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  1. Right now 4062-4067 are out of Langford. A few Darts were sent out to Victoria depot, still plenty of Arbocs in Langford although I haven't seen any of the 2012 and 2013 units on the road lately. On another note, a double decker had its rear driver side window shot AND the window near the wheelchair seating area out by a pellet gun on Craigflower and Admirals, Route #14 this morning. https://www.goldstreamgazette.com/news/pellets-show-at-window-of-b-c-transit-bus/
  2. All of the Vicinitys are out in service now aside from 4058 (Earmarked for Vernon Spring 2018 Expansion). 4060, 4061 are in Victoria's garage, 4062-4067 are in Langford's garage. Here are a few photos of #4065 at Colwood Exchange. A few notes the driver of the bus pointed out: FRONT door has a slight delay before it closes. Move the handle to the centre position to close all doors, the rear door closes as normal, the front door has a 5-6 second delay then closes. None of the Langford (4062-4067) Vicinitys have Radios or AVA (Trekker Breeze). The operators are told to grab portable radios when using the Vicinity. Grossly underpowered on hills. 15-20km/h at MOST on a hill, and that's with less than 5 people onboard. Straight ground and downhill is fine. NO SEAT ALARM! Also, the large front fuel tank by the front door gives a blind spot, particularity for operators that sit low in the seat. The driver DID like how smooth the bus was, how quiet it was, the air-ride drivers seat is far more comfortable than the Arboc drivers seat.
  3. ETS Grande West Vicinity Buses

    I wasn't even sure if the community shuttle fleet was smart bus equipped. It wasn't in April of 2017 when I was in Edmonton.
  4. 2019 Community Shuttle Procurement

    Yes. The holder of a Class 4 driver’s licence may operate the following: • any motor vehicle or combination of vehicles that the holder of a Class 5 driver’s licence may operate • a bus that has a seating capacity of not more than 24, excluding the operator
  5. ETS Grande West Vicinity Buses

    Any word on when these will be in service? Or if they'll be equipped with the Smart bus equipment? I'm hoping they'll be in service in late April.
  6. 2019 Community Shuttle Procurement

    Well recently, Edmonton Transit bought 30-foot Vicinitys and they're having CSO operators drive them (for the same pay as before). I'd imagine they must just say no standees on those buses, because their CSO operators are only Class 4 unrestricted but have air brake endorsement.
  7. 2019 Community Shuttle Procurement

    So... 49 shuttles with a cost of $12m. For just a little more, TransLink could purchase 30-foot Vicinitys, like BC Transit is doing. Although I'm not sure if CSO drivers in Vancouver have air endorsement or not.
  8. Route 747

    Try the Transit55 website. It doesn't list when the bus leaves the garage (or which garage) but it does say when it starts service. https://transit55.ca/edmonton/model?id=2009_New_Flyer_D40LFR scroll down to 4868-4871
  9. 4062-4068 (so far) are in Langford garage and 4060/4061 are in Victoria garage. Still on delivery Here's one of the fresh arrivals. Was told this one had only 400km on the odometer.
  10. Crappy shot of 4063 leaving Langford exchange Tuesday morning (Jan 2). Saw 4063, 4064, and 4065 today as well.
  11. More new Novas were out today, as well as the Santa Bus. Spotted 6000, 6006, 6012, and 6002 later on. 9434 of course, was the Santa Bus this year. Look for "Stuff the Bus" tomorrow at Tillicum Mall Save-on-Foods, 9am-3pm, as well as Santa Bus again, doing an Uptown-Downtown route.
  12. HandyDart

    I wonder why HandyDART doesn't use Arbocs over in Vancouver? BC Transit uses Arbocs for HandyDART for the rest of BC.
  13. I'm sure alot of people were shaken up on the bus too. You feel even the slightest small bump in a bus, let alone travelling off the road and hitting a pole! Makes me wonder if the driver is okay? He/she would have had the most impact being in the front.
  14. It'll likely be on the road pretty soon, after BC Transit does their internal investigation and the mechanics repair it.
  15. HandyDart

    Doesn't First operate HandyDART already?