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  1. I just saw "hybrid on Kipling", didn't think about generations.
  2. Is this a bus at Obico being sent out to be useful, or a RDA unit?
  3. Saw a shiny 4040 eastbound on Queen at Bathurst around lunch time. It seems to have been on a hiatus according to Transsee.
  4. That's a pretty reasonable statement for all Red Line products. I am a bit curious how a two-stroke diesel's oiling system works. I assume that oil is not added to the fuel--unlike small two-stroke gas engines--and also that something that pushes a bus must have a full flow pressurized oil system. I guess that being a diesel, the fuel itself is injected directly into the cylinders instead of finding its way through the crankcase.....so the crankcase contains only pressurized air? In which case, how does the lubricating oil spilling out of the main bearings, or coating the cylinder walls to keep the rigs lubed, not get sucked into the engine and burnt? Since the engines obviously run and run well, they must differ in various ways from gasoline engine two-stroke technology.
  5. The current signage is similar to the times when westbound streetcars on Queen were signed 501 LONG BRANCH even though none of them went there because the tracks were closed for reconstruction. Since none of the buses now goes to Eglinton Station, they might as well leave them all saying that they do still go to Eglinton station. The reasons for this I leave to the reader.
  6. Thanks for the reminder about the whole maglev thing. I remember riding a maglev shuttle train in Birmingham UK airport in the 1980s. It was an underwhelming experience.
  7. Thanks for the information about the RT's operating speeds. Does the LIM have any particular advantages over conventional traction motors? I'd guess that, since gearing isn't a concept here, that acceleration has an upper bound, but top speed won't be limited by the motor spinning too fast.
  8. Because I don't have a phone with GPS. In any case, it won't answer the question of travel speeds in the 1990s.
  9. On the Scarbourough RT (aka Line 3): Is there the same default cruising speed between stations far enough apart to allow that (e.g. both sides of Lawrence East), or is there a unique speed profile for every part of the line? Notwithstanding any answer above has the speed of the RT dropped over the years? It's hard to accurately judge the speed of a rail vehicle from inside, but I think the RT had a greater impression of speed years ago than it does now.
  10. Ohhh, way out in the east end, then. My visits to Starspray are very, very few.
  11. Is the bus still at Queensway? I don't recognise that loop, but it sure is nowhere near Hillcrest. Maybe somewhere in western Etobicoke?
  12. I checked with the station attendant at Osgoode and paper Day Passes are still available for sale. (It's always safest to ask.) Note that Presto isn't transferrable, so if two people are travelling, each needs their own Presto card (you can't just tap twice with one card). Honestly, I'd go with a day pass (especially on Saturday/Sunday/stat holiday [Canada Day Monday this year]) or cash if you want simplicity and try to play the transfer game. But if you want a souvenir of a technology that isn't all that great, go ahead with Presto.
  13. Here is some information on a Day Pass: http://ttc.ca/Fares_and_passes/Passes/Day_Pass/index.jsp Note that if you are travelling to the zoo, or anywhere on the system, on a Saturday or Sunday, one Day Pass can cover two adults and a combination of kids. But you have to stay together. This functionality is not available with Presto. (Note, the TTC is really deprecating the Day Passes....I'm going to check if I can still actually get one.) You can buy Presto cards in Union Station, and at any GO station: https://www.gotransit.com/en/faq/faq (scroll down). You might as well visit Eaton Centre, although Eaton's is long gone. To my mind, in the scheme of distances and times, the Eaton Centre is a pretty trivial (and interesting) walk from the CN Tower area.
  14. I saw 4004 out on Lake Shore a few days ago, and it sure looks beat up and rusty.
  15. A few NG hybrids mixed in with Queensway's other buses in the yard. They were displaying TRAINING BUS. Would they be driven down from Obico in the morning to handle a training class?
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