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  1. Ed T.

    Today's Sightings

    It's going to go on for a while, since the entire area is being reconfigured and then rebuilt. https://www.toronto.ca/community-people/get-involved/public-consultations/infrastructure-projects/etobicokecentre/ http://urbantoronto.ca/news/2019/02/six-points-redesign-lacking-vision-design-review-panel I have mostly avoided the area. Getting to Kipling station from the west seems reasonable in the mornings. Getting back out of the station is a bottleneck though.
  2. Okay, so 4001 and 4198 are the lowest and highest numbered CLRVs around. Based on what?
  3. I had a good look at 4002 yesterday on 506 CARLTON. The body looked to be in really good shape. 506 also had 4001 and 4198 out. Oldest and newest CLRVs, now.
  4. Saw 4002 carrying passengers westbound on Queen somewhere by Coxwell.
  5. Ed T.

    Today's Sightings

    Flexity something-or-other (4475?) out on a training run on Kingston Road this afternoon.
  6. Ed T.

    TTC Service Changes

    Yeah, except the intersection rebuild has been postponed to 2020. Various impacts to scheduling.
  7. As promised, pics of 7423. I guess someone spilled too much bubble bath into the shower.
  8. Yep, yer both right. I saw the ouline of the "7" but not much else. I was rushing to Ikea to beat the retirees to the breakfast. You have to be fast to beat those octogenarians on Saturdays! Having finished breakfast, I doubled back to check. Will post a couple of pics when I have a chance to download them from the "camera" (quaint object used by octogenarians and me). Reading the signage on the bus, maybe the showers were going to be using foam. There's a nigh-infinite supply available from the right sources.
  9. An Orion VII OG is sitting at the Harper Diesel facility on Evans Ave. Numbers have been scraped off, but from what I saw as I drove past, it was most likely a 7900.
  10. Ed T.


    Exactly. Not only is Sherway a dead end for the subway, it's not at all suited to be a major bus terminal either. Whatever the can of worm in extending the subway further along Dundas into Mississauga, at least it's actually improving the transit grid. Sherway does none of that. Might as well leave Kipling as the terminus, then.
  11. Ed T.


    Like Fairview Mall making the Sheppard subway a roaring success? People are fixated on Sherway because the railway lines go kind of there, and therefore building the subway would be 'easy'. Sherway is just a bunch of big box stores, and to the west it's bounded by Etobicoke Creek, and to the south by the QEW. To the east is the 427. While some condos have gone in at Evans and West Mall, Sherway is a horrible destination for the subway. While I would personally benefit if it was extended there, it's not something I want to see money wasted on.
  12. I'm sure your Instagram feed is much, much more accurate. But I'm not on Instagram, so I couldn't tell you how much more accurate.
  13. Ed T.

    TTC's CAD/AVL "Vision" System

    What, no foamer alerts that the bus is running with one corner chipped off the left rear TTC logo?
  14. Not really. Look at Statistics Canada's article. The graph is particularly interesting. It's also interesting that, as late as the early 1990s, operators of GM New Looks were instructed to keep the blind behind their seat rolled up during the daytime.
  15. I don't know what the city planning map is, but using record of highways, my measurements fall under 20 m in the south end. This is in fact comparable to the width of Howard Park Ave. approaching Parkside Dr. What you are neglecting is that in that ROW you also need to cram in light poles, fire hydrants, etc. Note that the houses on Howard Park are much further back from the ROW than on Vic Park. You probably don't want a light or power pole right up against a house.