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  1. newflyerinvero

    Oakville Transit

    I know what cuts mean to transit. Hey, I had come from a city which had been so reluctant to make transit a priority that it cut gas tax by 10% so it can shave and pave small residential roads that didn't need it. I may have an idea of what routes could see the axe and what i'td mean for the buses and the drivers to then be reallocated. I know I"ve heard of that term before but, if those buses and drivers are reallocated to say, Trafalgar, Dundas and maybe Lakeshore Road, okay. I'm not sure if Oakville has service standards. Whether or not if there's a specific distance for residents and businesses to be from a bus stop. I haven't paid as much attention, or rarely about Oakville's town council similarly as I had with Burlington as I known with Burlington of whom were really anti-transit. I can't say the same for Oakville. Unsure if anyone else in this town (and by the way, it should be a city. Grow up. It has the population of a city so act like it, too!) I believe the fleet is just a bit over 100 which is a very healthy spare ratio given what is needed for peak requirement. I don't know, if OT management has wanted to do so much with the fleet they have that all they can do is do with the limited budget council throws at them. Cuts lead to loss of ridership and yup, usually another large fare increase. I really do hope that things aren't going to be happening as I think they might but, I'm not liking what I'm seeing from OT at this point. An agency what once was a good comparable for any agency to use for seeing what kind of service levels to use or the investments in transit, good programs and the like, if it turns out that these cuts would drastically harm the system, one of the links in the GTHA transit chain would be drastically broken.
  2. newflyerinvero

    NHL Discussion

    Yes, same. I can't stand Boston. Mind you I'm not a Blues fan either, but I love their story to how they had gotten to where they are. Last place on January 2nd this year to the Cup final. Blues in 6.
  3. newflyerinvero

    NHL Discussion

    I think it's safe to say the Catolina and Boston series is over. The Hurricannes may win one fans, but, that's it.
  4. newflyerinvero

    Burlington Transit

    After talking with my contact at BT during the recent BFAST Transit Users' Forum, I was told that the 7 Novas will be replacing 4 D40LFs and not the ARBOC's, as originally stated. 2012 XD40 7056-12 is going through repair, but is closer to returning to service. Part of the frame that was damaged during the collision is being welded into place. Should be back on the roads in early to mid June. Tge Vicinites are beginning to take on higher maintenance costs. BT isnt going to be me buying any more 30 foot buses for the foreseeable future.
  5. newflyerinvero

    Oakville Transit

    Out if curiosity, any reason why the Vicinites mostly don't see service on Saturdays, but the majority if them are out on Sundays? Are they just in the active service lines at the garage during the week as well as Sundays for drivers to take them out for their shifts and are they in maintenance bays on Saturdays so that'd prevent them from seeing service then?
  6. newflyerinvero

    NHL Discussion

    To be honest, whenever I'm using my Android to post replies here or anywhere for that matter, I type so fast that sometimes the droid can't correct the mistakes that happen. While I try to look closely at any potential mistakes, not all of them are caught in time. Anyway, Boston is up 1-0 in their series with Carolina, a convincing 5-2 win.
  7. newflyerinvero

    NHL Discussion

    Give me Carolina in 6 as well as Sharks in 7. John Tavares, who was supposed to have participated with Tesm Canada for the IHHF World Championships, suffered an oblique injury and is on his way back to Toronto be evaluated.
  8. newflyerinvero

    NHL Discussion

    Hmm, I thought I had made first round predictions. Well, I would have been in the ass of the bus anyway. 1-7 would've been my record. But R2 picks: East: N.Y. Islanders in 7. (This was a very tough pick given that NYI essentially no longer have home ice advantage even though they're "at home in Brooklyn". ) Carolina is on fire and has a ton of momentum, too. 7 games, no doubt. But the Islanders, regardless of their 2 homes, or one, but rarely play in Uniondale, have an underrated team and Barry Trotz is a huge reason. Columbus in 7. I would've to have seen the story of "Tortarella vs Toronto media". But nope. Would've been very interesting to say the least. My concern is the long layoff. However, they swept the Tampa Bsy Lightning, they can beat anyone. West: San Jose in 6. Seems like at one point, the officials had gift-wrapped the series for the Golden Knights, but VGK just couldn't take advantage from G5 onwards, even that 'supposed' high stick against San Jose. So, the ' make up call' in that ridiculous 5- minute major where the Sharks scored 4 times on that entire powerplay, still could've lost. But, no one cares, lol. This series will be interesting as Nathan McKinnon and Mikko Rantanen almost single-handedly took out Calgary. However, the vetter team will win and it'll be San Jose. St. Louis in 6. So, this was the round where Winnipeg and Nashville supposed to have brmeen in. But along came the 'last place st New Years' St. Louis and an under the radar Dsllas who, oh ya, at Christmas, or New Years, too, their owner call them out. WpG and NSH I guess, if they were two high prized wrestlers and suddenly the card changed as they failed their drug tests, lol. But, STL were a cup favourite during preseason. So, guess we have to remember that. Just that, we 'misrenembered'.
  9. newflyerinvero

    Brampton Transit/Züm

    Very unfortunate news. Wondering out loud here but would this be affecting other agencies who have ordered buses through CUTRIC? It's like that I feel (granted I don't think anything impossible anymore with this government), that it's like that no transit agency will get gas tax unless it's diesel buses only, no hybrid, electric, etc. Doubt that'd happen..but y'know.. A few weeks back when attending one of Brampton's PIC's, one of their planning staff members whom I was in a good conversation with that we had gotten into a talk about that Brampton Transit is at 'a tipping point' with capacity with big ridership increases, but only so many buses, too, with the ongoing challenges of annual budgets to supporting the ever-increasing ridership growth. One intersting topic was about the consideration, although not set in stone, about when the Zum buses (unsure if specifically he said the 40 foot or 60 foot XDE's) that once they reach their mid-life rebuilds, they could be converted into regular conventional service. The goal that BT sees is that ZUM services would only see XDE60's, even the 561. Any other information that was heard at these PIC's from a few weeks back from other people here?
  10. newflyerinvero

    Hamilton Street Railway

    Curious about this. With the 10 year "Rapid Ready" lan that has been ongoing how woukd the Seevice Review be and different compared to what RR is supposed to to with annual improvements to several routes? Would this review fir a new HSR network change that?
  11. newflyerinvero

    NHL Discussion

    I do'nt think there are any surviving brackets anywhere without Tampa and/or Calgary in them...or even Winnipeg. So now the question is, are anyone else in Canada going to be getting behind the Leafs???
  12. newflyerinvero

    NHL Discussion

    I may have taken Tampa, but wow. Congratulations to Colunbus Blue Jackets for advancing to the 2nd Round in franchise history.
  13. newflyerinvero

    Milton Transit

    Anyone attended their Public Information Centres? What were their proposed changes?
  14. newflyerinvero

    Burlington Transit

    Sorry, Gil, they didn't.
  15. newflyerinvero

    Durham Region Transit

    Seeing as the last few years that DRT has had a 10- year Service Plan, I guess that with even one year that there updates and changes from the plan, that it was shelved, in favour for these PiC's to create a new 10 year Service Strategy, with all feedback to be used to shape a new Service Plan?Is this correct?