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  1. 4943 has cloth seats (looks like American Seating InSight?) and large stop buttons, similar to Vancouver's XDE60s.
  2. 4943 is in service; saw it on a friends' Facebook page.
  3. Do the 2000s have a driver barrier too (Vicinitys)
  4. BC Transit Fall 2000 DRIVER'S ROUTE GUIDE: https://mega.nz/#!54Jw2I5I Password: !gsw4O6G2E-g9equ9iFn2qGJh73ObVAiR64Lb0rZ3L88 BC Transit September 2000 Rider's Guide https://mega.nz/#!xs5ziAYD password: !uZbj8mGKlL5GogiVBcU6N_uL-pyvM2cI4bVhwul_CpY
  5. Okay. I'm in the process of scanning guides as PDF's right now. They will be too large to fit on CPTDB (over 10MB) so I will attach them to a file sharing website and provide the link, then you can download the PDF and view it.
  6. I have some old(er) schedule from the late 90s and late 00s... what do you need? You could also possibly find some on the "Wayback Machine" at web.archive.org
  7. I believe it was 2045 that hit the light post. 2046 has been off the road for a few months by the looks of it but I don't know why.
  8. Vicinity #2045 is back on the road after being off the road for most of 2019. https://transit55.ca/edmonton/bus/2045
  9. http://globalnews.ca/news/6371992/snow-storm-b-c-southern-interior/ 6024 was involved in an incident where it slipped off the road into a ditch.
  10. This is the only picture I have of it. Happened to see it in the morning at Langford Exchange last year. I believe it starts at Langford Exchange, goes to Westhills Exchange, then heads down Goldstream to Island Highway towards Camosun Interurban.
  11. Yeah, I decided to go for Pro although I'm not sure why I did. I don't upload much but at least it's less than $10/month.
  12. Vicinity #2046 looks like it hasn't been booked out for 2 months now. Awaiting parts? Or was it in an incident?
  13. Meanwhile one of the commuter 61s had a Nova... someone messed up there 😯
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