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  1. The only thing I gathered for 24 hour transit service is the only one with OnDemand Transit service. Though, in my opinion, the 900-based routes could be far better and have a 24-hour OnDemand supplement it. Regarding the other routes coming back, unless it's my eyes, is there a proposed route that heads north on Thornton from Oshawa Centre that serves Trent University just before King? I still think a 4p9 that serves Thornton and Stevenson, whether it's one way or two way service can be a good way to connecting other grid routes.
  2. Effetive Sunday, May 2nd, increased service to every 30 minutes on weekdays to Routes 13 -West Oak Trails, 18 - Glen Abbey South, 19 - River Oaks, 20 - Northridge & 28 - Glen Abbey North will be in effect. https://www.oakvilletransit.ca/docs/ot-covid19-schedules-effective-21may02.pdf Seat restrictions are also in effect.
  3. I think DRT might be in a good situation by September, depending on what routes and jew routes are brought back. However@110B West Pickering, do you have a good idea when the 11 Nova Hybrids and 8 Electric buses (whatever they become), could arrive?These could replenish the fleet from what was lost from the recent retirements of mthe 2008 D40LFs. But, if DRT has grander plans to bring more needed services without the amount of the fleet that's available, any indication if short-term leased buses, with options of future purchase?
  4. Personally I don't think is temporary for CX to be a 7 day operation. Consideing that Mississauga is in a Climate Emegecy, much less everywhere in the province and elsewhere, with every order onwards either hybrid or eventually, full electric, weekends with just diesel buses would eventually run out of fleet. I'm speaking more of the MiLocal fleet compared to the MiExpress fleet. If it's going to be another couple of years where the only buses that are out on weekends aren't the newer equipment at CX, just seems odd. I'm not sure when the next order of new hybrids are goingto be ordered, bu
  5. I think there should still be a Thornton based route. @ Gamer Studios, it could be best to attend the Service virtual PiC and let them know. A route along Thornton, between Ishawa Centre and Taunton (409), even if it means a transfer to the 905 along Taunton might be feasible as long as the transfer is to a much more frequent 905, for instance. Could be a good alternative, compared to nothing at all.
  6. With the multi-year deal for XD60s, would be all expansion or replacements? Seems like other than the 20 and the 90, what other routes could benefit from articulated buses in service? Plus, any other information regarding on any additional electric bus purchases, based in other divisions, pending if those other divisions would have the infrastructure in place. Any discussions of hybrids at all?
  7. $123.9 /L Shell, Fairview @ Walkers Line, Burlington $122.6 /L Esso, Fairview @ Walkers Line, Burlington (Right across the street).
  8. I hope for your team's sake, that the Predators can get good returns in trades for many of their players. It's time to restock the cupboards and rebuild. Pittsburgh getting out of bankrutpcy and 'magically' getting Sidney Crosby 'saved their franchise'. Are we really to believe that wasn't rigged then? I can go on with Wayne Gretzky when in LA playing for the Kings going to the Stanley Cup in '93 as the NHL wanted to grow the hockey brand in California and what way to do that is to have the brightest star of the league at that time reach the cup final. Anyway.... The hit by
  9. I have further information regarding the bus orders up until 2024, as was given from the most recent teleconference with members of BFAST and Director of Burlington Transit, Sue Connor: The 4 growth Nova LFS buses are part of the 2020 8 bus order, which include 4 replacement LFS units, to be delievered in May, 2021. This will increase the fleet size from 63 to 67 buses. The 2021 order of 7 replacement buses have been approved by Burlington City Council recently. Undetermined if these are part of the next Metrolinx consortium, which may mean more LFSs in that case. Delievery timeframe
  10. With the 13 buses pending approval by Hamilton City Council, would they be automatically CNG, or would these be hybird? Related, wasn't it not too long ago that the HSR stopping participating in the Merolinx Consortium after the last order of CNG Novas?
  11. I had noticed last week that the seat restrictions have been removed about a week or so on 40 foot buses. Unsure about the Vicinities as I haven't been on one during the most recent lockdown. Meanwhile, pre-lockdown service returns as of Sunday, February 28th: https://www.oakvilletransit.ca/tsu-20dec22.html I do have a question regarding the electric buses for this year and the next few years. Is this order going to be a multi-year tender and order, or individual tenders and orders, possibly resulting in more than one bus model?
  12. Just a couple of curiosities... Have any of the 08 D40LFRs (as well as those in the 09 series), have had any banner ads applied to them along the driver or door sides and/or any half wraps? Seems like the only ads they've had once they were delivered are just a couple of full wraps or only rear ones. Related, any half wraps to the driver sides of the Novas or XD60s (including the trailors having any banners on the driver-sides? The MiExpress XDE60s only being in the 101 or the 109. Are these the current routes that they're being tested on or any reason why they haven't been put on
  13. I guess the 70/71/108 will still see a mix of blue and orange 40 foot buses anyway. Regarding the 29 and 36. Where and how would they interline? The 29 goes as far north as Erin Mills Station whilst the 36, AFAIK, goes as far south as Dundas and Liard & Ridgeway.
  14. I'm very pleased to see more of this cross-regional bus services about to become a reality. Merging the 46 and 52 would possibly mean giving Oakville weekend and holiday GO bus service assuming that's what happens, same with the new 41 giving Pickering GO possibly weekend and holiday service. The one route out of all four that are being merged into these new routes, being the 47, prior to covid had so many branches. I'd be quite curious to see how the frequencies for these routes evolve overtime given the length of these routes.
  15. Hi everyone. Via an internal conversation with BFAST and BT, the 2021 bus order (not the 2020 order scheduled to be delivered in May of this year), is being pushed to 2022 instead due to COVID-19. I previously tried to upload an image of updated capital bus purchases up to the year of 2024, but it didn't turn out right. I'll wait until the information is more concreate for it to be posted, too.
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