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  1. 71902 is now in service. Rode it today on Route 1 -Plains-Fairview.
  2. The 2019 Nova Bus LFSs are starting to enter service. They're numbered 71901-71907. 71901 and 71903 are in service on the 81 and 25 respectively. Source is Transee.
  3. I haven't been able to find too much information, if at all, of any other transit items for OT regarding any asks from OT themselves for additional funding on additional service hours and so on. Has anyone found anything of interest?
  4. It's a damn shame that York Regional Council again has forced YRT to make a huge amount of service cuts to the points that YRT is no longer relevant, despite their fancy VIVA Stations and Rapidways. Cut too much and essentially there'd be nothing left.
  5. The Burlington Santa Claus parade was cancelled yesterday due to the poor weather conditions. It meant, to my assumption that the debit of BT's Christmas bus had to be held back, unless it went into service yesterday after the announcement. Anyone seen it and what bus is it? One budget item that I'm aware of is free transit for students. Anyone else notice that both on Transsee and on Transit App for Routes 2 and 3 that they list buses that are on Route 2, that northbound they are listed in going downtown, but the 3 is still known as "Guelph Downtown" to which its route description is still "to Burlington GO", yet, its stop listings only go as far as downtown.
  6. Back on Tuesday of this week, for the first time using Bramalea GO to get the 46 GO bus heading west. I noticed something significant. The GO buses going westbound 25F, 30, 31, 32, 36, 46, 47 and 48 to exit using Steeles having their stops closest to the tracks and the Steeles overpass. I wasn't able to see where any of the eastbound 31, 32, 36, 46, 47 or 48 stopped at. All I could tell was the massive parking garage that's being built on the former bus loop and eastbound buses heading there. Anyone who's more familiar with the Bramalea GO redesign have any insight? Isn't that part of the plans for the multi-modal station/ terminal that would service GRT, VIA, GO, and access to ION?
  7. Pardon the bump, But yesterday in Burlington, a St. Catharines Transit Nova LFS was heading westbound on Harvester Road passing the Burlington Transit garage at 4:15 pm.
  8. Yesterday while looking at the BT garage from Harvester Road, I dud see 2 new novas at the hack, but also a dead 2007 D40LF. While trying to discern which fleet number of the D40LF was, a 2019 nova did a small drive test from the eastern driveway to the western one. I did see that it has a vastly different fleet number 71904. I suppose it's a new fleet numbering scheme for this batch and future orders.
  9. Thank you for straightening that out. And I do agree that LTC is doing the best they can under a tight budget and speed limit reductions.
  10. https://lfpress.com/news/local-news/ltc-service-in-balance-as-council-talks-budget-speed-limits I don't think I've heard of such thing as reducing frequencies due to lower speed limits. But on the other side, the budget and the pressures to make cuts. It wasn't long ago that London was considered to be one of those cities and agencies that had a proud vision to push transit forward. Forward-thinking. Things just don't seem to be that way anymore.
  11. I had been talking to a couple drivers recently about the changes back in September. ONe of the common things that were discussed is about that because of the new grid design, that the drivers aren't given enough time to recover at terminals/GO Stations. More so, the 2/3 and 3/2 at Burlington GO. These drivers say that the schedules don't allow them for recovery. Rather, to go in, load and unload then get out. It wasn't the caes back prior to September where on those two routes, 30 minute frequencies on weekdays with 3 buses on both routes gave them lots of recovry time. The Route 4 and its advertised service inside Joseph Brant Hospital and LaSalle Towers that didn't happen. I don't know whether the directive was given by BT, the owners of both properties or from the city. But this is a huge missed opportunity...at the hospital anyway for easier access for those passengers rather than catching the 4's on North Shore Boulevard. Anyway, on November 3rd, well, the main changes are happening on Monday, November 4th. The key ones are that the 2 adn 3 are going to be operating every 20 minutes, all day. Doesn't look like an extra bus other than the 3 for both routes will be added. https://www.burlingtontransit.ca/en/news-and-alerts/route-changes.aspx
  12. I would like to follow that up with any sightings of the 7 Burlington units? If so, are they built with the redesigned driver's window?
  13. https://www.oakvilletransit.ca/tsu-19aug07.html Very underwhelming for next week. I suppose that there could be other things that may happen in December perhaps. But alas.
  14. About a week ago, I received an email with a follow-up regarding the Tim Horton's at various GO stations along the Lakeshore Lines. I was told that a new Time Horton's trailer was just set up at Oshawa GO Station which will be open year round. At this point in time, there aren't plans for the other stations that once had previous Tim's trailers (Like Oakville), but if there are plans, I will be given follow-up on it.
  15. Pardon the bump, but are you referring to after the bell is pulled and sounded, that the voice announces, "Stop Requested. Please be seated until bus is fully stopped?" That's on the whole fleet. Not only is that announced but also is seen on the visual display. Speaking of the 1900's, 1905 two weeks ago had entered service, meaning that all 1900-series Novas for this batch are all accounted for and are in service.
  16. Burlington Transit Route & Service Changes, September 1st. I do have an analysis: The peak increases to the 2, 3 and the 25 are very good additions of 20 minutes. I wasn't expecting the 2 and 3 to be given 20 minute peak frequencies as they weren't part of the proposed service increases at peak. But good as they're two important corridors just like Fairview/Plains and New Street. The 11 having 15 minute peak frequency is interesting. I may have been on the 11 many times and at various parts of the weekday, whether it be the midday and/or peak period. 15 minutes may be a bit too ambitious in my opinion. 20 minutes seems more than adequate. The 101 being a peak route at 15 minutes seems good. Though, with it as well as the 1 between Burlington GO Station and downtown Hamilton be perhaps a bit too much. I do think the 1 can still be directed to Aldershot GO, even if it means during peak periods, (like a 1A), perhaps hourly during midday and peak periods at every half hour as an example. Problem is that with the 1 going to be at every 20 minutes, it'd disrupt the evened-out frequency in the corridor west of Aldershot. The transfer at Waterdown Road with the 4 just seems pointless given how close to Aldershot GO it is. A BIG win for Sunday service to no longer be different than holiday service. Holiday service will be Sunday service. Evening service on the 6, 11, 12 and 25 would be every half-hour on weekdays to be every half hour until the end of service is another win, instead of it tailing off to hourly in the evenings. The 2 and 3 would be at the 407 Carpool 7 days a week! Given that by that time the new services are implemented on September 1st and the new platform/terminal layout would "hopefully" be finished by then, there'd be ample room for those routes to go there on a weekend and still have room leftover. Drawback 1: Given that this is the first step to going to a more of a grid system, it does take out a bit more coverage. While it means that there were some routes that were more well, 'commuter'-based' coverage routes compared to ones that still has their places to be a good coverage route, I think that BT should be careful in going way too far toward a grid, which Burlington's road network is more suited to be, but to also still have a strong coverage route system, too. But not like a Dial-A-Ride kind of a plan. I can speak by experience how that kind of a thing would exist again as it doesn't work. While in some places DAR could make their comeback, coverage routes still have their places. Needed links and connections can and still need to be linked up. The one that comes to mind is the 6 that used to go out to Pinemeadow from Guelph Line and Upper Middle several years ago. But I digress... Drawback 2: Funding just came a bit short on increasing weekend and holiday frequencies to 30 minutes to the 6, 11, 12 and 25. AS for the 6 or 7th year in a row, they're still hourly. I had a chance when their PIC's were first out back in March and April and they told me that the reason for the hourly frequencies on those routes on weekends was that the data says the ridership doesn't warrant it. In my opinion, the ridership would be alot better if those frequencies would be half hour, not hourly for many years in a row. It's like the same argument that if the 1 wasn't going to take over for the 21 and if the 21 was going to be given 30 minutes but ridership data doesn't support it, why give it 30 or 20 minute headways? Anyhow, those are my opinion. A very strong first step into a much better Burlington Transit. Given that there'll be 3 expansion buses due in October, a better spare ratio would further strengthen the fleet for the 2020 network improvements.
  17. I'm curious about something. I've noticed over the last few times in looking over Transee that there are a few LFSAs that are up in Malton Garage doing runs on the 5-Dixie. Recent transfer? I hadn't been tracking miWay on Transee as often. Are there any other notable fleet transfers as of late?
  18. When bringing up Go and London, I was specifically meaning GO buses.I had felt that GO also (?), would want to, not just the GTHA, but being in the fringes of that area like Kitchener and Brantford are, that go beyond commuters. Students, leisure travel and other reasons for travel too that has it's own market. Kitchener to London I feel is a strong market that currently served by Greyhound and Coach Canada (?) ( an I missing other carriers?). If GO was to head into that market, would it be with only connections with other current GO services, not the direct travel links which is more for Greyhound. The ideas I've had for awhile would've been from Aldershot to London ( Fanshawe College or Western Univerdity) via Brantford and Woodstock. - London (Fanshawe/Western), via Kitchener and Guelph from Aldershot. - An extension of the GO 15 to Cambridge then to London. - Kitchener to London. If Greyhound is more regarded of a carrier that's express and uses the main 400-series highways, Go's bern known where not every route uses a 400-series all the time and could use Reginoal roads. Would Greyhound and Coach Canada allow GO to go into that market into London as long as there's not an Express component to its routes to connect to other GO services? I hope I'm making sense as at times I may ramble without getting to the point.
  19. Ok this is a two-part questions. First off, when two engines are on one consist back to back, does the second engine essentially go into gear and speed at the exact same time as the lead engine that's providing all the power, or what is actually happening in that case? Second, does anyone think that GO bus services could one day go to London? If so, what routes or places could they go to on the way there?
  20. I had received an update regarding New Flyer XD40 7056-12. While en route to Burlington Transit, it had suffered a differential failure which was attributed to the collision it had back in November. That is the only information received. is there any other information available from anyone else here, or did any of you get the same information? The 7 LFSs are due to arrive in October.
  21. I am unfarmiliar with there being a Route 900. Research has turned up nothing. Is this an internal route that does not appear on z public timetable?
  22. Noticed that there will be additional GO train service to Exibition GO on Friday through to Sunday on multiple train lines. What's the occasion?
  23. It's absolutely amazing that Brampton Transit is on a huge uptick in ridership but yet, the fleet is being stretched to its limits. I don't know whether or not, or even just to assume that there'll be a big amount of buses ordered in the next 5 years, or even 10 years to solve the ridership surging and to keep the fleet healthy with a good spare ratio. Call me crazy on this idea but is there talk that the ZUM fleet can withstand a loss of the first XDE60's, from 2012 to be rebuilt and repurposed into conventional service? I do recall when speaking to one of the planning supervisors at one of their public information centres in March that mentioned to me about putting those ZUM buses, upon their mid-life rebuilds, to be repurposed into conventional service. Would be interesting how Brampton manages its ridership growth properly.
  24. Is there any reason to believe that London Transit will not go beyond NFI for buses deliveries as long as their current fleet manager is around? Secondly, has LTC ever been involved with the CUTRIC program for alternative fueled buses, including electric? IF this is the case, they would need to (?) have other bus models to consider purchasing from and not just go with NFI...because..London,
  25. Bean curious about this for awhile. A part from the (Re)envisioning of the HSR that would essentially come into effect in about a year from now, any plans to address the 5 and their confusion branch directional services, including a route number that's identified as a branch direction route and a branch of that branch that is a local service (In Dundas), whether it be frequency, re-vamping that route entirely or something different altogether? I"m curious to see what the HSR has planned for it.
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