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  1. Eldorado is offering a Battery Electric bus using the Cummins system. For the longest time Eldorado was mainly focused on Fuel Cell.
  2. Over the last year there has been a big increase with reckless driving, and as we all know buses are big easy to hit targets. The van driver is lucky to be alive.
  3. In the news, Rochester City Schools plan on starting school late for their high schools due to a shortage of school bus drivers. Does their school district no longer use RTS to transport high school students? Or is the shortage with RTS?
  4. edison


    Could be. They seem to change direction a lot though. I feel like we give it another five years and they will be talking about something completely different than we are now. Which demand does change. The goal of the 2010 changes was to get buses with more riders them, cutting a lot of the later runs. The last Genesee used to leave downtown at 120am. The Delavan used to finish up after midnight. Not sure what is trying to be accomplished now... Are they responding to rider feedback? Trying to run more efficient? Or is there some new blood working there trying to improve the system? The possibilities seem endless being a grid system. It is a lot for me to take in...
  5. edison


    Limited service is a good idea. I agree with map.man (Darrin) though. I use the 5-Niagara often. I feel it does fine on its own for every time I use it. In the past, Metro always put out there that they wanted to reduce duplicate service, which is what I think of this. Now some may not look at this as duplicate service and instead look at it as better frequency. But if the 5 isn't filling up to the point where riders are being left behind, I really don't see a point to this. Especially during the peak times. Does this also mean they are going to add another time on the schedule somewhere south of the Black Rock Riverside Hub? Back in 2015 they talked about having traffic signal preemption on Niagara St. I wonder whatever happened to that idea...
  6. edison


    I would think that more frequent service would speed up service a little as well. Taking a bus on a weekend, like on a route such as Elmwood is awful. Having more buses would definitely allow more flexibility for riders, but would also help improve on-time performance. Seems like buses are pretty full, and run late doing two buses worth of work. However, I think some of the challenges that exist would be needing more drivers, and buses for the weekends. I am surprised to read about the Bills Shuttles returning. And I 100% agree with your feelings on that.
  7. I wouldn't consider 1980 a current customer. But definitely a reuse of the New Flyer slide.
  8. Interesting that in the Gillig file they state current customers of Gillig are... I did not know that WMATA and New York currently had Gillig CNG's. I will have to look at the Wiki for Vegas, I didn't think they had any either.
  9. edison


    There are surplus buses on the property that could be auctioned off. When they decide to do that is unknown right now.
  10. edison


    From the board meeting. Base order is for ten buses, options for 140 buses over a five year period.
  11. Just curious... Centro is basically going by lowest price? Do you recall if the Orion order was picked by price? Did the location of the Orion plant help Orion win in any way? I was looking at the Wiki, this order would replace the five 2900 Gillig and maybe most of the 2010 Orion CNG buses? Just looking at how the numbers match up... Both sets of buses looked like they were in great shape when I was in Syracuse about two years ago.
  12. Does this count?? I see MVTArider has something similar....
  13. I agree. Eldorado is winning some small contracts that compete with Gillig, like PG County-The Bus, Central Maryland Reginal Transit to name a couple. I thought (just speculation) Gillig was attractive to Centro because they had the option of purchasing 30ft, 35ft, and 40ft buses from one manufacturer.
  14. RTS Celebrates the First 10 Electric Buses in its Bus Fleet... Supposedly every bus should be in service by sometime in November. Just in time for winter to test them. I don't think Rochester's bus routes are super long distance wise, with the exception of a few. Bus and infrastructure costs are in the article.
  15. edison


    Because of the highest overall score. I wondered the same thing... The 6/10 grade kind of surprised me. It must be both, I would imagine there would be other agencies that had positive feedback as well. IIRC though, New Flyer scored pretty poor in that category last time as well. It says that the Battery Electric order should be awarded by the end of the year. We will see how that goes...
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