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  1. I much preferred the 4300s cream and olive interior to the light blue and dark blue of the 4400s. Most of the second-hand PCCs were somewhere on the olive and cream spectrum. The rebuilt interiors didn't do anything for me. Plus they took away the armrests and footrests.
  2. The Gloucesters had their moments, but I wonder how many fans remember high-rate operation? Only on Bloor-Danforth, and it was turned off in the summer of '80 if I recall. There were still occasionally trains in high rate in later years, mostly H2 and H4 it seems to me. I'm not sure I remember H5 in high rate, although they would have to have been, as they started on Bloor-Danforth in 1977, before the Spadina extension opened. Also, in the days before next stop announcements and door beeping when they're ready to open, and beeping when they close, well it was a more peaceful time. Combine
  3. Royal York has an overheight warning system. This is right beside Mimico station. I would guess it's only worthwhile on definitely lower-than-normal bridge clearances.
  4. TTC 3754 out by Long Branch loop on 501J/L/K/Z/whatever. BYD South Etobicoke. But does South Etobicoke BYD? Pro tip: replace all hand-me-downs at Queensway with BYD. Also, run long extension cord to Ikea, they have charging stations.
  5. 3759 handing it down to south Etobicoke, out by Long Branch loop on a 501 shuttle.
  6. I really want to see those sparkling new hand me down 8100s and 8300s in south Etobicoke!
  7. For a second I had hopes that King would be aqua/brick red, Rosedale light green/black, Dundas yellow/black, etc. Nope!
  8. I am a little surprised that the Keele buses continue to travel through to Keele station after the station opens at Eglinton. My experience is that ridership typically picks up north of Rogers Road/Eglinton.
  9. Check the service summary. Terminal time midday is a generous 23 minutes. Three buses can have a confab and still be pretty close to on time. It's also a question of how padded the schedules are. It's possible that southbound service does indeed depart every 13 minutes, but northboud service is nowhere like the schedule if the buses are racing northbound. Steve Munro has written many posts on the TTC's "statistics" as well as the relentless schedule padding under Rick Leary.
  10. TTC 7946 putting the boot in, up the 427, on the way to the 'Saug, on 900. This does not show up under the route number, but Transee reports the bus itself at Terminal One now. TTC 7974 on a much more mundane used-to-be-Shorncliffe 123C.
  11. Impossible! All hand-me-downs go to Queensway!
  12. First two sections of OC Transpo 1153 heading north on the 400 around King Sideroad. That's a Greater Toronto Area sighting, right?
  13. High Street loop in regular use by the 501P Park Lawn branch, according to Steve Munro's service change update post. I may need to go see this. Also, I don't know what random branch lettering scheme has resulted in the 501J Long Branch-Broadview routing.
  14. Accessibility advocates should contact the South Etobicoke News to set the record straight. It just published an article entitled "Riders love the new terminal". It sounds like it was written by Metrolinx flunkies. https://torontonewswire.com/riders-love-the-brand-new-73m-transit-hub-at-kipling-go-station/
  15. TTC 8177 pulling out of Finch station on a 60D run. It turned right/east on Finch. Is this the usual way to get to route?
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