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  1. When Victoria gets electric buses (in the next few years), the electric buses will be limited to trippers only, due to the low range.
  2. Wonder what fleet numbers they will use? 8000s? Or continue with 4933 and up?
  3. Yes. It made its way to Langford today, I took a few photos, just waiting for them to upload to my PC.
  4. It was a photo that the media got, I guess a motorist took the picture and the media used it (Victoria Buzz). I just copied it and posted it here. My guess is the person who took the picture saw the bus hydroplane, stopped, and took the picture, and reported it.
  5. A BC Transit bus lost control and has crashed through the centre barrier of Highway 1 at Leigh Road in Langford. 2009 Nova LFS #9416 shown in picture is now at VTC body shop, I have been told the frame is twisted and it's a write-off now.
  6. Probably showing it to the mechanics. LANGFORD garage is getting a CNG fueling station (since FortisBC is on Langford Parkway, just a block away from Langford garage). Looks like the unit pictured is a Whistler unit.
  7. Yes, I noticed it on NextRide, feel free to add it to the Victoria Wiki, I would but I'm not 100% sure how to
  8. I haven't taken the bus in Port Alberni, but looking online, the service seems pretty good for a small system. More service than Campbell River and likely less ridership. BC Transit could use Vicinity buses over the Arbocs, but then again, it's a smaller system so an Arboc may be just enough.
  9. 9753 transferred from Kamloops to Victoria. Must be really short on buses here in Victoria.
  10. Only one stop requested button upstairs? I guess they really want people downstairs BEFORE their stop! Victoria has stop buttons above every seat (and Vancouver). I believe this bus is a 2018?
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