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  1. I wouldn't consider 1980 a current customer. But definitely a reuse of the New Flyer slide.
  2. Interesting that in the Gillig file they state current customers of Gillig are... I did not know that WMATA and New York currently had Gillig CNG's. I will have to look at the Wiki for Vegas, I didn't think they had any either.
  3. edison


    There are surplus buses on the property that could be auctioned off. When they decide to do that is unknown right now.
  4. edison


    From the board meeting. Base order is for ten buses, options for 140 buses over a five year period.
  5. Just curious... Centro is basically going by lowest price? Do you recall if the Orion order was picked by price? Did the location of the Orion plant help Orion win in any way? I was looking at the Wiki, this order would replace the five 2900 Gillig and maybe most of the 2010 Orion CNG buses? Just looking at how the numbers match up... Both sets of buses looked like they were in great shape when I was in Syracuse about two years ago.
  6. Does this count?? I see MVTArider has something similar....
  7. I agree. Eldorado is winning some small contracts that compete with Gillig, like PG County-The Bus, Central Maryland Reginal Transit to name a couple. I thought (just speculation) Gillig was attractive to Centro because they had the option of purchasing 30ft, 35ft, and 40ft buses from one manufacturer.
  8. RTS Celebrates the First 10 Electric Buses in its Bus Fleet... Supposedly every bus should be in service by sometime in November. Just in time for winter to test them. I don't think Rochester's bus routes are super long distance wise, with the exception of a few. Bus and infrastructure costs are in the article.
  9. edison


    Because of the highest overall score. I wondered the same thing... The 6/10 grade kind of surprised me. It must be both, I would imagine there would be other agencies that had positive feedback as well. IIRC though, New Flyer scored pretty poor in that category last time as well. It says that the Battery Electric order should be awarded by the end of the year. We will see how that goes...
  10. edison


    On October 22nd, NFTA approved a 5-year contract with Nova Bus with a base order of 10 buses and an option to purchase up to 140 buses. There is more info at the NFTA website. I am having issues linking the exact location, this is as close as I can get... https://www.nfta.com/about/meetings
  11. Good info. I would of never of known until you pointed that out. I notice the change between the 2005 and 2006 buses here in Buffalo. And I agree with your opinion of the Low Floor. I have learned that every manufacturer has something to hate though, but some have more to hate than others.
  12. edison


    Neat little tour... NFTA Dispatch office.
  13. Just by looking at it, I think it is still the same length of what they have been building. I looks like there is less distance between the rear bumper and the rear tire with the bus in the video. I believe the wheel base always stayed the same even with the 2001 and older Low Floor's, compared to the newer 2001 and newer buses.. I personally don't like the axle being moved back. In my opinion it make the turning radius worse, especially when you have to make tuns on tight streets. Just to comment on the older Gillig's (2001 and older), the operator seat was actually lower in thos
  14. Caught this video on YouTube posted by Cummins. To me it looks like the rear axle was moved back maybe 2 feet compared to most Gillig Low Floor buses I have seen.
  15. I am going off of other people's knowledge on the subject... Mainly better mileage range. If I were to compare a 35-ft diesel transit bus to a 40-ft, the MPG's are going to be better for the 35-ft. So, going off the fact it's medium service, and buses are not at capacity for the route, why bother with a 40-ft bus when we can have a little better range with a shorter bus. I really don't have enough knowledge to decide on a manufacturer. In my area (Buffalo, NY) we have not seen any Gillig or Nova battery-electric vehicles for demo. I do like the fact that Gillig stated that with the Cummins sys
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