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  1. In a bus conversion Facebook group, somebody bought one of Spruce Meadows' buses to camperize. The guy said there are two more for sale. So I'm not sure if Spuce Meadows bought something newer?
  2. Matt Dunlop

    Transit in Vancouver: Questions and Answers

    OFF TOPIC: Regarding the 1998 D40LF refurbishments that BC Transit own, they were refurbished around 2011 actually. I have a collection of photos from an ex-driver who used to also deliver buses. 9889 was the ONLY 1998 D40LF to not get refurbished. Still has the vinyl seats. Oddly enough, the 1996 Flyers are still running, and they NEVER got refurbished.
  3. Considering the bus's age, it's not worth saving it .
  4. Matt Dunlop

    APTA International Bus Roadeo - BC Transit

    The one operator from BC Transit (Keith Yeo) is still driving for transit to this date.
  5. The DE40LFs were built in 2005. 9104 retired early due to an engine fire a couple years back. They were an oddball bunch anyways, but great buses none the less. Very quick and smooth due to having no shift points (CVT transmission). BCT decided that buses built 2009 and later would have a 12-year life as they won't be receiving a mid-life refit. Buses 2008 and older will last 20 years since they'll have a mid-life refit at some point (the 2008 deckers haven't had a refit yet, don't believe the 2008 Novas have either). The H40LFRs were sold off apparently. It's quite sad that the 2009 Novas are going to retire within the next 4 years. They've been workhorses.
  6. Matt Dunlop

    2019 Double-Decker bus Procurement

    Anyone know if the deckers will have vents and reading lights upstairs like Victoria has?
  7. There are two hybrids in the dead row at LTC with their batteries removed. 9102 and 9103. Hopefully this doesn't mean EOL for these beauties.
  8. Matt Dunlop

    Community Shuttle Retirement/Storage Watch

    Interesting. TransLink puts less mileage on their "community shuttle" buses than Victoria does. Victoria's 2014 Arbocs have around 315-330k kilometers on the odometer. The 2013s have around 360,000 km.
  9. In Langford depot today, there was a big line-up of Arbocs: 2411, 2494, 2533, 2502, 2492, 2505, 2423, 2504 and 2490
  10. Today I saw: 8114 on Route 17 (on McKenzie) 9734 on Route 11 2409 deadheading on TCH Thought all three were retired.
  11. Interesting. It blocks the stop request sign on all of our 9333-9433 third gen Novas, as well as our older double deckers (Tridents). Seems after 9435 and newer there is a space above the stop request sign.
  12. I'd say 90% of buses now have the NextRide system installed. It's a hit or miss whether it works or not. Just a few deckers and a few Flyers have yet to be retrofitted.
  13. Matt Dunlop


    More than likely a 3.7 V6. I saw a video from NW Bus Sales on Youtube and their Ford ADA shuttle bus had a 3.7.
  14. Victoria possibly, since it has NextRide installed. BTW, does the "screen" for the NextRide system block the stop requested sign on your Novas too?
  15. Matt Dunlop

    PNW Transportation Services

    Thanks for sharing that. I guess he couldn't show the coaches at the time since the company didn't want them shown to public until they were put into service.