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  1. Ha, with much service on Eglinton and yet, can't have holiday service due to 'low ridership'. Yup, the retroactive low demand to where it is now. I dont think I'd seem anything about the resumption of 101 or 110 on weekends... Lastly, think the 107 can be of a benefit to have 7 day service and not be curtailed to Westwood during summer because of low demand to Humber. It'll be more prudent for the 107 to have its full routing to Humber all year one Finch West LRT opens.
  2. Well, this might discourage late night usage altogether or push more people to use Uber or Lyft. This may further reduce late night convententional service I'm afraid. Least the 26 would be gone. The 34 I'm a bit surprised given that it could've been a great east-west route to be extended to Uptown Core via Sixteen Mile and Proudfoot Trail.
  3. Has anyone noticed seeing, several months ago while Burlington Transit's 2023 LFSs were being built and prepared for delievery that if there were 8 units instead of 5? I have noted thus far that there are 5 in revenue service. There are supposed to be 8. Anyone spotted the other 3 recently? Thank you.
  4. So the service changes are out. Barely anything of significance. Route 5 with schedule adjustments to reflect actual travel times and the return of school specials. Yup. That's it. I don't know whether or not Sheridan College will have higher attendance, but that, along with perhaps new riders to the system may be something to pay close attention to. Don't think it's to the same levels as other municipalities and agencies having to scramble to get more buses and operators to fill those gaps. Oakville seems to be fine, but can use a bit more. In my opinion, it seems that OT is still heavily dependant on GO Train/Downtown Toronto Office commuters and not so much towards domestic usage. It's clearly understood that the same levels of that kind of ridership isn't there and not each weekday with the hybrid work model continuing for the foreseeable future. But because 9f that, it doesn't put as much importance on domestic or inter-muncipal travel. Perhaps more of a broader shift away from the GO office commuter and more towards other usages, with the equalled importance of connecting to GO. Seeing as it's been quite a long time for weekend frequencies which were initially cut from 30 minutes to 60 minutes during the pandemic, the original routes that previously had 30 minute intervals on Saturdays were the 3, 4, 13, 19 and 20. I can understand the 4 being lightly used given its routing, but the others..I'm surprised that the frequency increase still has not come back. Sindays/Holidays would usually be slightly worse with the 13 dropping to hourly. Overall, given that 3 out of 12 routes operate 30 minutes with the rest hourly, I can see how some choice riders or even new riders wouldn't want to depend on it. Still a sad state off affairs, which includes anywhere around Bronte GO on a weekend, it can be a transit dead zone if you don't work your transfers right. That is, if you're not taking the train.
  5. https://www.durhamregiontransit.com/en/news/september-5-2023-service-updates.aspx?fbclid=IwAR2x_k1JKshzf8NdTUNHQiGUQiP5Rj7DKLyeMKtZPjwSkzpsXkTbuqUbeWA
  6. It looks so much better without those side ad racks and the bike rack.
  7. I had checked Transee as i usually do every other day, but I did see today that #8104 is tracking unless it's transpinder is on a different D40LFR, then maybe it's still active. However, I hadn't seen # 7107 in service for awhile.
  8. Ya I know it's been 16/17 years with the first DE60LFRs, but with the LRT in a few years, maybe a livery refresh to match the scheme, whatever it is for the LRVs. Just a thought I had.
  9. Is there any plans to have one livery for all bus lengths, or is this going to be the artic scheme for the foreseeable future?
  10. $1.67.9/L at Shell (3rd Line & Dundas, Oakville). $1.67.9/L also at Petro Canada, (Newagawa Boulevard & Dundas, Oakville). Both spotted this afternoon, Thursday, July 27th.
  11. I haven't been looking through Transee or around Mississauga on weekends or holidays, but I'm curious whether or not that there still aren't enough artics avaiable for Route 5 Dixie? Is the current allocation on weekends for artics to be on 1/1C, 2, 17, 42, 61 & 66 as well as express routes 103 and 109?
  12. I had recovered information that was posted regarding Burlington Transit operatioins expanding, as part of the 2023 Operational Budget. As part of the investments in the 2023 Operating and Capital Budget, the City of Burlington is expanding the operations of Burlington Transit. The benefits of implementation of transit expansion include: Operational funding for four (4) conventional buses and one (1) Handi-van purchased in the 2022 Capital Budget; and Supports the Transit 5-year business plan. The additional resources include: Four (4) additional buses + eight (8) new drivers; and One (1) additional Handi-Van + one (1) new specialized driver. Given that the information suggests of 4 additional buses, I think it's in direct reference to 4 expansion buses. This would mean that there would be 3 other LFSs yet to get into revenue service, to expand service. If the original plan was to have 4 replacements and 4 expansion, unles that's changed a bit, that 7047-10 is still MIA. Uncertain of its statusD. but the remaining 2009 D40LFs (7001, 7003, 7006, & 7008-09) are all done.
  13. I recall a month ago I had been within Region and noticed plenty of Pulse buses on local routes and vise versa. This happened on my previous tine there, maybe 2 months ago. For those of you out there on a regular basis, is this more of a case of not as much service offered and way too many buses that it doesn't matter what's available for a driver to take out? Is there a chance that the Pulse brand is not longer neccessary?
  14. 20 now? Thought there were 22. Understanding that 8104 is gone, what's the 2nd that's gone? The 2008s (along with 7106) seem to be barely hanging in, with only 8101, 8105, 9102 and 9104 that are the ones that are the regulars inweekday service. 9105-9115 seem to be more often Given that the 5 year transit plan will be starting in 2024, here's hoping that the improvements in September are much better considering what OT has been like for the last year and a bit.
  15. https://www.oakvilletransit.ca/?fbclid=IwAR2ZSBt-jpdw4BH5QECtFIT-8dElxF9orWQcXeKUP4GD-Zhqpg9JIC2qTUQ New and refreshed website, which also Includes the new 2024 Service plan survey about the plan.
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