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  1. Burlington Transit: The 11/15 had Rolling Grape Invero 7019-03 and Orion V 7067-91 The 4/5 saw Blue Bird 7029-06 in service Invero 7009-03, Orion V 7080-94 and Orion V 7077-94 was a rush-hour add on for the 1/10 62 GO Special had Classics 7011 and 7012-83. Oakville Transit: 4102, 9911, 953 were out of service at Oakville GO at around 2:45pm this afternoon. For the 3:25pm bus meet, the following buses came into the GO, OUT OF SERVICE: 2103, 6101, 4112 and 5103. The rest of the buses: 902 (18,) 4103 (11), 907 (16), 4108 (19), 9914 (14), 6105 (28) 953 (29), 9910 (15), 871 (17), 921 (27), 862 (20), 901 (26), 922 (24) 872 (13) Not kidding. The only Orion I left in the old livery. Perhaps not EVERY D40LFR are in service yet. To date, I've only seen 6104 and 6105...perhaps 872 will come off the road once the other two LFR's hit the road... Other OT buses which I saw were: 893, 2102 (24) I rode the 922 on the 3:25pm South Common Mall and saw an Orion I head eastbound on Upper Middle past Trafalfar Road towards South Common...it sped up ahead towards Winston Churhill, just ahead of my bus. By the time I got to South Common Mall, it was nowhere to be found; The funny thing was that when I rode 893 on the 24 heading back to Oakville GO at 4:40pm, saw another Orion I just in front of a VII, (not sure of the fleet on the 24. The I, could've been on the 24, but wasn't sure. But it was strange to see I's ahead of the original trips. 9903 OUT OF SERVICE @ Oakville GO for 5:30pm 921 (190), 6101 (200), 892 (14)
  2. From Mississauga's South Common Mall between 4 and 4:35pm: 9113 on the 45 on Winston Churhill, heading northbound 9782, 9783 & 9756 on the 26 0104, 0601 on the 201 (I have to say that those D40LFR's look as if they're 'smiling' by the way their redesigned fronts are...) 9769, 9768 on the 1C 0539 on the 13 N and 0517 on the 13 S 0305, 8921 on the 36 0551 on the 48 S and 0534 on the 48 N 0546, 0514 on the 31 S 9206, 0522 on the 206 9105 on the 47
  3. I had seen only one 89 V at South Common Mall today: 8921 on the 36 at 4:25pm.
  4. I do recall when being in Oakville at least twice this week, including today where I'd find that at about 2:45pm, many low floor buses would come into Oakville GO after their routes, go OUT OF SERVICE. It seems as if then the highfloors come into service around that time, taking over for the other low floors. Today for example, 5103, 2103, 4112 and 6101 all came into the GO at around 2:50pm, each of them displaying OUT OF SERVICE. Some highfloors would come in shortly thereafter to resume the other routes' services. I'm curious...do these other lowfloors then head out to the garage or do they head to do other routes where they'd originate at other places in the city? Just curious. Lastly, the evening service. I haven't really observed this, but could someone tell me what buses they use for the Late Night Service on some routes? How about 14 and 24's regular evening service? Which buses operate on them?
  5. So the 62 'old-style V's...you're meaning the 91, 92 and 93's, right? Or, are some of the 89 and 90's sticking around?
  6. 0601 was on the 201 E leaving South Common Mall at 4:30pm this afternoon.
  7. Oops...looked at the title here and noticed that it said "Lond Transit". I meant to put "London Transit"...Ya, I'm sure most of you know what it was anyways.
  8. I haven't directly...mainly I've gotten my information either from other media outlets, GO press releases, like the one which mentions: "What's GOing On...on the Lakeshore West Line". The last update I heard was from CH Hamilton where GO Transit mentioned that it was going to be Spring of 2007 when the Station is complete, along with the new track.
  9. Just curious, but were the 100 series D40LF's the replacements for those Orion VI's for London Transit? What will LT do with the rest of them? Any plans for purchasing any more new or used buses? If so, what kind?
  10. I was reading awhile ago on the website of Sarnia Transit that their latest report for possible new buses and the issues regarding accessibility can be found in Municiple Accessibility Plan for Sarnia Transit Feel free to comment on it.
  11. Since Oakville is considered 'GTA', I guess I'll have to post these here: I was at Oakville GO between 3:50pm and 4:30pm. An intereseting thing happend: Orion VII #4109 had broke down in the 19-River Oaks bus bay. I'm wasn't too sure how long it had been there but I'll say that it definitely slowed and screwed many of the other buses which were trying to get in and out of Oakville GO. In the meantime, 3:50pm: 4111 (19) 9911 (27) 9902 (28) 871 (20) 921 (14) 901 (15) 897 (17) 893 (24) 9903 (18) 9912 (10 or 13) 4:20pm: 951 (11) 2102 (20) 6105 (24) (the new D40LFR) 8540 (26) 881 (16) 9911 (27) 4107 (17) 892 (19) 4102 (14) 4101 (15)
  12. Burlington Transit: The 11/15 had Classic 7005-85 and D40LF 7035-06 Blue Bird 7028-06 on the 4/5 The 1/10...first the mid-day buses: Inveros 7018-03 (strawberry swirl), 7019-03 (rolling grape), D40LF 7033-06 and Orion V 7079-94. Invero 7022-03, Orion V's 7069-91 and 7080-94 were added on for rush-hour service on the 1/10. The 13 had Classic 7013-83. The 8 had Orion V 7078-94. The GO specials were as follows: 62: Classics 7055-87 and 7016-83 61: Invero 7017-03 Notes: For the past 3 times this week when I was in Oakville, each time, the 13 during PM rush hour had a Classic and no Blue Bird. There'd usually be a Blue Bird on this route. It's official...GM New Look 7026-78 is now retired at Eastway rotting. Meanwhile, I haven't seen the Orion I nor GM New Look 7047-82. Anyone seen these buses active in the lat month or so, as I haven't. Lastly, I'd say that the Blue Birds are being used on the 4/5's 3 trips, the 6, the 12 and the 7 at rush hour.
  13. To my understanding, the Aldershot GO Station's construction of a new platform and parking lot will be finished for Spring of 2007. Would this new south Parkling Lot be accessed from Plains Road West directly? Would there be an entrance from Plains, or just the same one from Waterdown road? Just curious.
  14. I was coming back from seeing some friends in Mississauga (sorry but will miss out on reporting those sightings), but was waiting in Oakville between GO Trains at 6pm and I saw one of the D40LFR's on the route 20...it was 6104...and yes, it was eye-catching, even though I had limited sight it still caught my eye...LOL!!!
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