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  1. TTC 7938, as retro as a Packard taxicab in a film noir, seen out cruising for Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart in a trenchcoat and fedora (smoking prohibited) on 50 BURNHAMTHORPE. ETA: It would be Bogart in the trenchcoat. If it was the bus, I'd put it in Special Sightings.
  2. I took a walk around Kipling and Lake Shore this morning. The intersection indeed has all the curves possible for it, E to N, W to N, S to E, and S to W. The overhead for the new S to W curve appeared to be in place. As would be predictable, with the track in the loop being redone, the tail track up Kipling has been obliterated. A couple of questions: The new wiring still had the little skate at the frog. That's only to allow both pole and pan operation, as far as I know. Why on earth are they installing overhead suitable for poles? There should be zero issue making all of Lake Shore pan-only. And there's been lots of time to do so. The E to N and S to E/W switches had a metal cover running between the rails. Does that mean that they are automated/electrified? There were no SR or NA signs on the overhead that I could see, but they may not have gotten to that point yet.
  3. TTC 7919 and 7976 seen retiring forever at long last I wish for a mid-day nap, seen NIS heading for Queensway. There are also a lot of Wilson VII NGs out on 501L/U. I hope what when those buses are ready for, or long past due, retirement, they come to Queensway. And then.....run for another dozen years!
  4. TTC 7930 seen bringing its riders back to the Neolithic, if not the Upper Paleolithic, via 50 BURNHAMTHORPE.
  5. TTC 7909, inexplicably not yet scrapped, seen working 123B SHORNCLIFFE SHERWAY.
  6. It had moved on as of Thursday afternoon, at least it was no longer reasonably visible from Dundas.
  7. TTC 7909, a busy busy old bus, seen on Brown's Line doing 315 EVANS-BROWN'S LINE SNOOZE.
  8. There's a TTC streetcar sitting in what I assume is Lambton yard. It was 4465 as far as I could see.
  9. TTC 7909, despite its advanced years, seen making good time up 427, NIS.
  10. TTC 1403 checking out life in Etobicoke on 45B KIPLING via BELFIELD. TTC 8039 broken down on Brown's Line, presumably a victim of 123C SHORNCLIFFE SHERWAY.
  11. Surely retiring in 2020 2021 2022 2525 at the latest, TTC 7909 seen rolling on a 110A ISLINGTON SOUTH run.
  12. TTC 7928 seen on TRAINING BUS duty on Annette. Topics for training probably included: Fettling your nags Oats or apples? when you need an extra burst of speed to make up for being five minutes down Stoking coal for optimum steam pressure Flappers smoking cigarettes--modern moral hazard!
  13. TTC 7946 delivering sweet sweet retro NB NIS on Bathurst at Queen.
  14. Steve Munro reports that, not only did the east-to-north curve survive the rebuild, there's a brand new south-to-west curve. This lets the TTC operate a Kipling-Long Branch shuttle. From his article:
  15. Before a strike or lockout, there needs to be a "No Board" report. Once one side or another requests that, the time starts ticking.
  16. Maybe they were waiting for the results of the provincial election(s). Should the LRVs be red, blue, or orange? (Green being a left-field choice, well maybe centrist-ish.) Metrolinx, always project managing their lips against politician's posteriors.
  17. Um, no? Last red Gloucesters in service were in 1990. I liked the very 1970s front end treatment on the last few H5s. None of this was anything close to 60 years ago.
  18. Work has started on Kipling loop. There are a few trailers of specialwork on Kipling and Lake Shore. I guess that anyone investigating them will learn what the layout will be once the work is done.
  19. First-person reminiscences: https://www.blogto.com/city/2021/09/streetcars-yonge-st-toronto/ We're getting very close to the end of people being able to recall riding the Yonge streetcars. If you figure that they should be say 8 years old to remember a whole lot, they'd have to be born right around the end of World War II, and that's getting to be 77 years ago. And they would only have memories from the last days of the carline.
  20. I went past Kipling loop yesterday and there is no evidence of any jackhammering happening yet.
  21. The stub track extending north from Kipling loop has had asphalt in the grooves for years. I assume it will go away with the rebuild of the loop.
  22. If it's been discussed here I've missed it....there are two steps to the pantograph-ization of the overhead. Lake Shore Blvd. had the suspension cable installed for pantographs years ago. But now they're putting in the bars that offset the overhead side to side. Westbound, this conversion has made it to about Long Branch Ave. I'm also waiting to see what the replacement specialwork at Kipling and Lake Shore looks like. Will the mystery east-to-north curve vanish? It seems to have been there from at least the second world war. I don't know if it was like that when Lake Shore was double-tracked. Maybe TTC '28 has some info.
  23. Yes, reported on the radio this morning. A most tragic incident and outcome.
  24. BlogTO has an update on the attack on the woman at Kipling station. It doesn't seem optimistic. https://www.blogto.com/city/2022/07/latest-update-woman-set-on-fire-ttc-kipling-station/ In the BlogTO tradition, the picture is of an 8000-series Orion VII that could have been the venue for at least the start of the incident....parked at Long Branch loop.
  25. Which would be why it's in "Today's Sightings"?
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