yet fall of 2017 was when it was officially the purchase agreement was signed
  7. doglover44

    Greater Dayton RTA

    Update the 1st production Next Gen will be on the assembly line in December at Gillig then sent to GA to Vosch Kiep for trolley equipment then be in Dayton by April
  8. doglover44

    Broward County Transit Bus Update

    Very interesting fleet
  9. doglover44

    New Gillig model

    I can't imagine what a Gillig Artic would look like ?
  10. doglover44

    Sun Tran

    Never heard of Sun Tran must not be a big agency ?
  11. doglover44

    Palm Tran update

    Are they getting new Advantages ?
  12. doglover44

    King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    Hows the Gillig order coming ?
  13. doglover44

    Greater Dayton RTA

  14. doglover44

    Valley Metro (Phoenix)

    Are the Gilligs in service
  15. doglover44

    King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    Have any 7300's arrived yet ?