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  1. Or they can always go the route of going for the hydro corridor's in a open cut like the one that runs alongside finch/ mcniccoll across to just shy south of the airport.... and then there's the Gaitneau hydro corridor that can run off the Richmond hill line up to the zoo into Pickering. Having both these options in mind opens the door for high speed rail, having those clear open straight cuts through the city only complement's that idea.
  2. You can easily find some up by Downsview as well on the 106 (some days), 107 mostly everyday, and the 196 Rocket and I been seeing a few 94xx on the 509 as well with some 70\71xx from malvern.
  3. Sure its needed on the 109, for at least one run in the afternoon when Dante Alighieri on Neptune Dr is dismissed, that one stop can cause a crushload. And Don't forget Marlee Ave even tho its a smaller street it gets pretty busy in the afternoons.
  4. Yeah I am in the same boat as you as i did my testing this past winter, and not a peep or boo in regards to a follow up letter letting us know whats up, other than the email stating that we past our strada test....
  5. Does anyone know if and when Durham region will connect regional rd 58 all together, this is adelaide in Oshawa thru to Manning to Bonnacard to kerrsion, Magill, delaney and Dellbrook, i am wondering because this would be a great crosstown route while keeping it central as it is parallel with Hwy 2 To the south and rossland to the north.
  6. Not at all, for example think about the Zum 501 in Brampton, if it's at a stop it can just swing back in the Bus only lane provided that it would resemble the Setup on Queen st in Brampton with farside stops just after the Yield Islands at the intersections.
  7. Well presto will take care of that problem for the most part in time, mind u not entirely but my guess is that maybe 10 yrs from now most transit riders in toronto will have a presto card on hand, so maybe eliminating ticket collectors at low use subway station like chester can save some money but like I said all in due time.
  8. My bad i ment to say HSR 1012 not 1162 lol and I guess that makes sense i just thought their was more meaning behind it
  9. Can anyone tell me whats up with the Route Ad's on HSR's rear passenger windows. I was up at Mohawk on the weekend and was coming back down the the Go Centre on Route 35, i walked to the back of a D40LF (1162) i believe and all four rear windows were featuring an HSR routes Ad with the windows tinted in purple with different cursive fonts of HSR routes which made it difficult to see out. What is the purpose of these ad's?
  10. So as it looks now Yorkdale Stn will be getting presto hopefully at the end of the year if not then early 2012, Does anyone know what other stations will be getting presto installed this time around?
  11. Yes most certainly and this is for the ppl who get to the Go Station whichever one a tad late, the ones who u see that are making a mad dash thru the tunnels who u damn well know that they miss the train anyway lol!
  12. Can Someone please remind me again why there isn't Subway stops in between Lawrence and Eglinton? Maybe back in the 70s it wasn't warranted but it sure is now... no? Subway stops at Lytton/ Blythwood and Roselawn/ Erskine would have been ideal today with the amount of High Density going on, if not those two cross streets then maybe one subway stop between Sherwood and Keewatin. And im surprised that the TTC didn't even think of engineering the tunnels straight enough to put a subway station in at a later date like they did with North York Centre.
  13. Oh boy this morning two ALRV collided at Queen and Broadview, one was travelling south on Broadview and was turning on to Queen street east westbound and jumped the tracks hitting the other ALRV that was heading eastbound on Queen. http://toronto.ctv.ca/servlet/an/local/CTV...=TorontoNewHome
  14. So when it comes times to rip up and close down the scarb RT we will have the 60 footers in revenue service still... right???
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