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  1. doglover44


    Why does it seem everyone's going Gillig?
  2. doglover44

    Who's buying buses?

    Seems everyone's going Gillig
  3. doglover44

    King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    Are they getting new Gilligs
  4. doglover44

    Valley Metro (Phoenix)

    I heard there getting new Gilligs is that true ?
  5. doglover44


    Is there any news on the Transink trolley system
  6. doglover44

    2018 Transit Fanning goals

    What are your fanning goals for 2018 I am gonna get out more and try to get our garage and our current 1998 Skoda/ETI trolleys before they get replaced by Gillig NextGens
  7. doglover44

    Dream place to fan

    Where is your dream place to do fanning the most I wanna go to NYC