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  1. I caught 4085 westbound from Yonge to High Park loop (obviously on Carlton). When we got there at about 7:30 PM, two CLRVs were already laying over in the loop. So three CLRVs laying over in High Park loop....after the official removal of CLRVs from Carlton. I tried to take some pictures, but the angles were bad and of course it was night. I'll take a look if any are usable.
  2. 4581 approaching Long Branch loop. The eastbound shuttle buses on Lake Shore are signed up for Neville. Does this mean that all the shuttles are running Neville-Long Branch? WIthout being able to enter Humber loop, there's no really good place to short turn buses in the west end. Turning at Roncesvalles will overload through buses west of there, as the new condos around Windermere have made the Queensway stops pretty busy. I guess they could do Ellis Park-Lake Shore-Windermere. However the TTC service alert doesn't really say anything other than the buses are running via WIndermere and La
  3. Leslie to Broadview is 1.66 km one- way. There is also the shared 470m of track from Broadview to King, and 1.15km from Leslie to Coxwell which presumably is used by Carlton cars going into and out of service. All told, about 3.2 km of distance, times four rails. More than a "few blocks" but one assumes that rail is okay. I also assume that the damage is to the track brakes. Last night at 10:30 PM or so, the usual crowd of two or three buses in Long Branch loop, and five laying over on Lake Shore east of the loop. This morning only three laying over there, while another was sitting b
  4. That's actually a question I have: are any CLRVs making it out on 506? Extras don't appear, according to Steve Munro. I wouldn't mind catching a CLRV at High Park loop if possible, but I don't propose to stand out there for a few hours to confirm if there are or aren't CLRVs out....
  5. What goes to Queensway? I'm not sure how much maintenance the ES buses would need anyway. So what does the move make "easier"?
  6. Well, I personally saw 3725 at around 7:40 AM on Thursday morning, heading up Weston Road and Ray Avenue to I presume the garage. (And going around corners ever so carefully.) So for sure it's out and about on a reasonably regular basis.
  7. The only reason I can think of that would make this even remotely a possibility is if there's a lack of storage space for streetcars. Otherwise, buses are operationally much better. I don't have the statistics handy, but I would guess that Lake Shore has seen bustitution for a total of at least two to three years this decade. It's nothing new.
  8. The overhead over the special work is all upgraded--including the east-to-north curve. I assume it's done all around the loop itself. The loop was closed for a while for upgrades.
  9. I don't know if that's necessarily the case. The new cars take more power, so there are general improvements to the overhead and feeder cables whether they are running poles or pantographs. Lake Shore Blvd should be pantograph-ready or close enough to it (I can't think of any sections that haven't been upgraded) but it's still poles on the 507 (aka 501L).
  10. Assuming that bright blur in the overhead is the sun, you could probably figure out a rough azimuth and altitude and try to match it up. If the direction we're viewing is east (I guess all these derelict cars face west), then the sun is pretty high up and maybe due east which would put us probably past the spring equinox, anyway. That would go with the lack of snow or salt residue on the ground.
  11. I've been on the first subway train out of Kipling station in the morning, and it has a pretty good crowd. And there are still pretty good crowds at 10 AM on the Yonge line going north from Bloor (I had to stand until Eglinton the other day). I have a hard time imagining what shift you'd have to be on to get a relatively uncrowded ride. The roads are no better....I've been driving to work for 6 AM, and by 5:45 the 401 has a good crowd: better hope there isn't bad weather, or the whole thing will back up.
  12. So 110 continue north across Bloor, right on Aberfoyle, right on Bloor, left on Islington? I do see that the map showing where buses will stop has been removed from the construction notice. It originally had the 110 stop where it is currently after leaving the station, just before the SW corner. From what I've seen of traffic on Aberfoyle, this can really bog the bus down.
  13. I would think that, day to day, whatever is in the lineup is sent out. Given that the TTC is busily retiring its least reliable units (the NG hybrids), I assume that in the longer term, if it can retire 40 or 50 more of the least-reliable buses instead of keeping them active, then the overall bus fleet reliability increases. Odd that July's MBTF plummets drastically, after four consecutive months of improvement. Almost like someone said "we're getting rid of these units".
  14. I thought that when two cars are coupled using the drawbar, the second is pushing the first?
  15. The TTC's reliability statistics are suspect. Plus, whatever buses that would be pressed into service for bustitutions would presumably be the least reliable ones that otherwise would stay at the garage or retire. Plus, the CLRV fleet may well be getting more reliable as so many of the poorer performers are scrapped.
  16. If they would recognize 4178 as a streetcar if it was painted in the normal colours (which aren't that visible at night anyway), what will they think this is? Garden shed? Panda bear? Whatever the proportion of drivers who suddenly won't recognize 4178 as a streetcar, I expect that it's much outweighted by the proportion of drivers who don't know, or care, to stop for a streetcar with open doors. I rode 4178 from High Park loop to Queen's Park on Thursday evening, with no untoward events. (I wasn't planning on that particular car, it's just what showed up.) You want to see ca
  17. Apparently the closure of Islington station's bus bays will not have an impact on the running times of the TTC routes operating there. I can see that for the 110, which presumably will loop via Meadowvale and Green Lane, although the left turn will be tougher than at the light with the advance arrow. However 37 and 50 will presumably loop via Bloor and Aberfoyle, and I suspect that that will be a traffic nightmare.
  18. Would-be riders waiting for a streetcar try to board PCCs or even Witts that pause at a regular stop while on charter. Obviously transit riders can recognize a streetcar when they see one. Can we assume car drivers are as knowledgeable?
  19. Their business model is not to the benefit of their clients. I have seen many of their statements of claim (which the public can see too if they dig enough) and they're basically throwing mud against the wall. So they need to take a large part of the settlements that they do get.
  20. Around 9:30 this morning, something caused service on Lake Shore to be turned back at Kipling loop. West of there were a number of streetcars, all with their poles pulled down. I assume there was some issue related to overhead power, maybe one or both of the substations west of Kipling?
  21. This morning, I didn't hear "Watch right for traffic when exiting" when the streetcar was serving safety islands on Lake Shore and The Queensway. This was on three different cars, so I assume it's a programming change. Oddly, the streetcar making the first northbound stop on the narrow section of Roncesvalles (Marion I believe) still told us to watch for traffic. Presumably crazy cyclists, as only bicycles can fit by the streetcar and sidewalk.
  22. 3728 spotted this afternoon on Todd Baylis, sign says "TRAINING". That is one funky-looking bus.
  23. 1346 being towed back to Wilson Complex this morning.
  24. That google map is not really correct. This may not be 100%, but it's definitely closer. I know that the boundary north of Danforth was never just a straight line from the Don River, and also that once it dipped south of Danforth east of Luttrell, it never went up as far as the Danforth again. And if he's drawn the boundaries accurately, the tracks on Victoria Park are safely within the old City of Toronto. https://theintrepid.blogspot.com/2013/08/map-city-of-toronto-and-borrough-borders.html
  25. Depending on exactly where the boundary lies on Victoria Park, the right hand rail of the track on Vic Park heading to Bingham loop may be in Scarborough. Not East York either. The only east end streetcar loop I know of that was ever not within City of Toronto municipal limits was Birchmount loop. Luttrell loop was the east end of the Bloor carline because east of there, the boundary between Toronto and East York dipped south of Danforth (I think along the railway line. South of that EW portion, Victoria Park was the boundary....well down to Kingston Rd. anyway. Back in the old da
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