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  1. WMATA Retires Orion VI model more for more info go to sorry couldnt get the real link http://bcove.me/xul50qed
  2. as of right now their are in full effect during rush hour best place to be is west falls church station!
  3. Correct these will replace the 3900s aka orions v 30 ft supposedly wmata was going to order 30ft new flyer buses but fairfax connector ordered more xcelsiors and their are coming out late so then that made cancel their contract and start a new contract with orion. info by wmata general manager and engineer from orion at the wmata bus roadeo!
  4. i hope PRTC transit can get some new flyers we need new buses but they cant due to goverment not funding
  5. hey man your the bus driver? if so i would like to ride your bus one day!
  6. hi sir i think we met b4!

  7. this is proof of the brand new mcis already in service! The fleet contains mostly mcis here are some pics of prtc buses http://www.flickr.com/photos/61773932@N04/...57626516228941/ Here the Roster http://www.cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=P...tion_Commission
  8. Yeah i got detained at the mondawmin station for like 30 minutes asking all these questions about why we were taking pictures of buses and trains they asked for our information and stuff i think this stuff is way out of control!
  9. yeah in the retirement of their 1994 TMC RTS's going to be sad when they leave!
  10. from what a port authority bus fan said he saw the tranny control in the cabin area and was different from the allison one so it could be ZF but most likely VOTIH!
  11. acutually they are from 2009 numberes in 11000s should be in service soon this year!
  12. nice pictures i see WMATAs xcelsiors in process
  13. OmniRide is commuter bus to DC and OmniLink is local bus which consists a fleet of MCI D4500s D4500CLs D4500CTs Orion Vs Gillig Phantom and Advantages please check out my photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/61773932@N04/
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