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  1. Both cars ended up at Roncesvalles and both new skirts and bumpers. It wasn't as bad as it could have been.
  2. 4601 should be Jan 17 4602 Jan 20 4603 Jan 21 At hillcrest for pick up 4406 still has a few more things and it should be good to go
  3. 4400 needs it floor removed to repair a problem 4449 maybe the same thing. 4420 is a truck change for noise 4570 I believe is panto problem same with 4494 4437 4507 4513 are long Term HOLD 4566 4579 where accidents
  4. Long term HOLDS 4402 4438 4464 4485 4490 4503 4505 4554 4578 where accident cars but both back in service 4486 Monday to Friday is only allowed on 69 run 508 AM and PM, weekends it gets used for anything. There a few more cars on HOLD for body work from accidents but should be back soon.
  5. 5200-01 with the grey wrap is back in service this week, also has the new door isolated chime panel at each door just like 5098-99
  6. 5202 is back together coupled to 5203 but 5203 still all Isolated on Track 15. 5322- 5323 still on HOLD at greenwood There into High 513x and low 514x for truck over haul at Greenwood shops right now
  7. I missed the # when I was there today but there was another 90xx painted as well
  8. From what I saw rt90-91 is the only pair which will be used to check the track for cracks etc etc 5202 was broken up from its married pair 5203. 5203 has major graffiti on it sitting at the back of 17 track
  9. I believe there is another pair already done ill double check tomorrow. There a overhaul on trucks right now too, I know 5126-27 28 29 are done few days old. There always some kind of project going on with the t1. B
  10. RT90-91 is a T1 at greenwood still in the C/H getting worked on. Didn't have time to get ex car # 5200-5201 fresh new paint just a darker Grey then the rest of the fleet still in C/H being worked on Brad
  11. As of right now Queensway using 7936 for parts. 3193 at Queensway don't know if it there to stay but 30 to 40 buses will be transfer to Queensway for next board. Friday Saturday night the movements will happen
  12. I was in a rush leaving Harvey today but 100% sure 1003 was ready for pick up.
  13. 1077 and couldn't see the other number 1### repainted as well waiting for pick up at hillcrest
  14. TR 5971-76 all cars wrapped for Vicks just in time for Flu season
  15. TR 5461-66 all 6 cars wrapped for Becel
  16. TR 5981-86 all cars wrapped mix colours I believe it was For some clothing Company
  17. 5411-5416 all 6 cars wrap for Toy Story Land all 6 cars light blue
  18. 5441-5446 6 car wrap for McDonalds over a week
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