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  1. Something most of you will be happy to hear: I can confirm the Cypress D40 (Ex-3122) is still alive and well, saw it leaving the Cypress parking lot for Lonsdale Quay crush loaded the other day
  2. That image shows an angle drive configuration, most modern buses are a little bit simpler (in basic design, not mechanically). Here's an image of the underside of a D40LF, transmission is mounted on the bottom behind the rear axle, a small driveshaft connect the two. Most newer buses use a similar setup. <- Click to enlarge
  3. Valley Express operates only the one D40, 3155, however there is another one, ex-3122/510, that is still in active service with Cypress Coach Lines/Cypress Mountain, the liveries are somewhat similar and are nearly identical when viewed head on. I've neever seen the Cypress one in the summer though... Side by side: Valley Express: Cypress:
  4. The easiest way to report stolen content is to log into youtube and click on the little flag next to the video. There will be a menu, select "copyright violation" and it will prompt you to give a brief description, my guess is the fact that his account was removed so quickly was due to the large number of people flagging the videos for the same reason.
  5. Although I (along with most people once the D40s were gone) have long stopped keeping track, I have noticed more and more D40LFs in service in North Van, not sure if more have been transferred or if they're just using the ones have more.
  6. Hybrids are a bad idea, it's like having a diesel bus and an electric bus all in one which means you have the potential problems of both and the total advantage of neither. Rising fuel costs and environmental concerns can be solved by using a full on electric bus. Hydrogen fuell cells are still a bit expensive a source of electricity but will probably become more common in future, trolleybuses are probably the best bet right now, yeah they and the infrastructure they require cost a bit more than hybrids but they're way lower maintenance and have a minimum 20 year lifespan, lets see a hybrid bus last 20+ years Not only is it good for the environment but electric buses are quiet and have better performance than any fossil fuel burning busses... (except maybe those prototype hybrids BC Transit was using but they had such overkill engines they wearn't saving hardly any fuel with those untill they de-tuned 'em)
  7. 981 and the 99x series D40LFs aren't due for replacement for a couple more years.
  8. Best of luck out there, hope to see you back some day... At least your days of dealing with TransLink are over.
  9. I can confirm that the Cypress D40 (ex-3122) has been in operation as of the past couple of days, also note that Cypress Coach Lines 522 (1990 Prevost H3-40) also has Detriot 2 stroke engine.
  10. Probably due to construction or something. Don't worry, this ain't Edmonton, they never dieselize trolley routes by choice here, it's always due to blockage or occasionally they run out of trolleys.
  11. Just spotted what looks like a Chevy Arboc NB on Taylor Way signed up as a 256, fleet # S401. Same white paint as S400 had.
  12. 922 had some issues sometime in early July (I think) but she was fixed up and returned to service. However as about a month and half ago she was reported as being in storage, glad to see she's back out there Do you have a date for when you last saw 922? It would be nice to get some sort of hard timeline...
  13. I have no idea how he got pinned up there, and no i didn't do it.
  14. Wow, I've heard a lot of downright insane "get rich quick" schemes... but selling stolen bus tickets? You couldn't make up something that weird
  15. Hmmm... can't say I'm a fan of ZF transmissions... XD40s would be nice but we'll probably just end up with more Novas at least they'll be air conditioned. EDIT: I guess this is the end of the line for the 95x/96x series, am I the only one that thinks the idea of D40LFs retiring is scary?
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