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  1. I was surprised to find Vicinities 1609 and 1709 in service during PM peak now. I'm curious what has happened to 2008 D40LFRs #s 8102, 8103,, 8104 & 8105?
  2. Once every 10 months or once a year. Those inquiries would mainly be about a possible retirement or two. Nothing much else.
  3. I was informed by my contact at BT that no longer would information about their buses be provided to the general public. I had inquired about the status of D40LFs 7038-07 and 7045-08, which both have been out of action for at least 10 months, with the exception of 7038, which was out on October 8th then disappeared again and haven't seen service since.
  4. On a related topic, is it more feasible for the 48 to operate the full length of Erin Mills (except its northern routing towards Meadowvale TC) to Clarkson GO and leave the 13 to operate between South Common and Meadowvale, with the 29 operating in the area that the 13 currently does towards South Common?
  5. Probably the hardest of predictions is the NHL's Canadian Division: 1) Toronto 2) Winnipeg 3) Edmonton 4) Calgary 5) Montreal 6) Ottawa 7) Vancouver East: 1) N.Ym Islanders 2) Philadelphia 3) Washington 4) Buffalo 5) Pittsburgh 6) Boston 7) N.Y Rangers New Jersey Central: 1) Tampa Bay 2) Carolina 3) Florida 4) Columbus 5) Dallas 6) Nashville 7) Detroit Chicago West: 1) Colorado 2) St. Louis 3) Vegas 4) Los Angeles 5) San Jose 6) Anaheim 7) Arizona Minnesota Stsnley Cup: Toronto over Colo
  6. Just seen a few minutes ago, via Transee, that 2009 DE60LFR #922 is on 44-Rymal.
  7. I'm wondering whether or not they'll return to to serving the 6/7/8?
  8. Doug, is the operational budget for this year the same amount of service hours, but would be gradually be brought back as things improve? Or, and this is based on something I had heard from one of the road supervisors for Oakville Transit. He mentioned to me that once the lockdown is lifted, that Oakville Transit is willing to put forward, at minimum, 30 minute frequencies on all routes, 7 days a week as they had been looking at similar covid response plans with the neighbouring agencies in Mississauga and Burlington and feel that they'd want to learn from the mistake of not only limiti
  9. Last week, MiWay announced that the 101 Dundas Express wouldn't be running on Saturdays due to the lockdown. However, both last Saturday as well as yesterday that on Transee, that there were buses on the 101. Was it that those 101's were mis-identified as 1/1C trips?
  10. The only difference is that the 1 and 26 stay around compared to before September changes. The 26 is also the only route which, despite operating during peak hours, would be operating every 30 minutes. I'm anticipating that the operating service hours for this year would be the same budgeted amount as the same as per covid. I'd imagine as things improve, that the service levels would gradually return.
  11. Is there a tender or an RFP for the replacement for the VIVA AG300's ( or is it AG330's never get them right), eventually given they're getting up there in age? Fortunately VIVA is using the 40 foots on Orange given there's no Green running right now.
  12. I was browsing through Transsee yesterday at around 5:30 and to my surprise, Arboc #1623 was in service on Route 3 -Third Line. Very rare.
  13. Is this a case of that ridership isn't there yet, or if the agency can't afford the initial return to full service?
  14. Report: https://burlingtonpublishing.escribemeetings.com/filestream.ashx?DocumentId=45026 Updated Transit Business Plan: https://burlingtonpublishing.escribemeetings.com/filestream.ashx?DocumentId=45027
  15. Given that service change happened today with the suspension of the 107 as Humber College is closed, I was curiously looking at Brampton, TTC and YRT to see if they weren't serving Humber College. None if them have any notices as far as what I haven't seen. Any insights?
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