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    BC Transit - Nanaimo

    Yeah, I agree with you, it says nothing about two new buses being purchased, it just says two new buses will be allocated to Nanaimo's Frequent Transit Network. New could be "new to Nanaimo" for all we know. https://www.bctransit.com/nanaimo/news?nid=1529702654924
  2. Updated some of the Victoria wiki with which buses have Nextride installed so far. IMPORTART UPDATE: BC Transit has locked the Victoria Nextride page *Here* until further notice. It's not going to be fully operational until closer to April.
  3. Matt Dunlop

    Kamloops Transit

    L9-N and Voith transmission
  4. Matt Dunlop

    Kamloops Transit

    Two new arrivals for Kamloops, 1144 and 1145. Not my photo.
  5. Vicinity buses. Kelowna has 27.5 footers (3000s) and a 35-footer (4403)
  6. Matt Dunlop

    Kamloops Transit

    Hmm, I guess somebody fixed it up for me!
  7. Matt Dunlop

    Kamloops Transit

    Okay I just tried to update it and ended up screwing up the page... hopefully somebody can help
  8. Just saw 9734 out in Victoria today, wasn't it originally a Kelowna unit?
  9. Thanks, just updated it.
  10. It's possible; 9071 was out in Langford just a couple weeks ago doing "shuttle runs". Might have moved out to VTC recently? Alot of buses are "MIA" right now since they're installing NextRide equipment inside various buses in Victoria.
  11. Can confirm the 1996 D40LFs are still alive and well, spotted 8098, 8107, and 8112. Also 9746 and 9748 recently arrived at VTC from Kelowna.
  12. Matt Dunlop

    2018 60' Articulated Bus Order

    Video regarding the ad-wrap on B18001 (Vancouver Art Gallery) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rh5auZlRuBk
  13. Matt Dunlop

    2001 Orion 5 Retirement

    Suggest it to BC Transit Victoria. We're so short on buses here, I'm sure they'd pay the money to repaint an Orion V and put it in service, as long as the lift works...
  14. Summer is what I was told. Buses are slowly getting retrofitted, 1-2 buses per day.
  15. Vicinity #4074 in service today on Route 52.
  16. Matt Dunlop

    Whistler Transit

    Hmm. I like the silver bars, however I do not like the yellow stop buttons. The seat color is defenitly not the best. Perhaps blue seating for priority seating and black seating for the rest would make sense.
  17. Interesting. According to the Wiki, it crashed into a house a few years back, and then was decommissioned a few months ago.
  18. Matt Dunlop

    Central Fraser Valley

    Fat chance. The second busiest system, Kelowna, had their double deckers taken away. Victoria, which is the largest system that BC Transit operates, doesn't have articulateds. So I don't see Fraser Valley having them ever.
  19. Matt Dunlop

    Whistler Transit

    What do you mean by the interiors are horrid? The seating layout? The seat type/upholstery? The interior lighting?
  20. Matt Dunlop

    Whistler Transit

    I'm shocked they're putting NextRide into such old buses... they're so so so slow to install it in Victoria right now.
  21. Matt Dunlop

    West Vancouver Blue Bus

    BC Transit has ordered ARBOC Spirit of Mobilitys (with the angled doors) for the past 8 years and there hasn't been a problem. It's just a learning curve for the operator.
  22. Matt Dunlop

    Future of Flickr

    Wow. Thankfully I have 999 photos, so nothing of mine will be lost! I'm not going to pay for pro... not when I can upload photos to Facebook for free.
  23. I checked out 0222 which is the first Dart to have the NextRide system equipped. Was not expecting them to mount the next stop display on the ceiling, as it's mounted on the bulkhead on the shuttle. Minor bugs with it, it doesn't announce the route outside the bus, only inside, the volume is very loud and can't be lowered, and it doesn't tie in with the Transit App.
  24. According to the Wiki, 9469 is a Victoria bus. It's probably just never (or rarely) used for revenue service since it's a demo bus for that NextRide system. See photo for proof that it was on the road (Route 52 tripper). I haven't seen any Flyers in the old livery, but I have seen many Darts come out to Langford. 0221, 0222, 0223, 9071. 9071 is in decent mechanical condition and the mechanics expect it could make it 20 years (2020).
  25. So far, 2506(Arboc) and 9469(Nova) have been fitted with the NextRide system. Will post updates on this thread when more buses become NextRide equipped.