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  1. I have seen 2411, 2413 and 2415 refurbished over the past few weeks. 2415 I saw today and looked like it has very recently been done.
  2. I have consistently seen a mix of double deckers and MCI on the 92A in the morning as well.
  3. This was before they were in service. I was driving the other way on the 401 so I couldn't see the number. Not sure what the fleet numbers are for this newest batch but I think this newest batch is 2559 and higher.
  4. One of the new MCI was eastbound 401 near whites last night. I couldn't see the number because it was dark but could see the rear destination sign and new livery
  5. The previous batch didn't have the stop request strips smaller and higher like the 2500-2517 batch. I was on 2502 recently and noticed the smaller strips as well
  6. 2507 on the 54 and 2515 on the 51 this afternoon. I had a pretty good look at both. Exterior looks the same as the previous batch.
  7. 2282 refurbished. 2289 the only 228X I've seen unrefurbished for a few weeks at least
  8. I have seen 2274, 2275 and 2278 refurbished this past week.
  9. I ended up getting a response today saying that all the data that they have is on the Data Management Groups website. The data I have corresponds to the past census data (1996, 2001, and 2006) which is fine since I'm comparing this data to the census data however I was hoping for ridership per route rather than corridor since some corridors cover a lot of area. I will be able to use this data so not a problem if I can't get more detailed data. Thanks everyone for your help
  10. I am looking for (if possible) the ridership data for each route for a year. What I have right now is for each corridor, like I have ridership for the all the 94/95/96 together but I would prefer having them all seperate. Also if possible how many people boarded at each major stop or region would be great. Because the project is involving growth rates having data for as many years back as possible would be very useful. I sent an email to public relations but this was 4 days ago with no response. Is there a better department I should be emailing? Thanks
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