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  1. Phoenix took 5 XD60s in January. It looks like the Gillig spigot was turned off in December.
  2. January RPTA delivery: 6843
  3. Speaking of new paint, Kinki Sharyo car #104 is now in Valley Metro colors.
  4. Well, the planned delivery schedule that was in the 2014 contract didn't seem to agree at all with what actually happened. The 2017 contract calls for 14 XD60s, plus 5 XD60 options and 15 XN60 options in the current contract year.
  5. And 16 more Gilligs in December.
  6. RPTA December deliveries: 1638 6839/6844/6845/6846
  7. I did some data dumpster diving on Phoenix Transit deliveries over the last couple of years: Gillig: 34 CNGs were delivered April and May 2018 (5241-5274). They were immediate followed by 12 diesels in May and June, presumably 5600-5611. 13 more diesels in February and March 2019 (presumably 5612-5624). Only one (diesel) shows delivered in November. Data elsewhere suggests 15 in this batch (converted options, last Gilligs for Phoenix). New Flyer: 20 XD60s (one November 2017, the remainder January-March 2018) (8102-8121) 10 XN40s November 2017-January 2018 (maybe 7300-7309) (is there a 7300?). 14 XN40s January 2019-May 2019 2 XN60s March 2018 (I've lost count with these, 7173-7174?) (any other XN60s were before July 2017) 11 XN60s January 2019-May 2019.
  8. El Dorado 1632-1642 delivered October (1638 excluded). 6826, 6832, 6836, 6840, 6841 delivered October. 6833, 6837, 6842 delivered November.
  9. I did find some notes...the fleet plan showed 16 "expansion" buses and 29 replacement buses for FY 2020 (where we are now). This is in addition to the MCIs.
  10. I don't have my notes handy, but the MCI order probably derails some of the plans for XD40s. It's interesting to note that RPTA exercised options for 24 XN40s in April and 27 more in October. I wouldn't expect to see these until next year, so the end is in sight for the 6600s. The one-door XN40s wouldn't be replaced before 2024, which is after the current NFI contract ends. They should remain on current services that don't use the (green) DE60LFRs or XN60s.
  11. I think the current group of XN40s are "expansion buses". Even if the 20 MCI options are exercised, there won't be enough of these to operate all of the express routes. The commuter coaches are intended to operate on freeway routes, and to bump articulated buses from express routes to local routes. I think that Total Transit will operate a mix of MCIs and XD40s. The group of buses for which I have never seen a replacement schedule for is 7001-7009. I see these on Ray Rd. frequently.
  12. October RPTA deliveries 6823 6829 6830 6831 6835 6838
  13. Are there any CompoBuses left in service? My cheat sheet says there are 13 that have not been sent to auction.
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