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  1. I would love to see a double Decker in person someday
  2. It's true if one breaks down its out the door we already got 8 Nexgen trolleys 1951-1958 so far. Since the beginning of Oct there has been no trolley service doing work on lines and will out for a month
  3. Seems Seems everyone is gong New Flyer for trolleys but us
  4. Its said 109 has to be parts for 110 to be alive
  5. Im so happy we still have 109 and 110 here in Dayton !
  6. Our Skodas here in Dayton are starting to retire
  7. Update 9/3019 Our new 2019 40 ft Gilligs go into service today !
  8. Glad to see there starting to go electric
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