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  1. On a related topic, is it more feasible for the 48 to operate the full length of Erin Mills (except its northern routing towards Meadowvale TC) to Clarkson GO and leave the 13 to operate between South Common and Meadowvale, with the 29 operating in the area that the 13 currently does towards South Common?
  2. Probably the hardest of predictions is the NHL's Canadian Division: 1) Toronto 2) Winnipeg 3) Edmonton 4) Calgary 5) Montreal 6) Ottawa 7) Vancouver East: 1) N.Ym Islanders 2) Philadelphia 3) Washington 4) Buffalo 5) Pittsburgh 6) Boston 7) N.Y Rangers New Jersey Central: 1) Tampa Bay 2) Carolina 3) Florida 4) Columbus 5) Dallas 6) Nashville 7) Detroit Chicago West: 1) Colorado 2) St. Louis 3) Vegas 4) Los Angeles 5) San Jose 6) Anaheim 7) Arizona Minnesota Stsnley Cup: Toronto over Colorado in 7.
  3. Just seen a few minutes ago, via Transee, that 2009 DE60LFR #922 is on 44-Rymal.
  4. I'm wondering whether or not they'll return to to serving the 6/7/8?
  5. Doug, is the operational budget for this year the same amount of service hours, but would be gradually be brought back as things improve? Or, and this is based on something I had heard from one of the road supervisors for Oakville Transit. He mentioned to me that once the lockdown is lifted, that Oakville Transit is willing to put forward, at minimum, 30 minute frequencies on all routes, 7 days a week as they had been looking at similar covid response plans with the neighbouring agencies in Mississauga and Burlington and feel that they'd want to learn from the mistake of not only limiting capacity to half of a 40 foot bus, but also having hourly frequency. To be honest, I'm not sure if that's what would happen, but it does sound very promising at the very least. And is Oakville Transit looking at some route structure changes to respond to any changing travel patterns, post-pandemic?
  6. Last week, MiWay announced that the 101 Dundas Express wouldn't be running on Saturdays due to the lockdown. However, both last Saturday as well as yesterday that on Transee, that there were buses on the 101. Was it that those 101's were mis-identified as 1/1C trips?
  7. The only difference is that the 1 and 26 stay around compared to before September changes. The 26 is also the only route which, despite operating during peak hours, would be operating every 30 minutes. I'm anticipating that the operating service hours for this year would be the same budgeted amount as the same as per covid. I'd imagine as things improve, that the service levels would gradually return.
  8. Is there a tender or an RFP for the replacement for the VIVA AG300's ( or is it AG330's never get them right), eventually given they're getting up there in age? Fortunately VIVA is using the 40 foots on Orange given there's no Green running right now.
  9. I was browsing through Transsee yesterday at around 5:30 and to my surprise, Arboc #1623 was in service on Route 3 -Third Line. Very rare.
  10. Is this a case of that ridership isn't there yet, or if the agency can't afford the initial return to full service?
  11. Report: https://burlingtonpublishing.escribemeetings.com/filestream.ashx?DocumentId=45026 Updated Transit Business Plan: https://burlingtonpublishing.escribemeetings.com/filestream.ashx?DocumentId=45027
  12. Given that service change happened today with the suspension of the 107 as Humber College is closed, I was curiously looking at Brampton, TTC and YRT to see if they weren't serving Humber College. None if them have any notices as far as what I haven't seen. Any insights?
  13. What a joke! The expectation of having 20 people boarding for the OnDemand services seems like such lofty high standards to accomplish. 20 boardings per revenue hour equates to justify 30 minute, base maximum conventional transit service. That won't happen given that the convenience is no longer there. 7 to 8 boardings per hour constitutes to about hourly conventional transit service. I am taking a guess here as I haven't seen their service standards. Even Burlington Transit is doing much better than a large, regional-based system like DRT. Pre-covid, DRT was a forward-thinking, respectable agency that had great plans in place. We were laughing at YRT for their medaling in why they have historically bad ridership and those at the top who may those plans and the funding they receive wonder why? Now, they're region which I think is so much larger than York, has so much OnDemand. Not just in those rural areas where it can be more beneficial and cost-effective, but in urban areas where conventional transit service was there for so many years. Now, it's being treated in the same way as a rural area. Sure, ridership went down to covid, but going this far backwards to try to regain ridership is complete nonsense. It will be a very long time before even Stage A or B, or whatever stage it's in, to be advanced o the next stage. Not just with covid getting better, but passengers will take their time to get back to the system as they've lost trust in it. The 'new YRT' is DRT. Congradulations.
  14. Are 1302 and 1305 getting their engines/transmissions refurbed in the same way that the 11's, 12's did prior to their complete rebuilds?
  15. A few questions and curiosities here. Are there a couple runs on the 5-Dixie which are Central based, as a few times on Transee, there've been LFSA's operating on it. Has the 39-Britannia been a Malton-based route? I'd thought that if that was the case, that some of the Malton 13xx XD60s would be on it rather than exclusively being on the 5. Speaking of Transsee, just today before posting in here that many of the buses in service, there'd be a note, in green, indicating that there are "many seats available". Is this specifically to miWay, or to other agencies that Transsee tracks?
  16. Pardon the dumb question, but what does "RAD" mean? And anyone know of if/when DRT would be re-introducing some routes?
  17. What agency were those 34 CNG units being delivered to?
  18. I really hope that's the case. However, if what 'triggers phase B' is doubled down by DRT management and will not be put in place, then it will be a LONG time before DRT even gets to Phase B, much less Phase C. However, if this is reversed, I'd love to see the following return to their pre-COVID services. 217, 219, 225, 226, 232; 301, 303, 304, 308; 408, 409 (or if the 409 can have two branches, replacing the 408?), 411, 412, 417, 420 (?) Not sure about Bowmanville, so I'll not comment. The 901 should at least start and end it trips at Onterio Tech. 910 should be back, unless if the 409 covers the majority of its routing along Thornton to Taunton.
  19. A hybrid going to Leamington shouldn't be a fail. Availability if buses can always mean whatever's there for a driver to use, ge/she will raise out fir their shift.
  20. The Grande West Vicinities have been in service since this past Tuesday. I've also noticed that also on Saturdays that Routes 4 and 6 interline at Bronte GO Station, given that frequencies on both routes on weekends thus far are hourly.
  21. I like everything in your opinion here, except that PPT has little space beyond an area of 3 buses laying over at a time. Staggered scheduling with multiple routes could be a temporary solution unless Pickering Town Centre would allow for a terminal built on their property close by Pickering Parkway. DRT should go into Phase C rather than to be insistent of ridership killing On Demand. However Phase C still doesn't bring everything back. The 910 had been planned to to go to Ajax Station via Bayly and Whitby Station. Though Iirc, it was for rush hours only as the off peak trips were to go as far as Whirby Sration.
  22. Considering the history of not very strong budgets for Oakville Transit to use, this could be a case where there'd be more expansion buses but yet, not as much new service to have them on. As far as I understand, pre-pandemic, about 68-70 buses are used with the total fleet of 100+. It's a very healthy spare ratio, but there'd be room for more service for a few more buses, had these budgets for OT been more flexible. I have my doubts this'd change the outlook of a stronger network going forward over the next few years. I was in contact with OT last week and I was informed that the seat restrictions will be lifted come September 6th. I"m speculating here, but I'm curious whether or not this would include having the Vicinities coming back into service for the first time since late March? This is a good partial return to pre-covid levels, although not all the way back, but a good start. The later service levels close to midnight Monday-Saturday tells me that for the time being, there are still not any need for Late Night Service. I suppose that could change later on depending on covid and further demand increases.
  23. I think it's 0610 and 0616. With the 'summer service's for weekdays starting on Tuesday, Setember 8th, would the other '06 D40LFs in the 07 series that are in storage would be brought back? And are there going to be any changes to bus allocation come the start if the new board period?
  24. I have an update on things from after a teleconference with Director of Transit, Sue Connor and BFAST. Regarding the bus purchases. Given that things are uncertain from a ridership perspective, BT is in the process of updating their business plan, which will be delivered to council in the fall. For this year, 8 buses, unsure when they were ordered and whether or not they were associate with the current Metrolinx consortium, the 2020 order are expected in May of 2021. 4 replacement and 4 expansion. This would be the last year, for the foreseeable future, to have expansion buses as ridership slowly recovers, post pandemic. Ot would also put BT in a strong position for the amount of fleet available, if ridership quicker than expected. For 2021, 11 buses, based on the current business plan, which were originally supposed to be 7 replacement and 4 expansion, will now all be replacements. This would mean that the rest of the 07, 08 and a good chunk of the 09 D40LFs would be retired. My other contact st BT hasnt gotten back to me on two buses which have been put of action for quite some time. D40LF 7038-07, which hasn't seen service since the pandemic began and D40LF 7045-08 hasn't been on the road since roughly mid April. The current business plan had also indicated a 14 year life cycle. This would mean that given that there are currently 3 2007 D40LFs left, 1 could retire next year and with only 3 2008 D40LFs in the fleet, one of those could retire, keeping the 14 year life cycle until the 2021 order is delivered as all replacements. It is unclear whether or not the 14 year life cycle will be maintained after the 2021 order. 2022 at this point might be looked at to resume expansion bus purchases. Fare collection and front door boarding will resume this Tuesday, September 1st.
  25. I'm wondering if they could've taken the current GO 51 to Square One, with the exception of not serving 407 Terminal? Is it that this us more of an Express option for this new route with fewer stops? If this was a 7 day service route, perhaps students at UTSC abd Centennial College would be thrilled at a cross regional route without the need to transfer at 407 Terminal. Just my two cents.
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