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  1. Update 8/25/19 Some 2010 Hybrids are heading to scrap and retired. There are 3 30 ft and 2 40 ft Hybrids running the Flyer service. Gillig NextGen trolleys 1951-1955 have arrived 1951 is all ready for service with decals cameras and fairbox in place the others are next in line also if your coming to Dayton to see/ride Skoda trolleys better get here before Nov cause after that there will be enough NexGen trolleys to be able to retire the Skoda fleet.
  2. What other characters will have wraps ?
  3. How are the Trolleys doing up there ?
  4. How are the Trolleys holding up
  5. The Skodas will still be here a while till they get the full order currently there is no trolleys running we had a tornado Memorial Day weekend hit parts of Dayton and have been working on wires that and construction downtown
  6. Did the Gilligs arrive ?
  7. The 1st production NexGen arrived late May been in the trolley shop isn't road ready yet.
  8. We just got our 2019 Low Floor Advantages last fall
  9. I been noticing almost all the Skodas are retired
  10. Gillig is just building the shell the power train/trolley equipment will be installed in Atlanta All the shell is a BRT CNG model
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