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  1. Retractable stairs will still require some sort of wheelchair accommodation. Dallas adapted a low floor center section, but what happens when someone enters at a low floor station and then has to exit at a high floor platform? It will be interesting to see what the manufacturers may come up with.
  2. So, where is STE Mexico City going to put all these new trolleybuses? I don't comprehend Spanish, so I turned on closed captioned and put the settings on auto translate English for the following video. From what I understand the construction of a new elevated trolleybus line is already underway,
  3. San Francisco's large order of high floor LRVs creates an opportunity for Cleveland when it comes time to replace the current Breda LRVs. This SF model will be catalogued for some time. There are alternatives to salt for melting snow and ice, so the stair mechanism might not pose a problem.
  4. There is one in Crimea, it is a trolleybus route that is 86km long. Someone made a documentary about it ( 52thetrolleybus ). One of the coaches was blown up by an artillery shell in January 2015. It was most likely Russian backed militias, but I wouldn't put it past the Koch brothers doing something like that either.
  5. The Post-Gazette article needs serious editing. Cummins does not make "electric engines". Especially ones that burn holes in pistons. I suspect the problem with hills is that a hybrid with an ISB 6.7 liter diesel gets overtaxed pushing a 40 foot transit bus up a steep grade. I think they should go to hybrid trolley coaches. Just my opinion, I'm not too biased.
  6. That theory doesn't hold up in heavily Trump supporting Indianapolis. Their transit referendum won easily. What I'd worry about is the politicians who believe that the future of transportation is driverless pod cars fueled by snake oil. Unfortunately Mr. Trump seems to listen to these people.
  7. DINA lists a trolleybus in their line, the Ridder E. I would imagine Mexico City would like to buy local. I mean, that would be like some Canadian system skipping over New Flyer to buy a Chinese Bus. Oh wait...
  8. More Gilligs for SMART. http://www.dailydetroit.com/2015/09/02/smart-gets-smart-spends-34-6-million-80-new-buses/
  9. I wasn't sure where to post this. I hope this is the right thread. Myrtle Beach is getting some units from Dallas DART. http://www.myrtlebeachonline.com/news/local/article24460561.html
  10. On my way to work this morning I passed a New Flyer XN-60 being delivered. This was on I-94 headed eastbound from Saint Paul, MN about 5 miles west from the Wisconsin border. The destination sign said HSR and the fleet number was 1424. I checked the WIKI, the colors matched those of Hamilton, ON.
  11. Maybe the larger facility is for building glider kits as well as completed units. Electric drivetrains are a buyers' market at the current time. Electric drivetrain companies want to get their hardware on the street for bragging rights. Some of the zero-emissions, compliance cars for California use drivetrains that are simply vendor kits installed in gliders. Smaller community or college fleets might want just a few electric coaches. If Gillig partners with the right vendors who do much of the engineering, and have drivetrains ready to install in gliders, then Gillig can offer the quick turnaround they usually pull off. The US Dept. of Energy has been pretty generous with clean energy money and I can see smaller fleets and universities getting funding for EV busses.
  12. Most of the North American transit bus manufactures use Cummins motors for diesel and CNG. Nobody worries about Gillig falling behind with diesel technology because they don't make their own diesel motors. Gillig has had to engineer their product for the four Dayton trolleys, and being involved with the project they gained engineering knowledge. What they learned about battery storage and roof reinforcement can now be passed on to the next project, such as battery electric. All the fast charge, battery electric systems use proprietary technology for the charging system. Once a municipality buys a charging system, they won't be too thrilled if it obligates them to buy one brand of bus. A successful battery electric designer will allow small players like Gillig to use their technology, because municipal customers tend to avoid exclusive technology.
  13. My guess is hub motors along with traction control.
  14. This is going to seem like a really dumb question. What bus is at the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN?
  15. Happy Anniversary MVTA! The suburban bus service celebrates 25 years with a website update. Here is a link to a just recently posted historical gallery. http://www.mvta.com/about/historical-gallery/
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