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  1. UB Stampede

    Right, but both work under the direction of parking and transportation. I know in the past, the shuttles have covered express (which is now the yellow line) in the simmer time. And they did the weekend bus for summer 2015 and 2016. Students complained because there was no bike racks on the shuttles. Wonder if they would consider adding racks down the road. I know they use some cutaways as a shuttle to relieve drivers during shift changes for downtown and the blue-line, and keep the same bus out there all day on those routes.
  2. UB Stampede

    No fleet shortage that I know of... They just had open house for student acceptance day on Sunday. They usually get most of the buses rolling for that. They used 22 of 28 buses that day for fixed route and open house. What time does the shuttle run- morning hours or evening?
  3. NFTA-Metro

    Which was a bargain especially if you lived in Niagara Falls! Or anywhere really.
  4. NFTA-Metro

    Budget reasons. They say it is too costly. They cut the 97-Darien Lake shortly after cutting the stadium shuttles. RTS in Rochester used to run stadium service as well.
  5. NFTA-Metro

    The issue is the down time to maintain the body. The Nova's have far less down time, and hold up better to accidents, again making less down time. Mainly because of the extra length. It made it easier to maintain similar one style vehicle as well. They tested an Ottawa New Flyer back around 2010, and it seemed to be ok on the 3-Grant plus all the loops. However having to retrofit the garages to accommodate an articulated bus was a problem.They also claim that there is a higher cost to own, one example I was given was the center turn table. They brought a 30ft bus to demo to UB. UB was happy with the bus capacity compared with the old units, 60 with the All American and 53 with EZ-Rider. But it all comes down to contract price. 2000's ran weekends early on. I remember seeing a picture of one on Bus Explorer running the 25-Delaware along with a 9600 on Colvin on a Sunday. That is when Cold Spring was the 7-day garage. Remember the 2100b's (2121-2141) have had the same luxury of having weekends off for the most part as they run out of Babcock. 9611 is still parked behind Cold Spring. Been sitting there since August 2016. Some windows are open exposing it to the elements. I think 9618 was used for fire training. It isn't on any of the properties and don't recall it going up for auction.
  6. UB Stampede

    They don't have to put them through the tunnel either. However 45ft coach buses do make it through there. The First Transit location would not be able to do maintenance on articulated buses though.
  7. NFTA-Metro

    I have to disagree with the low bid. New Flyer was the low bid on the last proposals. Specifications seemed to have the most point value. The problem with the Gillig Low Floor was the corrosion on the bottom of the aluminum side rails. I could see NovaBus winning again.
  8. NFTA-Metro

    Good catch! Seemed unreal...
  9. NFTA-Metro

    Crazy what the top executive is making in Syracuse!
  10. VIA Metropolitan Transit

    Way different climate, but our Nova's in Buffalo are doing great. As far as the kneeling where the bus has to be in neutral and the parking brake set, that must be the way VIA spec'd them because ours are not like that. Nova was pretty flexible with allowing the buses to be programmed how NFTA wanted them. The biggest problems we had was the engine compartment for the CNG buses run hot in the summer. But this had been a frigid winter, and they have not been any problems that I am aware of with any of the units starting. I am surprised to read about the windshield glare, usually the sloped windshield is preferred over the flat windshield on a NABI or a Gillig. The loose screw thing is a problem here too, even with the stop request cable holder brackets. We also had problems with the Nova flex system oozing coolant on the 2015 models which was corrected pretty fast.
  11. Emory University Transportation - Cliff Shuttle

    The Axess reminds me of the first order that LSU Tiger Trials had.
  12. Regional Transit Service - Rochester NY (R-GRTA)

    Future changes for RTS? Possible gearing toward a grid style network over the current spoke and wheel.
  13. Centro (Central New York RTA)

    Good to know. So the RTS and CDTA buses will continue to run then till the end of the fair?
  14. Centro (Central New York RTA)

    Good question. Wonder if they will be running those final days too, if they are really there. Looking at timson98's post, doesn't sound like they are there. In that case, I wonder what agency will run with metro, like CDTA did with RTS?
  15. Centro (Central New York RTA)

    Not sure the first day, but NFTA operators should be there toward the end of the fair, I know this up coming weekend and Labor Day. The nfta operators are being sent the 1st through the 4th.