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  1. http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/stor...ub=TopStoriesV2 I think they should raise more awareness about the issue and encourage people to wait for another train. Missing one train isn't the end of the world because in the end your life is more important. The accident was tragic and unfortunate and God will for sure look after this child as he Rests In Peace in a safe spot. My condolences go out to this family.
  2. Don't get it, resist the NWO!!!! READ THIS AND WATCH THE VIDS!!!!! http://alfalaq.webs.com/vaccinemedicaldangers.htm
  3. Is it just me alone or there are other people who like TCV's features. Can someone tell me if the driver's use a remote control to open the garage door? I have been always wondering how the door opened!
  4. The STM had a shelter design contest and I never knew it was there! I would have designed a shelter that would be vandal proof and environmentally friendly.
  5. I'm trying to think of measures that can be taken to prevent vandalism to the shelters, can anyone help me out here?
  6. Why did they change the name from Autoparc to Terminus Panama? Any reason why
  7. What do you transit fans think of the idea of bus shelters going up in front of all secondary schools with bus routes? I would personally think of it being a great idea especially for unexpected weather that could occur while waiting for a bus. So is anyone up to the idea of providing shelter for students! Opinions would be greatly appreciated. Keep the public transit spirit alive!
  8. I think the STM should place Van Hool A330 buses since they are more reliable. Look at the Van Hool AG300's in Longueuil, those buses don't break down as easily and also we should take note on the AG700's and how they lasted for like 18 years. Reliability for the future!
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