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  1. newflyerinvero

    Burlington Transit

    Wait, what? I had no idea that there were even two Novas for delivery this year. But 7036-18...there's already a 7036-07... (The above posted that I had quoted was from the "Sightings at the Nova Bus Factory". Anyone with any other knowledge of this?
  2. newflyerinvero

    Sightings at the Nova Bus factory

    Wait, what? I had no idea that there were even two Novas for delivery this year. But 7036-18...there's already a 7036-07...
  3. newflyerinvero

    Oakville Transit

    An unknown 07/08 D40LFR, being towed by the back end was seen making the turn off of Wyecroft to Dorval to eventually the eastbound QEW. couldn't tell what unit it was nor was I able to tell what may have been wrong with it from a visual standpoint.
  4. newflyerinvero

    NHL Discussion

    Okay this is tough, but here are my NHL predictions of the standings in each division: EASTERN CONFERENCE: Atlantic: Toronto, Tampa, Florida, Buffalo (WC), Boston, Ottawa, Montreal. (Ottawa would make a strong case {and Buffalo} to push for a possible Wild Card spot. Ottawa has something to prove with a chip on their shoulder. Metropolitan: Washington, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Columbus (WC), NY. Islanders, Carolina, Philadelphia, NY Rangers. WESTERN CONFERENCE: Central: Winnipeg, Nashville, St. Louis, Colorado (WC), Dallas, Chicago, Minnesota, Pacific: San Jose, Vegas, Calgary, Edmonton, Los Angeles (WC), Arizona, Vancouver, Anaheim. WC = Wild Card.
  5. newflyerinvero

    York Region Transit \ Viva

    Has YRT considered not bothering printing out a new Route Map for South and North every 4 months? Seems like a waste of paper. Or, is it that thesre are so many route changes every 4 months that they need to be updated?
  6. newflyerinvero

    NHL Discussion

    The Toronto Maple Leafs complete a deal with the Dallas stars. Going to Dallas is defenceman Connor Carrick. In exchange the Leafs will receive a 7th round pick in the 2019 draft, if Carrick plays 50 NHL games this season the Leafs will receive a 6th round pick instead.
  7. newflyerinvero

    GO Transit

    So I take it that they've finally figured out a way to fit those things into York Mills (8100's or the SuperLo's?) It seems as if that the GO 46 just doesn't seem to get the decent ridership even for weekdays. While I may not be on too many trips, it may get good riders, but seems to only pick up around Square One. I feel as if that the main 407 West route, the 47, between Hamilton GO and York U can handle all of those other riders without the need of the 46. I can't say the same for the 45 or the 48 as I haven't seen on those routes to comment on if they can be routes that can be considered for weekend service. I know in the past I've sent along suggestions to GO about the 46 to be considered for weekend service but, the longer I've though tit, especially now, the more I think the 46 can be simply done away with. Trafalgar Road to me just seems like it can do well on its own with a strong Oakville Transit Route 1 - Trafalgar between Oakville GO and the 407 Park & Ride. Simple transfer to go east or west with both the 40 and the 47 with very frequent services there. I think that there still at least can be a GO bus service. The old 19 that used to start at Oakville GO. However, this one I think perhaps it can start there, serve Sheridan College than head along the QEW, serve Square One and continue on its current routing to Finch Terminal. I think as if that if anyone wanted to go to York U from Square One, there'd be the 45 and 47 and anywhere else there'd be other GO bus services. I don't think this new 19 idea would duplicate any service as the 46 wouldn't be around. IT would also provide additional transit options rather than fully local service from Oakville to Mississauga not just on weekdays but as well as weekends and holidays. Comments?
  8. newflyerinvero

    London Transit Commission

    One thing I've been quite curious with is why the 4 is known as "Oxford East" where for the majority of the time that it's not on Oxford, as it's almost primarily south of Downtown to White Oaks Mall. Is it much more of a better idea in the short or medium term to look at the one route for Oxford, well, a local route and the express service? I was on a 17 in both directions between Argyle Mall to Wonderland & Oxford. I must say that the 17 is the main Oxford route and I don't think it even needs the "Oxford West" designation. What could the Route 4 do (or the current 104 for that matter?) Could the 4 take over for the 104 as a better solution for a one-seat ride from Downtown to Fanshawe College? Lastly, is it conceivable for the Wonderland corridor to be looked at for an express service?
  9. newflyerinvero

    Durham Region Transit

    Two things. Would this refurbishment of Raleigh Division be done if it meant that they want to expand to hold more buses? And was the information also including where these 9 new Novas be allocated to?
  10. newflyerinvero


    I suppose too that they can be helpful for those people whom are walking along the route and would notice what the next stop for the route or an ajacent route, if that's another purpose they were meant for them to be displayed like that.
  11. newflyerinvero

    London Transit Commission

    When in London, I did see maybe a couple of those 5xx's XD40s. However, numbers are unknown are I simply have forgotten which ones I did see. Yes, yrt1000, I do miss Webwatch, too. But anyhow, I was a bit surprised how those 400-series D40LFs are still running. I must've totally didn't consider the seat reconfiguration of the 460's and didn't think they'd be around for long enough to have them reconfigured as such. But seeing and riding 478 (on the 20 on MOnday, September 17th) then 480 on the 17 on Thursday, September 20th), I really felt those were going to be retired very shortly with the newest XD40s entering service. Granted, I haven't been in London very often and was last there back in spring of 2017. Was there this time around to see one of my best, if not closest friends. I did notice how there are a bit of an exterior announcement update with a different kind of voice. Still IBus, is it? More so, the 'transfers' routes that they'd announce when some stops are announced to include the 102, 104 and 106 are in a new voice. Some stops altogether are announced in a new voice, too. However, even though I hadn't rode too many buses down there last week, what I did notice was that no 'transfers' from other routes included any of the express routes. Then I guess those D60LFs are still in great shape being 10-years old. I also didn't see any of them while in London last week. I suspect they're all based out of Highbury Division and probably were only on routes like the 25 or the 27. The only routes I did see with artics were the 29 and the 33 and one on the 91. All of those routes mentioned had artics but, were all XD60s.
  12. newflyerinvero

    Transit Windsor

    But just no hybrids, unless it's a major even that requires a whole lot of buses...
  13. newflyerinvero

    Durham Region Transit

    Is there a timeline for when 900-Pulse resumes service into UofT Scarborough loop? I think once I was on the 900 a few months ago and well, the detour via Millitary Trail and Morningside to Ellsemere has been so long that an announcement for Ellesmere and Millitary Trail has been was included.
  14. newflyerinvero

    GO Transit

    I was under the impression that the 22's were fully gone and only a select few of 23's were left as in-service buses presntly. Maybe @general682002 could shed a bit of light on this. I did see at least one of them (number unknown) around UOIT on Wednesday.
  15. newflyerinvero

    NHL Discussion

    Boston Bruins trade defencemen Adam McQuaid to the New York Rangers.