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  1. I'm wondering if there are more RAPIDs than we know about. In a New Flyer press release from September 2017, it said that Phoenix converted 30 options (16 XN40 + 14 XN60). That would cover 7313-7328 and 7186-7199. Not that I ever see RAPID, but those should have been here by the end of 2018.
  2. No, that would be plural possessive (The LFS' engines are powered by compressed natural gas.) Instead, the engines on our Nova LFSs are powered by compressed natural gas. If it weren't an abbreviation, you'd add an -es.
  3. Auxiliary AC condenser. Some of the New Flyers were retrofitted, but not in a pod.
  4. I haven't seen one of those in a a long time, since they were taken off Rural Road. More recently I have seen many more RPTA 6600s on 56/66/81/104/140/156, instead of Gilligs or Tempe green C40LFRs.
  5. When the competing bids are evaluated, Gillig scores the most points.
  6. Looks like the Commuter Coach contract will go to MCI, for 30 D45 CRT LE coaches (plus 20 options). The only other bidder was Prevost. Also six ARBOC Spirit of Equess buses to replace the Aero Elites on Zoom North.
  7. The Gilligs are 2018. The Excelsiors are 2019 (I think). 8519 is a 2008. The Compobus fleet is down to less than 25, so there must be more Rapids in service. I only saw up to 7175 and 7310 in service a few months ago.
  8. Cerberus Capital owned both NABI and Blue Bird (since 2006), the latter through its Traxis Group affiliate. Cerberus sold NABI to New Flyer. In 2014, Traxis sold much of the stock to Hennessey Capital, which took Blue Bird public. In 2016, American Securites purchased the remaining shares from Traxis, and it still owns about 43% of shares.
  9. Big Memorial Day sale yesterday - 7121 $1600 / 7125 $1100 / 7128 $1400 / 7130 $1600 / 7133 $1700 / 7134 $500 / $7139 $1500 6511 $3000 / 6515 $4100 / 6520 $3600 / 6522 $3600 / 6527 $4000 / 6529 $4000 / 6531 $2900 / 6566 $2600 8048 $1600
  10. I downloaded the Altoona test report for the Wright RTV. The photo of the test vehicle had no markings (except for RTC colors), but the VIN of the test vehicle matches the VIN of 012. The dates of that test were 4/14/09 to 10/2/09 (if that's worth anything).
  11. The bid for the Commuter Coaches is active. The proposed schedule is for five coaches in year 1, twenty in year 2, six in year 4, plus five options each in years 2-5. It is accepting bids for both "Low Entry" and "High Entry" coaches.
  12. Well, it seems like conforming to one color scheme is out the window. Even keeping the same template with different colors would be reasonable. But this is pretty close to 6811 et al.
  13. I don't have a good handle as to how high the 5200 series Gilligs go. I've seen 5250 but I thought I saw a video with 5259. I think there are two additional batches of 15 each from 5601.
  14. Look again on Friday. I find they sometimes pop-up closer to auction time.
  15. Just the West Maui Islander, which is an EZ Rider.
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