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  1. Noticed that there will be additional GO train service to Exibition GO on Friday through to Sunday on multiple train lines. What's the occasion?
  2. It's absolutely amazing that Brampton Transit is on a huge uptick in ridership but yet, the fleet is being stretched to its limits. I don't know whether or not, or even just to assume that there'll be a big amount of buses ordered in the next 5 years, or even 10 years to solve the ridership surging and to keep the fleet healthy with a good spare ratio. Call me crazy on this idea but is there talk that the ZUM fleet can withstand a loss of the first XDE60's, from 2012 to be rebuilt and repurposed into conventional service? I do recall when speaking to one of the planning supervisors at one of their public information centres in March that mentioned to me about putting those ZUM buses, upon their mid-life rebuilds, to be repurposed into conventional service. Would be interesting how Brampton manages its ridership growth properly.
  3. Is there any reason to believe that London Transit will not go beyond NFI for buses deliveries as long as their current fleet manager is around? Secondly, has LTC ever been involved with the CUTRIC program for alternative fueled buses, including electric? IF this is the case, they would need to (?) have other bus models to consider purchasing from and not just go with NFI...because..London,
  4. Bean curious about this for awhile. A part from the (Re)envisioning of the HSR that would essentially come into effect in about a year from now, any plans to address the 5 and their confusion branch directional services, including a route number that's identified as a branch direction route and a branch of that branch that is a local service (In Dundas), whether it be frequency, re-vamping that route entirely or something different altogether? I"m curious to see what the HSR has planned for it.
  5. Out of curiosity, any updates on the 1100s? Seems like 1101, 1104 haven't been in action for quite a long time. And only up until recently, 1106. To date I've seen 1102, 3 and 1105 out there in service. Any problems? And what is the status of 1905 to which it's the only one to see service out of the 1900's that have already hit the road?
  6. https://burlingtonpublishing.escribemeetings.com/filestream.ashx?DocumentId=33889
  7. Sometime last week, I had noticed the Tim Hortons' re-open at Burlington GO. That station, which was part of that pilot on the Lakeshore line with other ones at Oakville, Clarkson, Whitby & Oshawa. The one at Burlington is the only one thus far to have been re-opened. Are there other plans to re-open the other ones?
  8. Once this week and last week, from Harvester Road I took a peak towards the back of the BT grage. I did see an adless D40LF, with its front facing the tracks. When seeing it on Thursday this past week, it was in the same spot. Based on my sightings and notes, by process of elimination, that may be 7040-07. I don't know what had occurred with that unit but I don't believe it is retired as of yet, even though it's understood that 4 D40LFs will be retired this year upon arrival of the 7 2019 Nova LFS buses. Any follow up information available?
  9. Pardon the bump, But on my way to Wonderland last Wednesday, while at Pioneer Village Terminal, I did see 905 and another 9XX D40LF on southwest routes. I think this means that those ones have been transferred from North Division with the influx of the 2018 XD40s?
  10. I had the thought that only the XN60s were the replacement buses (11) and not the 5 additional Vicinities (5). Presumably, unless otherwise noted, if 701-709 are all finished as well as 601-603 and 0611-0614, 0616, that totals 17 buses. Was the total number of replacements supposed to be 17 or higher?
  11. Was the retirement timeline for the 06 D40LFRs originally for 2020, but with the other 2019s coming in the fall now, I guess that 6 of 8 of them would be seeing retirements at that point, too. And would the rest of the order for next year be all replacement without any expansion? If this is the case, the 07 D40LFRs would be on the clock.
  12. I know what cuts mean to transit. Hey, I had come from a city which had been so reluctant to make transit a priority that it cut gas tax by 10% so it can shave and pave small residential roads that didn't need it. I may have an idea of what routes could see the axe and what i'td mean for the buses and the drivers to then be reallocated. I know I"ve heard of that term before but, if those buses and drivers are reallocated to say, Trafalgar, Dundas and maybe Lakeshore Road, okay. I'm not sure if Oakville has service standards. Whether or not if there's a specific distance for residents and businesses to be from a bus stop. I haven't paid as much attention, or rarely about Oakville's town council similarly as I had with Burlington as I known with Burlington of whom were really anti-transit. I can't say the same for Oakville. Unsure if anyone else in this town (and by the way, it should be a city. Grow up. It has the population of a city so act like it, too!) I believe the fleet is just a bit over 100 which is a very healthy spare ratio given what is needed for peak requirement. I don't know, if OT management has wanted to do so much with the fleet they have that all they can do is do with the limited budget council throws at them. Cuts lead to loss of ridership and yup, usually another large fare increase. I really do hope that things aren't going to be happening as I think they might but, I'm not liking what I'm seeing from OT at this point. An agency what once was a good comparable for any agency to use for seeing what kind of service levels to use or the investments in transit, good programs and the like, if it turns out that these cuts would drastically harm the system, one of the links in the GTHA transit chain would be drastically broken.
  13. Yes, same. I can't stand Boston. Mind you I'm not a Blues fan either, but I love their story to how they had gotten to where they are. Last place on January 2nd this year to the Cup final. Blues in 6.
  14. I think it's safe to say the Catolina and Boston series is over. The Hurricannes may win one fans, but, that's it.
  15. After talking with my contact at BT during the recent BFAST Transit Users' Forum, I was told that the 7 Novas will be replacing 4 D40LFs and not the ARBOC's, as originally stated. 2012 XD40 7056-12 is going through repair, but is closer to returning to service. Part of the frame that was damaged during the collision is being welded into place. Should be back on the roads in early to mid June. Tge Vicinites are beginning to take on higher maintenance costs. BT isnt going to be me buying any more 30 foot buses for the foreseeable future.
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