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  1. The Carlton Car 506 is notorious for people riding west past Roncesvalles thinking they will get to High Park station.
  2. I dunno, grass grows on hillsides maybe?
  3. I don't know if anyone else has posted this, but grass is starting to go in on the ROW, east of the portal, by Bermondsey.
  4. A couple of random experiences with TTC's PCCs. I was on a PCC eastbound on Queen east of downtown where it seemed that we had either full power or full braking. The operator said "the motor is kicking back" or something similar. This being the good old days, around 1980, the car didn't go out of service until Russel. And we got a ride into the yard on the ladder track, which was quite bumpy. I think that's my only ride through ladder tracks in a TTC yard. Also circa 1980, I believe 4302--it was a 4300 series for sure--lost its brakes westbound on Howard Park, so it T-boned a northbound PCC on Roncesvalles, 4417 is what I think it was, whose rear end then derailed and sideswiped a southbound CLRV. I did not see this happen, but I sure saw the results. Again, someone said that the A6 cars had brake failure issues.
  5. For a minute I thought some whining whiner was going to get non-hand-me-downs on 50 BURNHAMTHORPE. Then reality presented itself.
  6. I wonder if 8000-8011 have racked up extra km's being mostly on a highway run (until dispatched to 55 WARREN PARK or something). I also wonder if those km's are still easier on the bus than fewer km's in heavy traffic, like Dufferin or Eglinton.
  7. CBC's afternoon Toronto show Here & Now did a bit yesterday (Monday) about a musician who wrote music (I don't think there are words) for all subway stations. Furthermore, the length of the pieces should be enough to cover you until the next station. So the downtown stations get short bits. This all is supposed to be on bandcamp somewhere. Darned if I can find it.
  8. Well, it was some 16xx bus; I think it ended in "5". Oh well.
  9. TTC 1600-series bus, I think 1685, seen as TRAINING BUS westbound on the 401 around Leslie.
  10. TTC 3737 westbound on the 401 in the Leslie area, signed Not In Service (obviously?).
  11. TTC 7910 doing hand-me-down duty on 123B Shorncliffe Sherway. TTC 1390 showing gee-whiz-no-hand-me-down-new-livery-golly-wow on 110A Islington South.
  12. I for one am looking forward to riding Queensway's new-old fleet of TDH5301's. (Actually, not really. D901s--now we're talking.)
  13. Hand them down to Queensway. Hand them down!
  14. Go to the Planning section on ttc.ca: https://www.ttc.ca/About_the_TTC/Transit_Planning/index.jsp A ways down you will see the heading Service Summary and below it are the links to one or more of the latest service summaries. The service summaries will tell you all this information. There are lists of routes and which divisions, both alphabetically and by route number. There is a list of interlined routes: And there is a list of buses by division:
  15. Well, when someone says "I was there and I saw everything that happened and boy it was bad," I don't know where we would be playing judge on this. I stand by my comment, the poster should never have written what they did. Of course it's too late now to even delete everything. And by the way, this isn't playing judge, this is giving them legal-type advice. If they had a lawyer, that lawyer would most definitely say "keep your mouth shut".
  16. I am not sure this is a good thing to say publicly....
  17. I passed by today. 7423 has been moved into the fenced-off area where the GO buses, etc. are parked. There was a surprising amount of damage, things like side marker lights pulled--and that was just from driving past.
  18. TTC 9048 sitting dead on Keele, SB past Ingram. Rear suspension sagging, I don't know if that's the problem or a symptom of the problem.
  19. TTC 1060 in TRAINING BUS mode, westbound on the 401, exiting at Keele. I wonder if it's training on how not to blow up a hybrid on the hyway.
  20. Well, no pictures from me, then. Does that mean it didn't happen?
  21. TTC 7955, missing bike rack, signed PARAMEDIC MOBILE CLINIC front and MOBILE CLINIC back, seen ambling into Obico yard around 8:30 this morning.
  22. You say that like it's a good thing.
  23. TTC Nove artic seen eastbound on Ingram approaching Kincourt at around 6 PM. Number unknown. Transsee does not show any artics on 59 MAPLE LEAF. Is it a 41 KEELE short turn? Or is it a RAD? Do artics participate in RAD? (From what i have read from Steve Munro, "bus type" is a slippery and amorphous concept.)
  24. So I wonder if I'd rather be on a bus where the driver is comfortable and relaxed and attentive, or one who is desperate for their break at Starspray loop, a mere hour away, and is really distracted and uncomfortable?
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