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  1. "Technology to be determined" can mean anything. Maybe they find that the new hybrids, or battery buses, suck as much as the CNG buses did? I also like the report putting trolley coaches right up/back there with two-stroke diesel buses. Eww, those smelly trolley coaches! Must get rid of them! Along that vein, there are battery buses and hydrogen fuel cell buses listed in the "current technology" pie chart, but no mention of trolley coaches. I'm pretty sure that between Vancouver and San Francisco and whatever other properties run trolley coaches (Dayton, and, ummm....) there are way more TCs in service in North America than battery and hydrogen buses lumped together. You'd have to multiply the hydrogen buses times the number of consultants eager to hype them to get a decently large number.
  2. Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    When there are several Flexitys 'piling up in yards for a few years' let us know, for it will be a true scandal. If there's one waiting its turn for a few days, who cares.
  3. General Subway/RT Discussion

    How much use is Vincent yard getting? I walked by there yesterday. It looks like the two southside tracks haven't been used, maybe ever. There's evidence that the two northside tracks have been used, but it was hard to tell if the wear was consistent with use as a yard, or whether it was done by work equipment.
  4. Streetcar News

    The running on The Queensway is fast and very smooth compared to the old track that seemed to be always wobbly. It's also a bit noisier. No TTC info staff on hand, either at Roncesvalles to tell people to get on the streetcar!, nor at Ellis Ave. to tell them that they have to wait for the 501 shuttle on the south side stop. The service notices on the stop pole are useless at explaining where to wait, too.
  5. GO Transit

    I would be more than surprised. CANDU stands for "CANadian Deuterium Uranium". The primary cooling and moderation is done by heavy water, which is dideuterium oxide as opposed to dihydrogen oxide plain old water. I'm sure there's plenty of heavy water stored on site. Gaseous H2 or D2, umm, show me the cite. Creating heavy water involves work with hydrogen, sure, but it's a totally different business. And that was done at the Bruce Heavy Water plant, which has been decommissioned for over thirty years according to Wikipedia. And I don't even see much evidence that CNL was involved in that. CNL is more of a kind of successor to the Chalk River nuclear business, which had a lot to do with medical isotopes. But, see, as long as people go "Oooh! Hydrogen! Nuclear!!" then nonsense like making CNL an advisor will get by the public. Now, if they had hired Enbridge or TransCanada as consultants, I'd be less skeptical. At least those companies have dealt with large-scale transportation and storage of dangerous gases....though H2 has several extra difficulties compared to natural gas (hydrogen embrittlement, and plain old leaking), without having anything much easier about it (other than, I guess, it won't collect in depressions; in a leak, it will head straight into the sky).
  6. GO Transit

    Managing isotopes of hydrogen at a nuclear plant <> widespread creation, distribution, and application (I should have said "industrial" I guess) of hydrogen. The deuterium (in the heavy water moderator, natch) and tritium at Darlington have nothing to do with the production, storage, etc. of hydrogen on an industrial scale to power a heavy rail system using fuel cells. So why did Metrolinx retain this company? I'll leave that as an exercise for readers.
  7. GO Transit

    OMG THESE WILL BE FUSION POWERED!!! Seriously, CNL is all about nuclear technology. What would they know about widespread creation, distribution, and application of hydrogen gas?
  8. TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    Yeah, that's what I'm going by. But, as I just checked, that series was the last with opening square windows opposite the rear doors. I don't think the slider frame is visible in that picture. Here's a pic of 7552 in the CLRV paint scheme; the sliding window frame is obvious: Orange turn signals first came on the 1979 8270-8314 series. Yeah, that's how I thought of them back in the day: "Bug-eyed taillights".
  9. Turning down TTC offer

    I don't think it's possible for anyone not in the bowels of TTC HR to tell you. Regardless of whatever the official posted policy might say, you have to ask yourself, "if they remember me, what will they think?" Of course it's possible that no one will remember you or look you up. Anyway, why would you expect the location to be better if you slip through the gantlet next time?
  10. TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    If I had to guess, the TTC bus is a 1972 model from the 7523-7552 series. A better view of the taillights might settle it.
  11. ..... So the idea behind the shift arrangement is to get one bus done from start to finish, then go home? What if the team gets way efficient with practice and finishes up in nine hours?
  12. Today's Sightings

    All-white Orion VI, in pretty rough shape, sitting on Lake Shore with the engine cover up. No licence plate on the front. Probably not a 501L laying over.
  13. Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    But 4400 is counted, so the 70th car should be 4470 if one does not count 4401.
  14. Yeah, there isn't enough room on Lake Shore to park all those buses on layover. I figure they mean that the allocation was bumped to 15 buses from the 8-11 that are out from morning to evening. It's still a dysfunctional response, since the problem may not be few buses, it's buses running in pairs, taking half an hour breaks, etc. Although because it was scheduled for Windermere-Long Branch, then maybe everyone gave up even trying when the east end loop moved to Dufferin.
  15. The TTC has placed inspectors to watch the 501L service. I saw an inspector Sunday afternoon, and also the reply from the TTC about my service complaint states that. Steve Munro has also posted an article that shows just how badly the buses were running without supervision. Headways can be anything from under a minute to over thirty minutes. Hopefully the inspectors wil sort things out somewhat.