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  1. newflyerinvero

    Oakville Transit

    It had been mentioned a few months ago that they'd be retired by the end of the year or perhaps if something mechanically happens to any one of them that isn't worth fixing up. Speaking of which, 5104 I hadn't seen in roughly 3 or so weeks. Other then it being on the sidelines, 5103, 5 and 5106 are the regulars that have been sen either on the real-time tracker or I've seen in service. Is there any update on that if possible?
  2. newflyerinvero

    NHL Discussion

    Tampa or San Jose. But this may also be tied in with the Erik Karlsson situation too. And yes, sure, the Leafs.
  3. newflyerinvero

    GO Transit

    Anyone who's in the know... Was the time for having mobile Tim Horton's at certain GO Stations only a trial and not permanent? I'm disappointed as Oakville GO was a perfect location for one. I do'nt know why I do'nt like the Gateway version of their coffee, but for the trouble GO/Metrolinx went with constructing these mobile stores, only to close them a year later? I did notice a couple months ago one opened at Burlington GO in their new station building and now its closed!
  4. newflyerinvero

    Burlington Transit

    Transee doesn't seem to have those particular Vicinities trackible as of yet. I'll take a run down there tomorrow to see if I could find many more of them in service and will also try to determine what other retirements, (speficially the 2 40 foots) to happen.
  5. newflyerinvero

    Burlington Transit

    I"m not really sure if anyone would take that POS thing to be honest. So this means that the Blue Birds 7027 and 7028-06. Given that the new Vicinities (any other reports of the other 4 arriving?), that would be having retirements of two 40 foots, probably meaning 2 2006 D40LFs, any other information or confirmations of other retirements since then?
  6. newflyerinvero

    Hamilton Street Railway

    Thank you for that information, Kevin. Not to nitpick, but the "07 D40LFs" are actually 2006 models.
  7. newflyerinvero

    Hamilton Street Railway

    Seeing as the HSR has been for many years now have had seasonal service reductions to many routes, which buses would be parked for the summer given that there have been many retirements as of late and expecting more retirements soon given the 17/18xx Novas are on property and have (yet?) to enter service. Is it realistic for some of the 0700-series to be stored for the summer until the fall?
  8. newflyerinvero

    Van Hool

    Any chance that perhaps this new plant may also be considered for Canadian Transit market?
  9. newflyerinvero

    NHL Discussion

    Vegas in 6. This series I absolutely think that even the casual fan would turn in. The NHL must love this matchup!
  10. newflyerinvero

    GO Transit

    Couple months ago when I was on the 12 heading to my parents place in Grimsby that I heard that beeping sound on the top deck inside the bus. This may have been a newer DDS and don't know which one specifically.
  11. newflyerinvero


    Is it realistic to believe that there could be a reason to perhaps spread out the 2010 MiExpress artics to perhaps routes like the 103, 107 and additional runs on the 109, leaving a few runs, not all, on the 110 during the summer months? Related, are these express artics in the same predicament that the 08 local artics in with heavy maintenance costs? I think the only thing similar are that these express ones do have the Cummins ISM, the same as the 08's.
  12. newflyerinvero

    London Transit Commission

    Pardon the bump, I hadn't been able to see any documents on London's next bus purchase. Any information on replacing the next oldest artics, which are 2008 models, or would they be retired at the same year as the other 2008 D40LFs in 2020, presumably if that's the plan which is being used at a 12-year life cycle? Lastly, any Londoners have any experiences to share with Dundas being closed to all traffic? Different? Any drivers say anything regarding it?
  13. newflyerinvero


    So the height issues of the 2010 Orion hybrids and where they're stored prevents them from any weekend service and has been that way since they've first entered service. Is miWay looking closely at the height restrictions of the one area of the CP garage (CX?) so that they can have full 7-day service for these new ordered hybrids, whatever brand they turn out to be?
  14. newflyerinvero

    Durham Region Transit

    Would the ongoing construction at UofT's bus loop, is DRT looking more like that they'll send 900 Pulse back to that loop for September?
  15. newflyerinvero

    Brampton Transit/Züm

    While part of the MTB tour that was part of the TTS Milton Charter last Saturday, I did see a unit numbered 1818. First of all I wasn't aware that Brampton was receiving 2018 LFSs. Further, any specific replacement/expansion information on these?