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  1. Some of the clips are older, almost a year old. But 9623 is not on the property. I don't recall it being auctioned. Somebody said there is a 9600 in the Tonawanda Quarry blown up. 9611 is still on property though.
  2. Video showing a brief look at the garage by the NFTA... (There are also other videos for body shop, unit change, etc) *If anybody knows how to shrink the video size so the post isn't so large please let me know. Thanks.
  3. Looks like all the 2004 Gillig Low Floor buses are retired in the 700 series. Here is a link to a board report (scroll to last page) from 5/17 stating that every bus except 705 (retired already?) listed for disposal. 806 and 810 are also listed. According to the wiki, it states all the suburban models are retired except 805. If that is the case, their fleet has gotten smaller, to less than 220 buses.
  4. Not a bad idea, rather walk the short distance than be late stuck in traffic! The outbound is the same as before?
  5. 1213 was at C.S. today. More changes to come. Waiting to see what gets retired, have not seen 2112 2116 2233 2239 in a while.
  6. Same guy does both runs... Starts on the 23 and finishes on the 22. Probably 1209-1213
  7. 1700's have standard ad panels on the roadside.
  8. Yeah... I messed that up. Originally it was supposed to be 18 CNG buses and 6 diesel buses. When they switched it to eight diesels, I didn't subtract the two from the CNG group!
  9. That makes more sense... Which is why 1717 is a diesel.
  10. That is the way it is looking.
  11. 2017 buses are arriving.
  12. Haven't heard anything recently. But late last year there were two cases of a person (two different people at different times) walking on the tracks, not jumping in front of the train.
  13. Yeah, only place I seen it was Traffic Command on the Entercom stations. Crazy. Supposedly there is room to go underneath the platforms in the event somebody ever falls on the tracks. Doesn't sound like she had time for that though...
  14. Four PAL vans have been delivered... 8233-8236