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  1. Ready for the 2021-22 season? A full 82 gaje season, including the debut of the league's 32nd franchise, the Seattle Kraken. With that, here's where I think these teams will finish: EASTERN CONFERENCE - ATLANTIC DIVISION: 1) Tampa Bay Lightning 2) Toronto Maple Leafs 3) Florida Panthers 4) Montreal Canadiens 5) Boston Bruins 6) Ottawa Senators 7) Detroit Red Wings 8: Buffalo Sabres EASTERN CONFERENCE - METROPLITAN DIVISION: 1) N.Y. Islanders 2) Carolina Hurricannes 3) N.Y. Rangers 4) Washington Capitals 5) New Jersey Devils 6) Columbus Blue Jackets 7) Pittsburgh Oenguins 8: Philadelphia Flyers WESTERN CONFERENCE- CENTRAL DIVISION: 1) Colorado Avalanche 2) Winnipeg Jets 3) Minnesota Wiod 4) Chicago Blackhawks 5) Dallas Stars 6) St. Louis Blues 7) Nashville Predators 8: Arizona Coyotes PACIFIC Division: 1) Vegas Golden Knights 2) Edmomton Oilers 3) Vancouver Canucks 4) L.A. Kings 5) Calgary Flames 6) Seattle Kraken 7) Anaheim Ducks 8: San Jose Sharks Burning questions: 1) Where will Jack Eichel be traded to and will be 100% Healthy to return to his AllStar self? 2) How well will the expansion Seattle Kraken do in their inaugural season? 3) How many goals will Alex Ovechkin score to get closer to Wayne Gretzky all-time goals record? 4) How many goals will Auston Matthews score? 5) Stanley Cup finalists: Vegas Golden Knights over Tampa Bay Lightning.
  2. Last Thursday i did come across prices around $1.46/L at a couple of Petro Canada stations in Iakville.
  3. I'll not be attending the teleconference in the 28th between BFAST and the Transit Director. However, I did email her and she responded pretty quickly : They're looking at expansion budes in the 2022 budget, pending council approval,, so at this time, there's no need to refurbish buses. In the future, be careful of reporting information from drivers as it's more likely than not as the best sources of information.
  4. That's very interesting. Perhaps ridership is coming back much better than anticipated. Refurbishing buses I don't think has happened in a long time to my understanding. There are currently buses that are on my MIA list that might be in said refurbishment. However, I'm not rushing to judgment here. Later this month is the next meeting between the Director of Burlington Transit and BFAST. That will be a question I will bring up. In fleet news, 2021 LFSs 72102 and 72103 are the ones which have had their fleet numbers updated with the 7s applied. #2101 doesn't have a 7 applied as of yet. I imagine the remaining units will enter service with the 7 added to their fleet numbers.
  5. I've felt that the new livery could've been something similar to what a couple of the Orion Vs DRT had several years ago, an additional green (grey?) line inbetween the windows and the bottom skirting panels. Maybe something similar? I also seem to remember a full ad on an XD40 from a year and a bit ago which made it look like a 'new livery' of sorts.
  6. When I had spotted 2101 on the 10 by chance at the Downtown Terminal, the number was 2101, without a "7" preceeding them. Before anyone asks, I'm not certain on retirements. However perhaps there may just be 2 buses retiring out of the 2 remaining 2007 D40LFs (7037-07 & 7039-07) as well as the remaining 2 2008 D40LFs (7043-08 & 7044-08.). Presently, 7037 and 7044 have been seen in regular service whereas 7039-07 and 7043-08 haven't been in awhile. We'll see what happens.
  7. Isn't 0603 also included in the returning fleet?
  8. Thanks, Kevin. My eyes made it look like it was 15 minutes, where in fact it was 20 minutes. It'll be nice to see those other Flyers that came out of storage back in service again. I'm curious about something. Has the HSR put forward a draft network as part of the MYHSR service review? I seem to notice something in the BUS NEWS which mentioned about draft policies, asking for people's input. Is a new network part of them?
  9. I'm intrigued by the 915 and 916 becoming PULSED in a couple years. I'm guessing that there won't be too many stops and thus, wouke take away from any local demand there might be? The 902 I feel like, the 902A specifically would be the main Pulse route, whist the B woukd be the local variant, or known as the 402? The only Pulse bus on a local route I'd seen was 8611 on 405C. Pulse buses on local routes are a common place and not unusual.
  10. I did look at the schedule for the 3 and it looks like it's fully back. 15 at peaks and 30 midday with 20 mins on Saturdays. Am I missing something that there had another frequency increase before covid during a time period?
  11. I'm not quite sure if this is specific to those trains which terminate at Oakville GO for the main pulose departure for most routes to be roughly 15 minutes later. It's the through trains from Union towards Aldershot and West Harbour which wouldn't be as lucky during the midday as the only buses they'd see about 10 minutes after their trains arrive are the 4-4-East, 5 and the 18, unless it's past 2pm and into the PM peak of seeing the 10, 11 (at :52), 14, 24 and 120. The passengers on the trains coming from Aldesrhot and West Harbour would be the lucky ones to see the most routes at Oakville GO during the midday and peak periods. I'm really hoping the different departure times at both Bronte and Oakvlille GOs can help give a better feeling of more options without feeling that because both are there at those stations at the same time, maybe maximizing the amount of people per trip. Here's hoping. The area around Dorval and North Service would see different service times too. 18: (Bronte GO): :17, :47; (Oakville GO) :10, :40; 28: (Bronte GO): :02, :32; (Oakville GO) :24, :54. In terms of the rest of the changes, they're pretty good. Understanable that they're not all teh way back with full service like no midday service on the 12 and half-hourly peak service on the 11, including interlining with teh 12. 190 isn't back yet and I don't see the 121 coming back at all. The rest of the 15 minute peak serviceson the 13, 19, 20 and midday/Saturday service on the 26 aren't back yet. Love seeing the 5/5A getting full 30 minute base service 7 days a week. Also its return to Dundas would also mean that residents along Sixteen Mile Drive adn Wheat Boom will have hourly service as its base service on Sundays and 30 minutes during peak hours. The only route on weekdays that hasn't really changed schedule-wise, is the 6. From what I have read, it looks that it has only one full hour between 4:30 and 5:30 of 30 minute service whereas on all other time periods, it's hourly. Given that covid has all but killed its ridership on that route, what is its furture looking like? Lastly, weekend service on all other routes apart from the 5/5A, 14/14A and 24 are all hourly. Guessing ridership isn't back yet to have the previous 30 minute services return as well as other routes that would've gotten weekend 30 minute frequencies had covid not been a thing.
  12. https://www.nhl.com/news/nhl-players-will-participate-in-2022-beijing-olympics/c-326072268
  13. https://www.burlingtontransit.ca/en/schedules-and-maps/Schedules.aspx What isn't mentioned is that the 25 - Walkers will have 15-minute peak service. The peak service of 10 minutes for teh 1 and 15 minutes for the 10 and the all day 30 minute service on the 81 are holdovers from 2020 and perhaps was an oversight.
  14. I am curiuos about whether or not the aforementioned service increases for September had been approved by council, the new, 13 CNG Nova LFS order and whether or not any of the 2006 D40LFs, 0701-0709 and 2007 DE40LFs 0601 and 0602 come out of storage?
  15. A few times every the last couple weeks, through the GO E News alerts, there'd been unplanned track inspections at the same time, on both the Barrie and Stouffville lines at around the midday. When it happened the first time, I thought it was weird. Twice more and I'm thinking that it was a ln error in the system. Thoughts?
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