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  1. GO will happily sell you a fare and let you on the train whether or not you have parked at the station. Therefore it's not a de facto fare increase. The last mile problem is indeed something that Metrolinx needs to address. You'd be better off tying your argument to something like "fix the last mile problem!" I will note that reserved parking already runs $98/month as per GO's website. I'd guess that at least half of Long Branch's parking lot is reserved. Of course the rest of it is full before 7 AM. I guess you can go complain to Premier Doug. What will you say if the per-
  2. What, there was only one schedule, and they blew it by only two weeks? (Pg. 3 of https://www.ttc.ca/About_the_TTC/Commission_reports_and_information/Commission_meetings/2018/May_8/Reports/4_Negotiation_with_Bombardier_on_Liquidated_Damages_due_to_D.pdf) (Pg. 4 of http://www.ttc.ca/About_the_TTC/Commission_reports_and_information/Commission_meetings/2015/September_28/Reports/Board_Request_Staff_Review_of_Options_to_Exclude_Bombardier_.pdf ) (Pg. 6 of http://www.ttc.ca/About_the_TTC/Commission_reports_and_information/Commission_meetings/2015/June_22/Repo
  3. You don't trust them. Why would you? It's not a fare increase, it's a parking charge. If you call it a fare increase, you might as well say that if the price of gas goes up, your GO fare has increased. I recall moans of protest when the free parking for Metropass users was taken away at TTC parking lots. Imminent collapse of the TTC, cats sleeping with dogs, etc. Oddly, the parking lot at Kipling station remained packed during the day, those times I had to walk through to get to the station entrance. Maybe the other parking lots I haven't visited are empty? I am biased because I
  4. Is there any rhyme or reason to initiating pan operation? Granted that they had a chance to redo the overhead during the service suspension, Dundas is hardly the busiest route. Why not make King a pan route? Or the Lake Shore section of 501, which is pan-ready as far as I know, and wouldn't be used by any diverting routes? I know you don't have the answer....I'm just muttering rhetorical questions.
  5. So drop fares a bit at the same time. Everyone who does not park at a station gets a break. If you park, you wind up paying more.
  6. That's okay. Remember the proposal to replace the Queens Quay-Union tunnel with a motorized walkway? My Sooper Sekrit Sources say that they have found a much bigger, better use for the proposal materials! The Roads Must Roll!
  7. We were assured from Definite Sources that the 7900s would be gone by the end of 2019. It seems that 7921 just got the memo.
  8. I'm not aware of any way to override the treadle doors once they are open and someone is standing on them....ALRV or CLRV (or PCC, or buses). For some reason, the ALRVs on Queen always seemed to confuse riders who didn't know how to open the doors, but I didn't see nearly as many problems in the later days of the CLRVs.
  9. Very sleek without those slider windows. But ridiculously hot in sunny weather.
  10. Plenty of non-foaming people were taking pictures of 4178 as it travelled east on the Carlton route Friday afternoon. Others just looked and smiled. I think the news is out. There was one young man on my trip across Queen on the 21st who was not neurotypical. The operator took it all in stride and kept up a conversation. I think it's the same operator that the CBC has listed as the final car op. I didn't really like these cars when they first appeared, replacing the more interesting PCCs. However, I will miss the fact that their windows open, and there's no meep-meep and bing-bon
  11. Yeah, I just missed it northbound at King. Chased it in a Flexity, got off at Lennox, 4178 came around and then swung onto College. I rode to Broadview. The Carlton route is my favourite route to ride, so it was nice taking one last run along it in a CLRV.
  12. Queen cars operating on Gerrard between Coxwell and Broadview. I assume in both directions, but westbound for sure.
  13. Wherever 4178 is today at 12:55PM, it's no longer on Carlton. Drove all the way across the route from High Park to Main station. Is it on Bathurst, or somewhere else? I'd like to catch a ride on it today. Currently in the Beaches for an appointment. Pretty mobile with a car, but no mobile data.
  14. Well, I know that it didn't quite look like what they said, but on the other hand it was originally reported to be by River St. I figure it was worth taking some pictures while waiting for the (quite delayed) CLRV to poke its way to the west end.
  15. 4081 from last Saturday. End of the line, it's off into the sunset.
  16. I don't think I've seen this posted before. Could this be the spot that damaged the track brakes? It's right in the west side crosswalk at Queen and Roncesvalles, potentially taking out the left side track brakes.
  17. I went out Saturday and had a nice long ride (to a non-productive visit to a bank in the Beach(es)) on a couple of CLRVs. I take it from the comments that none (or very few) were out on Sunday, and that there's no prospect of them being out next Saturday on Queen? So now we're down to CLRVs providing partial service on Bathurst, with a wandering 4178. Is there any pattern to 4178, or is it randomly running on Carlton?
  18. So they'd start to pull out of Roncesvalles at maybe 1:30 PM? I have to go out to the Beach(es) today, so I figure I'll park around Roncesvalles and take a CLRV there and back.
  19. With a number of 7900s repurposed or retired, are there enough of them plus the 8000s for Queensway to operate? The service summary claims there are 73 7900s operational, but I don't think we should count Sault Ste. Marie's buses in that.
  20. Good thing that I don't do that. The walk to my local GO station is only marginally longer than the walk to the nearest TTC stop (and with the removal of a streetcar stop some years ago, I'd say that the GO station is about as close and easy to get to as the local Queen car stop). And there probably is no big advantage in taking GO and then transferring to TTC at Union to go elsewhere in the city; I might as well get on TTC from the get-go. Well, I have two cards. So I'm gonna use them.
  21. Presto gives you two-hour transfer. I've used that feature a few times, where paying by cash at taking a transfer would require two or three fares (even if I was pushing the boundaries of the transfer rules). And right now, I have the choice of taking TTC downtown for $3.10 on Presto, or the train from Long Branch GO for $4.00. There can still be good reasons to take the TTC, but as the TTC gets more expensive compared to GO, the train becomes preferred. And of course I do need a Presto card for GO, so I will use it for TTC as well.* *Actually I have two Presto cards; I use one for G
  22. What I recall, they wanted to have PROW from the Humber loop exit to the new loop. The existing bridge wasn't quite suitable, so the plan was dropped. There are people with better knowledge of the situation, but I don't want to get them going on one of their frustrated rants by asking them again. Interestingly, in this 2015 staff report: The need for any loop west of Humber was deprecated; There was going to be a PROW from the Humber loop exit to Park Lawn Needless to say, a west-of-Humber loop is back in play. The PROW, while it even appeared on some of the local Coun
  23. The TTC has had several plans, of various levels of solidity, for a loop west of Humber. I don't know if they were 100% connected with WWLRT planning, or also had some life independently. Originally, it was to be Legion Road, just west of Etobicoke Creek. I recall that there were concerns about the bridge across the creek (holding a PRW I presume), and anyway Legion Road is all condos now, so that's not happening. The next loop was to be at Park Lawn, but on the site of the bus loop used by the 66. If you assume Lake Shore runs E-W, then it's on the SW corner. (Really, it's the south
  24. (ETA: I think they mean 506/306?) Straight from: http://ttc.ca/Service_Advisories/Accessible_service/index.jsphttp://ttc.ca/Service_Advisories/Accessible_service/index.jsp Proof: taken Monday night, December 2, 2019 : First car, seen leaving, is 4187. Tail end car is 4085. Unidentified CLRV with lights out in the middle.
  25. It's GTAA, not Doug, who ponied up the cash, when I read that article.
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