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  1. Alcoas just look better. The new Electric buses have them.
  2. Those 8 were ordered previously. 19 are on order. I can only assume those 8 deckers will be exclusively based out of Langford garage.
  3. They appear to have the same seats as GO Transit's double-deckers.
  4. First double-decker I've seen without Alcoas
  5. 10 long-range electric battery buses, 21 compressed natural gas buses, while Victoria and Kelowna will receive the majority of 19 new double-deckers and 63 light-duty gas and diesel buses.
  6. Prime Minister Trudeau and Premier Horgan will make a Transit-related announcement tomorrow (07/18) at 4:30PM at Victoria’s main BC Transit yard between Gorge Road and Douglas Street. There is speculation the announcement will involve, at least partially, funding related to battery powered and natural gas powered transit vehicles and transit fleet innovations.
  7. Word is that BC Transit (Victoria) ordered 8 double deckers for delivery in Fall 2020. Is this tagged onto CMBC's order?
  8. Yeah... well, transit doesn't want people to realize that 10 deckers will be retired with only 8 being ordered as replacements... it would make the public upset. And there's really no way of allocating certain buses to certain routes. Just depends on what decker is plotted out on what decker paddle and whether a bus is available as well.
  9. BIG NEWS! BC Transit has ordered 8 new double deckers, expected delivery Fall 2020. https://victoria.citified.ca/news/sooke-transit-improvements-coming-with-5am-weekday-departures-more-double-deckers-and-second-phase-of-public-engagement/?fbclid=IwAR3aMX5duPsUoEP0zPam3Px0XjqFg6h5Q04c0HIC49KzTMRa6tAaLS8aBYI
  10. CT put quite a few km's on them.
  11. 118km/h with a New Flyer D40LF, Series 50. 105km/h with a Nova LFS, Cummins ISL.
  12. 9753 being used as a temporary spare in Kamloops while routine maintenance is being done on the XN40s.
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