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  1. Disclaimer: I may be mis-remembering, and I think I'd have to be on internal systems to find any information. But I seem to recall that a municipal worker was seriously injured by ice falling on his head from the top of a garbage truck. And yes, the Ministry investigated, and steps were taken. So some analogue to your suggestion may be required of CVOR operators. (I am certified for JHSC; this would have come up at some meeting, probably 2017. Wasn't our division.)
  2. So do they cover up or turn off the GO Presto readers, or have someone there telling you what's going on, or what? Because I expect that most users will just tap the GO readers. Then again, where are you allowed to ride? Suppose you were going to take the subway from Kipling to Main Street. You get on the GO train and ride to Danforth? The concept is simple. The execution has many ifs and gotchas.
  3. I notice that the TTC was recommending taking the GO train at Kipling to skip the Bloor-Danforth mess. I presume that you tap your Presto and it deducts TTC fare, not GO fare, automatically? As a Presto user, how can you be sure that it's deducting the right fare? Especially beforehand, because after it's done its deductions, it will be a pain to try to get them corrected.
  4. That's a definition of "suburb" which wouldn't much be recognized in Toronto. I think it's pretty universal to consider Lake Shore west of the Humber as the only suburban streetcar route in Toronto.
  5. I think that argument is backwards. The Kingston Road section seems to carry few riders in my random observations. Unless we have data that shows the demand is on Kingston Road, I would assume that the majority of it is on Queen. So just add some east-end Queen trippers and be done with it. What are the "suburban sections" of the 506? Sure, Gerrard St East between Greenwood and east of Woodbine was the suburbs....back in 1910.
  6. Excuse me driver, is this the 36 bus? I need the 36 bus!
  7. Anyone seen how the artics are doing today? I understand that some or all of them got tires with greater snow capability. It's a good test out there, whatever snow plowing has been done hasn't kept up with the snowfall. ETA: I see in Transsee that a lot of artics are out, many of which are unsurprisingly behind schedule. As I hang out in the land of the old hand-me-down too loud buses, I have no idea if any of those artics are stuck.
  8. Almost true....and I give points for thinking of this. PCC 4537 was rebuilt into 4602 in 1989 and I guess ran that way until the PCCs were retired in 1995. The first open slot seems to be 4619-4624, followed by 4748-4749.
  9. GO will happily sell you a fare and let you on the train whether or not you have parked at the station. Therefore it's not a de facto fare increase. The last mile problem is indeed something that Metrolinx needs to address. You'd be better off tying your argument to something like "fix the last mile problem!" I will note that reserved parking already runs $98/month as per GO's website. I'd guess that at least half of Long Branch's parking lot is reserved. Of course the rest of it is full before 7 AM. I guess you can go complain to Premier Doug. What will you say if the per-km fare is actually balanced out? Guess what, your commute from Burlington (to Toronto?) will be even more expensive. I guess you'll have to spend some of that $10,000 you saved by knowing oil burners.
  10. What, there was only one schedule, and they blew it by only two weeks? (Pg. 3 of https://www.ttc.ca/About_the_TTC/Commission_reports_and_information/Commission_meetings/2018/May_8/Reports/4_Negotiation_with_Bombardier_on_Liquidated_Damages_due_to_D.pdf) (Pg. 4 of http://www.ttc.ca/About_the_TTC/Commission_reports_and_information/Commission_meetings/2015/September_28/Reports/Board_Request_Staff_Review_of_Options_to_Exclude_Bombardier_.pdf ) (Pg. 6 of http://www.ttc.ca/About_the_TTC/Commission_reports_and_information/Commission_meetings/2015/June_22/Reports/Board_Report_with_Confidential_Attachment_New_Streetcar.pdf) After Bombardier gave up on Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, .... (they were going to run out of letters) the proposed a slipped schedule. Note that deliveries would be complete by August 2019: (Pg. 8 of http://www.ttc.ca/About_the_TTC/Commission_reports_and_information/Commission_meetings/2015/June_22/Reports/Board_Report_with_Confidential_Attachment_New_Streetcar.pdf) Saying "they met their schedule....well....almost met their schedule", when their schedule was constantly expanding, is post hoc ergo propter hoc. Not to mention that coming close to catching up at the very end does not help for all those years where we were missing 50 or so streetcars that should have been delivered already.
  11. You don't trust them. Why would you? It's not a fare increase, it's a parking charge. If you call it a fare increase, you might as well say that if the price of gas goes up, your GO fare has increased. I recall moans of protest when the free parking for Metropass users was taken away at TTC parking lots. Imminent collapse of the TTC, cats sleeping with dogs, etc. Oddly, the parking lot at Kipling station remained packed during the day, those times I had to walk through to get to the station entrance. Maybe the other parking lots I haven't visited are empty? I am biased because I never park at a GO station, and would look forward to any reduction in my fare. On the other hand, charging for parking will give some people an incentive to figure out an alternative to driving by themselves to the GO station and plopping their car down for the day. I don't agree with arguments that GO should keep expanding parking lots, including building multi-storey parking palaces, to preserve the right to easy, plentiful, free parking.
  12. Is there any rhyme or reason to initiating pan operation? Granted that they had a chance to redo the overhead during the service suspension, Dundas is hardly the busiest route. Why not make King a pan route? Or the Lake Shore section of 501, which is pan-ready as far as I know, and wouldn't be used by any diverting routes? I know you don't have the answer....I'm just muttering rhetorical questions.
  13. So drop fares a bit at the same time. Everyone who does not park at a station gets a break. If you park, you wind up paying more.
  14. That's okay. Remember the proposal to replace the Queens Quay-Union tunnel with a motorized walkway? My Sooper Sekrit Sources say that they have found a much bigger, better use for the proposal materials! The Roads Must Roll!
  15. We were assured from Definite Sources that the 7900s would be gone by the end of 2019. It seems that 7921 just got the memo.
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