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  1. Or is it just TTC's policy to replace one streetcar with 1.X buses? That's why some people out on Lake Shore wish for permanent bustitution: instead of a streetcar every ten minutes (or so--very much or so) it's a bus every five or six minutes or so.
  2. Well, I prefer facts....
  3. This is just random words. GO ALRT was deemed infeasible and that was that. The bastard child of GO ALRT, the ICTS, made the Scarborough RT an orphan line that no one (other than Bombardier lobbyists) want to extend. Since the vast majority of ridership in the GTHA is on the TTC, it makes sense if rapid transit is focused on where the ridership is. You are also conflating regional transit with urban rapid transit. They are not the same thing.
  4. Did the rebuilt 8100 buses retain their red-over-red taillights, or were they switched to the amber-over-red that were originally used on the later 8200s on up?
  5. 7910 on 111 4567 heading into Long Branch loop on 501 I got to keep my eyes open for 1234 and 3456! 😁
  6. 7935 seen on 123C earlier today 7932 on 111 7369 7969 on 110 (no, we did not get extra NFLFs!) And a few more 7900s noticed. Good to see these ghost hand-me-down old-livery sure-to-be-retired-by-2018 buses out and doing their job. There are a lot of newer buses in storage right now, aren't there?
  7. If you checked the link to sammi that you posted, you'd see that they last logged in December 8, 2016. So I would not hold my breath.🥶
  8. This motivated me to look up exactly where La Pocatière is. It's on the south shore of the St Lawrence (river or gulf), maybe 50 or 60 km east (north-east) of Québec. It's a nice sunny 22º there right now.
  9. Back in the Before Times I would see people who chewed on their nails then grabbing a hold of stanchions. I made it a practice to wash my hands with soap and water after I got off the Queen car, or in fact any bus. Also I would try to grasp stanchions where I figure others are less likely to grab them. Or not grab them at all. This goes double these days.
  10. Yeah, if this was early evening, the streetcar would have been a straggler. Of course the Kingston Road lines always run exactly on schedule, but there might have been a wee glitch with this run.
  11. What sense would that make? How long were the New Looks and Vs around, versus the size and likely remaining lifetime of the 7900s? When you are in a hole, it's often best to stop digging.
  12. 3734 spotted westbound on Eglinton by Martin Grove on a 34 (B?) run.
  13. Is there any chance that they might get shuffled to Queensway and put into service?
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