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  1. I can understand with 7052-10 being M8A.Could be long term repairs. But 7006-09 being retired. May I ask whom this friend is? Unless he/she is a mechanic, I wouldn't put too much stock into its retirement. It could very well be like 7052, that it might just need long term repairs.
  2. Oakville Transit historically, as I could also be wrong, hasn't had a Christmas bus and had it as part of their Santa Claus parade. The main thing Santhat they'd do with a bus is to style up the bike rack with a Christmas theme and put up some pretty garland or other holiday decorations along the sides and the back. No full wrap. I doubt 1903 would be part of the parade tomorrow. Maybe it's be one of the buses used in the Santa Shuttle instead. Which I should say that there'll be a Santa shuttle, operating every 5 minutes between 8am and the last shuttle leaves Oakville GO at 11:30am. Its terminous downtown would be the Trafalgar Community Centre. However, any update, if any, on the statuses of 2011 XD40s #1103 & #1106?
  3. Different provinces and systems, but Translink has LFS Suburbans and formally Orion V suburban. While not a "GO Transit" so to speak, operating separately from Translink... But anyway, in my opinion, think they should look at the DDL or another brand I'd standard highway commuter coach, like the LeMiarge. At least with the DDL, it could be the best option for LF, except with limited routes they can serve. But could ADL build a DDL type bus minus the luggage compartment to make lije a SuperLo?
  4. Isn't LTC one of a few agencies that are going to be piloting electric buses? I seem to recall an article based in Burlington about the electric bus pilot, from CUTRIC, indicating that more than one agency are participating? And if London 8s, odds are the buses would be XE40's from New Flyer.
  5. https://www.oakvilletransit.ca/tsu-22oct19.html Late Night Service is back, although for the one Pulse at 11:40pm from Oakville GO. Anyone notice an hour gap in the evening between 8:37 and 10:09,missing a 9:37 trip? I had thought there'd be a 28 to Oakville GO from Bronte GO? Misprint? I'm happy that a 9:40 evening trip was added though.
  6. https://bfast.ca/a-conversation-with-catherine-baldelli-new-director-of-burlington-transit/
  7. I had no idea. Thanks for the clarification. Guessing they want to accurately know what kind of a service they can provide with accurate boarding information. Meanwhile, an update on the electric bus fleeys: https://www.insauga.com/first-fleet-of-electric-buses-set-to-roll-in-oakville-by-end-of-year/
  8. I've been noticing either through in person observations, or online via Teansee, that on weekends, that the 12XX, 13XX XD40s, 16XX, 17XX, 19Xx & 20XX LFSs are the only buses out.. Sundays and holidays the Vicinities are out. So it seems like the D40LFRs, 2011 XD40s, 2015 LFSs (both 14XX and 15XXs) are weekday buses? I guess that makes sense given that the current weekend service is built for hourly GO Trains, which there aren't.
  9. https://www.insauga.com/burlington-may-have-its-first-electric-buses-on-the-road-inside-two-years/ Mentions that this is part of a joint procurement.
  10. In my opinion, that will be fare enforcercement officers on board every train? Personally i think that this can and will seek out every possible evader as long as there are officers.Like with any law or policy, there'll always be some will evade or break those laws.
  11. When the first artics entered service, the livery was chosen in a contest. That occurred in late 2006/early 2007. Additionally, it was being branded as the "B-Line " Livery and that they'd only be on that route. I don't know when that changed, but when the 08s came in, the restriction of sorts to the 10 was changed and they were found on the 1 as well as the 25/26 as well as I think the 27/35 and/or the 5A/5C. I could be wrong of the latter. But overall, I feel as if that livery is fir the artics. I'm not certain if that would change or not.
  12. https://www.oakvilletransit.ca/tsu-22aug12.html Decent changes, although I guess it's to be expected as people are still not using the system as much. Personally, I feel like, coming from a city that deliberately cut funding from transit and made an uncensored network redesign (except for the 101), people woukd only be willing to come back to the system until it's much more improved. But the longer they stay away and already made the transportation choices of taking cars or ride sharing, OT will always be underwhelming, or not where they were, pre-covid.
  13. Is it just me, or is it a bit unusual to not have an announcement for September changes by now?
  14. So the 61 and 66 going all Blue bus operation, is it specific to artic, or any bus that's blue? Is it that the local artic allocation is tight or not enough? I'm also curious about the 110, one route that used to be very heavy ridership-wise and lots of artics used. It'll be interesting to see if the 110 gets to that level again abd the artic allocation is already accounted for on the 1/1C, 5, 35, 39(?), 42, 61, 66, 101/101A, 103 and 109. Lastly, I see that with MiWay not bringing back the 185, guessing Brampton isn't doing the sane? Could there be a chance to see one agency providing that route while the other stands ididly by?
  15. I want to add on to this as I'm a bit late to this party. Anyhow, I felt like something was going on going back to January or so of this year after not being able to receive information about replacement/retiring buses and it's numbers. I've never had problems with operators in Burlington when I'm in the city. Usually when I'm at my usual area around Burlington GO, sometimes I'd get a hint from a driver or two. Other times, I'd run into a familiar face behind the wheel. At no time does it feel as if things are changing. But it does feel like that obtaining valuable information about its growing fleet would be harder to get. Even I'm beginning to wonder if/when the next BFAST teleconference meeting with the new Transit director coukd have an impact on bus information. I don't know for sure, but it's a potential concern. Dillon, thank you. One last thing. The 722XX LFSs don't have the Class Rear door announcement system. The 721Xs I don't think have them. The 22s also have those soft clicking back doors, similar to Oakville and MiWay. A welcome change. I hadn't heard any information regarding the September increases/changes. Anyone know?
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