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  1. Wiki is correct for what it says (except for the Glendale/RPTA part)...it is operated by Total Transit...but it's the Buckeye Circulator. But if you go to the Ajo Transportation website, it says that it operates the Buckeye short trips. It would be quite a haul to ferry that bus from Ajo to Buckeye everyday to do those trips. Then again, it's 35 miles from Total Ride yard to Buckeye. The other Buckeye bus is 41141 (which is operated by Ajo). ZOOM has 1617-1622 and 1644-1649. POGO has 2254-2259 which is also Total Ride, Found another listing that shows 41141 and 1643 garaged in Buckeye.
  2. If the priority is to get rid of the D40LFRs... That's the Buckeye Circulator. I can't find any information as to whether that is running, and it may not have a transponder (like Peoria). It's a Spirit of Mobility (like Peoria). Edited - isn't that the "Route 685" short route that operates within Buckeye city limits? That can't possibly be operated by Ajo.
  3. Valley Metro says it wrote checks for two MCIs in May, one on June 9, three more on June 29. That should include 7014-7019. Also there is word that it intends to eliminate seven East Valley Express roundtrips in October, including route 541 entirely. That would cool the needs for more MCIs right away.
  4. D60LFAs are on 112 Country Club/Arizona, and occasionally 45 Broadway or 61 Southern. Check here https://www.transsee.ca/routelist?a=valleymetro on your day of travel to find which routes they are on. Valley Metro XN60 and DE60LFR also operate these routes, as well as 77 Baseline. El Dorados are only on Tempe Orbit services. Only one route does NOT serve the Tempe Transportation Center so you should probably start there. Also try the Tempe Streetcar, which just started. If you want the Phoenix XD60s, they mainly run east-west on routes from Van Buren to Camelback, and north-south routes from maybe, 32nd St to 35th Ave. XN60s are Express only.
  5. 1. I know industry consultants. 2. I know which public documents to weed though (plus, the FTA manual is available online).
  6. I wouldn't attempt to figure it out. All of the funding gets funneled through Phoenix. You can swap "replacement credits" between agencies. One thing I forgot - the last 41 Compobuses (which have been gone for some time) didn't qualify for replacement funding until this year.
  7. Which is why I said "on paper". I think the LFAs have already been replaced "on paper". You get FTA funding for replacements, but keep running the old buses.
  8. A D40LFR; if it's RPTA and the decals have been removed, then it has already been sold. Probably one of the units auctioned last time out. I was told that the group 6669-6697 would be replaced "next year". The green DE60LFRs would be replaced (at least on paper) by MCIs.
  9. Just noticing this afternoon, 40 ft. Gilligs on ALEX. Yikes!
  10. That's W.W. Williams, a maintenance facility
  11. I see we're now up to "J" in that license plate sequence.... Do these get replaced because the paint comes off of the old plates?
  12. I dug through meeting minutes; the Scottsdale Transit Manager said the schedule needs twelve buses, 5 are spares, and rest "held in contingency".
  13. The three 2020 buses were purchased as expansion buses, since Scottsdale couldn't receive FTA funds to replace 2013 buses. I haven't found an FTA funding request to acquire additional expansion buses.
  14. RPTA buys for the surrounding city services. 1585/1586/1588 (Mesa Buzz) are 2013, while 1587 is a 2014. The Buckeye Circulator bus is also a 2014, but I'm not sure that still runs. The replacements are probably for Buzz, which should be Starcrafts or ARBOCs. I'm wondering if New Flyers have already been ordered (on the current contract), and will be received (and paid for) in the coming fiscal year. The contract price from five years ago (even with escalations) has to be a whole lot better than anything contracted for this year.
  15. The latest RPTA budget shows that for FY 2023 (which starts Friday), it plans to acquire 48 "standard buses", 8 battery electric buses, 3 circulators, and 6 MCIs. What's interesting is that the New Flyer contract runs out in September, and there is no new bid on the horizon. And there is no contract price for electric buses (and related equipment).
  16. 8105 is showing at Megan's, so likely getting body work.....
  17. They got more money for the first two...
  18. I'm not sure. 12News photos:
  19. The bid for the "Green-Technology" buses is on the street. New Flyer, Nova, Gillig, Proterra attended the Pre-Offer Conference. Bid closes in July, award probably in September.
  20. I wonder if they're trying to keep the miles down on the ARBOCs, or push the miles up on the D40s? After summer, it looks like ZOOM may be overstocked with ARBOCs.
  21. Looks like 23 buses should be plenty, since it appears that D40LFRs aren't used at ZOOM during rush hour. Years ago it was 20 D40LFRs and 3 RTS. It appears that 6877 has been at Phoenix West for nearly a month. And speaking of ZOOM, 1649 is back at the ARBOC factory.
  22. Without getting into a big explanation, it doesn't work that way. I meant 7014, anyway.
  23. 7013? It looks like you need 18 buses to run express services. Removing 6495 and 6498 leaves 23 buses at the yard. I'm not sure what the load is for ZOOM; there are two D40LFRs running there during the PM rush, while two that were working ZOOM earlier in the day are doing PM express service.
  24. 3we


    Hele-on has selected Roberts Hawaii to operate a fleet of hydrogen-powered buses. The first bus, a 2014 Aero Elite, was donated by the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute in 2019 and converted to hydrogen by US Hybrid. It will run on routes 202, 203, and 204 shortly. It will also receive two hydrogen-powered 2012 Aero Elites from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, which are being upgraded with same propulsion unit that the 2014 bus has. There apparently three more buses in the mix, for which I don't have details.
  25. Looks like 8515 is at the Cummins service center in Mesa. Buses frequently hang out there.
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