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  1. likely the rest of the decker order is replacements for 9001-9010 and 9507
  2. correction. 9734 is active. and bad ordered as of this evening.
  3. In Victoria as of this week: 8105, 8107, 8112 and 8117 9746 and 9748 for sure, 8098 is in the shop AFAIK, 9734 never made it to service, flunked inspection and was last seen Friday night at VTC wearing scrap tires.
  4. The 12-13 year lifecycle is a fleet management decision that applies to 2009 and newer conventional vehicles. Based on American practices related to federal funding for new equipment every 12 years, the theory behind the change is that it saves one power train rebuild, and avoids potential mid-life rehab work such as had to be undertaken with the D40LFs Tridents and Darts. And Nova offered a 12 year warranty on the shells, which shields BCT from structural repair costs. But, the 2006-08 Novas are on the old 20 year lifecycle model, and Translink units are slated to run (is it) 17 years (?). So Novas don't last 12 years, they last as long as you run them and if necessary rehab them...... I suspect if the shells are still viable the 2009 and newer Novas will be life extended to 18- 20 years if there is not a technological reason to replace them (ie electric or other propulsion) since after 13 years they will be bought and paid for. It would be similar to the case back in the late 80s and 90s for retaining BC Hydro fishbowls, which were wholly owned, vs. replacing with new equipment. which had annual finance costs. 762 and 767 were rebuilt as the first units in a program which would have seen all the 1966-72 victoria fishbowls rebuilt for another 15 years of service. (yes, 15). But, Vic had no accessible conventional service, and the D40LF was coming on the market, and New Flyer gave BCT a pretty good price to get them on board, so the rebuild program was scrapped. In 1997 the guidelines for retaining or retiring a pre-1978 Fishbowl were: annual review of condition of bus. if the cost of keeping a unit active was less than the annual finance/depreciation cost of a replacement unit, (about 15K) the bus was retained. If cost was estimated as more, it was recommended for retirement. Which usually, but not always, happened.
  5. Did a walk past at VTC the other day; IIRC 0223 and 0227 looked like CVIP'd, fareboxes installed, waiting for plates and sign codes programmed. 0221 also being worked on; Williams Lake Dart with fleet # decals removed red tagged.
  6. Since there is a 12 year warranty on the bus shell, this would be on Nova's tab.
  7. Built in a rush?? explain, and give evidence. Make an FOI request to get the RFP (which was issued c.2007) if necessary. If you do, I will split any costs. From an operational standpoint: 1/. crappy old darts beats crappy new(ish) Arbocs 2/. Victoria has more flexibility in terms of deployment (ie service hours/Kms) 3/. costs of repairs easily buried in a flexible budget Manny the CEO pushed BCT toward a 13 year life cycle for its conventional fleet in the late 2000s. There were several reasons Nova won the contract(s), apart from price, they agreed to 1/. substantial penalties for late delivery, and 2/. a 12 year warranty on the body shell. Very important at the time, since BCT had been dealing, and was still dealing with, major structural issues with its D40LFs.
  8. 9705 is in Victoria. Returned to service this month after a summer off, and my impression is it is a bit of a heap. Has a lot of odd bumps and rattles like the worst of the the 8040s.
  9. Apparently a fire at a recycling plant next to the Chilliwack yard destroyed four Novas and damaged other units. http://www.theprogress.com/news/390124681.html
  10. The arbocs could be headed to auction, but my gosh, seems like they just got here, or is time just flying?
  11. BC Transit aka the province does provide a share of funding for all the systems.
  12. 9527 is out all the time because it is in good repair and is part of the active conventional fleet. The 9750s that are in town see regular bookouts, and have seen Darts getting weekend work on the 21 and 22 fairly often. April sheet is fast approaching, and with it the end of part time Community bus pieces. Will be interesting to see how the fleet utilization changes (in theory an arboc could wind up doing a tripper on a major route) and whether rumoured fleet transfers (ie 9900 series Darts to Victoria) will occur.
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