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  1. newflyerinvero

    GO Transit

    With GO Transit maintaining that they'd be willing to provide much more frequent GO Train service between Bramalea GO and Union until the bypass track is in place for CN freights. Two questions. 1) Where is this bypass track in relation to the Bramalea GO Station itself and its platforms? 2) Noticed earlier this week around Malton GO that there was a CN freight head west. I was surprised given that I had thought that CN trains would be more common on the subdivision that crosses southern part of York/North York through towards Durham. Is the area around Malton GO where the CN bypass track is? Another related topic is that if GO to look at two-way service on the Milton line, I've heard about this 'missing link' or such about a new corridor for CP frieghts so that Metrolinx/GO can have full ownership of the line. Where would this missing link be located? Or, would this be in an area closer to another active GO line, but not the Milton line?
  2. newflyerinvero


    Was on the 100 Wednesday evening out of Pearson and took it to Square One. By the time it Renforth and passed it, many passengers at each Transitway station (except Central Parkway), got on as if to me it was like getting a 107 or a 109 heading westwards. Is this starting to become the normal for the 100 with the intention of relieving crushloads along the Transitway in any direction?
  3. newflyerinvero

    NHL Discussion

    So what will happen to end the William Nylander situation ending today at 5pm? I once thought that William would sign a bridge deal at 2 or 3 years. Now, I have absolutely no freakin' idea. Throw pasta to the glass and hope it sticks?
  4. newflyerinvero

    Burlington Transit

    Any specifics on what these two Novas would be replacing? In addition, is it confirmed that 7033-06 is indeed retired?
  5. newflyerinvero

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    Pardon my ignorance, but what's the main 501A branch? Neville Park - Long Branch, or a short rurn one branch at Humber?
  6. newflyerinvero

    Burlington Transit

    Yes, the newest Vicinities were built in 2018, specifically 7030, 31, 64, 65, 66 and 7067-18 are all 2018 builds whereas 7029-18 is a late-2017 build.
  7. newflyerinvero

    Oakville Transit

    I'm beginning to think that this system is starting to go downhill. Budget wise, recalling from last year that the overall capital and operational budgets being relatively the same, with the main monies being allocated to the new Palermo Terminal and maybe re-development of Oakville GO Station and Oakville's share to GO Transit (and/or if that's Oakville's project or GO's). Nevertheless, from the opertional standpoint, unless OT hasn't made a big budget request for big service improvements, seems like there's nothing too much that would happen. Furthermore, I hadnt' been paying too much attention to Town Council's views on Transit and whether they're for or against it as compared to how I have much more knowledge of Burlington Transit's situation. No matter what though, since the last system upgrade, I'm not sure what else would be done, unless if there is additional information that I can't find. I hope things are improving overall. Lastly, any idea at this point how many Novas per year (from 2019 to 2021) are expected?
  8. newflyerinvero

    Burlington Transit

    Yes I was going to have brought that up seeing as there was a sighting of 2 Novas for Burlington Transit, numbered 7033-18 and the other being possibly 7036-18, although to be more likely numbered 7035-18, at the Nova plant from a couple weeks back. Would possibly replace a couple of those Arbocs.
  9. newflyerinvero

    Burlington Transit

    Wait, what? I had no idea that there were even two Novas for delivery this year. But 7036-18...there's already a 7036-07... (The above posted that I had quoted was from the "Sightings at the Nova Bus Factory". Anyone with any other knowledge of this?
  10. newflyerinvero

    Sightings at the Nova Bus factory

    Wait, what? I had no idea that there were even two Novas for delivery this year. But 7036-18...there's already a 7036-07... EDIT: Did you mean that the other Nova that was seen with the fleet number is 7035-18 and not 7036-18? Any others for Burlington spotted recently?
  11. newflyerinvero

    Oakville Transit

    An unknown 07/08 D40LFR, being towed by the back end was seen making the turn off of Wyecroft to Dorval to eventually the eastbound QEW. couldn't tell what unit it was nor was I able to tell what may have been wrong with it from a visual standpoint.
  12. newflyerinvero

    NHL Discussion

    Okay this is tough, but here are my NHL predictions of the standings in each division: EASTERN CONFERENCE: Atlantic: Toronto, Tampa, Florida, Buffalo (WC), Boston, Ottawa, Montreal. (Ottawa would make a strong case {and Buffalo} to push for a possible Wild Card spot. Ottawa has something to prove with a chip on their shoulder. Metropolitan: Washington, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Columbus (WC), NY. Islanders, Carolina, Philadelphia, NY Rangers. WESTERN CONFERENCE: Central: Winnipeg, Nashville, St. Louis, Colorado (WC), Dallas, Chicago, Minnesota, Pacific: San Jose, Vegas, Calgary, Edmonton, Los Angeles (WC), Arizona, Vancouver, Anaheim. WC = Wild Card.
  13. newflyerinvero

    York Region Transit \ Viva

    Has YRT considered not bothering printing out a new Route Map for South and North every 4 months? Seems like a waste of paper. Or, is it that thesre are so many route changes every 4 months that they need to be updated?
  14. newflyerinvero

    NHL Discussion

    The Toronto Maple Leafs complete a deal with the Dallas stars. Going to Dallas is defenceman Connor Carrick. In exchange the Leafs will receive a 7th round pick in the 2019 draft, if Carrick plays 50 NHL games this season the Leafs will receive a 6th round pick instead.
  15. newflyerinvero

    GO Transit

    So I take it that they've finally figured out a way to fit those things into York Mills (8100's or the SuperLo's?) It seems as if that the GO 46 just doesn't seem to get the decent ridership even for weekdays. While I may not be on too many trips, it may get good riders, but seems to only pick up around Square One. I feel as if that the main 407 West route, the 47, between Hamilton GO and York U can handle all of those other riders without the need of the 46. I can't say the same for the 45 or the 48 as I haven't seen on those routes to comment on if they can be routes that can be considered for weekend service. I know in the past I've sent along suggestions to GO about the 46 to be considered for weekend service but, the longer I've though tit, especially now, the more I think the 46 can be simply done away with. Trafalgar Road to me just seems like it can do well on its own with a strong Oakville Transit Route 1 - Trafalgar between Oakville GO and the 407 Park & Ride. Simple transfer to go east or west with both the 40 and the 47 with very frequent services there. I think that there still at least can be a GO bus service. The old 19 that used to start at Oakville GO. However, this one I think perhaps it can start there, serve Sheridan College than head along the QEW, serve Square One and continue on its current routing to Finch Terminal. I think as if that if anyone wanted to go to York U from Square One, there'd be the 45 and 47 and anywhere else there'd be other GO bus services. I don't think this new 19 idea would duplicate any service as the 46 wouldn't be around. IT would also provide additional transit options rather than fully local service from Oakville to Mississauga not just on weekdays but as well as weekends and holidays. Comments?