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  1. On 12/24/2019 at 5:12 PM, bus_7246 said:

    Most likely no. That measure was actually installed to prevent the switch motor box lid from continuously sliding off and moving about as cars and trucks ran it over

    Well, I know that it didn't quite look like what they said, but on the other hand it was originally reported to be by River St. I figure it was worth taking some pictures while waiting for the (quite delayed) CLRV to poke its way to the west end.

  2. I went out Saturday and had a nice long ride (to a non-productive visit to a bank in the Beach(es)) on a couple of CLRVs. I take it from the comments that none (or very few) were out on Sunday, and that there's no prospect of them being out next Saturday on Queen?

    So now we're down to CLRVs providing partial service on Bathurst, with a wandering 4178. Is there any pattern to 4178, or is it randomly running on Carlton?

  3. 14 hours ago, Shemar said:

    Actually it might be Birchmount taking their 84xx back as the 79xx receive VISION and return to regular service.

    With a number of 7900s repurposed or retired, are there enough of them plus the 8000s for Queensway to operate? The service summary claims there are 73 7900s operational, but I don't think we should count Sault Ste. Marie's buses in that.

  4. 21 hours ago, nfitz said:

    You won't get the $1.50 discount transferring to/from GO/TTC with Presto if you use separate cards during the same trip.

    Good thing that I don't do that. The walk to my local GO station is only marginally longer than the walk to the nearest TTC stop (and with the removal of a streetcar stop some years ago, I'd say that the GO station is about as close and easy to get to as the local Queen car stop). And there probably is no big advantage in taking GO and then transferring to TTC at Union to go elsewhere in the city; I might as well get on TTC from the get-go.

    15 hours ago, drum118 said:

    Why 2 when you can do everything on one card.

    I use my card on all GTA transit systems, as well in Ottawa without any problems. I used to have my card setup for a trip between 2 points that only allows me to tap once at my start point.

    Well, I have two cards. So I'm gonna use them.

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  5. 14 hours ago, raptorjays said:


    This is totally dumb... since there won't be any merit using presto card..

    There's only 5 cent difference between paying in cash and in presto


    Presto gives you two-hour transfer. I've used that feature a few times, where paying by cash at taking a transfer would require two or three fares (even if I was pushing the boundaries of the transfer rules).

    And right now, I have the choice of taking TTC downtown for $3.10 on Presto, or the train from Long Branch GO for $4.00. There can still be good reasons to take the TTC, but as the TTC gets more expensive compared to GO, the train becomes preferred. And of course I do need a Presto card for GO, so I will use it for TTC as well.*

    *Actually I have two Presto cards; I use one for GO and the other for TTC. I don't use either that much; the cards are not registered; and I usually top up with cash at the GO station.

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  6. 25 minutes ago, smallspy said:

    From my recollections, the issue with Legion Rd. had nothing to do with any structures, but moreover as a tie-in with a relocated Mimico GO Station. And those plans ended in the 1

    What I recall, they wanted to have PROW from the Humber loop exit to the new loop. The existing bridge wasn't quite suitable, so the plan was dropped. There are people with better knowledge of the situation, but I don't want to get them going on one of their frustrated rants by asking them again.

    Interestingly, in this 2015 staff report:

    1. The need for any loop west of Humber was deprecated;
    2. There was going to be a PROW from the Humber loop exit to Park Lawn

    Needless to say, a west-of-Humber loop is back in play. The PROW, while it even appeared on some of the local Councillor's messages sounding like a done deal, is nowhere to be seen.

    Those of us in south Etobicoke might as well munch popcorn and view the dramatic, plot-twisting fiction that is waterfront transit planning. (Or rant in frustration, see above.)

  7. 2 hours ago, smallspy said:

    Park Lawn Loop has long been wanted by the TTC as a way to get more service out to the newer condos that have been built around Lakeshore Blvd and Park Lawn. At one point, it was designated to be a terminus for the Harbourfront West LRT, and more recently to extend the Queen cars that turn at Humber.

    And yes, building it will render Humber Loop largely obsolete.

    As above - to increase the amount of service to the newer-built condos around the intersection of Lakeshore and Park Lawn. And soon, to the neighbourhood to be built on the former Peek Freans lands.  By running both the Queen and King cars - likely at similar, and thus interlaced headways - it allows people the choice of how to get downtown and minimize transfers at Roncesvalles.

    The TTC has had several plans, of various levels of solidity, for a loop west of Humber. I don't know if they were 100% connected with WWLRT planning, or also had some life independently.

    Originally, it was to be Legion Road, just west of Etobicoke Creek. I recall that there were concerns about the bridge across the creek (holding a PRW I presume), and anyway Legion Road is all condos now, so that's not happening.

    The next loop was to be at Park Lawn, but on the site of the bus loop used by the 66. If you assume Lake Shore runs E-W, then it's on the SW corner. (Really, it's the south or SE corner.) This was a cheap expedient plan, and has dropped away.

    Only recently (within this year I'd guess) has there been a successful push for a GO station and transit hub on the Mr Christie's (not Peek Frean) site, although various proposals have been floating around for a while--particularly a GO station that's much closer to the condo city centred around Park Lawn and Lake Shore than Mimico station is. That's the New Park Lawn loop (as opposed to the old never-built-for-streetcars-always-used-by-buses Park Lawn loop).

    TL;DR: TTC has long wanted a loop west of Humber, but the current location of the proposed loop is a recent development.



    306/306 Carlton

    Effective September 2, 2018

    No accessible vehicles currently operate on this route.


    (ETA: I think they mean 506/306?) Straight from:


    Proof: taken Monday night, December 2, 2019 ^_^:



    First car, seen leaving, is 4187. Tail end car is 4085. Unidentified CLRV with lights out in the middle.


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  9. Just now, Gil said:

    It's a BlogTO story, but other media have reported it as well.  Doug Ford has thrown in some additional money to get the "subway" from Renforth Station to Pearson's new transit hub.  How far along in the process are they in getting it from Mount Dennis to Renforth first?

    It's GTAA, not Doug, who ponied up the cash, when I read that article.

  10. 4581 approaching Long Branch loop.

    The eastbound shuttle buses on Lake Shore are signed up for Neville. Does this mean that all the shuttles are running Neville-Long Branch? WIthout being able to enter Humber loop, there's no really good place to short turn buses in the west end. Turning at Roncesvalles will overload through buses west of there, as the new condos around Windermere have made the Queensway stops pretty busy. I guess they could do Ellis Park-Lake Shore-Windermere. However the TTC service alert doesn't really say anything other than the buses are running via WIndermere and Lake Shore to route.

  11. 9 hours ago, nfitz said:

    Presumably they have yet to to inspect all 98 km of rail, other than a few blocks from Leslie to King, to ascertain if there's just a single affected part.

    Leslie to Broadview is 1.66 km one- way. There is also the shared 470m of track from Broadview to King, and 1.15km from Leslie to Coxwell which presumably is used by Carlton cars going into and out of service. All told, about 3.2 km of distance, times four rails. More than a "few blocks" but one assumes that rail is okay.

    I also assume that the damage is to the track brakes.

    Last night at 10:30 PM or so, the usual crowd of two or three buses in Long Branch loop, and five laying over on Lake Shore east of the loop. This morning only three laying over there, while another was sitting by the Tim Hortons at Thirty Eighth St.

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  12. 20 hours ago, DAT_28 said:

    TTC 3725 Training at St Clair and Keele


    11 hours ago, 7749 said:

    Not possible, 3725 was last seen 14 hours ago. I think you might've meant 3726 or some other unit.


    11 hours ago, Ultimate said:

    Trackers can be broken, more reliable to go with someones eye rather than a tracker.


    Well, I personally saw 3725 at around 7:40 AM on Thursday morning, heading up Weston Road and Ray Avenue to I presume the garage. (And going around corners ever so carefully.) So for sure it's out and about on a reasonably regular basis.

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  13. 5 minutes ago, TTC Guy said:

    will Streetcars stay on the 507(501L) during the whole mess?

    The only reason I can think of that would make this even remotely a possibility is if there's a lack of storage space for streetcars. Otherwise, buses are operationally much better.

    I don't have the statistics handy, but I would guess that Lake Shore has seen bustitution for a total of at least two to three years this decade. It's nothing new.

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  14. 2 hours ago, John Oke said:

    This part from a page on the TTC website shows that the 505 when Streetcars return may possibly be operating with Pantographs



    *Sorry for the bad highlighting 

    I don't know if that's necessarily the case. The new cars take more power, so there are general improvements to the overhead and feeder cables whether they are running poles or pantographs.

    Lake Shore Blvd should be pantograph-ready or close enough to it (I can't think of any sections that haven't been upgraded) but it's still poles on the 507 (aka 501L).

  15. On 11/4/2019 at 8:48 AM, PCC Guy said:


    The date stamp doesn't necessarily mean anything, but 4016 is seen here with 4238 parked behind it. According to posts in this thread, the axe fell on 4238 in January 2018, but it was still reported as sitting in Leslie Barns on August 15, 2018, before the "A" section was reported as being hauled away for scrap on August 24, 2018, as noted above. That means that, absence of further confirmation, we could date the above photo to any date between January and August 2018. Happily, there are no trees nearby that could help us pinpoint the truth.


    Assuming that bright blur in the overhead is the sun,  you could probably figure out a rough azimuth and altitude and try to match it up. If the direction we're viewing is east (I guess all these derelict cars face west), then the sun is pretty high up and maybe due east which would put us probably past the spring equinox, anyway. That would go with the lack of snow or salt residue on the ground.

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  16. 7 hours ago, smallspy said:

    You may be joking, but this is honestly a very valid suggestion. And it works for some people whose work hours are flexible.

    But what if your hours are not?

    I've been on the first subway train out of Kipling station in the morning, and it has a pretty good crowd. And there are still pretty good crowds at 10 AM on the Yonge line going north from Bloor (I had to stand until Eglinton the other day). I have a hard time imagining what shift you'd have to be on to get a relatively uncrowded ride.

    The roads are no better....I've been driving to work for 6 AM, and by 5:45 the 401 has a good crowd: better hope there isn't bad weather, or the whole thing will back up.

  17. On 10/12/2019 at 9:00 PM, andyman said:

    No interline. Both 110 and 37 will unload/load in front of the station. The 37 will loop around in the station and the 110 via Cordova and Central Prkwy.

    On 10/15/2019 at 11:44 AM, andyman said:

    It's been changed again. 110s to use Aberfoyle as they've been given approval for that. Starting Oct. 21 for approx. 2 months.

    So 110 continue north across Bloor, right on Aberfoyle, right on Bloor, left on Islington?

    I do see that the map showing where buses will stop has been removed from the construction notice. It originally had the 110 stop where it is currently after leaving the station, just before the SW corner. From what I've seen of traffic on Aberfoyle, this can really bog the bus down.

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