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  1. While I haven't personally seen any VIVA buses given rear wrap ads, at least they're rear based and not on the sides. DRT Pulse buses have smaller ads, but are on the rear windows and not covering the Pulse logos at the back. To my knowledge, most ZUM nor miExoress buses have any ads and shouldn't. HSR only recently had gotten banner ads on their articulated buses,. The only difference are that they aren't really BRT exclusive vehicles, unlike ZUM and miExpress ones. The conventional A330s I've seen have a banner and window-lined long bar on two of them, but forgot which ones. Don't think the conventional AG330s have any side banners, but the full rear wraps would be interesting to see.
  2. If this is the wrong thread to post this, apologies on advance. I'm aware of an articulated order if XD60s, but I'm unsure of when they're scheduled to be arriving and for which division(s?)
  3. One of the members of the BFAST steering committee on Wednesday, while transferring between a GO 47 bus and an HSR 2-Barton bus, at the Hamilton GO Centre, was stopped and ticketed $1,000 for jaywalking. Yes, jaywalking. Sure, she wasn't using the specific path to go to the HSR bus area. She wasn't told that she could be safer to just use the designated pathway, nor a warning for that matter. Nope, a fine of that amount. There were two others doing the same thing that was nabbed. The person ticketing her said that she could ticket them all. Just can't do that. So, she's going to appeal it in a Hamilton court next week. Wow.
  4. Approxinately 2 weeks ago, 71906 was the newest LFS to enter service. Only 71907 remains to see service at this time.
  5. I don't have very much information on this, do I do apologize if this may be inaccurate. There's the possibility that a new YRT terminal will be built on Canada's Wonderland's property, close to Major Makenzie. How legitimate is this and what had changed from the future terminus of a 20B service and the 760?
  6. 2006 NFI D40LFR 6111 is back in service as it's currently operating on the 28 to Oakville GO at the moment. Is it that with 1101 & 1194 being out for rebuild as well as 1206 and 1209 out for transmission refurb that these 06 D40LFRs are being retained until these XD40s return to service?
  7. Jared, the remaining 2007s that are still around are 7037, 7038-07 and 7039-07.
  8. I'm curious why the new locos are still being coupled together? Plus, have they been seen on other lines other than the Lakeshores?
  9. I was given information from my contact at BT that the following buses have retired this year. D40LFs 7034-06, 7036-07, (officially), 7040-07 and 7041-07.
  10. New LFSs 71904 which went into service last week, is now followed by 71905, which was in service yesterday, December 19th. Only two others remain to see service.
  11. I'm curious about the Trafalgar corridor. What dies Oakville Teansi's plan for it? My understanding was that since the Route 1 -Trafalgsr was temporarily discontinued due to not much development between Dundas and Burnamthorpe. Other than the 5/5A and the 24 up to Uptown Core and Dundas, because the 1 was temporarily discontinued, would it only come back if one of the 5 or 24 was cancelled along Trafalgar? With the 5A extending along Wheat Boom, would the 5 also be doing the same thing as it did when Dundas between Sixth Line and Neyagawa detour happend? Seems pointless to continue using the A branch when both are doing the same thing for almost a full year. In terms of fleet, I did come across a couple of photos of 1707 where the full part of its driver-side decal was gone, apparently looking like that the whole panel had to be replaced. What had happened to it? I did notice it back in service, but only via the OT tracker. Lastly, any update on 1806?
  12. 2019 Nova LFSs 1906, 1908, 1909 and 1910 are all in service for Oakville Transit.
  13. I'd be more more curious how this would impact the major system review as, it was brought together under the premise of being ready for light rail.
  14. 71902 is now in service. Rode it today on Route 1 -Plains-Fairview.
  15. The 2019 Nova Bus LFSs are starting to enter service. They're numbered 71901-71907. 71901 and 71903 are in service on the 81 and 25 respectively. Source is Transee.
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