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  1. 11 hours ago, MK78 said:

    I saw one at Bingham loop yesterday while passing by. Didn't catch the number. There was also 22A coxwell bus, which I thought was strange, I thought the streetcars returning to 503 would negate the need for 22A running during the week.


    10 hours ago, bus_7246 said:

    You may have seen the streetcar before the car heads west to turn at Leslie in the evening

    Yeah, if this was early evening, the streetcar would have been a straggler.

    Of course the Kingston Road lines always run exactly on schedule, but there might have been a wee glitch with this run.  :rolleyes:

  2. 11 hours ago, Express Network said:

    Will it be possible to train and send in the 7900s, the oldest buses in the fleet?  (Mount Dennis had opened and sent the New Looks, 91 Vs – the older models – and the newer VII NG HEVs. Same case with Comstock when they got the older Fishbowls/Classics and the newer Vs and D40LFs) McNicoll is going to be a senior division from what I noticed. In the event they do not send in the older equipment, the garage will be likely be the first strictly with newer buses. 

    What sense would that make? How long were the New Looks and Vs around, versus the size and likely remaining lifetime of the 7900s?

    11 hours ago, Express Network said:

    Ontario has two official languages: English and French like Quebec and New Brunswick. Toronto is mostly a anglophone city and they can put in a Russian version for people living in Downsview (primarily Jewish) or Italian version targeting St. Clair residents.

    When you are in a hole, it's often best to stop digging.

  3. A more sensible (for some value of 'sensible') scheme would be to create two parallel Yonge lines south of Eglinton. The current subway becomes the local line, to Eglinton only, running around to Vaughan/Midland/Wawa. Take the north Yonge part, which already has long stop spacing, and continue it south with stops at Eglinton, St. Clair (maybe?), Bloor, and somewhere by City Hall. Probably run it under Bay St as proposed above.

    Extra points for using Lower Bay station--that's a foamer dream. 😁

  4. On 5/29/2020 at 11:14 AM, FlyerD901 said:

    TTC is looking for information about BEBs or HEVs that comply with the following requirements: 

    • Must be capable of operating at ambient temperatures between -10° C and 35°C 

    Huh, I wonder if they're counting on global warming? Otherwise, we have a fleet that could behave like the CLRVs in their later days, unable to go out when the polar vortex strikes.

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  5. 2 hours ago, Bus_Medic said:

    I guess this is the part where I’m supposed to stand up for them.

    More than a handful are hacks masquerading as mechanics. Unfortunately all I can do is correct their butchery as I find it.

    I can understand having poor morale, being pissed off with conditions or your job.

    I don't have sympathy for those who shoddy work, potentially causing public safety problems, to show their attitude.

    I've done my share of dumb things while working on my cars, but I'm not exactly a licenced technician being paid for my efforts. (I did spend a lot of time troubleshooting the self-levelling HID system on my car so that it worked properly.)

  6. On 5/25/2020 at 11:19 PM, BusFanForever said:

    Regarding the glare, I had one where the operator complained of approaching vehicles flashing him as if they were being blinded by the headlights. Turns out someone installed the new lamps upside down. Ive also seen a couple where all four bulbs were replaced with the LED's by mistake.

    I would think it's elementary mechanics to install a headlight ride side up. Maybe the producer needs to ship them with a big arrow THIS WAY UP ⬆️🔼

  7. Are there any OG Orion VIIs left with halogen headlights? Just about every 7900/8000 I've seen have LED headlamps.

    I took a close look at one, and they are genuine DOT approved, not some knockoffs. However they either have a poor cut-off, or they are installed quite misaligned, to judge by the number of buses that have glaring headlights at night.

    I assume that there's no way to mis-wire these so that they are on high beam when the beam selector says low beam....

  8. With today's new schedule, I believe that all 501 cars are supposed to operate Neville-Long Branch.

    However Lake Shure has been running buses all day.

    ttc.ca says:




    501 Queen: No service between Long Branch Loop and Humber Loop at The Queensway while we deal with operational problems. Shuttle buses are running.

    Last updated 5:16 AM



    Anyone know what these operational issues are?

  9. 23 hours ago, MK78 said:

    Well it's not like there's other ways to get information now, especially that there are no board meetings.

    I'm just sharing what i've heard monitoring the TETRA system, surface supervisors, subway stations managers, transit enforcement channels... Believe what you will.


    Your sources are at least better than people ranting on talk radio. But I'd like to see some actual statistics. There was all kinds of bad behaviour on the system in the Before Time.

    I see two claims here that might be problematic:

    1. Problems with bad behaviour, from vandalism and drug use to what might be mental health episodes, has increased since the lockdown
    2. The homeless and drug-dependent are the usual suspects

    It's possible that the homeless and the drug-dependent stayed away from the TTC in the Before Times, and now have decided to all hang out there. But there were problems in the past anyway, and I don't see why an emptier system would cause an increase in bad behaviour.

    There's already a large industry which tells everyone that taking public transit simply exposes you to crazy people and crime and disease; you should be in your own car like a decent human being. It doesn't need being added to unnecessarily.

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  10. 1 hour ago, MK78 said:

    Has anyone heard anything what the TTC might do to reinstate front door boarding on buses, with operator safety in mind of course, so that payment other than Presto can be used again, or any sort of fare enforcement on streetcars - again if they can come up with a way that's safe.

    The reason I ask is because since that policy was introduced and fare enforcement effectively paused, not only has the TTC bled money like a stuck pig not only from ridership loss due to COVID-19, but also people taking advantage and not paying, and the bigger problem of homeless & drug addicts using the TTC vehicles & premises as their personal injection sites as well as other mischief...

    Over the radio I've heard of people defecating & urinating in stations, injecting drugs on trains and bathrooms at an alarming rate, undressing themselves, throwing buggies & bicycles on track level, and tons of aggressive and belligerent people threatening the TTC staff as well as the public.

    When the province decides to open up more places of work in the coming weeks/months, ridership will increase and this will only become a bigger issue IMO.



    When 80% or more of your riders have vanished, fare evasion is the least of your worries.

    I'd like a more reliable citation than "I've heard over the radio" for the other problems you list.

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  11. 17 hours ago, MCIBUS said:

    Slightly off topic, just curious but for those that are in High School, if the school year is canceled for the year does this mean you need to repeat the year over again or will you get credit and either graduate or go on to the next year?

    It will vary by province. There's no such thing as a single answer.

    In any case, this information is clearly up, at, e.g., https://news.ontario.ca/opo/en/2020/03/ontario-extends-school-and-child-care-closures-to-fight-spread-of-covid-19.html

    It's kind of pointless to ask off-topic questions, where the answers are avaiiable straight from the source. I mean, it's obvious that this question has been asked by lots of students and parents. You'd think the answers would be up for everyone to see, right?

    12 hours ago, Xtrazsteve said:

    Eventually yes but might not be in the next year or two. A lot of small business will close down leading to lost of employment and lower ridership for a while. If the economy doesn't pick up in a year, those poor layoff folks wouldn't get back to work anytime soon

    On the flip side, people may not be able to afford that second car, or that tricked-out pickup. If the real estate market takes a tumble, the the financial impact on those who leveraged their property ownership and ran up debt could make for some wide-spread effects. Of course no one knows what will happen for the rest of 2020 and beyond. We can all hope, I guess.

  12. Have I missed it before, or is the fencing along the Prince Edward Viaduct track new?

    I guess it could be between the tracks, and not on the outside. Because I always try to have a nice look out whenever I'm in a train crossing the Don Valley.

    Today I saw lots of fencing while driving along the DVP.




    TTC.ca offline tonight

    TTC.ca will be offline tonight from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. for emergency maintenance by our hosting provider. We apologize for any inconvenience.


    You know you're a foamer if you try to log in at 3:01 AM to see if the service reductions and new service summary are up! :rolleyes:

    That being said, in theory, a lot of routes could use reduced running times because traffic is so light. That would be a really big job on the part of service planning.

    I guess we'll see.

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  14. Yesterday I saw one of the Mall buses, either 111 or 112, running east along Dundas to Kipling station with DROP OFF ONLY displayed. It seemed fairly full for these days, maybe 10 people aboard. Was that sign to keep the bus from picking up additional passengers and create an unsafe environment?

    (Of course this was a Queensway bus. Interesting that this was the afternoon before the refusal to work.)

  15. Refusal of unsafe work is a specific and regulated action under the OSHA. I presume that these concerns were bought up to supervisors before actually refusing the work.

    The next step was, as per OHSA, investigation by the Ministry of Labour, who found the refusal to not be warranted.

    Hopefully the system is working as it should.

  16. On 4/13/2020 at 2:53 PM, PCC Guy said:

    I didn't do it in a spreadsheet format, no.

    In hindsight that would've been a really good idea, but I just did it in notepad, for ease of mass distributing the data.

    The fact that you can also do that with a spreadsheet didn't occur to me...!

    It should be able to be put into a spreadsheet with relatively little effort. One column would have car number, one retirement date, and then a notes column. Having a metadata column for more details (Swiss or Canadian CLRV, ALRV) would be gilding the lily. You'd probably have to do a search and delete for a lot of the text, "removed for scrap" mostly. As long as you can convince Excel that the number is one column and the date is another column you should be fine--and that's the hard work right there.

    Like I said, I'd do it when I get a chance, but not in a parking lot with a laptop in my lap....

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  17. On 4/11/2020 at 4:04 AM, Xtrazsteve said:

    I suggest they could divide the cities into microzones and charge fares according to multiple zones.

    Let's say a zone would be mostly Northern Etobicoke bounded by 427/Steeles/Jane/Eglinton. A trip from Humber College to downtown would be 3-4 zones. If one stays within a zone, fare would reduced to $2.25 while travel between 2 to 3 zones would be around $3.25 (current fare). Further travels would result in a higher fare so Etobicoke to East Scabrorough would cost $4.25. This would address the issue with Rexdale to Malton trips resulting in 2 zones and would cost around current fare into of double fare. The size of the zones could be tweaked.

    The problem with time based fare is a rapid transit is superior to buses in terms of travel speeds. One would get a lot further in a hour if they lived beside the subway and definitely a lot further on GO train. I don't think it makes sense to use time based fares for a GTA system. Time based fare is also unfair to those utilizing bus routes experiencing congestion all the time. Something like the TTC deciding to keep adding time to the schedule for reliability makes it worst.


    Microzones don't make much sense, at least if you're close to the boundary of one, and usually go just across into the next boundary. The more boundaries there are, the more people that will be crossing them for even short trips.

    Also, dropping fares for short trips means you will be down on revenue, because the truly long distance riders, that are now paying a lot more, probably won't make up for the lower short-distance fares.

    Add to that that the places where people might take short hops are typically already too busy, such as streetcar routes. So it's not like you want to encourage more people to take rides on the King car while also paying less.

    Add to that, the fact that those poor sods who make the Etobicoke to East Scarborough ride are not people out for a pleasant joyride, they're people who have to do this, most likely because they're in a minimum-paying job. Soaking them more is not a sensible policy. (For two semesters, I took TTC from Long Branch to Seneca Newnham at Finch/404. It was under two hours in the morning--left at 6:03 because classes started at 8 AM--while getting home was usually 2.5 hours. I took the TTC because I could get a discount Metropass and could not afford to drive, either gas or parking.)

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