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  1. Ed T.

    Today's Sightings

    TTC 4002 seen running on Lake Shore. I believe this was one of the first streetcars in revenue service on the old LONG BRANCH route, September 30, 1979. Ten days short of thirty-nine years later, it's back.
  2. Ed T.

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    Which exactly explains why the order was for 204 Flexities, and not 205 or 206. 😜 And also why we won't get any additional Flexities.
  3. Ed T.

    Today's Sightings

    4012 running on Lake Shore yesterday. Rode it from Long Branch to Humber loops around 6 PM. Unfortunately I also saw it from a shuttle bus, being pushed home by another streetcar, at around 10 PM.
  4. Ed T.

    Today's Sightings

    Saw TTC 7777 Sunday afternoon on Kingston Rd., running on 22A COXWELL.
  5. Ed T.

    Today's Sightings

    Nice to see TTC 7777 in service yesterday afternoon, loading a pile of students on 20 CLIFFSIDE.
  6. We know Ford hates streetcars. I very much doubt Ford (or Trump) gives a crap about any legal advice.
  7. Given Doug Ford's recent performance, I would not be surprised if he simply outlaws streetcars during his term in office.
  8. According to Transsee, 4215, 4226, 4228, 4230, 4236, 4249 are out right now (11:30 AM).
  9. Ed T.

    Today's Sightings

    Friday afternoon (so a bit late), 4101 being pushed eastbound on Queen at Yonge. Pusher was 4132. They were both signed 512 on the back; Transsee confirms that they came down from St. Clair.
  10. Ed T.

    Streetcar News

    There's a wet or dark looking joint in the concrete where the downslope from the bridge ends and level track begins. I suppose that could be the issue.
  11. Ed T.

    Streetcar News

    The beautiful new long-under-construction ROW on The Queensway already has a slow operation zone, at the west end of the bridge before the curve to enter Humber loop. Also, and quite inexplicably, the platforms at Colborne Lodge Drive don't have any pedestrian signal request buttons. You have to hope that someone on one of the street corners pushes the button....or you can make a dash for it. 🏂
  12. Ed T.

    GO Transit

    What are Metrolinx' plans for the Canpa sub? They are certainly doing a whole bunch of work, including fencing, the Horner and Evans level crossings, and now trackwork (out at 6:15 AM this morning). I assume that all this is preparing for fairly intensive use of the sub, which hasn't been the case recently. I tried a search but didn't find anything useful, other than it could be used to 'reroute Milton trains'. I'm not sure why or how that would be done.
  13. No, they haven't. Not recently, anyway. Try looking just a little upthread.
  14. Ed T.


    I'm surprised that MiWay lets you off within the Toronto city limits. As far as I know, only the TTC and GO Transit are allowed to take passengers point-to-point in Toronto. Obviously, as far as The West Mall, you can make the trip on one TTC fare, at the inconvenience of taking the subway and transferring to a 111/112/191/192 at Kipling station. Miway's move to Kipling station is some time in the future. For all we know, the structure of subway operations and fares will all be different--what with Doug Ford musing about uploading and Metrolinx trying to institute regional, mode-dependent fares. So, I don't think this is worth worrying about in 2018, nor probably 2019.
  15. I thought short turns were a thing of the past? 🙄 It seems to be the only ALRV that's made it out in the past couple of days. So much for "more streetcars for CNE" theories. The only thing I can think of is that there is a lot of maintenance being done to some/all of the 'active' cars, to prepare them all for going out in a bunch next board period. But I don't quite believe that.