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  1. ETS 7154 was out on the 747. Not sure if the luggage racks were fitted from the factory or if ETS put them in. https://youtu.be/xKwj8ZM0FC8
  2. Personally I don't care about increased frequency on the main routes. Make frequency at least every 40 minutes on the neighbourhood routes. At least the 52 Bear Mountain is every 30 minutes, but the Triangle Mountain, Thetis Heights are every hour. Metchosin is every 2 hours since the 55 was cut down, and East Sooke is every 2 hours as well. Same goes for the Atkins loop.
  3. Either a detour (WAYYYY off route) or a signage glitch. Possibly it was deadheading to UVIC to do a 15 outbound.
  4. I've only seen 1 driver wear a mask, and that's because he had a cold and didn't want to spread it around. Yes, he probably should have stayed home but with transit, you don't show up, you don't get paid. I don't wear a mask myself, they are way too uncomfortable.
  5. Probably not until the next schedule change in 2 months (September). Hopefully by then, schools will be in and there will be a need for more buses and an actual schedule, not this Saturday service from Monday-Saturday. It's kind of ironic how BC Transit has started putting "please wear a mask" on every bus as well as "face coverings are encouraged onboard" on the announcements. The cases are way down.
  6. Just an update, there was an Arboc out yesterday (2507) on a Peninsula piece but none out today. Anybody know when and if the Arbocs will ever retire?
  7. No idea why. I do know that 4458 and 4459 haven't been tracking for 2 weeks and they're out of VTC. ALL the Arbocs have had their plates pulled off at VTC. As for the Dart, I thought VTC had none left. \ I sent an e-mail to transit suggesting that they should bring the 3000-series Vicinitys out to Victoria. They are close to the end of their life actually, and we could use them for the lower-ridership routes like 53, 63, 64, 82-88.
  8. Sadly, we have two Arbocs back in service and one Dart. 2531 Arboc is on a tripper (52, 57, 56) 2507 Arboc is on a full Peninsula AM piece (83, 85, 87, 88) 0227 Dart is on an all-day piece (3, 10)
  9. Was bored, looking at the NextRide site for Kelowna. Noticed one of Victoria's old Arbocs were transferred over there at some point. 2337. I would have assumed that one was sent to the crusher since it's now 8 years old. Must be running on fumes now.
  10. Wonder if they got that from Victoria, we have "transfer cutters" on our buses still except we use them to rip off daypasses.
  11. Yep, I was looking by LTC Monday morning, there were 8 Arbocs in a row parked along the back wall. I did see one Dart near the entrance to LTC (0228) but I think it's likely the last active one now. Since Monday they haven't been out. j I believe 9702 is done. It hasn't been on the road for 3 weeks. 8105 could be next as a ton of Flyers are retiring, including 9800s. The Flyers are still out there, especially since VTC doesn't have many new buses (aside from the 2015 Novas and 35-foot Vicinitys). Darts used to be very common on my local route, the 56/57, however they have been putting 30-foot Vicinitys on that route since this new schedule change. Regarding the Arbocs, they should have been used to begin with as LAST RESORT buses, or TRIPPER buses, such as the 1, 35, 43, etc. They shouldn't have been put on all-day paddles, but they were. It's like what the MCI's should have been doing, kept on the road as LAST RESORT buses. One driver told me that the highest mileage Arboc had 390,000 km and the lowest mileage Arboc had 305,000 km. So they've had lots of miles put on them in 6 years.
  12. @Dane 9753 isn't going anywhere, unless it doesn't pass inspection. I have a feeling 8105 failed inspection.
  13. Speaking of Victoria, all of our Arbocs are now retired here. Heard now from 4 sources.
  14. Lombard is out in Metchosin, anything can go on that route. It's because of Atkins road by the railroad tracks, it's too narrow and also has a weight limit (I believe 10 tons?). East Sooke can have any bus on it except decker. No restrictions. Usually the afternoon 63/64 is a 40-foot bus now.
  15. The Peninsula "shuttle" routes can have any bus on them, there's no limit on weight or width. The only route that has to have a smaller (35-foot or smaller) bus is the 53 Atkins.
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