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  1. Must be a last-resort thing why they've also put 40-foot buses on the 53 (on extreme rare occasions). I've actually posted NextRide screenshots where Novas have been on the 53. It's do-able but I'm sure it's very tough for the operator. On a side note maybe you can put some insight on the schedule situation? Why not post a digital PDF riders guide? I know they don't want a printed one due to germs.
  2. Interesting. Well looking at the schedule previews (no riders guide apparently?) there aren't too many Arboc paddles. Just basically the 53, 63, 64.
  3. Arboc being used, not a good idea with COVID-19 happening. Passengers boarding and exiting the bus are too close to the operator.
  4. Come to think about it, I just looked at the new schedule (no new rider's guide apparently due to COVID-19, although I don't see why they can't make a digital one?) and the Route 52 from Bear Mountain doesn't start up there until 6:38am, Almost 50 minutes later than it normally starts. I don't know how happy those people will be, because there are regulars on the 52.
  5. 100% agree with you. Prior to this virus, I ALWAYS took the bus, whether it was a joyride, or to get groceries, go to work, see friends, etc. Now ever since this virus has happened, I have caught the bus maybe 3 times in the past month. Walking is much safer if you live close enough to everything which I do.
  6. Ironically the new schedules have not come out yet... but yes you're right. Just noticed, no Route 60s before 10:20am, which is quite ironic. 60 is usually busier because people want to get TO the exchange so going through Triangle Mountain first doesn't make sense (59 routing). I had no idea that Saanich had more people than Greater Victoria. I guess that explains why the Route 26 has pretty good service, and then the 15 has even better service despite them going to the same terminus (UVic to Dockyard).
  7. Are you sure the 6:40am Rt60 wasn't there? I mean, I was at the exchange around 6:38am coming off a Route 57 heading to get groceries, and noticed a Vicinity 4064 parked in the 60's zone, so unless it ran early? I know the rest of that paddle is still going because it does 53's for the rest of the day before heading to East Sooke at 12:42pm. It's possible that they couldnt' find a driver until 7:00 or so when it does the 53s though. I wish transit would stop catering to the UVIC crown, i mean, why should people in the Westshore wait an hour or two for a bus (if it shows up) while they get buses every 5-10 minutes?
  8. The problem is, transit hasn't even been able to keep those two 47/48 trips going. I notice on NextRide that quite often one or the other is missing in the afternoon. Like today, the afternoon 48 leaving around 16:40 was a no-show. They need to actually make sure they have the operators before scheduling all this stuff. Sparebord is probably completely tied up now with so many drivers booking off due to COVID-19.
  9. Some more new CNG Flyers must have entered service recently. 1170 is out on the Rt 46 to Westhills Exchange.
  10. As long as people stay home (unless absolutely necessary) this virus should go away. I work for an essential service but even then they are giving less hours and encouraging employees to stay home.
  11. Well, in about a week there should be a new schedule change (Apr 6). However, with many many drivers and office staff calling in, expect the usual daily cancellations. Nobody really knows how long this COVID-19 thing will go on for, one could only hope the virus settles down and stops spreading by summer. As far as the Rt 47/48 trips, transit can barely even keep those running as it is, I often notice on NextRide that one trip on the 48 is a no-show or 47 in the afternoon doesn't show. I'm sure the demand is there but if a driver calls in, there isn't really enough people on the spareboard to justify keeping that route going. Maybe in the fall they may add more trips if demand justifies. Route 52 is the only "shuttle route" that runs fairly late. Route 53 has likely the lowest ridership (aside from East Sooke) so it doesn't run very late. Some trips actually run totally empty. Route 56/57 can be a little busy at times and those only go til 10:15. The local Langford routes start around 6am or so, which is early enough for most people to get to work for 7 or 7:30. I know off hand the 52 leaves Bear Mtn at 5:38, Colwood Ex at 6:15, 53 leaves Langford Ex at 6:20, 54 starts at 5:50, and the 56 starts at 5:43. Yes, transit doesn't exactly cater to the Westshore, unless you live on the main 50 route.
  12. Oh yes... that bus will remain like CMBC's 7115 - which lived on for a LONG time as well until being retired late last year.
  13. Drinking a glass of Diet Coke. Just finished eating 2 Frankfurters.
  14. Sitting at home on my last day off. Back to work tomorrow.
  15. My job is an essential service so I am working. I am scared to go out of course, because bus service is limited and I don't want to get sick. Since COVID-19 started though I have limited myself to 3 work days a week instead of 5. Paycheck will be small.
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