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  1. 2016 Edmonton and Area spotting and news

    A friend of mine from Edmonton sent me a quick interior photo of 7006. Appears to have USSC Mariella seating.
  2. 2016 Edmonton and Area spotting and news

    XD40s look so different without a bike rack! (Yes, I realize 7006 will eventually get one).
  3. The one that ETS tested was pretty loud too (a loud whine to it).
  4. It is hard to say until somebody can get the VIN number. The split windshield, alcoa wheels, black bumper, and mirror layout all look the same as the one Vancouver trialed.
  5. I posted that in the Victoria thread. I think it might be the same unit that Vancouver demoed last year (1007).
  6. BC Transit’s Electric Bus trial is underway! The BYD electric bus has arrived for our six month trial, which will begin with commissioning, training and testing. The electric bus will go into revenue service after that process is complete.
  7. Feature Photo Submissions

    2017 Grande West Vicinity B30A from BC Transit (Victoria). 4065 can be seen on layover at Colwood Exchange, about to depart as a Route 52.
  8. 2016 Edmonton and Area spotting and news

    7000 and 7003 are out today (April 13). Today is 7003's first day out!
  9. Just contacted a BCT Victoria mechanic, 9527 has not been on the road for 6 months now. Blew it's engine and transmission back in October.
  10. BC Transit - Nanaimo

    Made a day trip yesterday to Nanaimo. They'll be installing GPS on their Xcelsiors starting next week. There are four contingency units. 8112 8117 8107 and 8105. 8117 has a card sign on the window. Heard from the fleet manager out there that there will be new fareboxes installed.
  11. Bus Network Redesign

    Is that really going to BOOST ridership? 10 minute walk may be okay for able bodied people but people with walkers, wheelchairs, crutches, or people having to walk in snow and ice won't like having to walk 10 minutes to a bus stop if they live in a rural area.
  12. BC Transit - Nanaimo

    Nanaimo received some old 1996 D40LFs from Victoria as they're installing GPS units in specific XN40s.
  13. ETS Grande West Vicinity Buses

    Weird. Now that I see it it shows that it was on different blocks prior to yesterday. 2013 is on its first day of service (unless there's an error somewhere) and 2012 is on its second day of service (First time in service was March 29).
  14. ETS Grande West Vicinity Buses

    Great photos. 2005 was also out for the first time according to Transit55.
  15. 4 months later... this BYD electric still hasn't hit the streets in Victoria. I took a photo of one through the fence of VTC when they were unveiling it. This is one of those "I'll believe it when I see it" things. http://www.timescolonist.com/news/local/victoria-plugging-an-electric-bus-into-regular-runs-for-six-month-test-1.23104604