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  1. Well, at least the proposed network doesn't include everyone's favourite napkin-and-crayon lines, B-D to Sherway (or Dixie, or Oakville, or St. Thomas, or ....) and Sheppard to Sheppard West.
  2. GO Transit

    As I already pointed out. Clearly TL;DR.
  3. GO Transit

    I know that it's been proposed to put a GO station somewhere east of Park Lawn many times over the years, and it has always been shot down. I think there are technical constraints (possibly because there's not enough room to relocate tracks to put in platforms, other than maybe side platforms on the outside tracks), but honestly I tune most of it out. I don't live around there, and if I'm lucky I travel through as quickly as possible. The amount of discussion that's gone on about GO stations in this area dwarfs any foaming thread seen here. If you have bandwidth and time to waste, this is a local group's proposal to turn Humber loop into a transit hub, along with an LRT that runs along The Queensway to somewhere in Mississauga. I do consider this a looney-tunes proposal, both for LRT on The Queensway ("Lake Shore is too narrow! NIMBY NIMBY NIMBY!") and for the GO platforms which aren't even 90m long. I do know I've poked around at Humber loop while waiting for the streetcar. It's not too promising as a GO station site. Track relocation will be a pain even at the west end of the likely zone, although you do have room to move south. How much of a constraint the bridge over Mimico Creek might be I don't know, but it sure limits how far west the west end of the station can be. Like I said, it's been discussed ad nauseum. I don't think anyone here will come up with the novel suggestion that makes it all work perfectly, and that no one has ever thought of before.
  4. GO Transit

    Note that Park Lawn/Lake Shore has a long history of being a transportation problem, not just on transit forums. The situation has long been discussed in local meetings and every idea that people in this forum can come up with has probably been mooted many times before. There's an official study going on: https://www.toronto.ca/community-people/get-involved/public-consultations/infrastructure-projects/parklawnlakeshore/ Just last night, it seems that Councillor Grimes' push for a TTC shuttle to Mimico GO became a go: http://toronto.citynews.ca/2018/01/18/relief-for-transit-users/ I think there are operational considerations why Metrolinx doesn't want to give up the current Mimico location, possibly to do with it being just east of Willowbrook, but I'm not sure. Also there is a lot of development proposed in the area of the existing station, which would be left high and dry if the station was moved wholesale. What is pretty certain is that no one will welcome a "large parking garage" at Park Lawn and Lake Shore, for a variety of reasons ranging from urban planning for the area to the fact that traffic is already horrible, why do we want to attract drivers from Mississauga to try to park at Park Lawn? There is a local group that is pushing for Humber loop to become a "mobility node" or something. In my opinion, it's a non-starter due to site constraints and access issues. Ideally we are trying to residents to walk to GO instead of driving. A location smack on Park Lawn, with additional access at the east end through the redeveloped Mr Christie lands, seems to fit that best. Sure they could move it. What will that accomplish?
  5. Streetcar News

    I would think "in the short run" would be much more accurate. In the long run, it may be that any competent outfit would produce streetcars at a much better pace than Bombardier. In the short run, though, we're stuck because no alternate producer can give us a customized streetcar to the TTC's specs...in the short run.
  6. GO Transit

    It's 1.35km as the crow flies km from Park Lawn and Lake Shore to the eastern edge of the current Mimico GO platform. Also, until Mimico GO gets overhauled with an southern entrance to Blue Goose St/Manchester St, you have to go all the way around to Royal York and north of the tracks to enter the station. Since it's impossible to make this direct trip today; a "commute" would mean waiting for the 501 and then 76 bus, good luck to get all that in 15 minutes (google suggests 18 minutes), while walking it's over 2 km depending on the route you take and would take closer to half an hour. Not to say that a Park Lawn station is or isn't a good use of funds, but Mimico GO station is poorly sited for use by all the 40-60 storey condo buildings going in around Park Lawn and Lake Shore. Which is why traffic is so bad in the area: so many residents drive.
  7. Spadina Subway Extension

    Ah, will there be no problem exiting/rentering with a Metropass at York Region stations?
  8. Spadina Subway Extension

    So kind of a basic question. I have a Metropass and plan to explore the Spadina extension this afternoon. I assume because the subway is all TTC fare that I can exit and re-enter the subway at the two York Region stations. Old fart mode: when I started at York U, I lived by Dundas West station. Had to take the subway to Lansdowne and catch the 41D bus (41B Forthbridge via Calvington did not do it). Then the Spadinal line opened to Wilson and the 106 was a nice improvement. Then the 106A express was introduced, which originally ran only every 20 minutes, an oddly-staggered schedule against the 106's 15 minutes. Alas, for west-enders, if you want to get to/from Pioneer Village station, which is my final destination (Petrie building), the 195 to Jane is basically as fast as taking the subway all the way downtown and then back west.
  9. Streetcar News

    -7º and 17 ALRVs are out plying Queen Street. It's not clear if it's now warm enough for them to run, or whether they were simply not sent out on the weekend. I would expect crazy crowding if CLRVs were sent out on ALRV headways. Haven't gone for a ride on a weekend to find out.
  10. Streetcar News

    Coldish weather again today (-12º at the airport). No ALRVs out. A pile of CLRVs running, including on 501. I guess the ALRVs are just fair-weather cars.
  11. TTC in the news

    I tend to be cautious about repeating what I hear or do at work. Sure. But, as I mentioned above, when it comes down to the people actually doing the work, the exact wording of the agreements is not going to be top of mind. There's a good reason why I know who's responsible for sidewalks on the north side of Steeles. Supervisors (and I'm not one) disagreed over the matter, which led to asking other supervisors and them doing some research, until the matter was settled. Policies can be clear in the documents, but documents don't go out and fix bus stops. Workers with plenty of other duties do.
  12. TTC Service Changes

    Well, you also have to consider where it is people want to go. Telling people who usually go south to the subway, to go east instead, may be a hard sell. It's a tough call in Etobicoke. I assume the Islington night bus does okay. The other logical N-S corridor is Kipling, but it's pretty close to Islington. If you put all-night service on Kipling and move the Islington night bus to Royal York, that looks better on the map, but it misses the entire Rexdale area and goes instead through the heart of Ford Nation where precious few ride the bus. On the third hand, an all-night Royal York bus from Lake Shore to Claireville via Albion Road would probably have ridership at both ends while being kind of empty in the middle (which I assume is the case for all N-S Etobicoke routes; Bloor to Eglinton stops are not really busy until you get to The Malls). Plus the all-night Royal York route will connect with the key all-night 315 Evans!!
  13. TTC in the news

    Not really weird. Totally different departments, each with their particular mandate and operating procedures. They all have to deal with this issue, but they'll resolve it in different ways. For example, it's a good question how Toronto Hydro and the York Region utilities divided up streetlighting along Steeles (I think it's Toronto Hydro).
  14. TTC in the news

    I don't know about cost sharing, but the responsibilities as stated are correct. (I have an inside view of these things.) Toronto is responsible for, and maintains, the entirety of the roadway. York Region is responsible for, and maintains, sidewalks on the north side. But Toronto maintains the bus stops on the north side. Even if costs are shared (and I don't know the details), it's obvious that things will inevitably fall between the cracks in an arrangement like this.
  15. The RTS was a small fleet, so it could go very quickly. The very large number of VIIs being retired all at once is the thing. It's a bigger total number than all the Orion Vs the TTC ever operated, never mind various New Flyers or Classics. It would be like all the GM New Looks in the 7100, 7300, 7500, 7700, and 7900 series were all retired in a bunch in 1985 or something (which they were not).