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  1. TTC 7918 just rumbled by on 37 ISLINGTON. Did not get branch. 7318 remains as retired as it was yesterday, and in fact just as retired as it has been for a few years now. 8003 seen on King Street as a 504 shuttle.
  2. That would be correct. I report all the hand-me-down about-to-be-retired 7900s that I see and remember. Fortunately for everyone, my memory is not that good.
  3. Only the finest old junkyard buses for south Etobicoke!
  4. Ooops!! Yeah, a 7300 in revenue service would be a special sighting, I think. TTC 7974 hanging out on 110A ISLINGTON SOUTH this morning. TTC 8000 out on 50 BURNHAMTHORPE, wondering where the airplanes are.
  5. TTC 7313 and 7946 seen hunting for Easter eggs on 50 BURNHAMTHORPE.
  6. If you go through the various movement threads, I think you'll see that the composition at Obico changed from week to week, if not day to day. Yes, there were certainly a bunch of buses there, earlier in the year. I never stopped to even try to count them. And because they were parked in rows one behind the other, you wouldn't get fleet numbers for more than the first row; after that you might see if it was a hybrid or an LFS from the roofline, that's about all.
  7. Yes, some ES buses in grey livery, 7957, and a few NG hybrids (six or seven?) are all that's there today.
  8. TTC 7925 seen out early on Good Friday, holding down its half of 50 BURNHAMTHORPE.
  9. With GO trains being six cars long instead of the usual 12, do the trains accelerate more quickly from a station stop, or it it about the same and the engines are taking it easy?
  10. TTC 7962 seen at the top end of 71 RUNNYMEDE. Runnymede hasn't been this retro since I chased 6734 on one of its last runs, so many years ago.
  11. TTC 7946 westbound on Dundas towards Royal York.. So retro it's like a trolley coach on 40 JUNCTION. A little past the end of the wire....
  12. In a world where we expect things online to be free, and these trackers are indeed free, that basically translates to "That someone might as well be me, because I am interested in it; otherwise it's like wishing for a pony and world peace."
  13. 7975 on 123B SHORNCLIFFE (the retro version of 123B SHERWAY).* * For those who take things literally, I'm pretty sure that the destination sign did indeed read SHERWAY. It's a joke, see, right?
  14. TTC 7970 handing me down that retro livery on 50 BURNHAMTHORPE.
  15. TTC 7945 seen on 44 KIPLING SOUTH 46 MARTIN GROVE 45 KIPLING. I am not going to use a tracker to see whats on 44 and 46.
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