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  1. WpgBusDriver

    A Sad Day for Winnipeg Transit (part 2)

    There were a few that defied the order.
  2. WpgBusDriver

    A Sad Day for Winnipeg Transit (part 2)

    Today marks the 2nd anniversary of the death of Irvine Jubal Fraser, the first bus driver in Canada to be killed on the job.. His murderer Brian Kyle Thomas was found guilty as charged on January 31, 2019. Last year our buses displayed a message on the destination boards saying "In Memory #521" (521 was his badge number). This year as drivers got ready to do their shifts and display the same message a text message came over the drivers screen that said "..it was decided the message would not be displayed this year...." No advance warning, no discussion, just a YOU WILL NOT DO IT!! Members are furious and so is the Union. A media release was prepared and many news outlets have picked up on the story. Nothing like a heartless company with a heartless management to further decrease the morale of it's employees.
  3. WpgBusDriver

    Transit Schedule Display

    A little more detailed than mine, Mark!!! But maybe as I play with it some more I might put some more info on it. It started as a way to learn PHP and API info
  4. WpgBusDriver

    Transit Schedule Display

    Is it being too much of a geek to write a program to display a bus schedule?😀😀 I have this one set for PTE
  5. WpgBusDriver

    Thompson Transit

    Maple Bus Lines is doing some Thompson transit routes, at least for schools anyway https://www.maplebuslines.com/eastwood-thompson-school-transportation/
  6. WpgBusDriver

    New Winnipeg - Selkirk service

    The big problem is is there just aren't enough people that want to take a bus between Selkirk and Winnipeg. I think when you are using Sprinter vans that hold about 10 people and you're not even filling that, then you don't really have enough passengers to make any money!
  7. WpgBusDriver

    New Winnipeg - Selkirk service

  8. WpgBusDriver

    Winnipeg Double Decker Buses

    Unfortunately rotting away in a field somewhere. Not sure exactly where.
  9. WpgBusDriver

    Winnipeg Double Decker Buses

    The last Double Decker bus to run in Winnipeg. 1967 Routemaster from London England. Ran in Assinaboine Park in 2013/14
  10. WpgBusDriver

    Winnipeg Transit Battery Electric Buses

    Signs and chargers are gone now
  11. WpgBusDriver

    Winnipeg Transit and area

    Never mind
  12. WpgBusDriver

    New Winnipeg - Selkirk service

    Yup Moose Bumper. Don't think they will need them running between Selkirk and Winnipeg but I guess all thier Thunder Bay based buses have them so it's probably just a standard order for them
  13. WpgBusDriver

    New Winnipeg - Selkirk service

    New bus on Selkirk run. Out first time today. 15 passenger
  14. WpgBusDriver

    Manitoba Transit Heritage Association

    You forgot that School Bus and trailer!!! Fab 50s pics A couple of pics from the Pony
  15. WpgBusDriver


    Last Friday at FRG, bus 196