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  1. TTC Hand Me Down sightings: 7962 on 50 Burnhamthorpe. You can also call them "hearings". The exhaust note is distinctive.
  2. Not sure where else to put this.... Grey and white LRV on a float, turning from Trethewey to Todd Baylis. Obviously an Eglinton Crosstown unit. I'm not even certain if it was a Flexity. I don't think you got that correctly. A RAD is a Run as Directed. Nothing special about the bus going to the other side of the city if it was directed there. Everyone puts up a gazillion RAD sightings as special. I'm not sure that they should be counted as such. Maybe there needs to be a "RAD sightings" thread to document that 7900 out at Starspray loop....
  3. TTC Hand Me Down sightings 7935 on 123C in the early AM 7945 on 189 7944 owning 44 Too many others to remember....
  4. When and how did the TTC use the streetcar tracks running south from Queen on Neville Park? A part of the trackage is set in concrete, so it can't be from a hundred years ago. The rest further south is not visible except for bad pavement over the tracks themselves. Neville Park is a dead end with houses right around the end, and it was a dead end back in the late 1920s which is the earliers aerial photo I can find (and that photo has nowhere the resolution to see details of the track). If the tracks were serving the beach or some amusement park, that park seems to have been gone by t
  5. Hand-me-down TTC 7973 heading south on Brown's Line on 123C. 7934 on 50,
  6. TTC Handmedowns 7930 on 37A 7969 and 7922 NIS on Islington Ave 7927 on 110A Islington station bus lot looking awfully empty and desolate.
  7. TTC 7975 rumbling by on 50 Burnhamthorpe.
  8. Needs black paint in the window area to really hit the CLRV vibe.
  9. 7977 cruising on 123B Shorncliffe Sherway in glorious hand-me-down CLRV paint scheme.
  10. It's a long way to Kipling station It's a long way to go It's a long way to Kipling station To the sweetest route I know! Good bye to ratty Bloor St Farewell Islington It's a long long way to Kipling station But Miway's right there
  11. 7926 seen going about its business on 123C. 7976 seen on 111. Hey, it's 2021. Shouldn't these be in the special sightings thread, or the Orion VII retirements thread? If someone creates an OMG MORE HAND ME DOWN BUSES Sightings thread, I'm all in for it.
  12. According to the wiki, almost all of the 1200-1423 buses were rebuilt. The later hybrids were not rebuilt. I would assume that a lot of the difference is right there, and that the later NG HEV buses would retire later than the earlier HEVs if all of them had been through the same maintenance procedures. In other words, an older but rebuilt HEV is better than a newer one that's about ready for a rebuild, but (as has been discovered) not really worth rebuilding. That would not explain rebuilt OG HEVs outlasting NG HEVs, unless there was a difference in the rebuilt. Perhaps Bus Medic would h
  13. TTC 3737 seen on 41 Keele. This is the first time I've seen a battery bus on Keele. They were (and are) frequent on 58 Maple Leaf. I wonder what the chances are of catching a meetup of a couple of different kinds of battery buses, at Keele and Ingram/Gulliver.
  14. Is the wooden bus stop pole holding up the stop sign for eastbound Lonsdale at Russel Hill a remnant of the Hill Coach? It's almost impossible to get a good google streetview of it. Here's my best attempt.
  15. Apologies, I thought I put this in the Misc TTC questions. I know it's been cleared for years. But I drove by today, and there's plenty of equipment out and driving around, looks like digging up stuff. I didn't get a good look unfortunately. That all is different from the years when.....nothing happened on the site.
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