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  1. PRESTO - GTA Discussion

    Generally I use my Presto for GO and TTC uses. However, sometimes I'd use it for conventional transit elsewhere. There had been one time (or a few), where it was used on HSR buses. For each one of those uses, "Not Reported' would be the message given under the "location" field. Not sure if that was fixed up or not, but anyone else experience that?
  2. Durham Region Transit

    Considering that Westney Division is due to receive about 5 2018 (2017) Novas in this order, would they need a few more current Novas that are based in Raleigh to have at their division so their drivers can be trained on them, or is it that most drivers whom are at Westney would also be able to have runs that involve routes in Oshawa and therefore, could be assigned a 2015/16 Nova?
  3. Brampton Transit/Züm

    Been wondering if the middle portion of the 60 - Mississauga Road is too close to the area that's covered by the 58 - Financial to where it may be more viable (?) to have a 60A branch serve where the 58 does? Lastly, is it just me, or do many of you here feel like the 51 Hereford doesn't seem to be a route that really is meaingful given that the 11 and 511 are around? Is it better to look at an 11B service perhaps?
  4. Burlington Transit

    While in a meeting with Sue Connor with BFAST on Thursday, it was discussed that 3 Vicinity buses are due in April. Unsure about the 7 that I brought up that was detailed by Grande West. Unless if it wasn't known that the other 4 would be coming in later in the year. Still awaiting that information. Anyone else know anything more? Burlington Transit is ready to go to the south side of Burlington GO, but are awaiting on Metrolinx to give them more bus bays. Timing is undetermined. More clearly, they're waiting on what bays will be available. BT would love to have a bay or two along Fairview Street just outside of the south side loop, probably meant for route 1 going west, in the same design like what Eastgate has with the westbound 10 - BLine Express. If the Fairview-based bay is built, it could be done in the spring making it evident that the move to the south end would be in April or May. That's all I know at this point. Anyone else know anything more?
  5. Oakville Transit

    Nova 1700'S in service. 1701, 1703 as well as 1706 on assorted routes. The others will follow shortly I"m sure.
  6. Burlington Transit

    I had wanted to straighten out the Vicinity situation with Burlington Transit to determine how many were on order and for what year. I had gotten an answer from Vice President of Grande West Transportation John LaGourgue. Hi Nicholas - Burlington Transit had ordered 4 Vicinity buses that were delivered in 2017 and 7 buses ordered for 2018 – to be delivered before April 2018. Hope this helps! John John LaGourgueVP Corporate DevelopmentCell: 604.209.9800Office: 604.607.4000jlagourgue@GrandeWest.com www.grandewest.com There is one thing that I am still very curious about and confused. I still remember that there was a 3 conventional bus order that was announced in March during the Public Transit Infrastruture Funding announcement.
  7. York Region Transit \ Viva

    Is it being considered once VIVA Purple no longer serves York University (Or Pioneer Villiage Station) and the new YRT Route 100 or 101 starts up, would YRT want to renumber those routes that seemingly are the same as the ones that TTC once operated in York Region prior to the subway extension? 107, or the 70 - Keele; 165, or the 65 - Weston. I know it seems too early to look into it, but may be a good idea in my opinion to further separate those route numbers from the once-familiar TTC routes.
  8. Oakville Transit

    I find it odd for 8109 to be used for spring/summer months. Why not just have it retired...or, is it just being held until the next order of Vicinity's come in?
  9. Burlington Transit

    Based on my notes, since after December 3rd (Burlington's Santa Claus Parade), I hadn't seen neither 7018-15 or 7010-09. Either of them could be the 2017 Christmas bus but am unsure. Every other bus I've seen since that date until now has had regular ads on them.
  10. Burlington Transit

    I am becoming concerned that Burlington Transit won't have any changes come the New Year. If there were, something would've been posted by now and nowhere is there anything to that effect. I"ll also guess that if the Community Buses services's hours are reallocated, perhaps they can be put into weekend frequency boosts for routes like the 11, 12 and 25 and maybe the 4 to half-hour headways. I mean, the (new) 1 would be given the service hours and frequency boosts from the elimination of the 101/21. I'd be curious to see if there's a bigger frequency boost on weekends with the 1 to something better than 30 minutes? Would there be other service hour-reallocation that may happen? The 10 perhaps from 20 to 30 minutes? I"d also be just as interested to see if Route 10 would still continue to serve Plains Road west of Brant in both directions to access the new south end of Burlington GO via Brant. The 25 if it'd still be on Queensway/Plains to the south end, or the 6 from Queensway/Plains and how the 80/81 would be coming down. Anyone here, through their sources know of the details of this new service in the new year? Schedules, new routings? Lastly, any other word on those other Vicinity's and how many for when?
  11. Hamilton Street Railway

    Pardon the bump... But I'm starting to think that Hamilton wouldn't be in position for the LRT on the basis of sustainability when it comes to ridership levels, even now. As I did say maybe a year ago at this time that council delayed improvements for one year to which ultimately can really kill such a great mode of transit. But that would be a great success unless if the ridership is there to support it. But how does that get done? Get the HSR improved at a much more substantial levels so that when LRT's built, the ridership is there. Yes, it costs a whole bundle of money to do that but their council (Like Burlington's), is the brightest on transit issues. I'm sure more Hamiltonians can speak more to this. But that's just my observation. How is council deciding on the transit budget and do we know of any big improvement proposals that would jump the HSR into better ridership gains?
  12. NHL Discussion

    The NHL is making us 'guess' what the injury is even though for the most part, visually it looked like it was a concussion. I remember Ken Hitchcock sometime last month mention that it's about time to eliminate those games with the 'upper body/lower body' stuff. They have 'body' injuries. . Most players are day-to-day (hell, WE'RE ALL DAY-TO-DAY!). We're not dumb. But of course with Lou Lammerello GM of the Leafs, everything is top secret. Make these things public knowledge!
  13. Burlington Transit

    51 Leslie posted in "Today's Sightings on Friday, December 7th: "Burlington 7028-06 on the 15 this morning." This means that 7028 IS NOT retired and therefore, makes that therea re two 7028's in service. 7028-06 (Blue Bird Ultra LF) 7028-17 (Grande West Vicinity) *There are 4 Blue Birds at the veyr back of the garage. Odds are those are 7027, 7029, 7030 and either 7031 or 7032-06 Lastly, still no reports of other Vicinitys on property or in service. I know the Wiki editors and many of us have felt that there's supposed to be 7 Vicinity's this year, but am starting to question that. There are 3 Vicinity's from that PTIF announcement back in March with 4 (or 7?) for next year already. Or, would those other 3 from this year be held over to next year, making it 10, or maybe 13 Vicinity's overall? I"m getting very confused here, but only speaking from previous announcements or information I've heard to date. Anyone else heard or know differently? Just want to get this all straightened out.
  14. Today's Sightings

    This post would been better to have been put into the "Burlington Transit" thread. So, there are two 7028's. 7028-06 the Blue Bird and 7028-17, the Vicinity. .
  15. Gas Prices

    $1.19.6/L at Petro Canada in Oakville at Dorval/North Service location.