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  1. Ah, that makes sense. Is the system operational? I have heard nothing about it; usually at work we get briefed on things like this. ETA: would be easier to understand if they used "streetcar" (as in the various definitions) rather than the idiosyncratic "street car". I must admit the whole section caused me puzzlement. You'd think drafters of regulations would carefully review existing nomenclature.
  2. I've heard it discussed to drop the default limit to 40 km/h, but it hasn't been touched yet. It's actually set in the Highway Traffic Act, section 128(1)(a). Would Doug Ford be interested in changing this? In the meantime, I've seen proposals that basically ALL residential streets in Etobicoke are made part of "30 km/h area", so the limit would not have to be posted explicitly on every street. Since I have the HTA open, here are some tidbits. Definition of "highway": Would that include a right of way? I don't think so, based on the criterion of "used by the general public". Call in the lawyers! Is a centre-of-the-street ROW possibly a median? Oh, but then, further on: Confused yet? What a streetcar is, depends on the section! See definition of "highway" above; discuss implications. Note for horse owners/walkers: Finally, I think this refers to "municipal speed cameras", not to something specifically TTC-checking-on-operators:
  3. Here's a nice streetview of the 50 km/h begins sign eastbound, just east of Dufferin on St. Clair. There's a corresponding 40 km/h begins westbound, west of Dufferin. Streetview is from Nov 2021, but the last time I drove St. Clair (a month ago, maybe?) it was still that way. The next 40 km/h zone is from somewhere I think just east of Yonge St through to Mt. Pleasant and presumably beyond; I generally turn one way or another on Mt. Pleasant. I do drive all over the city for work, and yes I do track what the speed limits are, and try to stick to them. Also speed cameras. I've passed by speed cameras on arterials like York Mills, Lawrence, Birchmount (I think--one of those Scarborough streets) as well as 30 km/h local streets like Rockliffe and Ourland. Haven't been tagged yet. I suppose if I have the time I would go into the Highway Traffic Act and see how "roadway" is defined, or whatever legal definition it is to which speed limits apply. But a right of way is not a public street. I also consider that streetcars don't have or need licence plates, and up until "recently" streetcar operators did not require a driver's licence. It seems pretty clear that the road speed limit would apply wherever the streetcar operated in mixed traffic, although again, that might have been an enforcement issue back when operators did not need a driver's licence. How do you ticket PCC 4300 if you've caught it over the limit? As for slow operation elsewhere, I don't much take the streetcars these days. As a driver, I know that if there's a streetcar ahead of me, I might as well take an alternate route, because I won't be getting past the streetcar, and therefore will plod along at the streetcar's speed until wherever I or the streetcar turns off. It's faster going N-S on side streets like Euclid or Palmerston than on Bathurst if there's a streetcar ahead. E-W is worse, if Dundas has a streetcar, try College, if College has a streetcar, you have Harbord. Even Bloor, with the bike lanes, is quicker than being stuck behind a crosstown streetcar. When bicycles move faster than streetcars, and ebikes can leave streetcars in their dust, that doesn't augur well for increasing, or even holding, streetcar ridership.
  4. If the streetcar is on a ROW, does the road speed limit apply? (I don't see why it should....but who knows.) Note that a lot of St. Clair is still 50 km/h for the road, east of around Dufferin or Winona through to Yonge if I recall. The 10 km/h on The Queensway is quite annoying, because quite often there's no need to stop at Colborne Lodge, but the streetcar has to drop to a crawl. Particularly bad when it could have made the traffic light, but instead slows down, oops light turns yellow, there we are for a minute. And with the far side stops, even if there is a reason to stop, the streecar could easily start slowing only when it's pretty much crossed the intersection and still stop smoothly. And so what if one person died after turning in front of a streetcar? How many people die, willingly or accidentally, in the subway? I'm surprised there is not yet a recommendation to enter all stations at 10 km/h. That would save a lot more lives that the streetcar speed limits. Which gets us back to "the TTC has one theory for subways, and a much crappier theory for streetcars".
  5. I saw 3614 earlier on 123B SHORNCLIFFE SHERWAY. Gawking at all the museum buses around it.
  6. No, it's slated to go to Queensway for service on 50 BURNHAMTHORPE. Come to Etobicoke, we have an entire Museum Division (according to some posters here).
  7. TTC 7916 seen obliterating customer satisfaction one retro run at a time on 50 BURNHAMTHORPE.
  8. TTC 8006 on 937 ISLINGTON EXPRESS. Hey, that's not the way to the airport.
  9. TTC 1144 part of a multi-vehicle oopsie, Eglinton at Scarlett. At least the left side of the front bumper was involved. TTC 7909 taking Etobicokans back to the Paleozoic on 37 ISLINGTON. TTC 7912 bringing the Paleozoic to Mt Dennisites on 71 RUNNYMEDE.
  10. Where would we put sightings (or questions about) abandoned TTC streetcar infrastructure? Tracks coming back up under the pavement, metal poles for overhead? Would it be best to create a new thread in sightings? Certainly there's plenty of tracks left over from the days of the Bloor-Danforth first phase opening, such as Lansdowne approaching Davenport. That would have been abandoned with the Harbord car, and that would have been 1965. I don't think I've spotted any track on Dupont, that would have gone with the University subway's opening in 1963. I wonder how many older relics are still out there. A long time ago (probably gone now) there were tracks on Sherbourne south of Front, which I suppose were left over from the days of George St. shops and the Yonge carline.
  11. TTC 7926 giving 50 BURNHAMTHORPE a ride on a wayback machine.
  12. TTC 8024 seen wandering about signed TRAINING BUS. After this hand-me-down, trainees will take turns running a Gloucester train, and then take the controls of a Peter Witt on YONGE.
  13. I guess it was 1058 then, as it was an Orion VII OG hybrid. However, it really should have been 1158. Now THERE would be a hand-me-down-old-bus. Later, I saw a Nova hybrid on 50 BURNHAMTHORPE. I don't remember the number exactly, but something like 3485. Just to confuse those riders some more.
  14. TTC 1158 seen confusing the heck out of riders on 50 BURNHAMTHORPE. It's a hand-me-down, but it's not our hand-me-down! What gives!
  15. TTC 3332 seen posing an existential question for 50 BURNHAMTHORPE riders: Is this a hand-me-down or not a hand-me-down??
  16. TTC 7917 observed oppressing 50 BURNHAMTHORPE passengers with a hand-me-down-horse-drawn-omnibus curated experience.
  17. Mask mandates aren't "gone" on March 21. They're revised. The mandates for some situations have been removed. Not so for transit, among other situations.
  18. Neither point seems like an evident truth to me. Care to elaborate on both?
  19. TTC 7922 seen handing down the genuine retro to Queen West on 501B.
  20. TTC 8013 seen on the hook, being dragged back to Queensway.
  21. TTC 7969 seen stopping for passengers eastbound at East Mall on 50 BURNHAMTHORPE. Those waiting may have thought, "Whoa, I want a bus, not a hand-me-down!" They all got on 7969 anyway.
  22. TTC 7966 and 7968 seen this morning hanging out by Long Branch loop waiting for their time on 501. TTC 7967 seen heading down Brown's Line to join them on the 123 SHORNCLIFFE SHERWAY. TTC 7979 seen handing it down to all oppressed riders on 50 BURNHAMTHORPE.
  23. A yesterday sighting, but this is the closest forum. TTC 7909, a bus so old even its tires have fossilized, seen on Trethewey Dr after turning from Todd Baylis, on 71 RUNNYMEDE. Bonus question, who pronounces it "TRETH-e-way", and who pronounces it (correctly, in my infallible opinion) "Tre-THEW-eh"?
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