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  1. I am curiuos about whether or not the aforementioned service increases for September had been approved by council, the new, 13 CNG Nova LFS order and whether or not any of the 2006 D40LFs, 0701-0709 and 2007 DE40LFs 0601 and 0602 come out of storage?
  2. A few times every the last couple weeks, through the GO E News alerts, there'd been unplanned track inspections at the same time, on both the Barrie and Stouffville lines at around the midday. When it happened the first time, I thought it was weird. Twice more and I'm thinking that it was a ln error in the system. Thoughts?
  3. I feel that given 7038-07 & 7045-08 are already finished, it may acccount for 2 of the 4 retired buses by the 2020 ordered Novas. I am assuming that the only other two buses to retire upon those new LFSs to enter service would likely be the last two 07's or one of the 08's and one 07. I have no idea. They'll retire when they do.
  4. Don't want to be rude, but when he mentioned that they're 'identifcal to the 2019's', it means thsat they're the same. What caught my attention was that the numbering again is strange compared to what BT has been using for so long. The 2019 Novas arrived as 1901-1907 and maintenance had to apply a "7" to the beginning of the numbers so that they'd be associated with the city's conventional transit department. I suppose the same thing would happen here with this batch and the next.
  5. On a vote of 9-6 by Hamilton City Council, an agreement to sign the Memorandum of Understanding with Metrolinx will be going forward. A step forward for the BLine LFRT to be built and operating.
  6. I do have an update as informtaion has beeen a bit difficult to come by. BFAST teleconferenece meetings with the Director of Burlington Transit hasn't been as frequent. But I do have an update. Regarding the service expansion: Plans are that for September, a full return to pre-pandemic service levels across the system will be re-implemented. Information will be available on BT's website in the coming weeks. The 7 replacement buses for this year are from the Metrolinx consotium, so yup, more Nova LFSs. She did receive a brief fleet update. However, she wasn't told if the 2020
  7. Toronto Maple Leafs' Auston Mattews, Edmonton Oilers' Connor McDavid & Pittsburgh Penguins' Sidney Crosby are the 2021 finalists for the Ted Lindsay Award. This evening on Sportsnet at 7pm, the NHL will hold its Draft Lottery. The Buffalo Sabres have the best odds to land the number one overall pick.
  8. Was GO even considering increasing to 30 minute midday and weekend frequency on routes 12 and 19 as examples? And were the 41 and 56 part of the bigger GO bus network expansion plan and did it include those routes weekend service?
  9. I had seen a LFR heading north on Dorval at a time when the 28 wasn't running, 30 minutes prior to the next 28 heading to Bronte GO. Thought it was a school special which confused me. I just didn't consider it. My apologies to that as well as the one question about the 08 D40LFRs.
  10. Given that online learning is still taking place, why are there still school specials operating?
  11. Out of curiosity, any one of the 8 LFS diesels, part of a delayed 2020 Burlington Transit order seen, if anyone's been around there as of late? This order is expected sometime in the next month for delivery.
  12. 8ve got two nitpicks. The 16 doesn't have departures out if Hamilton between 3pm and 7pm on weekdays as 'the train runs TO Hamilton. Would make more sense if there were trains heading to Union at that time. Lastly, Route 54 is Mount Joy/Hwy.407 and NOT Oshawa/Oakville.
  13. The planned service increases, effective May 3rd have been postponed due to the extension of the stay-at-home order. Given that D40LFRs 8102-8104 haven't seen service in many months and have been deemed unreliable, any decision on whether they'll be sticking around, or retiring earlier if it means that there'd be plenty of buses to operate the kind of sevice that's happening now and for the foreseeable future, too?
  14. A late quote, yes and I do apologize, but were only 7040-07 and 7041-07 sold to Cityview? Are 7038-07 and 7045-08 been sent there, too? To my knowledge, the 719xx scheme was first a mistake by Nova Bus by intially having the fleet numbers at 1901-1907. BT I think wanted their traditional scheme (maybe starting at 7068-19, going to 7075-19), but I don't know that for sure. Because of them intially being delivered as 1901 to 1907, they put on a 7 to properly identify them as part of the City of Burlington's Transit department, properly identifying them as Burlington Transit vehicl
  15. The only thing I gathered for 24 hour transit service is the only one with OnDemand Transit service. Though, in my opinion, the 900-based routes could be far better and have a 24-hour OnDemand supplement it. Regarding the other routes coming back, unless it's my eyes, is there a proposed route that heads north on Thornton from Oshawa Centre that serves Trent University just before King? I still think a 4p9 that serves Thornton and Stevenson, whether it's one way or two way service can be a good way to connecting other grid routes.
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