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  1. What is kind of interesting is that one person bought both of the Compobuses, while two others fought it out for the New Flyers.
  2. 8053 running Wednesday evening on 7th St.
  3. 3we

    BYD "E-Bus"

    Coming back to New Mexico (and maybe to a transit agency near you): New Mexico General Services Department selects BYD
  4. Meanwhile, the S700 pilot cars arrived 11 months ago, but have apparently not entered service. Valley Metro S700 arrives
  5. In addition to all of the XD60s delivered last month, Phoenix also picked up XN60 7192. It looks like Phoenix will issue another bid request this spring for as many as 300 40-foot buses.
  6. I haven't seen 8131 yet....
  7. There were five XD60s delivered in December. If my count is right, that would take us to 8135.
  8. MARY and ALEX circulators have been running newer buses lately, 3003-3005 for MARY and 3006-3008 for ALEX. I just saw 3006, looked like a StarCraft Allstar. Also, RPTA took delivery of 3030 in November, an ARBOC Spirit of Equess. Not sure where that is headed.
  9. And in November added 7328, 8129, 8130, 7189, 7190, 7191
  10. This order seems to be a mixed bag. There have been four XN40 Rapids (7324-7327) mixed in with the 4 XN40 transits (5275-5278). And one XD60 transit (8128) along with 3 XN60 Rapids (7186-7188).
  11. Probably everything moved up a week due to the holiday. Looks like Phoenix is up to 5661 on XD40s, 7327 on RAPID XN40s, and has added 8128 as an XD60.
  12. I saw 7001 with this format, but a Mesa Gillig still had the original programming.
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