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  1. Ed T.

    TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    There's little hint these days of the TTC being at all interested in heritage service or charters.
  2. New board period, different operator, missed detour routing. Clearly there is an issue at Queensway division getting route change/diversion/detour info out to operators.
  3. Ed T.

    Today's Sightings

    TTC streetcars Sunday morning: 4001 out on 506 CARLTON 4217 and 4236 out on 501L (neƩ 507), not sure which one I saw.
  4. Ed T.

    Today's Special Sightings

    Could have been moved there to be out of the way; same with the mirror. It seems like an awfully convenient place for it to land on its own.
  5. Ed T.

    Streetcar News

    It's plenty dire when there's a gap in service. Like the time I was on a westbound CLRV that bypassed University Ave./Osgoode stop entirely, in rush hour, because it was crush loaded already. And there's always a gap in service.
  6. That's why I asked here first. The operator struck me as a fairly new one, and if no one informed him of the detour, then it would be quite a surprise (to the op, I mean). (Would long-term route detours be posted at the division? I would think they ought to be.) On the other hand, he made some bad decisions, that went against the training to call in to CIS, and I wouldn't say the interactions with the passengers were very good either. That's the same reason I reported a different op who I suppose misread the run sheet and went off on the wrong route branch, insisting that he was right. This was early enough in the morning to know that he was wrong (the bus enters service on this run, every morning)....and the other passengers, 90% of whom are regulars on that run, knew that as well.
  7. Ed T.

    Today's Sightings

    Steve Munro's recent article on King operation indicates that, in theory, all 504 service is Flexity, "with rare exceptions". Note, I didn't put this into special sightings.
  8. Ed T.

    Today's Sightings

    Yesterday evening, CLRV 4004 running 504 BROADVIEW STATION. Tracking shows that it did several runs on the Dufferin-Broadview branch, which is supposed to be all-LFLRV.
  9. In this case, it was a scheduled detour due to construction. Op missed it, discovered that the street for regular routing was closed, and drove off, basically missing over 2 km of route, which included seven or eight stops. This obviously affected passengers who might want to get off (one regular rider got quite upset, and I don't blame her), and of course not picking up anyone waiting. No call to CIS. Back in 2010, Finch Ave. E was under construction. An enterprising Finch East express operator used Bishop Ave. to bypass the mess, and, as he told his passengers, got into trouble for that, even though no stops were missed. I've been on a 110B leaving Long Branch loop that mistakenly (? well, in this case I wonder) turned up Brown's Line (110A routing). CIS called them up before they hit Horner Ave. But that was in the afternoon. I've been on a wrong-branch run in the early morning with no call; I guess they're asleep in the office. Well, I don't know if anyone else put in a complaint, but I will. Op should call CIS!
  10. Ed T.


    I've counted 97 passengers stuffed onto an older GM New Look (upholstered seats variety). My count may have been off by two or three. This was back when the 106A York U Express came three times an hour. The one that arrived on the hour met a huge lineup at the Ross stop (as it then was), and left stuffed to the gills. I got on at the stop before and got a good seat for counting people boarding. It was all starving students back then, none of this present day obesity epidemic.
  11. If a bus goes off route for whatever reason--and this morning I was one one that missed a detour routing--are operators trained to call in and get directions? It seems unlikely to me that the official procedure is "make up a routing on the fly", but would like to confirm this.
  12. Ed T.

    GO Transit

    Taking away even more possible revenue from the Ikea line.
  13. Ed T.

    Today's Sightings

    Yes, looking at a range of numbers, 4200-4252 (just easy to type). Kind of odd that the individual number is shown, but not the range. Must be different logic in the back end.
  14. Ed T.

    Today's Sightings

    Huh, 4221 was out on 501 eastbound and signed McCaul. I saw it ten or fifteen minutes ago at Bathurst. Transsee does not find it by unit number, but vehicle history shows it at Spadina eastbound. Maybe it pulled into McCaul loop and disappeared for whatever reason?
  15. I would think that it would not be impossibly difficult to bypass all the propulsion control electronics, and give the CLRVs a couple of speeds, low and crawl, which might be enough for operational purposes at HCRR. As far as I am aware, the motors are plain old DC, so the same kind of electromechanical control systems found on older streetcars would work. Although I suppose that would also require fiddling with the braking system, as I'm not sure how that works if regen isn't available. What insurance companies might think of this, and what other regulations may apply to heritage traction control systems, I don't know.