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  1. I was just watching the video. I hope they charge the dirtbag. Apparently didn't pay either.
  2. I'm sure TransLink will make a few rules regarding the double deckers once they're in full service. Here's Victoria's rules regarding the double deckers. https://www.bctransit.com/victoria/riderinfo/getting-on-and-off-the-bus
  3. The first/second batch of double-deckers in Victoria (Tridents) have very very narrow stairwells with tiny steps, and people manage to get downstairs before their stop for the most part. The Enviro500s have a much wider staircase with larger steps. AC Transit in California actually tells passengers to not use the stairs while the bus is in motion.
  4. Victoria's deckers have only one set of stairs... works fine here, albeit operators have to wait sometimes for people to come down the stairs (even though people are SUPPOSED TO be downstairs before their stop).
  5. With the strike happening soon (at least I think it's happening?), hopefully CMBC and the union can work out a deal for the operators. BCT negotiated with Unifor333 back in 2016 and increased wages and made everyone equal (same top rate, same license). A bus is a bus, you get paid $31/hour whether you drive an ARBOC or a double-decker. Edmonton Transit also did this too a couple years ago. Let's hope CMBC makes the same decision...
  6. That bus is long gone. It was only in Victoria for about a week. My guess is it's in Vancouver now.
  7. 6002, 6003, 6004 are still in Victoria. Spotted 6002 deadheading from LTC and 6003 and 6004 on NextRide.
  8. Come to Victoria, we have had them for over 18 years now.
  9. It appears that 4 or 5 Novas have been transferred from Chilliwack to Victoria. Saw one today, 9465. No NextRide system onboard.
  10. Driver safety shield installed on one of the 30-ft Vicinitys.
  11. Are they actually dead (non-driveable)? Makes me wish BCT would buy them for Victoria during our bus shortage.
  12. Makes sense, not sure why they couldn't have let us "borrow" some buses earlier. The smaller systems have spare buses just sitting around, especially Campbell River, Comox Valley, and Duncan.
  13. 159 buses to get driver shields https://globalnews.ca/news/6000566/ets-edmonton-tranist-bus-driver-shield/
  14. From what I heard, the CNG buses (Flyers?) are on their way here.
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