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  1. Round 2 picks: St. Louis in 6, Calgary in 7 , N.Y. Rangers in 6, Tampa Bay in 7. Toronto Maple Leafs' forward Mitch Marner was a victim of a carjacking. He's ok.
  2. Starting tomorrow, Sunday, May 15th, Burlington Transit will be increasing/reinstating previous frequencies before early March of this year. Routes 10 New-Maple: (Weekends & Holidays) Frequencies will be increased from 30 minutes to 15 minutes during the daytime. Evenings will remain at 30 minutes. Routes 11 - Sutton-Alton & 25- Walkers: (Weejends & Holidays Both of these routes will have their frequencies increased from every 60 minutes to every 30 minutes. Routes 2 - Brant & 3 - Guelph Line: (Peaks)* During peak periods, both routes will have their frequencies increased from every 30 minutes to every 15 minutes. * PM Peak Only: At 407 Carpool, buses will not interline.Interlining will continue to interline at Downtown.
  3. $2.02/L found at Petro Canada, Dorval & North Servidce Road location.
  4. That unit as well as 6116, is on a Raliegh based route, via Transee that I had seen this morning. However I don't know whether or not it's still out there. Perhaps those two are recent transfers from Westney Division.
  5. Was the decision to not have the 101, 110, 104, etc to not run on weekends based on budget, or lack of ridership?
  6. Weren't the 2019s to this current batch have Voith? Were there there any problems with Allison?
  7. I want to aedd that if this is seen by the rest of the transit industry as as whole, this could be a prescident in budgeting to not have hourly frequencies if it means that there's a guarantee if you will to have ridership increase. However, there are still agencies out there,, including where I am living right now in Oakvill e where they just seem to not want to budget for more than 60 minute freuqencies on routes, regardless on what day and what time of day. I doubt it'd change, but word goes around in the industry so I hope there's a chance that something like that can happen here or even in Burlington to further increase their service.
  8. Round 1 Picks: Eastern Conference: Toronto in 6; Pittsburgh in 7; Boston in 6; Florida in 6. Western Conference: Colorado in 6; Calgary in 5; St. Louis in 7; Edmonton in 6.
  9. Saw a Shell in Brampton showing $182.9 and the same price for the Petro Canada steps away from my pkace.
  10. Slight correction, but there are 7 LFSS for the 2021 budgetd order that has arrived. Nothing else until the fall when the official budgeted 2022 LLFSs to arrive. I meant to mention this about a month ago but I hadn't gotten around to it. Back in February, while discussing with Sue Connor as part of the BFAST fotelconference, the discussion was brought up about the electric buses. While she was discussing with us, she had, on her desk, an application for funding for the electrid buses and its related infrastructure, to be sent to CUTRIC. Sometime this year, the rollout schedule and information about the electrid buses will be available.
  11. Im curious, but what budget year was the amount of 10 electric conventional buses budgeted on? If the original 10 bus ordered was for 2021 but was delayed, is it possible that the coming RFP be for twice as many, or retroactively for the first 10, then later issuing another tender for the 2022 batch?
  12. It was 1306 that was the last one done. It's seen service once sometime last week, but I forget which day.
  13. This appears to be the beginning of the 2021 order of 7 LFSs, all replacements.
  14. Be thankful there's bus service, period. Trust me if you've around the city prior to October of 2018, you'd wonder if a bus was in service on your route. Having lived in Burlington for 32 years, Transit was looked at as second rate, but was doing great until I want to say around 2000. I didn't really pay too much attention to what was going on until 2002 when little by little, the service was starting to stagnate. Sure, the fleet was a but of everything, but it was November of 2013 where the unnecessary network redesign that was designed to reduce ridership, to the delight of a former Transit director and supervisor. Those are the results of reducing the Transit budget for many years. Oakville was doing so much better when I moved there in 2013. Now..I'd have to say it's the other way around, covid not withstanding. Sue Connor did so much good and we'll see where things go now. Ads changing aren't updated on the wiki. I track ads, but they're for my own personal way of which bus is which, helps my limited sight. So, be patient, your bus will come, albeit a 30 or 40 footer.
  15. The 2021 order of 7 LFSs are still yet to arrive. Delivery timeline unknown. Those are all replacements. The 2022 order is 7 buses, with 3 of them being replacements.
  16. It was 7004-09. The 09s are 13 years old. Note that 7044-08 is seemingly a placeholder for LFS 72105 which sustained damage during the January 17th major snowstorm. 44-08 was first thought to be gone once 71904 returned, but with 72105 sidelined, looks like it'll be around until a major mechanical issue develops.
  17. Sue Connor, now the former Director of Burlington Transit, has announced her retirement. She'll be missed. https://burlingtongazette.ca/transit-is-about-to-lose-the-best-director-they-ever-had/
  18. What are people's thoughts on GO's possible 15-minute Bus network? I feel that the 401 and 407 corridors which have multiple routes almost establishes the high-frequency corridors, if not already. The only other question I have is whether or not this means that GO buses would be on all week routes from major GO stations with many transit connections and have their routes join those corridors along those highways? I'm interested in your thoughts.
  19. Other than the frequencies and Pulse buses, what else would make the 915 an official Pulse route?
  20. I've felt that while there's no news of contract negoitiations, it means that it's out of hte media and all of the main and minor details can be taken care of without lots of people taking sides and whom to blame, which doesn't look good for either side. These hard-working mean and women are truly heroes whom many appreciate that have been doing really amazing work especially during covid. They deserve what they're asking for. I've been very grateful for their service, even at the modified service levels. Keeps the town moving. While I think OT can be a better system, I'm still very fortunate to have bus service at minimum, every 30 minutes from a combined two routes (18 and 28) on weekends and every 15 minutes from combined two routes (18 and 28) around the area of Dorval and North Service Road.
  21. Courtesy of Transee, a 13XX XD60 is currently on Route 13 - Glen Erin.
  22. I can see how retiring D40LFs now would save a whole bunch of money. But I think I may have misread something. With the arrival of the Nova LFS HEVs, would they help replenish the fleet and allow DRT to further be prepared for future reinstatment of services or the introduction of new services? And would the electric buses also be future expansions? Overall though I am pleased with the fleet management. Are the two Pulse replacements meaning to replace two current Pulose XD40s into local conventional scheme? I also like the fact that the 302 would be the route that would be stended along Winchester to Simcoe to the Durham college North Campus. Would this kill the 310 again? Would the possible extension of the 920 replace the 905 going to Harmarny Terminal, thus, making the 905 terminate at the Durham College North Campus?
  23. Wouldn't it be that seeing as there's not such a big need for service expansion, wouldn't it be better to retire the oldest/older buses for newer ones without increasing the fleet, rather than to still keep the 300/400/500's?
  24. I'm wondering... Given that with the 1, 2, 5, 35, 39? 42 and express routes 103 and 109 getting artics, with the total amount of artics (both orange and blue) being scattered around any of those said routes on weekdays, are there other plans in teh works to convert some more express artics to local service until the 16 local artics arrive?
  25. Back in late December before the New Year, I had noticed the Tim Horton's reopened at Burlington GO. I had no idea that it was going to re open.
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