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  1. Huh? If you don't have a watch, surely you have a phone or some other way of telling the time? Check what time it is when you first tap on. You have an hour and fifty nine minutes left. (ETA: Vision vehicles are always telling you the time.) Granted that it would be nice to see both the time remaining, and your card's balance, when you tap on. I wind up checking my transfer history at reloading stations (because my cards are unregistered). Exactly. I have managed, often enough, to tap on a minute or two before the two hours expire, and I've also lost the gamble and tapped on a min
  2. It seems to me that a generator big enough to handle recharging even a few electric buses would be a major piece of equipment. A quick search doesn't show what charging stations the TTC is using. Looking at Proterra's charging stations, I would think even the 125kW station would be inadequate, which would make the 500kW station a reasonable choice. And more than one, depending on how many buses you want to recharge in a reasonable period of time. That makes me think that a 1000kW generator is the bare minimum to recharge even a small (5-10) electric bus fleet. That doesn't look cheap
  3. In GO's Big List of Projects, there's an unspecified "Track Upgrade by Long Branch GO". The actual icon is in the area of the Canpa Sub. So there is some hope!
  4. Those of us in South Etobicoke see the possibility of linking in the West Waterfront LRT to the Ontario Line terminus at the Ex. That seems more useful a connection that going all the way to Uniion station.
  5. Okay, hopefully there will be a notification somewhere we can read it. (Not everyone has a smartphone with updates.) Now I wonder how far I could go on GO. Say I get to Kipling, and the subway is down. My destination is Main St. I get on the GO train at Kipling. Could I transfer at Union for a train bound for Danforth?
  6. Pining for Andy Byford: http://spacing.ca/toronto/2020/02/18/lorinc-just-who-is-the-face-of-the-ttc-these-days/ Well, Leary is pretty awful to listen to.
  7. So it's better if the homeless stay on the sidewalk where we can step over them?
  8. Looks like the streetcar shortage continues. Buses running 508 Lake Shore. I saw one at Long Branch around 7:15 that I thought was an 81xx, but Transsee shows a couple of 82xx buses on the route. I have a terrible memory for random four digit numbers.
  9. The run boxes on the XE 40s don't at all look digital to me. They look like old-fashioned mylar (or whatever), illuminated by white LEDs. Zero pixellation. I would be more certain if I didn't generally see them out the window from work, or out the windshield of my car as I drive by.
  10. Yes, 96 cars, but not all of them were the same, were they?
  11. I saw a XE 40, possibly 3704, in regular service on 59 Maple Leaf. The run box read "TTC". Is this a usual thing for these buses, or was someone having a bit of fun?
  12. Hmm. It was too dark to see if the panto was up. Well, and I was driving down the DVP. There really shouldn't be any issue with track. That section has been used for several recent diversions of Queen cars and I think Carlton. I've seen streetcars on there during the whole Dundas 505 bustitution. But checking if the panto works, yeah I can see that.
  13. Well, the 508 is run by buses these days. And 10 PM is some hours after the 508 has been put to bed. So I think my question stands.
  14. I saw a Flexity on the Dundas bridge over the Don River last night, about 10 PM. Was there a diversion at that time, or is the TTC testing the tracks?
  15. If it was mentioned here before, I missed it. Bathurst is operating with pantographs. I continue to scratch my head about which routes have been coverted, and how slow the process is going. I thought that after the first 60 or so cars they were going to be pantograph-only?
  16. Disclaimer: I may be mis-remembering, and I think I'd have to be on internal systems to find any information. But I seem to recall that a municipal worker was seriously injured by ice falling on his head from the top of a garbage truck. And yes, the Ministry investigated, and steps were taken. So some analogue to your suggestion may be required of CVOR operators. (I am certified for JHSC; this would have come up at some meeting, probably 2017. Wasn't our division.)
  17. So do they cover up or turn off the GO Presto readers, or have someone there telling you what's going on, or what? Because I expect that most users will just tap the GO readers. Then again, where are you allowed to ride? Suppose you were going to take the subway from Kipling to Main Street. You get on the GO train and ride to Danforth? The concept is simple. The execution has many ifs and gotchas.
  18. I notice that the TTC was recommending taking the GO train at Kipling to skip the Bloor-Danforth mess. I presume that you tap your Presto and it deducts TTC fare, not GO fare, automatically? As a Presto user, how can you be sure that it's deducting the right fare? Especially beforehand, because after it's done its deductions, it will be a pain to try to get them corrected.
  19. That's a definition of "suburb" which wouldn't much be recognized in Toronto. I think it's pretty universal to consider Lake Shore west of the Humber as the only suburban streetcar route in Toronto.
  20. I think that argument is backwards. The Kingston Road section seems to carry few riders in my random observations. Unless we have data that shows the demand is on Kingston Road, I would assume that the majority of it is on Queen. So just add some east-end Queen trippers and be done with it. What are the "suburban sections" of the 506? Sure, Gerrard St East between Greenwood and east of Woodbine was the suburbs....back in 1910.
  21. Excuse me driver, is this the 36 bus? I need the 36 bus!
  22. Anyone seen how the artics are doing today? I understand that some or all of them got tires with greater snow capability. It's a good test out there, whatever snow plowing has been done hasn't kept up with the snowfall. ETA: I see in Transsee that a lot of artics are out, many of which are unsurprisingly behind schedule. As I hang out in the land of the old hand-me-down too loud buses, I have no idea if any of those artics are stuck.
  23. Almost true....and I give points for thinking of this. PCC 4537 was rebuilt into 4602 in 1989 and I guess ran that way until the PCCs were retired in 1995. The first open slot seems to be 4619-4624, followed by 4748-4749.
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