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  1. I like everything in your opinion here, except that PPT has little space beyond an area of 3 buses laying over at a time. Staggered scheduling with multiple routes could be a temporary solution unless Pickering Town Centre would allow for a terminal built on their property close by Pickering Parkway. DRT should go into Phase C rather than to be insistent of ridership killing On Demand. However Phase C still doesn't bring everything back. The 910 had been planned to to go to Ajax Station via Bayly and Whitby Station. Though Iirc, it was for rush hours only as the off peak trips were to go as far as Whirby Sration.
  2. Considering the history of not very strong budgets for Oakville Transit to use, this could be a case where there'd be more expansion buses but yet, not as much new service to have them on. As far as I understand, pre-pandemic, about 68-70 buses are used with the total fleet of 100+. It's a very healthy spare ratio, but there'd be room for more service for a few more buses, had these budgets for OT been more flexible. I have my doubts this'd change the outlook of a stronger network going forward over the next few years. I was in contact with OT last week and I was informed that the seat restrictions will be lifted come September 6th. I"m speculating here, but I'm curious whether or not this would include having the Vicinities coming back into service for the first time since late March? This is a good partial return to pre-covid levels, although not all the way back, but a good start. The later service levels close to midnight Monday-Saturday tells me that for the time being, there are still not any need for Late Night Service. I suppose that could change later on depending on covid and further demand increases.
  3. I think it's 0610 and 0616. With the 'summer service's for weekdays starting on Tuesday, Setember 8th, would the other '06 D40LFs in the 07 series that are in storage would be brought back? And are there going to be any changes to bus allocation come the start if the new board period?
  4. I have an update on things from after a teleconference with Director of Transit, Sue Connor and BFAST. Regarding the bus purchases. Given that things are uncertain from a ridership perspective, BT is in the process of updating their business plan, which will be delivered to council in the fall. For this year, 8 buses, unsure when they were ordered and whether or not they were associate with the current Metrolinx consortium, the 2020 order are expected in May of 2021. 4 replacement and 4 expansion. This would be the last year, for the foreseeable future, to have expansion buses as ridership slowly recovers, post pandemic. Ot would also put BT in a strong position for the amount of fleet available, if ridership quicker than expected. For 2021, 11 buses, based on the current business plan, which were originally supposed to be 7 replacement and 4 expansion, will now all be replacements. This would mean that the rest of the 07, 08 and a good chunk of the 09 D40LFs would be retired. My other contact st BT hasnt gotten back to me on two buses which have been put of action for quite some time. D40LF 7038-07, which hasn't seen service since the pandemic began and D40LF 7045-08 hasn't been on the road since roughly mid April. The current business plan had also indicated a 14 year life cycle. This would mean that given that there are currently 3 2007 D40LFs left, 1 could retire next year and with only 3 2008 D40LFs in the fleet, one of those could retire, keeping the 14 year life cycle until the 2021 order is delivered as all replacements. It is unclear whether or not the 14 year life cycle will be maintained after the 2021 order. 2022 at this point might be looked at to resume expansion bus purchases. Fare collection and front door boarding will resume this Tuesday, September 1st.
  5. I'm wondering if they could've taken the current GO 51 to Square One, with the exception of not serving 407 Terminal? Is it that this us more of an Express option for this new route with fewer stops? If this was a 7 day service route, perhaps students at UTSC abd Centennial College would be thrilled at a cross regional route without the need to transfer at 407 Terminal. Just my two cents.
  6. With GO ramping up their bus services in September, I guess it's safe to assume that the 8100/8200 series DDL would be returning. Given their long layoff, could it be that most of them might start to appear on routes they've been on a bit earlier to ease them back after their dwell time?
  7. Prior to COVID, this wasn't even close to being a consideration of doing these drastic coverage route cuts. @110B West Pickering could shed a bit of light on this based on what had been considered prior to COVID. But this is nowhere close to being the right thing to do. Phase A should at the very least, have that base grid, but with the solid coverage and other higher performing routes supporting the grid. DRT isn't YRT, but its return to service makes it look like YRT.
  8. I think even Oshawa has been f***ed over with the loss of their local routes. The 301, 409, 411, 412 and the 417 are still vital routesin that part of the system. I hope that these routes are all part of "Phase B" of their ridership recovery plan. At least, I hope so. In my opinion, there's going to be a big loss for returning customers and new customers as with this 'revamped' system is all grid, itonly serves those customers those closest to those corridors. Even not having the 910 around is, or could be big mistake especially of there's a even a medium return of post-secondary students. That will be a big turn off.
  9. https://www.burlingtontransit.ca/en/Modules/News/search.aspx Really good return to service plan. Note that this begins on Sunday, August 23rd without fares collected as rear door boarding would be remaining in effect until Tuesday, September 1st. Other than Routes 4 - Central Route 6 - Headon that would remain as hourly frequencies, it's a really good comeback to close to regular service and to allow ridership to build a bit back up.
  10. The Mew York Rangers have won the Second phase of the NHL Dradt Lottery.
  11. I'm wondering why the decision was made of the other XE40s being in the regular YRT local scheme and not having the special 'electric bus' scheme of that of 1911? Presently I've only seen a photo of 1913 in the regular scheme.
  12. With this funding announcement, would it mean that they would, perhaps in September, to re introduce full service (unsure of school specials), precovid, without any other planned enhancements that may have been planned for September? I haven't seen anything specific about that.
  13. Now I must apologize in advance as I havent been tracking GO locks on Transee, but anyone know if any of the o8cos from 667 to 682 been used?
  14. Www.burlingtontransit.ca/survey. The survey is available to determine if people are comfortable returning to using BT. A few things to catch up on. First off, after a conference call a couple weeks ago with BFAST and the transit director of Burlington Transit, Sue Connor, it was stated that BT is strongly considering, upon resuming pre-covid service, that 30 minute frequencies on all routes, including on weekends and holidays be part of the return to service to support distancing measures and the anticipation of ridership increasing. The frequencies for the 1, (2 and 3 on weekdays) and 10 being at every 20 minutes is undertermined at this time. It is understood that having that kind of frequency for all routes wouldn't be sustainable given the funding situation. As of now, the funding is from the city's reserves. Burlington, amongst others is also requesting emergency funding. Many buses on many routes, though I didn't get the specifics on the 4 - Central which has been operating hourly since late March if they've had a need for an extra bus to 'bail out' for an in-service bus to pick up extra passengers. Other routes however have seen cases where extra buses would be dispatched to follow other in-service routes 5 minutes behind them and they too would be reached at their covid capacities. A 40 foot bus would have, at maximum about 10-15 people for proper distancing. A 30 foot Vincity bus would have 5 to 6 people at maximum. The Arbocs I'm not certain of given that there wasn't an update on their max capacity, but none of them have been used in conventional service for several months, even pre-covid. EDIT: I was in Burlington for the first time on a weekday in 3 to 4 months. One observation I had seen at the Downtown Terminal. I had seen, in each shelter, a real-tine arrivial screen, similar to Brampton Transit. At this point, it's only showing the time and the scrolling line of "Pleease practice physical distancing and be safe." I am unsure when exactly these signs were put in, but I have been aware that the process had been ongoing to get them installed. Can't wait until they go live. Ridership is definitely picking up. There are no notices on the seats saying that those seats are closed. However there are notices on the the driver-side windows above the seats across form the rear doors detailing about distancing and recommendations of wearing a face covering if distancing is a challenge. I wasn't too sure of the total amount of people on board the 2 40 foot buses I was on and the one Vicinity bus. Though I should say that the Vicinity on the 4 did have a good amount of people on board as it was on Route 4 heading west from Downtown to Aldershot Go. EDIT 2: Passengers are required to wear non-medical masks or face coverings WILL BE MANDATORY as of July 2nd to ride Burlington Transit buses. No delays in bus orders and the planned capital bus purchases for the next few years will be maintained, meaning, 8 buses for this year. 4 replacement and 4 expansion. Given that the 14-year lifespen is in place for 2 buses each year, it would be anticipated that, based on my speculation too unless something changes, one of the 3 remaining 2007 D40LFs should go, 1 of the 3 2008 D40LFs should go and 2 of the 2009 D40LFs should go, even with them being 11 years old. The time frame for these buses (assumed to be Novas if they've placed their order prior to the contract of this consortium expired on June 1st) isn't known as that question wasn't asked. The City of Burlington isn't putting forth of masks being mandatory in malls, public places of the like. Social distancing measures are in place. Plexiglass shields are being installed on buses but it's taking longer given that there are different shields for each bus model. Once they're all installed, BT will be ready to resume fare collection and front door boarding. With the update of having face coverings being mandatory for passengers to ride, there isn't other corresponding information regarding resuming fare collection/front door boarding as of yet. Anyone who has that information, please share. Thank you. Lastly, given that covid has severely affected ridership trends, the Business Plan will be modified. The specifics on what it means to projected plans for new routes, services, planned projects and captiol bus purchases will be available once the new plan is known.
  15. Man the D40LFs and LFRs for Oakville Transit looked a hell of alot better without those silly ad racks. Oakville Transit will be introducing a bit more service, on 30 minute frequencies during peak periods, beginning Monday, May 18th (although the official date says May 17th). https://www.oakvilletransit.ca/docs/ot-covid19-schedules-effective-20may17.pdf With the pandemic happening, has the delivery dates for the 2020 Novas changed at all? Lastly, with OT participating in the CUTRIC proram, what progress, if there has been made?
  16. Modified service due to the coronavirus begins on Sunday, March 29th until further notice. https://www.burlingtontransit.ca/en/Modules/News/index.aspx?newsId=ffc482fb-86d6-47f6-85e4-bc8661023d8c
  17. Pardon the very Kate mentioning of this, but 71907 has been in service now for the past 3 weeks. All 2019 Novas are in service. Reae door boarding came into effect as of yesterday at 4pm. However, as if now, regular full service, with the exception of school specials on weekdays will remain. The Downtown Terminal is closed until further notice.
  18. While I haven't personally seen any VIVA buses given rear wrap ads, at least they're rear based and not on the sides. DRT Pulse buses have smaller ads, but are on the rear windows and not covering the Pulse logos at the back. To my knowledge, most ZUM nor miExoress buses have any ads and shouldn't. HSR only recently had gotten banner ads on their articulated buses,. The only difference are that they aren't really BRT exclusive vehicles, unlike ZUM and miExpress ones. The conventional A330s I've seen have a banner and window-lined long bar on two of them, but forgot which ones. Don't think the conventional AG330s have any side banners, but the full rear wraps would be interesting to see.
  19. If this is the wrong thread to post this, apologies on advance. I'm aware of an articulated order if XD60s, but I'm unsure of when they're scheduled to be arriving and for which division(s?)
  20. One of the members of the BFAST steering committee on Wednesday, while transferring between a GO 47 bus and an HSR 2-Barton bus, at the Hamilton GO Centre, was stopped and ticketed $1,000 for jaywalking. Yes, jaywalking. Sure, she wasn't using the specific path to go to the HSR bus area. She wasn't told that she could be safer to just use the designated pathway, nor a warning for that matter. Nope, a fine of that amount. There were two others doing the same thing that was nabbed. The person ticketing her said that she could ticket them all. Just can't do that. So, she's going to appeal it in a Hamilton court next week. Wow.
  21. Approxinately 2 weeks ago, 71906 was the newest LFS to enter service. Only 71907 remains to see service at this time.
  22. I don't have very much information on this, do I do apologize if this may be inaccurate. There's the possibility that a new YRT terminal will be built on Canada's Wonderland's property, close to Major Makenzie. How legitimate is this and what had changed from the future terminus of a 20B service and the 760?
  23. 2006 NFI D40LFR 6111 is back in service as it's currently operating on the 28 to Oakville GO at the moment. Is it that with 1101 & 1194 being out for rebuild as well as 1206 and 1209 out for transmission refurb that these 06 D40LFRs are being retained until these XD40s return to service?
  24. Jared, the remaining 2007s that are still around are 7037, 7038-07 and 7039-07.
  25. I'm curious why the new locos are still being coupled together? Plus, have they been seen on other lines other than the Lakeshores?
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