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  1. newflyerinvero

    Gas Prices

    95.9 at Petro Canada located st Thurd Line and North Service Road in Oakville.
  2. newflyerinvero

    Oakville Transit

    There had been previous plans for the 17 to be taken over by the 14. So this isn't a surprise. Neither is the streamlining and simplification of only one route on Burloak north of Rebecca/New, instead of service duplication. I think however that the additional service to Rio Can might be a good idea in the long run knowing the kind of route that the 14 is may generate a bit more ridership perhaps. Am surprised that the Renyolds Street area has had its service eliminated entirely. I would've thought hourly based service would've sufficed with the other branch serving Kerr. Temporarily suspending the 1 to me screams that it will be back at the primary Trafalgar-based route at a much higher frequency of about 5 minutes, without the need of the 5 or the 24 to be on Trafalgar, period. Perhaps (speculating), that Oakville wants to bring back the 1 to serve a bit more of the newly developed neighbourhood north of Dundas and east of Trafalgar while still serving the 407 Carpool (?). The White Oaks jog seems tricky to ut service in even though it's been proven to be a good ridership. My thought has been for awhile to have the 5 operate from Burlington/407 to UTM via Uptown Core, without the 24 being around. Has there been plans at one point in time for the 24 to not serve South Common, or any other future Oakville Transit route in general to serve there? Would this year be when the 2011 XD40s get rebuilt? Remembering back to when the 2009 D40LFRs were rebuilt, it was in 2017, 8 years into their service lives. Lastly, any ambicious plans that OT has requested into the Operational or Capital Budgets?
  3. newflyerinvero

    Burlington Transit

    https://www.burlington.ca/en/your-city/resources/Budget/2019-Budget/Proposed-Operating-Budget-Book-web.pdf https://www.burlington.ca/en/your-city/resources/Budget/2019-Budget/Proposed-2019-Capital-Budget-and-2020-2028-Forecast-web.pdf The fonts are still giving me issues, but will leave these here so that you can all discuss what specifics are here for Burlington Transit.
  4. newflyerinvero

    Oakville Transit

    Anyone with knowledge on the operational and capital budgets that impacts Oakville Transit, apart from the knowledge of the 3-year contract with Nova and 5 buses due in April, replacing 4101, 5103-5106?
  5. newflyerinvero

    Burlington Transit

    Hello to all. Been having troubles in viewing the font for both the operational and capital budgets due to my sight. What I do know is that BT is going to be in good hands for the next several years. Anyone with better eyeballs determine what the key details are in terms of how many buses and the other projects they also may be involved in? https://www.burlington.ca/en/your-city/resources/Budget/2019-Budget/Proposed-Operating-Budget-Book-web.pdf https://www.burlington.ca/en/your-city/resources/Budget/2019-Budget/Proposed-2019-Capital-Budget-and-2020-2028-Forecast-web.pdf
  6. newflyerinvero

    London Transit Commission

    The myth about not being safe with frequent transit as it'll be causing more traffic and reducing property values reigns supreme I guess. But, transit is driven by people's uses of it and where they want it.
  7. newflyerinvero

    Durham Region Transit

    Get back on topic please! Okay, wondering how the revised terminus for the Pulse at Centennial College has either improved or not with current TTC and GO connections?
  8. newflyerinvero

    GO Transit New Bus Deliveries

    Am speculating here, but I think that for the foreseeable future, that any new Go bus, whether DD or otherwise would probably have that feature.
  9. newflyerinvero

    Hamilton Street Railway

    Is this Envision HSR plan similar to the 10-year improvement strategy? As far as I understand, the 10 year strategy has planned improvements to some current routes. Would or could this Envision project change anything to the 10 year strategy?
  10. newflyerinvero

    GO Transit

    Since that some SuperLo's are now on the 92 and hadn't had problems with servicing York Mills, what other routes could they show up on? The 36 potentially?
  11. newflyerinvero

    Oakville Transit

    Pardon the small bump here... However, I do recall sometime last year that it was mentioned that the 2005 D40LFs, 5103-5105, the ex London 2004 D40LF, 5106 as well as the remaining 2003 Orion VII 4101 were to be retired by the end of 2018. It's mid to almost late January and for the most part, some of these buses are still in service, with 5103 not showing up for several weeks. Given that there's a 3-year deal that was won by Nova Bus not too long ago, what else have changed, if anything has, including how many buses are staying or retiring, etc? Lastly, can't really seem to find any other information regarding any big asks from Oakville Transit relating to this year's operating budget re: service improvements and expansion. What's to be expected?
  12. newflyerinvero

    Burlington Transit

    Maybe 3 weeks ago if I recall right that there was one in service. They seem to be spares. Unsure of their official status.
  13. newflyerinvero

    Burlington Transit

    For the first time in Burlington's histiry, Burlington Transit Christmas service is in operation! Even though it's the very crappy Holiday service, still better than nothing. In saying that, there are 3 Vicinities in service too. 7028-17, 7065-18 ( both on 6/11), and 7067-18. (2/3,iirc). (7067-18, being the Christmss bus, it makes sense for it to be in service today. (all sightings are courtesy of Transee). Perhaps this may be the start of the Vicinities in service on weekends ir holidays.
  14. newflyerinvero

    Burlington Transit

    As amusing as it may be, this isn't the first time with matching fleet numbers on two different buses being in service at the same time. In 2009, just before the 85/86 Gm Classics retired, the 2009 D40LFs had matching fleet numbers and for a time, unsure of how long, but boht Gm's and D40LFs were operating with similar fleet numbers. Then back in 2017 when the first 4 Vicinities starting to appear in service, two Blue Birds, although still active in the garage just before they retired were duplicated. The 2015 Nova LFSs were going into service with the same numbers as the 2003 Inveros. I don't think, unless if did happen for a day or two, with duplicate fleet numbers. I am speculating here but I feel like the same is true with duplicate fleet numbers of 7036-07 and -18 won't be like that for too much longer. I think what may have happened was a decision was made to retire a D40LF, but I suppose the decision may have changed during, or after the application of the 7036-18 fleet number at Nova Bus. I have no idea what buses, if any would be retiring from these two Novas that are both in service, both 7036-18, but also 7033-18, too. Would this mean that 7033-06 is confirmed to be retired as well? I hadn't seen it since sometime during the summer. I do have other information from BT for the upcoming year of 2019. First, they are involved in the CUTRIC program. For awhile, it was first determined that they wouldn't be participating on the basis of what funds would be used to fund how many buses, for what propulsion and which manufactures would build them. It is to my understanding that the funding may be coming from Federal Gas Tax or the current PTIF funds for this year and into the first quarter of 2019. There will definitely be a follow-up to this as I receive more information or when others do. 2019 will also mark the year that not only would BT be FINALLY be going to the south end of Burlington GO Station, it would come on the same timeframe, or on the same day as a significant system network change which would be leading to major improvements, not the unncessary changes that had occurred to massive ridership declines that began in November 2013. This much more improved system would look to be happening for September. BT's discussions with Metrolinx haven't been very productive. Either there hasn't been as much discussion if at all to get more bus bays at the GO Station for BT to use, or Metrolinx considers it a 'done deal, construction's finished, move on' and therefore, it's onto an alternative plan. BT is strongly considering in putting in a couple of bus bays on Fairview Street at the intersection of the Go Station's south end driveway. It would be very easily accessible with other BT route as well as GO. This plan had been considered since March or April of this year, but it was more dependent on Metrolinx to put in more bus bays but looks like that's gone nowhere. According to Sue Connor, for 5 years where there is going to be a constant increase in both capital and operational funding requests for the transit budget to aide in the system's improvements year over year until within that 5-year timeframe a more detailed Transit Plan would be available. The timeframe of this plan is still unknown. Related, a thorough Transportation Master Plan that was technically started back in 2012 was well, nothing. There's not even a footnote or a "Terms of Reference. All of that for $200,000!! A Freedom of Information Request is certainly being considered by BFAST to get that information made public to see where that money has went and if there'd been a plan that had been made, but shelved, or anything that's started altogether. To my surprise, there was supposed to be planned improvements done ot the 407 Carpool Lot at Dundas. Construction would've began in the fall, but it's been delayed. In terms of what improvements would've been made, like a terminal building, a much bigger, paved roadway with several cut out bus bays, that hasn't been determined. BT only knows that there was to have been construction there. That's all they know about this. I'd kill to have a new terminal building there or something that resembles something more like a proper transfer area...AND SAFER, TOO!!! Unsure of any other planned bus purchases, form which manufacturer, any active tenders, etc coming for next year and beyond.
  15. newflyerinvero

    Burlington Transit

    Warning! Duplicate fleet numbers in operation akert! 2018 Nova LFS 7036-18 is in service. I forget which route it is on, but, don't get it confused with D40LF 7036-07, which it too, is in service.