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  1. Streetcar News

    In a push/pull arrangement? If so, how does the lead CLRV get into postion?
  2. Eglinton Crosstown line

    If you are going shopping, those stops are necessary to make transit an attractive option on Eglinton West. I don't see any significant nodes developing around Islington. Martin Grove and Kipling, maybe, but I"ll believe it when I see it.
  3. The bus loop is closed for reconstruction, and buses can't use the streetcar loop because reasons (more reconstruction, though I haven't seen much going on). The diversions to deal with this have been changing, both on the TTC and MiWay, it seems weekly if not daily. (More on the TTC side, I think MiWay ops have figured it out.) Councillor Grime's newsletter has a construction notice #2 which does not yet appear on ttc.ca. Basically the 501 buses will be using Fortieth, James, and Forty First until watermain work on Forty Second is completed. No mention of the trunk sewer work that's starting up on Fortieth, mainly at the top end towards Lake Shore.
  4. At least some 501L buses are looping at the west end using Fortieth, James, and (I presume) Forty First. I've seen a couple do that. But I'm not sure if all the 501L buses are doing that, or that they're doing it all the time. With sewer reconstruction starting on Fortieth, there are lane closures with "yield to oncoming traffic" during the days, so this seems to be a late evening/overnight thing (the buses I saw were at 11 PM Wednesday, and 6:15 AM today). But that's puzzing, too. There's no traffic interfering with looping via Forty-Second at those times. Of course none of this is in any service advisory....
  5. I just noticed on the 123 Shorncliffe schedule: 315 EVANS-BROWNS LINE BLUE NIGHT SHORNCLIFFE To ROYAL YORK STN and ISLINGTON STN This is the 315 that totally, positively goes nowhere on, or even near, Shorncliffe Rd.
  6. General Subway/RT Discussion

    Is there any increase in operating speed in the ATC section? I would think that the grade timed sections could be run right at the maximum speed, for example. Or, if top speed isn't increased, does better speed control allow decreases in running time? I am skeptical that headways will be reduced significantly, since riders transferring at Bloor/Yonge and St. George already barely clear the platforms and stairwells before the next train shows up. But reducing travelling time is always welcome.
  7. Future TTC Bus Orders

    I live in Queensway-land! Nothing to worry about....until the 501L shuttle doesn't come.
  8. Future TTC Bus Orders

    That's possibly heading for the 'sunk cost' fallacy. Sure, if there isn't much to choose between different hybrid systems, stick with the devil you know. But if other systems are notably better in some respects (reliability, service costs, etc.) then the proper approach would be to cost out the economics of both, factoring in the learning required for the new system. Just because you've figured out how to keep a Chevy Vega on the road (sort of) doesn't mean that your next car should also be a Chevy Vega in order to take advantage of your hard-won expertise. But I also hear that law school is real expensive these days....
  9. Toronto Transportation Society - 2017 Trips

    It was a very interesting charter. There was enough time in Detroit to do your own thing, and enough information provided in the handout to make that possible. Thanks to organizers for that. The People Mover was a real experience, what with the convention crowds. For some reason, I think it fits in better with the 'renaissance' Detroit--or maybe even hipsterizing Detroit--than I think it did with the down-at-heels old Detroit. The Q line was an interesting ride. Not just the ride--there is a lot of interesting architecture from the early 20th century to be seen, particularly around Wayne State. The check-cashing-and-liquor stores I remember from my drive up Woodward back around twenty years ago are very much less in evidence. SInce I have a Q line "cash refund card" with $3.50 on it, I guess I need to go back soon.
  10. The TTC web page for the diversion has been updated, but is it correct? So 110B serves Thirtieth northbound. While it does so, 110A serves Thirtieth southbound (while 110B serves Brown's Line northbound). So far so good. But off-peak, when the 110B isn't running, the 110A serves Thirtieth southbound and Brown's Line northbound. This is different....all-day southbound service on Thirtieth? I would have thought that non-peak, 110A can do the same diversion as 123: left on Lake Shore from Brown's Line, stop at Fortieth, left on Brown's Line from Lake Shore, see you later. I'd also expect ops to change their signs, so that if they're following Brown's line in whatever direction they'd display 110A, and if they're following Thirtieth in either direction they'd display 110B. ALL THIS CAN'T POSSIBLY CONFUSE RIDERS!!!1! p.s. For those who aren't familiar with the area, not only is traffic a mess due to lane closures caused by the bus loop reconstruction, Brown's Line and Thirtieth are parallel but almost 1 km apart (976m by my measurement) and there are no through routes between the two. Riders who want a destination on Brown's Line can't use a stop on Thirtieth, and vice versa.
  11. It makes sense to keep two-way service on Thirtieth. It's a long walk to Horner or Lake Shore, or a long detour that will take a lot of time. The downside of this arrangement is that if you used to catch the 110 at the loop, and you don't care if it's A or B, the only place I can think you can safely wait is at Thirty Seventh, and be prepared to run across the street. (I assume that 110B coming west along Lake Shore will turn up the Brown's Line ramp, meaning that after Thirty Seventh the next stop is north of the bridge. Or do buses make the awkward turn to the normal 110/123 stop at the traffic island across from Thirty Eighth?)
  12. This morning I saw a 110B laying over at the eastbound Fortieth St. stop. Whether it will run east on Lake Shore to Thirtieth or turn north at Brown's Line is a good question. I have pretty much given up on the bus since the whole loop reconstruction began. And now watching Transsee, it may be the case that southbound 110A buses become northbound 110B buses. Bus locations jump around, but I do see buses northbound on Thirtieth--in addition to the expected southbound.
  13. General Subway/RT Discussion

    "Pushing for"? It's one of the big list of 2041 ideas. Right up there with the Trafalgar BRT, etc.
  14. Toronto Transportation Society - 2017 Trips

    I'm not clear where I should be parking for the Windsor charter. If I missed that in the info, sorry. Last time I was on a Windsor charter I got a ride and didn't worry about directions.
  15. Maybe someone here knows the answer to my question. I have doubts that TTC Info would be 100% reliable. The new routing for 110B at the Long Branch end is to come west across Lake Shore as usual, but then turn north up Brown's Line and back east along Horner--skipping eastbound stops on Lake Shore and northbound stops on Thirtieth. Does this include buses coming into service for the AM? I normally take the early AM 110B that came into service at Long Branch loop. It would always arrive southbound via Brown's Line. There's no reason, at that time, for it to do the diversion. It could turn left at Lake Shore (just like the 110A/123) and do the normal route. I know there are several regular riders that get on or off on Thirtieth, in addition to some people who regularly board on Lake Shore (I am a semi-regular boarder). While I can see the consistency in doing the diversion route even when coming into service, I can see the better service--at no loss in running speed--in making AM 110B runs come into service on the regular routing.