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  1. All of our "transit" Arbocs are retired now (scrapped, sold, or sent to other BC Transit systems). BC Transit is still buying more Arbocs (26-ft gasoline SOF bodied models) as well as G5's. As far as Victoria goes, Grande West Vicinity is the new community bus. High-floor for the win! Arbocs ride rough
  2. 2492 transferred from Victoria to Kelowna. Spotted on NextRide doing Route 25 East Boundary.
  3. Nanaimo should get CNG Vicinitys, but unfortunately I hear that BC Transit won't be buying from Grande West anymore.
  4. That's probably #762, which is privately owned by an ex-BC Transit/BC Hydro driver.
  5. New order of Arbocs must have appeared. 2723 is shown in this PR video, with Cranbrook's phone number on the side. White destination sign and CCTV cameras inside. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWEWmmakjlY&t=3s
  6. Ok. Wow! I haven't really looked at the times for the 43 in a while, but I swear it used to run once in the AM, and three times in the PM. I know the operator who does the morning one (it's tied into his 52 paddle) and I think the afternoon 43 is tied into a 53 paddle. I'd say the 43 is the least serviced route in transit then (for now). They added ONE trip next signup, but still, they used to have service every hour or so in Belmont Park. No wonder so many people drive to the base. I spoke to an operator today and he said the 52 should go towards Bear Mountain SKIPPING Royal Roads loop (straight down Sooke Rd) and then going back to Colwood Exchange, it should go down the back way of Bear Mountain towards Leigh Road (where nothing services), and then fully service Royal Roads (turning off Sooke Rd towards the exchange) May be a good idea for the future, as the 56/57 can service Millstream area. If the 52 turned off Sooke Rd and fully services Royal Roads University one way, it would increase service for those people, and only miss ONE STOP (Sooke Rd at Aldeane in front of Royal Roads Cafe/Maxwells Barber).
  7. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but the SHORTEST route in Victoria is the 43 Royal Roads. 13 minute full trip from Colwood Exchange to Royal Roads and back. Seeing as it's such a quick route, why can't the 52 just go through Royal Roads? Or even have the 52 go through Royal Roads on the way towards Colwood Exchange, and then not enter it at all towards Bear Mountain (Royal Roads students could walk to Sooke Rd/Aldeane to catch it). As it is, the 43 is almost a waste of a route as it only runs 4 times a day or so.
  8. I know the schedule is available for download online (PDF). Wish there was some way to get it printed then, maybe Staples could do it.
  9. I would be saddened to see the printed schedule go away - I have collected them since the late 90s and keep them so I can compare routes and timings. Having everything "online" or an an app doesn't help for historic purposes or for people without access to a computer or phone, say seniors for example.
  10. I can't say why they took the white sign out of 9437. Maybe they were just "borrowing" it from Luminator as a trial? @CV92 would have more info about that.
  11. Does anyone know if BC Transit will have riders guides in PRINT for next schedule change? I'm tired of looking either at the transit app or their clunky website.
  12. I have heard drivers say they do not like all that information being public (paddles, bus history, etc) even though it doesn't have their NAME or SENIORITY # attached to the bus, just the bus and paddle. BCT took the white sign out of 9437 around the time the XN40s showed up (or just after)
  13. The 43 is basically a useless run - NOBODY takes it. Belmont Park used to have much much better frequency - weekdays only - but every 30-60 minutes back when the 39 went through it. However to increase service to Langford, they re-routed the 39, and in order to service Royal Roads, they had the 52 do a little section of it. I know an operator who does the 43 for one trip right now, he has not picked up ONE PERSON the whole signup, and for a little bit of this signup, it was on detour. Belmont Park is mostly military families, and as we know, a good majority of military workers drive to the base. In all honesty, it would make more sense to have the 52 go through Royal Roads the entire way (turn off Sooke Rd like it does now) and bypass the stop at Aldeane and Goldstream. Same thing in reverse. Your site is great so far! I really hope Transit doesn't make their GTFS data private or in some way try to shut your site down. I know they don't like the public knowing about their paddles and their buses where-abouts.
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