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  1. 2018 TTS Fan Trips

    Hi there. I was going to put up a post in here prior to finding out that it is sold out as, based on where my finances are at the moment, I was going to say that I wouldn't have known where I'd be until the beginning of next month. More likely than not I would be in better circumstances. Since at around that time it'd be only about 11 or 10 days out and wouldn't be in need to mail out the payment and so on. Yes, I am interested to be put on the waiting list in the event of a cancellation. Would it be better if I was to just to hand in the cash payment if there is a cancellation?
  2. Grande West Transportation

    From a prior Facebook post from a west-coast based enthusiast, he had reported that there were two Vicinity buses that were numbered 7065-18 and I forget the second one, perhaps, 7066-18. I do know that this month, Burlington Transit are expecting seven of these. Have there been sightings or reports of the other five and their fleet numbers, too? Thank you. ADditionally, any sightings or reports of Oakville Transit order of 8 Vicinity's?
  3. GO Transit

    One of the announcements GO had made while mentioning their service changes for April 7th was that seasonal service to Canada's Wonderland (Route 60) will resume on April 29th. No other details or schedules have been released. However, I was expecting much more in terms of a changed routing or even the use of the Super Lo buses. A new routing I would've seen could be from Finch GO Terminal, to Richmond Hill Centre, Highway 407 Terminal and Wonderland. Had GO been thinking about that routing to address capacity issues/availability of buses? I mean, sure, there are still a good amount of MCI's around to be on that service but if the routing or those issues aren't taken care of soon, what would happen?
  4. Sarnia Transit

    At least we think that the last Orion 1 would be withdrawn. But I'm with you Andrew I hope they keep 164 active at least for another year. If memory serves me, should there also be 2 Novas coming, too? Or are these Arbocs the last ones for this year?
  5. Burlington Transit

    Would there still be differences of the 2 and 3 going to the 407 carpool from weekdays to weekends? Perhaps if those two routes do serve the 407 Carpool all the time, may as well eliminate the "A" lettering given that at this time, it means two different things. A is counter-clockwise (15A, 40A), but it's an extension of a route, too. X is, too apparently. But I hope that silly X = extension of route is gone and replaced by a proper 1A.
  6. Hamilton Street Railway

    Hope no one minds me asking but, where is this list that includes of HSR's plans for service improvements? Unsure if I've come across anything to date on this. And, isn't it that any more service in one area that has a different area rating that dictates how much service is delieverd in that area...has that changed at all? I think I may be off in terms of the 'area rating' and what it means by specific amount of transit service on the basis of tax levies. Lastly, usually HSR has quarterly schedule modifications and this is usually the time for the spring modifications. I guess nothing was needed to be adjusted? I was looking through the "Spring 2018 Bus News" and didn't see anything related to those types of schedule adjustments and so on.
  7. Burlington Transit

    Love it! I think that if the 15-minute service on the Route 1 between Burlington GO and Hamilton would mean the 1 wouldn't be a full route to Appleby GO given the frequencies, unless if this would be a 1/1A scenario developing. If that's really hte case I'd still keep the 21 but minus the Prospect/Cumberland diversion and only have the 25 do that. Both the 21 and 25 would serve Fairview east of BurlGO at combined 15 minutes. I'd be curious to see what this new Route 20 is and what kind of coverage and routing it would use to cover the 4 east of Appleby and essentially eliminating the 40, too.
  8. Transit Windsor

    I'm curious what buses would be retired other than the ones we know about (the VIs and the two remaining Classic which aren't officially retired) (?). Any specific information available at this time?
  9. Hamilton Street Railway

    This may make sense given that there's another 6 Vicinities due sometime next year. I"d imagine that the plan had been for many years to see the 6/7/8 to have 30 foot buses operating on them. Or, if the 8/18 scenario that may exist, what's the future outlook for the 6 and 7 and would they be restructured or changed at all?
  10. Burlington Transit

    Based on a comment of an article from the Burlington Gazzette, the commentor discussed that in the capital budget, the $1.5 million that is being allocated to Transit would be for new shelters, security cameras, new holiday service on Christmas Day and New Year's Day, upgrades to the Downtown Terminal as far as what I can remember. In terms of the fleet, retiring of two buses but no new bus purchases for this year. I hope this person understands that hte 7 Vicinity buses that are on their way aren't officially 2018 buses, but were approved in the 2017 budget even with their '-18' in their fleet numbers. The retiring of 2 buses leads me to believe that they're the last two Blue Birds which are essentially active in the garage, leaving the D40LFs surviving for another year at least. The 4 interlining with the 5 at Downtown is necessary and having it brought back to 30 minute service Monday-Saturday is essential on many levels. Not the least of which are that people whom are wanting the 4 currently would have to 'guess' when it's supposed to leave or to arrive at the silly 40 minute headway. 30 minutes makes it more predictable and reliable. Sunday service to the 5 is the next step which would then interline it with the 4 downtown on those days. The 2 and 3 going to every 20 minutes all day tells me that they want to tighten up the schedules on both routes and in both directions to increase reliability and limit the long dwell times. Not the least of which the bus congestion at the 407 carpool where, at one point you can have 5 Burlington buses, an Oakville bus and a GO bus or two at the same time. Not a pleasant sight when one is trying to 'take turns' trying to leave while others stay laying over until they're supposed to leave. Man, a proper terminal is in order up there! What would the 20 be able to do to cover portions of the 4 and 40 east of Appleby Line? Keep in mind that the 14(A) that serves Burloak between New and Lakeshore is hourly during base periods and every 30 minutes during peaks. I guess as long as the frequencies are a bit more favourable in that area, good. I've felt that 20 minutes in that area seems a bit much. 30 minutes on a redesigned Route 20 would be better served. When describing the 1 only having two trips along Fairview to Appleby Go, you're meaning just two trips heading there? I know that the 25, would still be going along Prospect/Cumberland/Guelph to Burlington GO, but not on Fairview to Brant. It was restructured to continue on Guelph to Queensway to make it actually operate to be more on time. With that being said, why just two trips to Appleby GO on the 1 along Fairview east of Guelph Line? The 25 would only go as far as Walkers. It wouldn't make at all sense to only have the 1 going to Appleby GO just twice. I sure hope that's a typo. Either that, or a redesigned 15 - Walkers would be a 7-day service between Appleby GO and 407 Carpool meaning a transfar at Walkers/Fairview for the 25 at Walkers to continue westwards. 15 minutes on most routes even on Saturdays? What about Sundays? Any details about improving Saturday service, or even Sunday frequencies on the 6, 11, 12, 25? In closing, it does make sense for a September implementation as, the new operators that are currently being hided would be in place. The proper causal and full time positions would be filled. The rest of the Vicinity's would be in place and the fleet would be more bigger to sustain a better service until 2019. Now, about Burlington Go?
  11. Hamilton Street Railway

    Are there any details on what the HSR plans to do in terms of improving some of their routes based on the 10% increase in the transit budget? Thus far my searches have turned up nothing.
  12. Future TTC Bus Orders

    Had just gotten caught up on the 9200-series LFS delivery to which is almost complete with some already in service. I do understand that there's a pending hybrid order and a 325 diesel order, to which is from Nova. Hybrid I'm unsure of, but isn't that one (the hybrid order) gone to tender, or is this an instance where the TTC would want to sole-source their order from Nova for these hybrids, even if it means the prices are higher, given that hybrids do cost higher per unit (?). In any event, if this was an open tender, had that closed and no one won, or did it go to Nova instead?
  13. GO Transit

    While on my way to see some family in Grimsby yesterday, when transferring from the GO Train at Burlington GO Station to the GO 12 Bus at the south end loop, while tapping off my Presto card at the east end stairwell, while still walking inside the building towards the ticket area. There is a close off area that may appear to be a good sized Tim Horton's that may open up there soon. I only recognized that it would be a Tim's given the other part of their logo that says, "Always Fresh Since 1964." That was the giveaway. Now, to my understanding, I wasn't aware that there were going to be other Tim's locations other than those mobile Tim's at Oakville, Oshawa, Ajax (if it's opened already) and Clarkson. Is this another phase of that rollout?
  14. Transit Windsor

    I do understand that there have been previous articles posted by MaT as it relates to the possibilities of Regional Transit. So perhaps this could be a precursor to it anyway. Anyone know what would be retired from this Nova order specifically?
  15. Hamilton Street Railway

    That's certainly amazing news considering that I don't think, to my knowledge that there've been too many orders that had buses deemed for expansion in awhile. Now the other question is, what kind of expansion plans are there given the Transit budget was increased by 10% this year and the 10-year HSR Improvement Program is back in order?